Morrow 1850 census index (partial)
Morrow County 1850 Census Surname Index
Surname/Given Name/Age/Township Abbreviation/Sheet Number
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Parke Abagail (25)                                        CG 470b
Parke Alexander (12)                                      CG 470b
Parke John (39)                                           CG 470b
Parke Sylvester (1)                                       CG 470b
Parke Thomas (14)                                         CG 470b
Parker Ann (32)                                           SB 520a
Parker Isaac (18)                                          LN 21a
Parks Alexander (34)                                      SB 530b
Parks Carlina (19)                                        CG 473a
Parks Clarisa (8)                                         CG 473a
Parks Clarkson (6)                                        SB 530b
Parks Elizabeth (59)                                      CG 473a
Parks Elizabeth (3)                                       CG 473a
Parks Elizabeth (33)                                      CG 473a
Parks Esther (6)                                          CG 473a
Parks Jackson (21)                                        CG 473a
Parks John (7)                                            CG 473a
Parks Lavina (17)                                         CG 473a
Parks Lucinda (3)                                         CG 473a
Parks Lydia (2)                                           SB 532b
Parks Marion (4/12)                                       CG 473a
Parks Mary (30)                                           SB 530b
Parks Mary (22)                                           CG 473a
Parks Milton (4)                                          CG 473a
Parks Perry (28)                                          CG 473a
Parks Thomas (32)                                         CG 473a
Parks Van Buren (9)                                       CG 473a
Parks William (1)                                         CG 473a
Parlee Caleb (59)                                          BE 44a
Parlee Edwin (19)                                          BE 44a
Parlee Laura (16)                                          BE 44a
Parlee Louisa (22)                                         BE 44a
Parlee Rebecca (57)                                        BE 44a
Parlee Spencer (24)                                        BE 44a
Parreman Edward (69)                                      CH 453b
Parreman Elizabeth (62)                                   CH 453b
Parreman John (13)                                        CH 453b
Parrot A.A. (1)                                             WF 6b
Parrot C.A. (21)                                            WF 6b
Parrot Isaac (24)                                           WF 6b
Parrott Clark (3)                                         GL 503b
Parrott Louisa (8)                                        GL 503b
Parrott Mary (32)                                         GL 503b
Parrott Nelson (7)                                        GL 503b
Parrott Simeon (32)                                       GL 503b
Parry John (70)                                           CH 442b
Paschal Cyrus (47)                                        PR 425b
Paschal Elizabeth (9)                                     PR 425b
Paschal James (10)                                        PR 425b
Paschal Jeremiah (14)                                     PR 425b
Paschal John (17)                                         PR 425b
Paschal Margaret (45)                                     PR 425b
Patrick Abigail (4)                                        HA 33a
Patrick Alonzo (22)                                       SB 530a
Patrick Christopher (6/12)                                 HA 33a
Patrick Eliza (5)                                          HA 33a
Patrick James (10)                                        SB 530b
Patrick Letty (7)                                         SB 530b
Patrick Mary (18)                                         SB 530a
Patrick Nancy (6)                                          HA 33a
Patrick Polly (11)                                         HA 33a
Patrick Rhoda (39)                                         HA 33a
Patrick Samuel (42)                                        HA 33a
Patrick Sarah (15)                                        SB 530a
Patrick William (2)                                        HA 33a
Patterson 37 (f)                                          GL 512b
Patterson Catharine (5)                                   GL 512b
Patterson Ebenezer (36)                                   CH 450a
Patterson James (31)                                      FR 492b
Patterson Margaret (33)                                   FR 492b
Patterson Mary (84)                                       GL 512b
Patterson Mary (30)                                       CH 450a
Patterson Rebecca J. (5)                                  CH 450a
Patterson Sarah N. (9)                                    CH 450a
Patterson Theodore (3)                                    CH 450a
Patterson Thomas (9)                                      GL 512b
Patterson William (28)                                    FR 492b
Patton Anna (10)                                          CN 370a
Patton Catherine (9/12)                                   WA 350b
Patton Elizabeth (7)                                      SB 527a
Patton Elizabeth (52)                                     CN 368a
Patton Elizabeth (13)                                     CN 370a
Patton Ellen (2)                                          SB 527a
Patton Elmira (4/12)                                      SB 527a
Patton Evaline (12)                                       SB 527a
Patton George (16)                                        CN 370a
Patton Harrison (10)                                      SB 527a
Patton James (9)                                          SB 526b
