Morrow 1850 census index (partial)
Morrow County 1850 Census Surname Index
Surname/Given Name/Age/Township Abbreviation/Sheet Number
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Rogers Abagail (5)                                        CN 365b
Rogers Abraham (12)                                       WA 357b
Rogers Alsinas (5)                                        CN 366a
Rogers Anna (59)                                           WF 16b
Rogers Anna (2)                                            LN 22a
Rogers Catharine (54)                                     CN 366a
Rogers Catherine (7)                                      FR 480a
Rogers Chloe (12)                                          LN 22a
Rogers Chloe (42)                                          LN 21b
Rogers Clark (8)                                           BE 48b
Rogers David C. (7)                                       WA 357b
Rogers Edward P. (5)                                      WA 357b
Rogers Eliza (37)                                         CN 366a
Rogers Eliza J. (17)                                      CN 365b
Rogers Ellenor (16)                                       CG 460b
Rogers Eugenia (6)                                         BE 48b
Rogers Ezekiel (50)                                       WA 357b
Rogers George (68)                                        CH 437b
Rogers Hamilton (10)                                      WA 357b
Rogers Hannah (18)                                        SB 529b
Rogers Harriet (24)                                       SB 522b
Rogers Harriet (8)                                        GL 505b
Rogers James (17)                                         WA 356a
Rogers Jamon (17)                                         WA 357b
Rogers Jarvis (1)                                         SB 522b
Rogers Jerome (14)                                         BE 47b
Rogers John (42)                                           LN 21b
Rogers John (48)                                          CG 460b
Rogers John (7)                                           CN 365b
Rogers John (45)                                           BE 47b
Rogers Joseph (3)                                         SB 522b
Rogers Joseph (19)                                         LN 21b
Rogers Julian (20)                                        CH 447b
Rogers Leonard (16)                                        BE 47b
Rogers Levi (3)                                           CN 366a
Rogers Lewis (8)                                          CH 448a
Rogers Lewis (46)                                         CN 366a
Rogers Lucinda (17)                                        LN 21b
Rogers Lydia (29)                                          BE 48b
Rogers Madison (6)                                         BE 47b
Rogers Margaret (8/12)                                    WA 357b
Rogers Margaret (60)                                      CH 437b
Rogers Mariam (14)                                        FR 486a
Rogers Martha (31)                                        WA 357b
Rogers Mary A. (10/12)                                    CN 366a
Rogers Mary A. (33)                                       CN 365b
Rogers Mary (5)                                           SB 522b
Rogers Mary (15)                                           LN 21b
Rogers Mary (43)                                          CG 460b
Rogers Mary (1)                                            BE 47b
Rogers Melvin (8)                                          BE 47b
Rogers Miner (26)                                         CH 447b
Rogers Moses C. (10)                                      CN 365b
Rogers Nancy (7)                                           LN 22a
Rogers Nelson (9)                                         CH 448a
Rogers Newton (17)                                        CG 460b
Rogers Obia (8)                                           CN 365b
Rogers Obia (47)                                          CN 366a
Rogers Peleg (4)                                           LN 22a
Rogers Rachel (11)                                        CH 437b
Rogers Rowland (30)                                       SB 522b
Rogers Samuel (8)                                          LN 22a
Rogers Sarah L. (15)                                      WA 357b
Rogers Sarah (10)                                          LN 22a
Rogers Sarah (18)                                         CG 460b
Rogers Sarah (18)                                          BE 47b
Rogers Seal (34)                                           BE 48b
Rogers Wesley (3)                                         WA 357b
Rogers Wesley (12)                                         BE 47b
Rogers William H. (10/12)                                 CN 366a
Rogers William H. (38)                                    CN 365b
Rogers William (15)                                       CN 366a
Rogers Zilpha (45)                                         BE 47b
Roloson Cornelius (59)                                     BE 47b
Roloson Gabriel (33)                                       BE 47b
Roloson Henryetta (18)                                     BE 47b
Roloson Jerome (16)                                        BE 47b
Rolson Alexander (15)                                      HA 30b
Rolson Almida (17)                                         HA 30b
Rolson Catharine (41)                                      HA 30b
Rolson Isabel (10)                                         HA 30b
