Morrow 1850 census index (partial)
Morrow County 1850 Census Surname Index
Surname/Given Name/Age/Township Abbreviation/Sheet Number
(Note: the "a" or "b" indication is not always accurate)
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Reed Albert (6)                                           CN 366a
Reed Amos P. (50)                                         CH 450a
Reed Anna M. (5/12)                                       CH 447b
Reed Artemisa E. (3)                                      CH 450a
Reed Askins (13)                                          FR 489b
Reed Benjamin M. (48)                                     CH 447b
Reed Charity (3/12)                                       CN 366a
Reed Christian (16)                                       WA 361b
Reed Christian (49)                                       WA 361b
Reed Christina (44)                                       CR 380a
Reed Ellen (15)                                           PR 433b
Reed Emily D. (7)                                         CH 447b
Reed Esther (50)                                          CH 447b
Reed Haroy (23)                                           FR 485b
Reed Henry (23)                                           TR 417b
Reed Henry (15)                                           CH 447b
Reed Huldah (27)                                          FR 485a
Reed Isaac (27)                                           FR 485a
Reed James (52)                                           WA 361b
Reed James (20)                                           WA 361b
Reed Jarvis (10)                                          CH 447b
Reed John H. (57)                                         TR 417b
Reed John (58)                                            FR 485b
Reed John (22)                                            CH 447b
Reed Joseph (4)                                           CN 366a
Reed Julia (16)                                           FR 485b
Reed Lucretia (1)                                         FR 489b
Reed Luke (26)                                            FR 489b
Reed Mahala (38)                                          CN 366a
Reed Margaret (13)                                        PR 433b
Reed Margaret (57)                                        FR 485b
Reed Margaret (23)                                        CH 447b
Reed Margaret (27)                                        CN 366a
Reed Marshall (13)                                        CH 447b
Reed Martha (19)                                          TR 417b
Reed Mary (17)                                            PR 433b
Reed Mary (1)                                             CR 379a
Reed Mary (69)                                            CR 380a
Reed Molly (29)                                           TR 417b
Reed Nancy J. (8)                                         TR 417b
Reed Oliver (1)                                           CH 450a
Reed Percepta (4)                                         CH 450a
Reed Phebe (27)                                           FR 489b
Reed Phebe (5)                                            CN 366a
Reed Robert (17)                                          TR 417b
Reed Samuel (11)                                          CH 447b
Reed Sarah (49)                                           PR 433b
Reed Stephen (62)                                         PR 433b
Reed Talitha (33)                                         CH 450a
Reed Thomas (18)                                          CH 447b
Reed Vinson (11)                                          CR 380a
Reed Violetta (18)                                        FR 485b
Reed William W. (10)                                      WA 361b
Reed William (29)                                         CN 366a
Rees Ann (47)                                              HA 38b
Rees David (55)                                            HA 38b
Rees Evan (28)                                             HA 38b
Rees John (9)                                              HA 38b
Rees Mary (5)                                              HA 38b
Rees Morgan (17)                                           HA 38b
Rees Morris (11)                                           HA 38b
Rees Sarah (24)                                            HA 38b
Reese David (37)                                          CH 451b
Reeve Alanson (39)                                        WA 355a
Reeve Edward (10)                                         WA 355b
Reeve Esther (36)                                         WA 355a
Reeve Frances (21)                                        WA 356b
Reeve James A. (9)                                        WA 355a
Reeve James (38)                                          WA 355b
Reeve James (81)                                          WA 356b
Reeve Martha J. (7)                                       WA 355a
Reeve Mary C. (19)                                        WA 355a
Reeve Mary (59)                                           WA 356b
Reeve Oliver P. (22)                                      WA 356b
Reeve Phebe (36)                                          WA 355b
Reeve Phebe (5)                                           WA 355b
Reeve Rhoda (7)                                           WA 355b
Rench Conrad (60)                                         NB 403b
Rench Susan (19)                                          NB 403b
Renyolds Annette (14)                                      BE 55b
Renyolds Betsy (36)                                        BE 55b