Patton Jane (12)                                          CN 368a
Patton John (10)                                          CN 368a
Patton John (8)                                           CN 370a
Patton Joseph (30)                                        WA 350a
Patton Martha (31)                                        SB 527a
Patton Mary (5)                                           SB 527a
Patton Mary (14)                                          CN 370a
Patton Nathaniel (11)                                     SB 527a
Patton Patrick (52)                                       CN 370a
Patton Rebecca (51)                                       CN 370a
Patton Robert (35)                                        SB 527a
Patton Robert (7)                                         CN 368a
Patton Ruth E. (3)                                        WA 350b
Patton Sarah (25)                                         WA 350b
Patton Tarnzer (24)                                       CN 368a
Patton Thomas (60)                                        CN 368a
Patton William (18)                                       CN 368a
Patts Josephine (7)                                         WF 8a
Patts Ruth (12)                                             WF 8a
Patts Theodorus (17)                                        WF 8a
Paul Emeline (1)                                          PR 428b
Paul Juliana (28)                                         PR 428b
Paul Lavina (3)                                           PR 428b
Paul William (22)                                         PR 428b
Paxton Benjamin (39)                                      TR 419b
Paxton Catharine (9)                                      TR 419b
Paxton Catharine (23)                                     PR 436a
Paxton David (29)                                         PR 436a
Paxton Elizabeth (60)                                     NB 395b
Paxton Hannah (39)                                        WA 360b
Paxton Isabel (26)                                        NB 395b
Paxton James (45)                                         WA 360b
Paxton Jesse (34)                                         WA 360b
Paxton John (3)                                           NB 395b
Paxton John (58)                                          NB 395b
Paxton Justis (4)                                         PR 436a
Paxton Margaret J. (30)                                   TR 419b
Paxton Mary A (11)                                        TR 419b
Paxton McGinley (1)                                       NB 395b
Paxton Morrison (5)                                       NB 395b
Paxton Nathaniel (82)                                     WA 360b
Paxton Samuel (39)                                        NB 395b
Paxton Stephen J. (2)                                     PR 436a
Paxton Ulalia (1)                                         PR 436a
Payne Amy (24)                                             WF 15b
Payne Austin (58)                                          WF 15b
Payne Belinda (35)                                        TR 416a
Payne Edbert (26)                                         CR 392b
Payne Ezra (85)                                            WF 15b
Payne Lucinda (47)                                         WF 15b
Payne mary J. (9)                                         TR 416a
Payne Mary (25)                                           CR 392b
Payne Morgan (22)                                          WF 15b
Payne Oril (3)                                             WF 15b
Payne Phebe (13)                                           WF 15b
Payne Salyra (2)                                          CR 392b
Payne Samantha (3)                                        CR 392b
Payne Simon (1)                                           TR 416a
Payne Sophia (7)                                          TR 416a
Payne Sylvanus (19)                                        WF 15b
Payne William H. (37)                                     TR 416a
Payne William (7)                                          WF 15b
Payne William (11)                                        TR 416a
Peak Albert (3)                                            WF 16a
Peak Amanda (44)                                           WF 15b
Peak Benj Jur (14)                                         WF 16a
Peak Benjamin (49)                                         WF 16a
Peak Charles (9)                                           WF 16a
Peak Clarissa (47)                                         WF 15b
Peak Daniel (54)                                           WF 15b
Peak Eliza (14)                                            WF 15b
Peak Elizabeth (39)                                        WF 16a
Peak Elizabeth (78)                                        WF 16b
Peak Ellen (11)                                            WF 16a
Peak Ezra (26)                                             WF 15b
Peak Geoerge (31)                                          WF 16b
Peak George (21)                                           WF 15b
Peak Harriet (15)                                          WF 15b
Peak James (13)                                            WF 15b
Peak John (16)                                             WF 16a
Peak Julia (10)                                            WF 15b
Peak Julius (18)                                           WF 15b
Peak Lamira (10)                                           WF 15b
Peak Laura (6)                                             WF 16a
Peak Maria (8)                                             WF 15b
Peak Mary (8)                                              WF 15b
Peak Olive (7)                                             WF 16a
Peak Orrin (24)                                            WF 15b
Peak Richard (34)                                          WF 16a
Peak Salmon (12)                                           WF 16a
Peak Wesley (1)                                            WF 16a
Peak William (4)                                           WF 15b
