Morrow 1850 census index (partial)
Morrow County 1850 Census Surname Index
Surname/Given Name/Age/Township Abbreviation/Sheet Number
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Neskitt Emily (39)                                        CR 379b
Neskitt George W. (18)                                    CR 379b
Neskitt Matilda (14)                                      CR 379b
Neskitt Nathan (16)                                       CR 379b
Neskitt Nowel (45)                                        CR 379b
Neward George (54)                                        TR 416b
Neward Joseph (27)                                        TR 416b
Neward Louisa (26)                                        TR 416b
Neward Margaret (51)                                      TR 416b
Neward Margaret (20)                                      TR 416b
Neward Samuel (13)                                        TR 416b
Newberry Sophia (60)                                      CG 470a
Newcomb Fidelia (4)                                       PR 434a
Newcomb James (11)                                        PR 434a
Newcomb Juliann (28)                                      PR 434a
Newcomb Malvina (14)                                      CH 437b
Newcomb Marada (25)                                       CH 437b
Newcomb N. W. (3)                                         CH 437b
Newcomb Sophronia (6)                                     PR 434a
Newcomb Stephen L. (26)                                   CH 437b
Newcomb Sylvester (36)                                    PR 434a
Newcomb Timothy (9)                                       PR 434a
Newcomer John (22)                                        CH 436b
Newland Ann B. (7)                                        PR 430b
Newland Elvira (1)                                        PR 431a
Newland Garrett (33)                                      PR 430b
Newland Ingram (22)                                       FR 486b
Newland James F. (6)                                      PR 430b
Newland Jemima (4)                                        PR 430b
Newland Martha (11)                                       CG 459a
Newland Mary A. (35)                                      PR 430b
Newland Mary M. (8)                                       PR 430b
Newland Mary (53)                                         CG 459a
Newland Matilda (20)                                      CG 467b
Newland Sarah A. (10)                                     PR 430b
Newland William (24)                                      CG 467b
Newson Abraham (18)                                       GL 496b
Newson Abraham (58)                                       GL 496b
Newson Elanor (14)                                        GL 496b
Newson Elizabeth (23)                                     GL 496b
Newson Francis (1)                                        GL 496b
Newson Jacob (33)                                         GL 496b
Newson John (30)                                          GL 498a
Newson Joseph (62)                                        GL 496b
Newson Lucy (53)                                          GL 496b
Newson Lucy (9)                                           GL 496b
Newson Mary (33)                                          GL 496b
Newson Nancy (8)                                          GL 496b
Newson Narry (20)                                         GL 496b
Newson Nelson (5)                                         GL 496b
Newson Ruth (28)                                          GL 498a
Newson Samuel (30)                                        GL 496b
Newson Susannah (62)                                      GL 496b
Niblack Josephine (34)                                    CG 468b
Niblack Mary (28)                                         CG 468b
Niblack Thomas (29)                                       CG 468b
Niblack Virginia (8)                                      CG 468b
Niblack William (8/12)                                    CG 468b
Nicholas Alexander (13)                                   WA 359a
Nicholas Alfred (1)                                       CN 376a
Nicholas Christina (52)                                   WA 359a
Nicholas Cornelius (25)                                   CN 376a
Nicholas Eliza J. (26)                                    CN 376a
Nicholas Hannah (58)                                      CN 376a
Nicholas James (18)                                       WA 359a
Nicholas James (53)                                       WA 359a
Nicholas John (8)                                         WA 359a
Nicholas Margaret E. (10)                                 WA 359a
Nicholas Richard (16)                                     WA 359a
Nicholas William (57)                                     CN 376a
Nichols Charlotte (16)                                     LN 23a
Nichols Daniel (14)                                        WF 15b
Nichols Edward (45)                                        WF 15b
Nichols Elizabeth (16)                                     WF 15b
Nichols Elwood (14)                                        LN 23a
Nichols Henry (10)                                         WF 15b
Nichols Henry (9)                                          WF 14a
Nichols James (7)                                          WF 14a
Nichols John (6)                                           WF 14a
Nichols LaFayette (6)                                      WF 15b
Nichols Ludwell (9)                                        LN 23a
Nichols Maria (1/12)                                       LN 23a
Nichols Martha (5)                                         LN 23a
Nichols Mary (3)                                           WF 15b
Nichols Mary (25)                                          LN 23a
Nichols Mary (4)                                           LN 23a
Nichols Melissa (13)                                       WF 14a