Rolson Isaiah (12)                                         HA 30b
Rolson John (43)                                           HA 30b
Rolson Mary (8)                                            HA 30b
Rolson Minerva (1)                                         HA 30b
Rolson Phebe (5)                                           HA 30b
Rolson Robert (19)                                         HA 30b
Rolson Silas (6)                                           HA 30b
Rose Catharine (32)                                        BE 49b
Rose Sarah (3)                                             BE 49b
Rosecrins Ann (19)                                         BE 46a
Rosecrins Clara (22)                                       BE 46a
Rosecrins Crandall (9)                                     BE 46a
Rosecrins Jacob (53)                                       BE 46a
Rosecrins LaFayette (22)                                   BE 46a
Rosecrins Leanora (2)                                      BE 46a
Rosecrins Mary (19)                                        BE 46a
Rosecrins Ormitta (5)                                      BE 46a
Rosecrins Sally (17)                                       BE 46a
Rosecrins Sally (46)                                       BE 46a
Rosecrins William (26)                                     BE 46a
Rosevelt John (13)                                         PU 67b
Rosevelt Mary (47)                                         PU 67b
Rosevelt Stephen (51)                                      PU 67b
Ross Alonzo (26)                                          SB 526b
Ross Alsa A. (6)                                          TR 416a
Ross Amanda (3)                                           TR 416a
Ross Daniel (12)                                          TR 416a
Ross Emily A. (28)                                        TR 416a
Ross Enoch (1/12)                                         TR 416a
Ross Franklin (5)                                         TR 420b
Ross George E. (17)                                       CH 436b
Ross George (6)                                           TR 420b
Ross Hester A. (14)                                       CH 436b
Ross Isaac W. (18)                                        CH 436b
Ross James (10)                                           TR 420b
Ross Jane (14)                                            TR 420b
Ross Jane (37)                                            CH 436b
Ross John A. (40)                                         CH 436b
Ross John (12)                                            TR 420b
Ross John R. (45)                                         TR 416a
Ross John W. (10)                                         TR 416a
Ross Joseph (14)                                          TR 416a
Ross Mary J. (8)                                          CH 436b
Ross Ophelia (8/12)                                       SB 526b
Ross Robert (16)                                          TR 420b
Ross Sarah (45)                                           TR 420b
Ross Sebina (24)                                          SB 526b
Ross Temple (45)                                          TR 420b
Ross William (18)                                         TR 420b
Rough Maria (19)                                          CG 462a
Rough Samuel (17)                                         CG 462a
Rowalt Conrad (21)                                        TR 416a
Rowan Almida (28)                                          WF 17a
Rowan Daniel (4)                                           WF 17a
Rowan Mahala (3)                                           WF 17a
Rowan Marcellus (1)                                        WF 17a
Rowan W.O. (30)                                            WF 17a
Rowe Henry M (22)                                         CH 455a
Rowe Martha (21)                                          CH 455a
Rowlan Thomas R. (24)                                     CG 466a
Rowland Amy (50)                                          CH 451b
Rowland David (14)                                        CH 451b
Rowland Griffith (57)                                     CH 451b
Rowland John (12)                                         CH 451b
Rowland Moses (19)                                        CH 451b
Rowling Amaza (17)                                        SB 523b
Rowling Bartlett (15)                                     SB 523b
Rowling Catharine (12)                                    SB 523b
Rowling Catharine (54)                                    SB 523b
Rowling Elizabeth (23)                                    SB 523b
Rowling Joshua (53)                                       SB 523b
Rowling Mary (14)                                         SB 523b
Rowling Oliver (11)                                       SB 523b
Rowling William (19)                                      SB 523b
Royce Elizabeth (29)                                       BE 53a
Royce Henry (9)                                            BE 53a
Royce James (2)                                            BE 53a
Royce Leroy (18)                                           BE 51b
Royce Loomis (15)                                          BE 51b
Royce Mary (59)                                            BE 51b
Royer Eliazer (26)                                        CH 452a
Royer Huldah (26)                                         CH 452a
Rude Ann (1)                                              CG 471a
Rude Ann M (53)                                           CG 471a