Peak Ziba (46)                                             WF 15b
Pearce Abigail (19)                                        HA 34a
Pearce Benjamin (27)                                       HA 38a
Pearce Clark (19)                                          HA 38a
Pearce Elizabeth (49)                                      HA 38a
Pearce John (1)                                            HA 34a
Pearce Joseph (22)                                         HA 34a
Pearce Samuel (15)                                         HA 38a
Pearce Thomas (5)                                          HA 38a
Pearley Joseph (19)                                       CH 456a
Pearson Charles (55)                                      SB 521a
Pearson Dennis (15)                                       SB 521a
Pearson George (39)                                       FR 481a
Pearson James M. (2)                                      FR 481a
Pearson Mary A. (35)                                      FR 481a
Pearson Nancy (46)                                        SB 521a
Pearson Rameler (14)                                      SB 521a
Peasley Ann (7/12)                                        GL 506a
Peasley Ann (33)                                          GL 497a
Peasley Betsy (56)                                        GL 505b
Peasley Chalkley (37)                                     GL 497b
Peasley Charles (19)                                      GL 505b
Peasley Eliza (5)                                         GL 497b
Peasley Enoch (29)                                        GL 506a
Peasley Henry (35)                                        GL 497a
Peasley Irey (3)                                          GL 497a
Peasley Jacob (14)                                        GL 497b
Peasley Joseph (12)                                       GL 497b
Peasley Margaret (38)                                     GL 497b
Peasley Martha (9)                                        GL 497b
Peasley Narcissa (6)                                      GL 497a
Peasley Phebas (22)                                       GL 505b
Peasley Phebe (2)                                         GL 506a
Peasley Samuel (58)                                       GL 505b
Peasley Samuel (14)                                       GL 505b
Peasley Sarah (27)                                        GL 506a
Peasley Watson (4)                                        GL 506a
Peasly Amy (16)                                           GL 496a
Peasly Jane (21)                                          GL 496a
Peasly Micajah (30)                                       GL 496a
Peck Belinda (19)                                           WF 7b
Peck Charlotte (52)                                       CR 389a
Peck Dewitt (21)                                            WF 7b
Peck John (18)                                            GL 509a
Peck John (51)                                            CR 389a
Peck Minerva Ann (13)                                     CR 389a
Peck Parleton (14)                                        CR 389a
Peirson Rosett (5)                                        NB 396b
Peister Conrad (63)                                       NB 396b
Peister Michael (35)                                      NB 396b
Pendy Levi (13)                                           NB 411b
Peninton Benjamin (46)                                     PU 66a
Peninton Content (51)                                      PU 66a
Peninton Hulduh (9)                                        PU 66a
Peninton Jane (13)                                         PU 66a
Peninton Rodman (22)                                       PU 66a
Peninton William (18)                                      PU 66a
Penn Alvina (2)                                           NB 408a
Penn Charles (12)                                         NB 408a
Penn George W. (19)                                       NB 408a
Penn Jonathan (8)                                         NB 408a
Penn Lydia A. (5/12)                                      NB 408a
Penn Mary A. (41)                                         NB 408a
Penn Mary E. (17)                                         NB 408a
Penn Rebecca Jane (2)                                     NB 408a
Penn Theodore (14)                                        NB 408a
Penn William H. (15)                                      NB 408a
Penn William (44)                                         NB 408a
Penn Zachariah (4)                                        NB 408a
Pennell Andrew (21)                                       CR 392b
Pennell Elizabeth (10/12)                                 CN 377b
Pennell Elizabeth (29)                                    CN 377b
Pennell Elizabeth (52)                                    CN 377b
Pennell Elizabeth (16)                                    CN 377b
Pennell James H. (22)                                     CN 377b
Pennell Joshua (50)                                       CN 377b
Pennell Lewis (28)                                        CN 377b
Pennell Margaret (6)                                      CN 377b
Pensinger Elizabeth (4)                                   WA 357a
Pensinger Henry C. (7)                                    WA 357a
Pensinger Henry (68)                                      WA 356b
Pensinger John (9)                                        WA 357a
Pensinger Mary (58)                                       WA 356b
Pensinger Mary (15)                                       WA 356b
Pensinger Sarah A. (11)                                   WA 357a
Penslee Ora (22)                                           PU 60b
Pent George (22)                                            WF 3b
Pent Lois (21)                                              WF 3b
Peoper Ann (53)                                           CH 449b
Peoper Ann (21)                                           CH 449b
Peoper Catharine (23)                                     CH 449b