Nichols Orlando (2)                                        LN 23a
Nichols Ralph (18)                                         WF 15b
Nichols Silba (39)                                         WF 15b
Nichols Washington (39)                                    LN 23a
Nichols William (11)                                       WF 14a
Nichols William (30)                                      WA 350b
Nickey Abraham (25)                                       PR 434b
Nickey George G. (32)                                     PR 435a
Nickey George G. (1)                                      PR 434b
Nickey jerome J. (2)                                      PR 434b
Nickey Margaret (5/12)                                    PR 435a
Nickey Margaret E. (24)                                   PR 434b
Nickey Mary A. (32)                                       PR 435a
Nickols Abijah (9)                                        CG 458a
Nickols Abner (11)                                        CR 386b
Nickols Aleynda (18)                                      CR 386b
Nickols Amos (34)                                         CG 458a
Nickols Athasyna (30)                                     CR 386b
Nickols Benson (47)                                       GL 501b
Nickols Catherine (52)                                    CN 372b
Nickols Charles (3)                                       CR 391b
Nickols Charles N. (3)                                    WA 359b
Nickols Daniel (21)                                       CR 393b
Nickols Durinda (50)                                      CR 393b
Nickols Durvinda (1)                                      CR 391b
Nickols Edmunds (33)                                      CG 458a
Nickols Elenor (11)                                       CR 393b
Nickols Elizabeth (28)                                    WA 359b
Nickols Elizabeth (25)                                    CR 391b
Nickols Emily F (5)                                       CG 458a
Nickols Emma (4)                                          GL 501b
Nickols Francis (5)                                       CR 391b
Nickols George (43)                                       CR 386b
Nickols George (28)                                       CR 391b
Nickols Harriet (16)                                      CR 393b
Nickols Henry (17)                                        GL 501b
Nickols Ira (29)                                          WA 359b
Nickols Isaac (19)                                        CR 393b
Nickols John B. (11/12)                                   WA 359b
Nickols John (2)                                          GL 498a
Nickols John (54)                                         CN 372b
Nickols Judith C. (24)                                    CR 386b
Nickols Julia Ann (5)                                     CR 386b
Nickols Lydia (32)                                        CG 458a
Nickols Mary (1)                                          CG 458a
Nickols Matilda (16)                                      CR 386b
Nickols Melville (1)                                      GL 498a
Nickols Nathan (24)                                       GL 498a
Nickols Orpha (24)                                        GL 498a
Nickols Philias (23)                                      CR 382b
Nickols Phiney (25)                                       CR 386b
Nickols Phiny C. (5)                                      WA 359b
Nickols Rhoda (43)                                        GL 501b
Nickols Rhoda (912)                                       GL 501b
Nickols Ruth (14)                                         CR 386b
Nickols Samson (7)                                        CR 386b
Nickols Sarah (21)                                        CG 458a
Nickols William A. (10)                                   CR 393b
Nielson Loisa (9)                                          HA 39b
Nielson Robert (70)                                        HA 39b
Nielson Susannah (72)                                      HA 39b
Nightsen Harriet (16)                                     SB 524a
Nightsen Henrietta (6)                                    SB 524a
Nightsen Jephtha (40)                                     SB 524a
Nightsen Lovan (10)                                       SB 524a
Nightsen Mary (15)                                        SB 524a
Nightsen Rebecca (33)                                     SB 524a
Nightsen William (2)                                      SB 524a
Nimocks Amanda (11)                                       CG 464b
Nimocks Clarisa (20)                                      CG 464b
Nimocks Jane (50)                                         CG 464b
Nimocks Mary (22)                                         CG 464b
Nimocks Sarah (17)                                        CG 464b
Nimocks Solomon (49)                                      CG 464b
Nixon Catharine (15)                                      CR 385b
Nixon John S. (45)                                        CR 385b
Nixon Jonathan W (23)                                     CH 455a
Nixon Levi A. (13)                                        CR 385b
Nixon Mary (42)                                           CH 437b
Nixon Nancy (51)                                          CR 385b
Nixon Sarah E. (8)                                        CR 385b
Nixon Timothy (45)                                        CH 437b
Noble Abbleton B. (26)                                    CG 467a
Noble Albion (1)                                          FR 492b
Noble Ann (17)                                            CG 467a
Noble Cynthia (48)                                        WA 352b
Noble Cynthia J. (18)                                     WA 352b
Noble David (1)                                           WA 359a
Noble Eliza (19)                                          FR 492b