Rude Cynthia (31)                                         CH 445a
Rude Frederick (31)                                       CG 471a
Rude George (6)                                           CG 471a
Rude Jacob (69)                                           CG 471a
Rude Jacob (3)                                            CG 471a
Rude James M. (27)                                        CH 445a
Rude Margaret (36)                                        CG 471a
Rude Mary (71)                                            CH 445a
Rude Samuel (33)                                          CH 445a
Rude William (29)                                         CH 445a
Ruggles Alfred (36)                                        WF 13b
Ruggles Almond (11)                                        WF 13b
Ruggles Eliza (34)                                         WF 13b
Ruggles John (6)                                           WF 13b
Ruggles Joshua (m)                                         WF 13b
Rule Allen P (9)                                          NB 412a
Rule Amos (18)                                            PR 428b
Rule Amos (40)                                            NB 412a
Rule Catharine A. (22)                                    PR 427b
Rule Catharine (47)                                       PR 428a
Rule Catharine (11)                                       PR 428a
Rule Catharine (42)                                       NB 412a
Rule Charity (13)                                         NB 412a
Rule George (1)                                           PR 428a
Rule George (43)                                          PR 427b
Rule Hannah (11)                                          NB 412a
Rule Henry (17)                                           PR 428a
Rule Henry (49)                                           PR 428a
Rule Hiram (6)                                            NB 412a
Rule Isaac (26)                                           PR 428b
Rule Jacob (7)                                            PR 428a
Rule Jeremia (37)                                         NB 412a
Rule John (29)                                            PR 428b
Rule John (53)                                            PR 428b
Rule John (4)                                             NB 412a
Rule Josiah (19)                                          PR 428a
Rule juliana (8)                                          NB 412b
Rule lavina (9)                                           PR 428b
Rule Leah (9)                                             PR 428a
Rule Levi (11)                                            PR 428a
Rule Levi R. (8)                                          NB 412a
Rule Lydia (32)                                           NB 412a
Rule Mary (46)                                            PR 427b
Rule Peggy (15)                                           PR 428a
Rule Sarah A. (11)                                        NB 412b
Rule Sarah (19)                                           WA 351b
Rule Susan (6)                                            NB 412b
Rule Susan (1)                                            NB 412a
Rule Susanna (49)                                         PR 428b
Rule William (12)                                         NB 412a
Rulson Catherine (33)                                      HA 40b
Rulson Eliza (1)                                           HA 40b
Rulson Joseph (12)                                         HA 40b
Rulson Lorenzo (3)                                         HA 40b
Rulson Nelson (9)                                          HA 40b
Rulson Rachael (11)                                        HA 40b
Rulson Rebecca (7)                                         HA 40b
Rulson Sarah (14)                                          HA 40b
Rulson Sarah (14)                                          HA 40b
Rulson Thomas (37)                                         HA 40b
Rummond Catharine (13)                                    TR 415a
Rummond Eve (45)                                          TR 415a
Rummond Peter (10)                                        TR 415a
Rummond Peter (44)                                        TR 415a
Rummons Joseph (5)                                        CR 383a
Rummons Lucinda (8)                                       CR 383a
Rummons Sally (38)                                        CR 383a
Runyon A.G. (54)                                           BE 57a
Runyon Amelia (50)                                         BE 57b
Runyon Charles (11)                                        BE 57b
Runyon Nancy (15)                                          BE 57b
Runyon William (13)                                        BE 57b
Rupel Charles (56)                                        GL 494b
Rupel Jasper (20)                                         GL 494b
Rupel John (16)                                           GL 494b
Rupel Mary (18)                                           GL 494b
Rupert Alcinda (21)                                       WA 349b
Rupert David (33)                                         WA 349b
Rupert May (1)                                            WA 349b
Rush Abagail (49)                                         CG 464a
Rush Benjamin (4)                                         CG 464a
Rush Elizabeth (20)                                       CG 464a
Rush Enoch (20)                                           CG 464a
Rush Henry (1)                                            CG 464a