Peoper Jane (15)                                          CH 449b
Peoper Mary (26)                                          CH 449b
Peoper Rachel (17)                                        CH 449b
Peoper Thomas (19)                                        CH 449b
Peoples Benton (13)                                       FR 481a
Peoples Caroline (22)                                     FR 481a
Peoples Catharine (11)                                    CN 374b
Peoples David (1)                                          HA 37b
Peoples David (21)                                        FR 480b
Peoples David (57)                                        FR 481a
Peoples Eliza (25)                                        FR 480b
Peoples Elizabeth (52)                                    FR 481a
Peoples Ethan (3)                                          HA 37b
Peoples Hannah (54)                                       FR 480b
Peoples Jackson (23)                                      FR 480b
Peoples Jackson (25)                                      FR 492b
Peoples James (32)                                         HA 37b
Peoples Lucretia (16)                                     FR 481a
Peoples Lydia (24)                                         HA 37b
Peoples Marin (18)                                        FR 481a
Peoples Mary (5)                                           HA 37b
Peoples Mary (26)                                          HA 37b
Peoples Milton (20)                                       FR 481a
Peoples Rogert (14)                                       CN 374b
Peoples Sally A. (8)                                      CN 374b
Peoples Samuel (50)                                        HA 37b
Peoples Susannah (1)                                       HA 37b
Peoples William (23)                                      FR 481a
Peoplet John (23)                                         CH 448b
Pepper Patrick (25)                                         WF 6a
Percel Charlotte (34)                                     PR 431b
Percel Henry (35)                                         PR 431b
Percel Joseph (3)                                         PR 431b
Percel Mary A. (10)                                       PR 431b
Percel Rachel (5)                                         PR 431b
Percel Rebecca (8)                                        PR 431b
Perkins Emily (30)                                         LN 26b
Perkins Hannah (16)                                       CR 383a
Perkins Isaac (5)                                          LN 26b
Perkins Jane (24)                                         CR 383a
Perkins Jeptha (4)                                         LN 26b
Perkins Jesse (26)                                        CR 383a
Perkins Louisa (22)                                       CR 383a
Perkins Nancy (45)                                        CR 383a
Perkins Peter (31)                                         LN 26b
Perkins Schooley (12)                                     CR 383a
Perkins Stephen (1)                                        LN 26b
Perkins William (2/12)                                     LN 26b
Perry Charlotte (21)                                        WF 6b
Perry Cyrene (18)                                           WF 6b
Perry David (7)                                             WF 6b
Perry Esther (9/12)                                         WF 6b
Perry George (16)                                           WF 6b
Perry Jerome (22)                                           WF 6b
Perry Lester (4)                                            WF 6b
Perry Marion (10)                                           WF 6b
Perry Matilda (48)                                          WF 6b
Perry Oliver H. (26)                                      NB 410a
Perry Ralph (26)                                            WF 6b
Perry Sally (6)                                           CH 449a
Perry Saloma (22)                                         NB 410a
Persing Francis (3)                                       CG 460a
Persing John (1)                                          CG 460a
Persing Permelia (27)                                     CG 460a
Persing Washington (31)                                   CG 460a
Peterman Angeline (12)                                    NB 402a
Peterman Ann M. (8)                                       NB 402a
Peterman Elizabeth E. (2)                                 NB 402a
Peterman Emanuel (11)                                     NB 402a
Peterman John (39)                                        NB 402a
Peterman Laner (28)                                       NB 402a
Peterman Sarah (5)                                        NB 402a
Peters Alonson (16)                                        BE 42b
Peters Alta (51)                                           BE 42b
Peters Benjamin (24)                                       BE 42b
Peters Ira (26)                                            BE 42b
Peters Maria (13)                                          BE 42b
Peters Perlman (21)                                        BE 42b
Peters Sally (9)                                           BE 42b
Peterson Almira (21)                                      FR 493a
Peterson Benson (7)                                       FR 480a
Peterson Catharine (2)                                    FR 479b
Peterson Catharine (70)                                   FR 483b
Peterson Daniel (13)                                      FR 480a
Peterson Elizabeth (17)                                   FR 480a
Peterson Emma (2)                                         CG 460a
Peterson Esther (8/12)                                    FR 480a
Peterson George (35)                                      CG 460a
Peterson Hiram (37)                                       FR 480a
Peterson Houston (5)                                      FR 480a
Peterson James (7)                                        FR 479b