Renyolds Elihu (40)                                        BE 55b
Renyolds Eunice (2)                                        BE 55b
Renyolds Juah (11)                                         BE 55b
Rewalt Conard (21)                                        TR 418a
Rewalt Frederick (23)                                     TR 418a
Rewalt John H. (60)                                       TR 418a
Rewalt Peter (25)                                         TR 418a
Rewalt Wilhemina (18)                                     TR 418a
Rewalt Wilmina (56)                                       TR 418a
Reynolds 83 (f)                                           CG 465a
Reynolds Agnes W. (2)                                     WA 358b
Reynolds Andrew F. (7)                                    WA 358b
Reynolds Asher (17)                                       CG 463b
Reynolds Banner (20)                                      CG 463b
Reynolds Byron (6)                                        CG 463b
Reynolds Charlotte (52)                                   CG 457a
Reynolds Charlotte (18)                                   CG 457a
Reynolds Elizabeth (4)                                    WA 358b
Reynolds Ellenor (61)                                     CG 465a
Reynolds Francis (21)                                     CG 457a
Reynolds Francis (63)                                     CG 465a
Reynolds Grezela (9)                                      WA 358b
Reynolds James (38)                                       WA 358a
Reynolds Jane (37)                                        WA 358b
Reynolds John (13)                                        WA 358b
Reynolds John (12)                                        WA 358b
Reynolds John (23)                                        CG 457a
Reynolds John (46)                                        CG 463b
Reynolds Johnson (28)                                     CG 457a
Reynolds Joseph (19)                                      CG 457a
Reynolds Juliette (9)                                     CG 457b
Reynolds Louisa (16)                                      CG 457a
Reynolds Margaret J. (6)                                  WA 358b
Reynolds Margaret (11)                                    WA 358b
Reynolds Maria (40)                                       WA 358a
Reynolds Martha (9)                                       CG 463b
Reynolds Mary A. (10)                                     WA 358b
Reynolds Mary (15)                                        WA 358b
Reynolds Mary (1)                                         CG 463b
Reynolds Rachel (44)                                      CG 463b
Reynolds Robert F. (4)                                    WA 358b
Reynolds Robert (37)                                      WA 358b
Reynolds Sally A. (17)                                    WA 358a
Reynolds Sarah (12)                                       CG 457a
Reynolds Stephen (15)                                     CG 463b
Reynolds Thomas (12)                                      CG 463b
Reynolds William (14)                                     CG 457a
Reynolds William (22)                                     CG 463b
Rheul Adam (35)                                           TR 420a
Rheul Amanda (2)                                          TR 420b
Rheul Harriet (9)                                         TR 420a
Rheul James (11)                                          TR 420a
Rheul Mary J. (5)                                         TR 420b
Rheul Rachel (71)                                         PR 426b
Rheul Sarah A. (1)                                        TR 420b
Rheul Susan (30)                                          TR 420a
Rheul William (7)                                         TR 420a
Rhinehart Adaline (25)                                    NB 406b
Rhinehart Adam (2)                                        PR 427b
Rhinehart Albert (8)                                      PR 427a
Rhinehart Alexander (7)                                   PR 426b
Rhinehart Allen (19)                                      PR 427b
Rhinehart Amos (6)                                        PR 428b
Rhinehart Ann E. (9)                                      PR 426b
Rhinehart Barbara (45)                                    PR 427b
Rhinehart Caroline (18)                                   PR 432b
Rhinehart Caroline (7)                                    NB 407a
Rhinehart Casander (33)                                   PR 428b
Rhinehart Catharine (22)                                  PR 427b
Rhinehart Charles (13)                                    PR 432b
Rhinehart Conrad (65)                                     PR 428b
Rhinehart Daniel (33)                                     PR 428b
Rhinehart David (13)                                      PR 432a
Rhinehart David (40)                                      PR 427a
Rhinehart Deland J. (12)                                  PR 423b
Rhinehart Eliza (12)                                      PR 428b
Rhinehart Elizabeth (12)                                  PR 432b
Rhinehart Elizabeth (36)                                  PR 426b
Rhinehart Elizabeth (5)                                   PR 427b
Rhinehart Emily A. (9)                                    PR 427a
Rhinehart Ephraim (4)                                     PR 431b
Rhinehart Eve (65)                                        PR 428b
Rhinehart Ezra (7)                                        PR 432a
Rhinehart George (2)                                      PR 428b
Rhinehart George (41)                                     PR 426b