Rush James (20)                                           CG 466b
Rush Jane (13)                                            CG 464a
Rush John (28)                                            CG 463b
Rush Mariam (28)                                          CG 464a
Rush Mary (18)                                            CG 464a
Rush Morgan (12)                                          CG 464a
Rush William (59)                                         CG 464a
Rush William (17)                                         CG 464a
Russell Adelia (16)                                        PU 60a
Russell Alexander (2)                                     FR 484a
Russell Aydney (24)                                        PU 60a
Russell Catharine (20)                                    CG 474b
Russell Charles (6/12)                                    FR 484a
Russell Charles (2)                                       GL 498a
Russell Charles (14)                                      GL 498a
Russell Charles (37)                                      CG 467b
Russell Clinton (3)                                        LN 24b
Russell Cornelia (2)                                       PU 60a
Russell David (27)                                         LN 24b
Russell Dorlisky (5)                                       LN 24b
Russell Eben (20)                                          PU 60a
Russell Edson (21)                                         PU 60a
Russell George (3/12)                                     GL 498a
Russell George (63)                                       SB 531b
Russell Hannah (26)                                       GL 498a
Russell Hannah (9)                                        CG 465b
Russell Hannah (11)                                       CG 467b
Russell Hannah K. (4)                                     CR 383a
Russell Isaac (3)                                         CR 383a
Russell James (17)                                        CG 465b
Russell Jane (34)                                         CG 467b
Russell John (21)                                         CG 474b
Russell John (23)                                         CR 383a
Russell Ludom (25)                                        FR 484a
Russell Lydia J. (15)                                     CG 465b
Russell Lydia (45)                                        CG 465b
Russell Margaret (23)                                     FR 484a
Russell Mary N. (10/12)                                   CR 383a
Russell Mary (5)                                          CG 465b
Russell Mildord (2)                                        LN 24b
Russell Pamelia (58)                                       PU 60a
Russell Polly (22)                                         LN 24b
Russell Rebecca (11)                                      CG 465b
Russell Richard (59)                                       PU 60a
Russell Riley (1)                                          LN 24b
Russell Robert (27)                                       GL 498a
Russell Robert (1)                                        CG 465b
Russell Sarah (7)                                         CG 465b
Russell Sarah (13)                                        CG 467b
Russell Sarah (27)                                        CR 383a
Russell William (13)                                      CG 465b
Russell William (10)                                      CG 467b
Rust Elias (54)                                           GL 499a
Rust Ellen (37)                                           GL 499a
Rust Isaac (13)                                           GL 499a
Rust Jackson (8)                                          GL 499a
Rust Jemima (10)                                          GL 499a
Rust Maria (4)                                            GL 499a
Rust Mary (24)                                            GL 498b
Rust Mary (4)                                             GL 499a
Rust Peter (34)                                           GL 498b
Rust Philip (6)                                           GL 499a
Rust Samuel (15)                                          GL 499a
Ryan Barbara (63)                                         CR 388b
Ryan Edward (17)                                          CR 388b
Ryan Hannah (22)                                          SB 517b
Ryan John (24)                                            SB 517b
Ryan John (66)                                            SB 517b
Ryans Alonzo (6)                                          SB 517b
Ryans Amanda (8)                                          SB 517b
Ryans Charlotte (2)                                       SB 517b
Ryans Jackson (34)                                        SB 517b
Ryans Lovina (4)                                          SB 517b
Ryans Lovina (38)                                         SB 517b
Ryans Mary (10)                                           SB 517b
S*ylth* Elizabeth (27)                                    CR 387b
S*ylth* James H. (28)                                     CR 387b
Sagar Amanda (19)                                         GL 512b
Sagar John (1)                                            GL 512b
Sagar Linus (27)                                          GL 512b
Sagar Mary (70)                                           GL 501b
Sagar Simon (37)                                          GL 501b
Salisbury Aden (4)                                         HA 34a
Salisbury Andrew (16)                                      HA 41b
Salisbury Dinah (9)                                        HA 34a