Peterson Jasper (15)                                      FR 480a
Peterson Jefferson (13)                                   FR 493a
Peterson John (24)                                        FR 493a
Peterson Livonia (2)                                      FR 493a
Peterson Louisa (29)                                      CG 460a
Peterson Lucinda (10)                                     FR 480a
Peterson Lucinda (34)                                     FR 479b
Peterson Mahala (23)                                      FR 493a
Peterson Marinna (2)                                      FR 480a
Peterson Martia (36)                                      FR 493a
Peterson Mary (2)                                         FR 493a
Peterson Mercy (24)                                       FR 480a
Peterson Orville (6)                                      FR 493a
Peterson Precilla (67)                                    FR 480a
Peterson Priscilla (11)                                   FR 493a
Peterson Relief (3/12)                                    FR 479b
Peterson Rosco (5)                                        CG 460a
Peterson Sally (37)                                       FR 480a
Peterson Salvia (312)                                     FR 493a
Peterson Sarah (6/12)                                     CG 460a
Peterson Silas (29)                                       FR 493a
Peterson Spencer (4)                                      CG 460a
Peterson Thomas (39)                                      FR 479b
Peterson Thomas (11)                                      FR 479b
Peterson Truman (14)                                      FR 479b
Peterson Viola (5)                                        FR 479b
Peterson Wesly (43)                                       FR 480a
Peterson Wiley (9)                                        FR 479b
Peterson William (49)                                     FR 493a
Pettitchel Margaret (4)                                   NB 399b
Pexter Levi (1)                                           TR 419b
Phares Alfred (6)                                         CH 450b
Phares Hannah (24)                                        FR 489b
Phares Hannah (5)                                         FR 489b
Phares Hannah (64)                                        FR 489b
Phares Hannah S. (9)                                      CH 450b
Phares Harriet (3)                                        FR 489b
Phares John (4)                                           CH 450b
Phares John (34)                                          CH 450b
Phares Julia (18)                                         FR 489b
Phares Julia (2)                                          FR 489b
Phares Julian (2)                                         CH 450b
Phares McNay (27)                                         FR 489b
Phares William H. (8)                                     CH 450b
Phares William (60)                                       FR 489b
Philips Alvin (14)                                         PU 63b
Philips Erasmus (41)                                      GL 508a
Philips Fidelia (32)                                       PU 63b
Philips Francis (2/12)                                     PU 63b
Philips Joseph (12)                                        PU 63b
Philips Marcus (44)                                        PU 63a
Philips Marietta (8)                                       PU 63b
Philips Mary (8)                                           PU 63b
Phipps Candis (2)                                         FR 487a
Phipps Henrietta (12)                                     FR 484b
Phipps Kaziah (5)                                         FR 487a
Phipps Margaret (12)                                      FR 487a
Phipps Matilda (10)                                       FR 487a
Pierce Barnabas (58)                                      SB 525b
Pierce Clark (18)                                          BE 52a
Pierce Columbus (8)                                       SB 525b
Pierce Daniel (10)                                        SB 525b
Pierce Elizabeth (18)                                     SB 525b
Pierce Elizabeth (3)                                       BE 52a
Pierce Eunice (45)                                         BE 52a
Pierce Fidelia (22)                                       SB 525b
Pierce Jefferson (30)                                     SB 525b
Pierce John (8)                                           FR 491b
Pierce John (7)                                            BE 52a
Pierce John (45)                                           BE 52a
Pierce Nancy (46)                                         SB 525b
Pierce Perry (21)                                         SB 525b
Pierce Sarah (24)                                         SB 532a
Pierce Titus (13)                                          BE 48a
Pierce Wesley (13)                                         BE 52a
Pierre Abraham (44)                                        BE 48a
Pierre Charles (10)                                        BE 48b
Pierre Mercy (16)                                          BE 48b
Pierre Rachael (24)                                        BE 48a
Pierre Thomas (18)                                         BE 48b
Pierre Titus (14)                                          BE 48b
Pierre William (2)                                         BE 48b
Pierson Abraham (41)                                      CH 439b
Pierson Almira (26)                                        PU 63b
Pierson Ann (24)                                          CN 374b
Pierson Araunah (48)                                      CN 374a
Pierson Arthur V. (1)                                     CN 374b
Pierson Charles (12)                                      CN 376b
Pierson Douglas (14)                                      CN 376b
Pierson Eliza J. (4)                                      CH 439b
Pierson Elizabeth (6)                                     CH 439b
Pierson Emily (6)                                         CN 374a