Rhinehart George (68)                                     PR 427a
Rhinehart Harriet (5)                                     PR 423b
Rhinehart Henry (21)                                      PR 432a
Rhinehart Isaac (3)                                       PR 432a
Rhinehart Isaiah (11)                                     PR 431b
Rhinehart Jacob (6)                                       PR 432b
Rhinehart Jacob (6)                                       PR 427b
Rhinehart Jacob (48)                                      PR 432a
Rhinehart James (15)                                      PR 426b
Rhinehart Jemima (9)                                      PR 431b
Rhinehart Jesse (8/12)                                    PR 426b
Rhinehart Jesse (36)                                      PR 423b
Rhinehart Joel (31)                                       NB 406b
Rhinehart John (13)                                       PR 426b
Rhinehart John (17)                                       PR 426b
Rhinehart John (28)                                       PR 427b
Rhinehart Joseph (8)                                      PR 428b
Rhinehart Joshua (33)                                     PR 431b
Rhinehart Leah (1)                                        NB 407a
Rhinehart Levi (10)                                       PR 428b
Rhinehart Loretta (11)                                    PR 426b
Rhinehart Lydia (26)                                      PR 432b
Rhinehart Magdalena (65)                                  PR 427a
Rhinehart Maria (28)                                      PR 427a
Rhinehart Martin (10)                                     PR 427b
Rhinehart Mary (28)                                       PR 423b
Rhinehart Mary (10)                                       PR 432b
Rhinehart Mary (43)                                       PR 432a
Rhinehart Mary (7)                                        PR 427b
Rhinehart Matilda (17)                                    PR 427b
Rhinehart Michael (1/12)                                  PR 427b
Rhinehart Michael (25)                                    PR 428b
Rhinehart Michael (49)                                    PR 427b
Rhinehart NN (1)                                          PR 431b
Rhinehart Noah (22)                                       PR 427b
Rhinehart Rebecca (3)                                     NB 407a
Rhinehart Sally (40)                                      PR 431b
Rhinehart Sarah A. (5)                                    NB 407a
Rhinehart Simon (1)                                       PR 427b
Rhinehart Steven (5)                                      PR 427a
Rhinehart Wesley (2)                                      PR 427a
Rhinehart William (6)                                     PR 432a
Rhinehart William (7)                                     PR 431b
Rhodes Elenora (4)                                        GL 509b
Rhodes Etey (1)                                           GL 509b
Rhodes G. (2)                                               WF 9b
Rhodes Harriet (16)                                       GL 509b
Rhodes J. (10)                                              WF 9b
Rhodes John (14)                                            WF 9b
Rhodes John (7)                                           GL 509b
Rhodes John (41)                                          GL 509b
Rhodes Mormanda (10)                                      GL 509b
Rhodes Origon (12)                                        GL 509b
Rhodes Rachel (37)                                        GL 509b
Rhodes Robert (13)                                          WF 9b
Rhodes Sarah (14)                                         GL 509b
Rhodes William (6)                                          WF 9b
Rhoteman Christina (20)                                   PR 422b
Rhul Carlena (9)                                          CG 475a
Rhul Catharine (1)                                        CG 475a
Rhul Charlotte (3)                                        CG 471b
Rhul Cornelius (26)                                       GL 512b
Rhul Elizabeth (25)                                       CG 471b
Rhul Elizabeth (12)                                       CG 474b
Rhul Elizabeth (3)                                        CG 475a
Rhul George (7)                                           CG 475a
Rhul Henry (7)                                            CG 475a
Rhul Isaac (32)                                           CG 475a
Rhul Jacob (4)                                            CG 475a
Rhul Jacob (36)                                           CG 474b
Rhul John (25)                                            CG 471b
Rhul Jonas (1)                                            CG 471b
Rhul Julianna (1)                                         CG 475a
Rhul Leah (31)                                            CG 475a
Rhul Louisa (5)                                           CG 475a
Rhul Margaret (11)                                        CG 475a
Rhul Rebecca (35)                                         CG 474b
Rice Andrew (25)                                          CN 368a
Rice Catharine (24)                                       CN 367b
Rice Elias (18)                                           CN 368a
Rice Elizabeth (20)                                       CN 368a
Rice George (23)                                          CN 368a
Rice Isabel (48)                                          CN 367b
Rice Jabel (12)                                           CN 367b
Rice Jacob (58)                                           CN 368a