Salisbury Elizabeth (11)                                   HA 34a
Salisbury Elizabeth (38)                                  CH 446b
Salisbury Emily (55)                                       HA 41b
Salisbury Emmess (7)                                       HA 34a
Salisbury Eniness (42)                                    CH 446b
Salisbury Ephraim (13)                                     HA 34a
Salisbury Ephraim (70)                                     HA 34a
Salisbury Ephraim (35)                                     HA 41b
Salisbury Eunice (14)                                      HA 41b
Salisbury Hannah (36)                                      HA 34a
Salisbury James (4)                                        HA 41b
Salisbury Jed (37)                                         HA 34a
Salisbury Jemima (3)                                      CH 446b
Salisbury Judson (1)                                      CH 446b
Salisbury LaFayette (8)                                    HA 41b
Salisbury Lydia (69)                                       HA 34a
Salisbury Mary (20)                                       CH 446b
Salisbury Minerva (2)                                      HA 34a
Salisbury Ssarah (12)                                      HA 41b
Salisbury William (17)                                    CH 446b
Salter Jane (53)                                          GL 496b
Salter Jane (12)                                          GL 496b
Salter Robert (14)                                        GL 496b
Salter Samuel (54)                                        GL 496b
Sames Amzi (1)                                             BE 56b
Sames James (30)                                           BE 56b
Sames Leman (8)                                            BE 56b
Sames Olive (29)                                           BE 56b
Sames Philena (6)                                          BE 56b
Sames William (9)                                          BE 56b
Sams Abraham (50)                                         GL 499b
Sams Asher (18)                                           GL 499b
Sams Joseph (16)                                          GL 499b
Sams Mary (53)                                            GL 499b
Sanford Allen (17)                                        SB 526a
Sanford Dewit (23)                                         BE 49a
Sanford Electa (27)                                       CR 382b
Sanford Josephine (2)                                     CR 382b
Sanford Lovina (15)                                       SB 528b
Sanford Lucinda (12)                                      SB 526a
Sanford Lydia (45)                                        SB 526a
Sanford Phebe (48)                                        SB 528b
Sanford Reuben (11)                                       SB 528b
Sanford Sheldon (51)                                      SB 528b
Sanford Whitfield (32)                                    CR 382b
Sanford William (55)                                      SB 526a
Sanford William (20)                                      SB 526a
Sanigley Adaline (3)                                      CH 454a
Sanigley Alice M (6/12)                                   CH 454a
Sanigley Benton (11)                                      CH 454a
Sanigley Catharine (38)                                   CH 454a
Sanigley Leonard (9)                                      CH 454a
Sanigley Mary C (5)                                       CH 454a
Sanigley Nellie (7)                                       CH 454a
Sanigley Prudence (12)                                    CH 454a
Sanigley Susan M (13)                                     CH 454a
Sanigley William (15)                                     CH 454a
Sanigley William (44)                                     CH 454a
Sarcket Catharine M. (6)                                  CH 448a
Sarcket Charles W. (8)                                    CH 448a
Sarcket Elizabeth (10)                                    CH 448a
Sarcket Josiah C. (8/12)                                  CH 448a
Sarcket Lucinda (4)                                       CH 448a
Sarcket Martha A. (3)                                     CH 448a
Sarcket Mary A. (33)                                      CH 448a
Sarcket Solomon B. (12)                                   CH 448a
Sarcket Solomon M. (38)                                   CH 448a
Sarcket Thomas W. (13)                                    CH 448a
Sargent George W. (15)                                    PR 423b
Sarley Mayberry (21)                                      GL 506a
Sarrons Abraham (8)                                       CH 450b
Sarrons Caroline (20)                                     CH 450a
Sarrons David (18)                                        CH 450a
Sarrons James S. (1)                                      CH 450a
Sarrons Joshua (27)                                       CH 450a
Sarrons Loranna (2)                                       CH 450a
Satts Elisabeth (65)                                      GL 494b
Saunders David (37)                                       GL 510a
Saunders Elenor (37)                                      GL 510a
Sauter Ann (14)                                            PU 59b
Sauter David (45)                                          PU 59b
Sauter Isaac (7)                                           PU 59b
Sauter Jane (39)                                           PU 59b
Sauter Loyd (10/12)                                        PU 59b