Pierson Francis M. (9)                                    CH 439b
Pierson Hannah (30)                                       CH 439b
Pierson Hannah (32)                                       CH 438a
Pierson Isaac (12)                                         PU 63a
Pierson Jabez (22)                                        CN 374b
Pierson James S. (27)                                     CN 374b
Pierson John C. (15)                                      CN 374a
Pierson Jonathan (58)                                      PU 63b
Pierson Joseph (11)                                        PU 63a
Pierson Marietta (2)                                      CN 374a
Pierson Mary A. (12)                                      CH 439b
Pierson Mary J. (5)                                       CH 438a
Pierson Mary J. (22)                                      CN 374b
Pierson Mary (16)                                         CN 376b
Pierson Oliver (35)                                        PU 63b
Pierson Orfraneis (10)                                    CN 374a
Pierson Orpha (46)                                        CN 374a
Pierson Phebe (60)                                         PU 63a
Pierson Phebe (62)                                        CN 374b
Pierson Phebe (16)                                        CN 374b
Pierson Philimon (51)                                     CN 376b
Pierson Prudence (76)                                      PU 63b
Pierson Rachel (47)                                       CN 376b
Pierson Richard (8)                                       CH 438a
Pierson Sarah A. (2)                                      CH 438a
Pierson Sarah (33)                                         PU 63b
Pierson Sevana (8)                                        CN 374a
Pierson Silas (60)                                         PU 63a
Pierson Walter (25)                                        PU 63b
Pierson William (6)                                       CN 376b
Pierson Zephaniah (33)                                    CH 438a
Pingard Benjamin (11)                                     GL 499b
Pingard Caroline (1/12)                                   GL 499b
Pingard George (23)                                       GL 499b
Pingard Hannah (29)                                       GL 499b
Pingard Mary (20)                                         GL 499b
Pingard Rachel (17)                                       GL 499b
Pingard William (26)                                      GL 499b
Pinnom Anna (6)                                            LN 23a
Pinnom Phebe (4)                                           LN 23a
Pinyard Isaiah (9)                                        GL 495b
Pinyard Jane (13)                                         GL 501b
Pinyard Joseph (18)                                       GL 502a
Pipes Elizabeth (40)                                       HA 36a
Pipes George (3)                                           HA 36a
Pipes Heron (14)                                           HA 36a
Pipes Isaac (43)                                           HA 36a
Pipes Jeremiah (16)                                        HA 36a
Pipes John (17)                                            HA 36a
Pipes Mary (12)                                            HA 36a
Pipes Melinda (13)                                         HA 36a
Pipes Milin (17)                                           HA 36a
Pipes Rhoda (10)                                           HA 36a
Pipes Samantha (5)                                         HA 36a
Pipes Sarah (7)                                            HA 36a
Pitt Elizabeth (18)                                       CG 468b
Pitt James (47)                                           CG 468b
Pitt John (13)                                            CG 468b
Pitt Lavina (9)                                           CG 468b
Pitt Marion (14)                                          CG 468b
Pitt Sarah (44)                                           CG 468b
Pittman Bethena (26)                                      GL 498b
Pittman Caroline (14)                                     CN 369b
Pittman Charity (51)                                      GL 498b
Pittman Clark (19)                                        CN 369b
Pittman David (14)                                        GL 498b
Pittman Elizabeth J. (12)                                 NB 395b
Pittman Frances E. (6)                                    NB 395b
Pittman George (10)                                       GL 498b
Pittman Jane (17)                                         GL 498b
Pittman Jane M (22)                                       CN 371a
Pittman Joanna C. (4)                                     NB 395b
Pittman John (64)                                         CN 369b
Pittman John (26)                                         CN 369b
Pittman Joseph (58)                                       GL 498b
Pittman Joseph (16)                                       GL 498b
Pittman Joshua (32)                                       NB 395b
Pittman Louisa (6)                                        GL 498b
Pittman Margaret E. (2)                                   NB 395b
Pittman Margaret (22)                                     GL 498b
Pittman Maria (24)                                        GL 498b
Pittman Mary (31)                                         NB 395b
Pittman Nancy (62)                                        CN 369b
Pittman Nathan (12)                                       GL 498b
Pittman Sally (8)                                         GL 498b
Pittman Samuel W. (8)                                     NB 395b
Pittman Sarah C. (10)                                     NB 395b
Pittman Solomon (29)                                      CN 369b
Pittman Stephen M. (14)                                   NB 395b
Pittman William (21)                                      GL 498b

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