Rice John (55)                                            CN 367b
Rice John (28)                                            CN 368a
Rice Kester (8)                                           CN 367b
Rice Lydia (5)                                            CN 368a
Rice Lydia (10)                                           CN 368a
Rice Maria (18)                                           CN 367b
Rice Simon (10)                                           CN 367b
Rice Simon (15)                                           CN 368a
Richards Andrew (11)                                      FR 482a
Richards Andrew (52)                                      FR 481b
Richards Benjamin (17)                                    FR 482a
Richards Clark (5)                                        FR 482a
Richards Cynthia (26)                                     SB 516b
Richards David (31)                                       SB 516b
Richards Eunice (7)                                       SB 516b
Richards Ferdinand (7)                                    FR 482a
Richards George (15)                                      FR 482a
Richards Lucy A (3)                                       FR 482a
Richards Mahlon (13)                                      FR 482a
Richards Margaret (9)                                     FR 482a
Richards Mary (64)                                        SB 531b
Richards Rebecca (39)                                     FR 482a
Richardson Elizabeth (2)                                  CN 371b
Richardson Elizabeth (37)                                 CN 372a
Richardson Jennet (4)                                     CN 371b
Richardson John L. (6/12)                                 CN 371b
Richardson John (38)                                      CN 371b
Richardson Margaret J. (10)                               CN 371b
Richardson Mary A. (29)                                   CN 371b
Richardson Samuel (70)                                    CN 372a
Richardson Walter (26)                                    CN 372a
Richardson William (36)                                   CN 372a
Ricketts Ann (6)                                          CN 376b
Ricketts Elipah (32)                                      CN 376b
Ricketts Elizabeth (33)                                   CN 376b
Ricketts Susanna (6)                                      CN 376b
Riddle Loretta A. (1)                                     CH 453a
Riddle Louisa A. (5)                                      CH 453a
Riddle Louisa M. (4)                                      CH 453a
Riddle Margaret (30)                                      CH 453a
Riddle Samuel (27)                                        CH 453a
Rider Charles (8)                                         SB 518b
Rider John (10)                                           SB 518b
Rider Maria (6)                                           SB 518b
Rider William (11)                                        SB 518b
Rife 22 (m)                                                WF 11b
Rigdon Ann (12)                                           GL 512a
Rigdon Dallas (5)                                         GL 512a
Rigdon Elizabeth (36)                                     GL 512a
Rigdon Graften (43)                                       GL 512a
Rigdon John (2)                                           GL 512a
Rigdon Ruth (13)                                          GL 512a
Riggle Christina (52)                                     TR 420a
Riggle Daniel (58)                                        TR 420a
Riggle Daniel (13)                                        TR 420a
Riggle Eliza (11)                                         TR 420a
Riggle Harrison (9)                                       TR 420a
Riggle Henry (23)                                         TR 420a
Riggle John (19)                                          TR 420a
Riggle Lydia M. (16)                                      TR 420a
Riggs Albert (1)                                          WA 362a
Riggs Edgar (6)                                           WA 362a
Riggs Francis H. (8)                                      CN 377a
Riggs George (44)                                         CN 377a
Riggs Harriet E. (10)                                     CN 377a
Riggs John (30)                                           WA 362a
Riggs Maria (41)                                          CN 377a
Riggs Mary E (14)                                         CN 377a
Riggs Rebecca (20)                                        WA 362a
Rigour Henry (52)                                         GL 508a
Rigour Henry (24)                                         GL 508b
Rigour Hester (45)                                        GL 508a
Rigour James (15)                                         GL 508b
Rigour Joseph (27)                                        GL 508b
Rigour Maria (7)                                          GL 508b
Riley 26 (f)                                              GL 513a
Riley Alexander (24)                                       PU 66a
Riley Briget (12)                                          WF 18a
Riley Colley (1)                                           PU 66b
Riley Conner (60)                                          WF 18a
Riley Jane (30)                                            PU 66b
Riley Jerudin (9)                                          PU 66b
Riley John (29)                                            PU 59a
Riley Joseph (68)                                          PU 65b