Sauter Margaret (5)                                        PU 59b
Sauter Mary (10)                                           PU 59b
Sauter Sarah (16)                                          PU 59b
Sauter Washington (19)                                     PU 59b
Saxton Emily (16)                                         CH 454b
Saxton Laura (48)                                         CH 454b
Saxton Mary (21)                                          CH 454b
Saxton Susannah E. (18)                                   CH 454b
Saxton Uranna (7)                                         CH 454b
Sayre Alfred (13)                                         GL 500a
Sayre Almira (42)                                         GL 500a
Sayre Ann (7)                                             GL 500a
Sayre Cindrilla (8)                                       CN 364a
Sayre Clarisa (14)                                        CN 364b
Sayre Elzy (5)                                            CN 364a
Sayre Emma (5)                                            GL 500a
Sayre Ephraim (39)                                        CN 364b
Sayre Eveline (9)                                         GL 500a
Sayre Ezra (16)                                           CN 364a
Sayre Hannah (1)                                          CN 364a
Sayre Henry (3)                                           GL 500a
Sayre Isabel (10)                                         CN 364b
Sayre Jacob (88)                                          WA 360a
Sayre John F (10)                                         CN 364a
Sayre Joseph (44)                                         GL 499b
Sayre Louisa (16)                                         GL 500a
Sayre Martha (9)                                          CN 364b
Sayre Martin (14)                                         CN 364a
Sayre Mary (2)                                            GL 500a
Sayre Nancy (2)                                           CN 364b
Sayre Nancy (46)                                          CN 364b
Sayre Sydney (11)                                         GL 500a
Scandlen Thomas (40)                                       WF 18a
Scarbrough Amanda (9)                                     FR 489b
Scarbrough Charlotte (19)                                 SB 522b
Scarbrough Eliza (13)                                     FR 489b
Scarbrough Elizabeth (58)                                 SB 522b
Scarbrough Jackson (21)                                   SB 522b
Scarbrough James (11)                                     FR 489b
Scarbrough Margaret (13)                                  SB 522b
Scarbrough Martin (4)                                     FR 489b
Scarbrough Mary (2/12)                                    FR 489b
Scarbrough Mary (16)                                      SB 522b
Scarbrough Mary (34)                                      FR 489b
Scarbrough Samuel (59)                                    SB 522b
Scarbrough Sarah (7)                                      FR 489b
Scarbrough William (35)                                   FR 489b
Scarbrough William (2)                                    FR 489b
Schane John (16)                                          NB 408a
Schane Joseph (19)                                        NB 408a
Schane Maria E. (46)                                      NB 408a
Schane Sebastian (49)                                     NB 408a
Schell Elizabeth (8)                                      PR 433a
Schell James (5)                                          PR 433a
Schell Joseph (49)                                        PR 433a
Schell Joseph (3)                                         PR 433a
Schell Sarah (35)                                         PR 433a
Schell William (9)                                        PR 433a
Schelle A.C. (23)                                           WF 8a
Schelle Emma (18)                                           WF 8a
Schelle Maria (48)                                          WF 7b
Schigley Catharine (44)                                   TR 416b
Schigley Catharine (20)                                   TR 416b
Schigley John (46)                                        TR 416b
Schill Catharine (12)                                     PR 426a
Schill Christian (46)                                     PR 426a
Schill Dora M (12)                                        PR 426a
Schill Elizabeth (15)                                     PR 426a
Schill Frederick (18)                                     PR 426a
Schill Margaret (43)                                      PR 426a
Schofner Daniel (40)                                      WA 355a
Schofner Daniel (15)                                      WA 355a
Schofner Fanny (11)                                       WA 355a
Schofner Henry (17)                                       WA 355a
Schofner jacob (19)                                       WA 355a
Schofner John (13)                                        WA 355a
Schofner Lanny (40)                                       WA 355a
Schooley Eliza (17)                                       CR 383a
Schooley Isaac (79)                                       CR 383a
Schooley Mary E. (49)                                     CR 383a
Schooley Sally (14)                                       CR 383a
Schooley Samuel (49)                                      CR 383a
Schooley Sarah (77)                                       CR 383a
Schunck Bartlett (2)                                      FR 490b
Schunck James (32)                                        FR 490b
Schunck Jane (21)                                         FR 490b
Schunck Nancy (7)                                         FR 490b
Schunck Ulyssus (4)                                       FR 490b
Scofield Alpheus (13)                                     CR 388a
Scofield Amarett (27)                                       WF 9a
Scofield Cely (22)                                        CR 388a
Scofield Denna (24)                                       CR 388a
Scofield Emaline (5)                                        WF 9a
Scofield Julia (1)                                          WF 9a
Scofield Lufanny (50)                                     CR 388a
Scofield Lyman (30)                                         WF 9a
Scofield O.J. (7)                                           WF 9a
Scofield Theodora (16)                                    CR 388a
Scofield Thomas (3)                                         WF 9a
Scott Alpheus A. (7)                                      PR 432b
Scott Amanda J. (8)                                       PR 432b
Scott Calvin (30)                                         PR 432b
Scott Caroline (72)                                        BE 44b
Scott Charles (5)                                         PR 432b
Scott Chinnarith (51)                                     SB 517b
Scott Chrisworth (2)                                      SB 524a
Scott Demus (2/12)                                        SB 519b
Scott George (17)                                         SB 517b
Scott George (2)                                          SB 519b
Scott George (14)                                          BE 48b
Scott Jane (52)                                           SB 517b
Scott John (47)                                            BE 48b
Scott Mary A (1)                                          FR 489a
Scott Mary A. (1)                                         PR 432b
Scott Mary (21)                                           SB 519b
Scott Mary (21)                                           FR 489a
Scott Mary (5)                                             BE 48b
Scott Norman (24)                                          BE 44b
Scott Olive (24)                                          SB 524a
Scott Samuel (28)                                         SB 519b
Scott Sarah (7/12)                                         BE 44b
Scott Sarah (12)                                          SB 517b
Scott Sarah (35)                                          PR 432b
Scott Sarah (45)                                           BE 48b
Scott Sophronia (17)                                        WF 2a
Scott Susan (11)                                           BE 48b
Scott Thomas (8/12)                                       SB 519b
Scott William (27)                                        SB 524a
Scott William (26)                                        FR 489a
Scott William (18)                                         BE 48b
Search Charles H. (6/12)                                  CR 394a
Search Cinderella (3)                                     CR 394a
Search Francis A. (31)                                    CR 394a
Search Sarah A. (21)                                      CR 394a
Sears Albert (29)                                         CG 465a
Sears Allison (51)                                        CG 465b
Sears Burry (21)                                          SB 526b
Sears Clark (8)                                           SB 527a
Sears Elizabeth (35)                                      CG 465a
Sears Enoch (54)                                          SB 526b
Sears Floyd (33)                                          SB 527a
Sears George (29)                                         SB 526b
Sears John (6)                                            CG 465a
Sears Josiah (5)                                          CG 465a
Sears Laura (54)                                          SB 526b
Sears Leah (52)                                           CG 465b
Sears Lucinda (7)                                         CG 465b
Sears Mahalah (3)                                         PR 429a
Sears Rebecca (24)                                        SB 526b
Sears Rufus (18)                                          SB 526b
Sears Sarah (47)                                          PR 429a
Sears Sarah (3)                                           CG 465a
Sears Sibry (63)                                          PR 429a
Sears Smith (7)                                           SB 527a
Sears Victorine (28)                                      SB 527a
Sears Wesley (58)                                         PR 429a
Sears Wesley (12)                                         CG 465b
Seiser Eliza (7/12)                                       NB 409b
Seiser Epokin (9)                                         NB 409b
Seiser Frederick (7)                                      NB 409b
Seiser Hannah (13)                                        NB 409b
Seiser John (5)                                           NB 409b
Seiser Martha (18)                                        NB 409b
Seiser Mathias (16)                                       NB 409b
Seiser Saloma (43)                                        NB 409b
Seiser William S. (48)                                    NB 409b
Seiser William (3)                                        NB 409b

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