Riley Joseph Jr. (28)                                      PU 66a
Riley Lewis (30)                                           PU 66b
Riley Linonia (3)                                          PU 59a
Riley Margaret (18)                                        WF 18a
Riley Maria (20)                                          GL 514b
Riley Mary (55)                                            WF 18a
Riley Mary (15)                                            WF 18a
Riley Mary (68)                                            PU 66a
Riley Matilda (27)                                         PU 59a
Riley Patrick (21)                                         WF 18a
Riley Phineus (3)                                          PU 66b
Rimme Anna (26)                                           NB 399a
Rimme Jacob (30)                                          NB 399a
Rimme William (8/12)                                      NB 399a
Rineer Frances (29)                                       CR 383a
Rineer John B. (32)                                       CR 383a
Rinehart Eliza (15)                                       GL 497a
Rinehart Israel (11)                                      GL 497a
Rinehart John (39)                                        GL 497a
Rinehart Lawson (8)                                       GL 497a
Rinehart Polly (39)                                       GL 497a
Rinehart Purcy (5/12)                                     GL 497a
Ringle Daniel (63)                                         WF 12b
Ringle Jermore (17)                                        WF 12b
Ringle John (22)                                           WF 12b
Ringle Martha (19)                                         WF 12b
Ripley Richard (21)                                       GL 513b
Riser Alcinda (9/12)                                       HA 35a
Riser Christopher (62)                                    CN 371a
Riser Elizabeth (30)                                       HA 34b
Riser Elizabeth (53)                                      CN 371a
Riser George (10)                                          HA 34b
Riser Jacob (35)                                           HA 34b
Riser Margaret (2)                                         HA 35a
Riser Mary (4)                                             HA 35a
Riser Robert (11)                                          HA 34b
Riser Susan (8)                                            HA 34b
Riser William (6)                                          HA 35a
Risley Jacob (5/12)                                       CR 391b
Risley John C. (3)                                        CR 391b
Risley John (32)                                          CR 391b
Risley Sarah (31)                                         CR 391b
Ritenhouse Genett (19)                                    SB 528a
Ritenhouse George (26)                                    SB 528a
Ritenhouse Mary (49)                                      SB 528a
Ritenhouse Oliver (6)                                     SB 528a
Rittenhouse 9 (f)                                         CG 464b
Rittenhouse Elijah (53)                                   CG 464b
Rittenhouse Elizabeeth (52)                               CG 464b
Ritter Catharine (51)                                     CG 465b
Ritter Charles (21)                                       CG 465b
Ritter Jacob (60)                                         CG 465b
Roach Andrew J. (9)                                       CR 380b
Roach Ann H. (7)                                          CR 380b
Roach Catharine (43)                                      CR 381a
Roach Charles (13)                                        CR 381a
Roach Elizabeth (17)                                      CR 381a
Roach Enul* (21)                                          CR 380b
Roach Jacob (20)                                          CR 380b
Roach Jacob (48)                                          CR 380b
Roach James E. (9)                                        CR 381a
Roach James J. (12)                                       CR 380b
Roach John A. (5)                                         CR 380b
Roach Margaret (15)                                       CR 381a
Roach Rachel (47)                                         CR 380b
Roach Rebecca J. (15)                                     CR 380b
Roach Simon P. (3)                                        CR 380b
Roach William H. (3)                                      CR 381a
Roach William (44)                                        CR 381a
Roach William (18)                                        CR 380b
Roberson John (76)                                         BE 50b
Roberts Abraham (35)                                      SB 522b
Roberts Ann (2)                                            LN 21b
Roberts Arminda (24)                                      SB 526a
Roberts Beulah (10/12)                                     LN 21b
Roberts Byram (6/12)                                      SB 526a
Roberts Carliss (25)                                      SB 526a
Roberts Charles (14)                                      GL 500b
Roberts Charles (5)                                        BE 56b
Roberts Charles (40)                                       BE 56b
Roberts Cyntha (4)                                        GL 500b
Roberts Elizabeth (8)                                     GL 500b
Roberts Elvira (39)                                       GL 500b
Roberts Emarind (7)                                        BE 56b
Roberts Ezekiel (13)                                       BE 56b
Roberts Frances (10)                                       BE 56b
Roberts Hannah (6)                                        GL 500b
Roberts Hannah (68)                                       GL 501b
Roberts John (2)                                          SB 526a
Roberts John (10)                                         GL 500b
Roberts John (19)                                          BE 56b
Roberts Joseph (27)                                        LN 21a
Roberts Leander (4)                                       SB 526a
Roberts Levi (16)                                          BE 56b
Roberts Linius (3/12)                                     GL 500b
Roberts Margaret (36)                                     SB 518b
Roberts Maria (14)                                        SB 530a
Roberts Martha (3)                                         LN 21a
Roberts Martha (17)                                        BE 56b
Roberts Mary (54)                                         SB 530a
Roberts Nancy (2)                                         SB 523a
Roberts Peleg (75)                                        GL 501b
Roberts Pemilly (16)                                      SB 530a
Roberts Rachael (27)                                       LN 21a
Roberts Reuben (43)                                       GL 500b
Roberts Sarah (24)                                        SB 523a
Roberts Sarah (40)                                         BE 56b
Roberts Solomon (54)                                      SB 530a
Roberts Susan (6/12)                                      SB 523a
Roberts Thinders (12)                                      BE 56b
Roberts William (19)                                      SB 530a
Roberts William (2)                                       GL 500b
Roberts Wright (11)                                        BE 56b
Robertson Alexaner (30)                                   CG 470a
Robertson Cyrus (26)                                      GL 513a
Robertson George (10)                                     CG 470b
Robertson John A (2)                                      CG 470b
Robertson Margaret (28)                                   CG 470b
Robin Arminta (8)                                         NB 395b
Robin Douglass (17)                                       NB 395b
Robin Douglass (4)                                        NB 395b
Robin Esther (31)                                         NB 395b
Robin Isabel (7)                                          NB 395b
Robin Maathew (36)                                        NB 395b
Robin Mathew (5)                                          NB 395b
Robin Sarah C. (2)                                        NB 395b
Robins Camelia (25)                                       GL 512a
Robins Harriet (2)                                        GL 512a
Robins Luella (4)                                         GL 512a
Robins Thomas (12)                                        GL 505a
Robins William (29)                                       GL 512a
Robinson Mary (52)                                        CH 444b
Robison Agnes J (17)                                      CG 457b
Robison Allice (46)                                       WA 358a
Robison Angeline (16)                                     WA 358a
Robison Catharine (24)                                    CG 457b
Robison Duncan E. (9)                                     CG 457b
Robison Elizabeth (17)                                    WA 358a
Robison Harriet (15)                                      WA 358a
Robison Isaac (13)                                        WA 358a
Robison Isaac (57)                                        WA 358a
Robison John D (54)                                       CG 457b
Robison Margaret E (20)                                   CG 457b
Robison Martha A (12)                                     CG 457b
Robison Mary L (22)                                       CG 457b
Robison Mary (55)                                         CG 457b
Robison Sarah (49)                                        FR 485b
Roby Catharine (55)                                        HA 29b
Roby Elijah (14)                                           HA 29b
Roby George (32)                                           HA 36a
Roby John (7/12)                                           LN 18b
Roby Mary (25)                                             LN 18b
Roby Nancy (35)                                            HA 36a
Roby Rebecca (8)                                           HA 36a
Roby Sarah (7)                                             HA 36a
Roby Sophronia (2)                                         LN 18b
Roby Ssarah (19)                                           HA 30a
Roby Thomas (26)                                           LN 18b
Roby Thomas (64)                                           HA 29b
Roby Thomas (5)                                            HA 36a
Rodebach Chester (3)                                      CG 458b
Rodebach John (35)                                        CG 458b
Rodebach Margaret (21)                                    CG 458b
Rodebach Peter (72)                                       CG 458a
Rodebach Phebe (49)                                       CG 458a
Rodebach Sylvester (5)                                    CG 458b
Rodebach William (1)                                      CG 458b
Roff Elizabeth (29)                                       SB 519a
Roff Sarah (68)                                           SB 519a

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