Noble Elizabeth (26)                                      WA 352b
Noble George (29)                                         FR 492b
Noble Isamiah (9)                                         WA 352b
Noble James (51)                                          WA 352b
Noble James (26)                                          WA 356a
Noble Jemima (23)                                         WA 356a
Noble John (54)                                           WA 357a
Noble John (23)                                           WA 359a
Noble John (1)                                            WA 356a
Noble Lucinda (11)                                        WA 352b
Noble Margaret (7)                                        WA 352b
Noble Margaret (30)                                       WA 359a
Noble Mary A. (11)                                        WA 357a
Noble Mary E. (2)                                         WA 356a
Noble Mary (58)                                           WA 357a
Noble Mecly M. (21)                                       WA 352b
Noble Nancy (24)                                          WA 357a
Noble Olive (19)                                          CG 467a
Noble Robert (21)                                         WA 352b
Noble Sarah A. (14)                                       WA 352b
Noble Sarah (59)                                          CG 467a
Noble Thomas (61)                                         CG 467a
Noble William D. (3)                                      CN 377b
Noble William (24)                                        WA 357a
Noe Abacinda (33)                                          BE 46b
Noe Adilla (7)                                             BE 46b
Noe Albert (5)                                             BE 46b
Noe Caroline (30)                                          BE 43a
Noe Fanny (19)                                             BE 46b
Noe George (32)                                            BE 46b
Noe Harriet (6)                                            BE 43a
Noe James (35)                                             BE 43a
Noe Leonore (9/12)                                         BE 43a
Noe Margaret (1)                                           BE 46b
Noe Maria (13)                                             BE 43a
Noe Mary (72)                                              BE 46b
Noe Mary (3)                                               BE 46b
Noe Mary (13)                                              BE 46b
Noe Rachael (2)                                            BE 46b
Noe Rebeca (3)                                             BE 46b
Noe Robert Jr. (30)                                        BE 46b
Noe Robert (3)                                             BE 43a
Noe Robert (78)                                            BE 46b
Noe Samuel (9)                                             BE 46b
Noe Sarah (25)                                             BE 46b
Noe Sarah (11)                                             BE 46b
Noe Susan (11)                                             BE 43a
Noe William (9)                                            BE 43a
Noe William (40)                                           BE 46b
Norris Caleb (3)                                          CR 392b
Norris Daniel (38)                                        CR 392b
Norris Josephine (10)                                     CR 392b
Norris Napoleon (15)                                      CR 392b
Norris Rosannah (36)                                      CR 392b
Norton Eliza (20)                                         CH 440a
Norton Pamelia (66)                                       SB 528a
Norton Phebe (55)                                         CH 440a
Norton Rachel (22)                                        CH 440a
Nosler Catharine (51)                                     PR 425b
Nosler George B. (55)                                     PR 425b
Nosler George (15)                                        PR 425b
Noyer Charles (21)                                        NB 399a
Noyer Clara (6)                                           NB 399a
Noyer Esther (45)                                         NB 399a
Noyer Isaac (47)                                          NB 399a
Noyer Isaac (16)                                          NB 399a
Noyer Mahala (11)                                         NB 399a
Noyer Mary A. (72)                                        NB 399a
Noyer Peter (22)                                          NB 399a
Noyer Rebecca (15)                                        NB 399a
Noyer Sylva (4)                                           NB 399a
Noyer William (9)                                         NB 399a
NS Archie (63)                                            WA 351a
NS Jane (28)                                              WA 351a
NS Juanna (14)                                            WA 351a
NS Margaret (21)                                          WA 351a
NS Rebecca (64)                                           WA 351a
Nybling Jonathan (1)                                      PR 435b
Nybling Susan (22)                                        PR 435b
Nybling William (39)                                      PR 435b
Nye Almeda (4)                                            CH 439a
Nye Amanda (4)                                            CH 439a
Nye Isabel (1)                                            CH 439a
Nye Martha (33)                                           CH 439a
Nye Sarah E. (6)                                          CH 439a
Nye Winship (33)                                          CH 439a
O'Hanie Catharine (30)                                    WA 354b
O'Hanie Eliza (4/12)                                      WA 354b
O'Hanie James (8)                                         WA 354b
O'Hanie Machael (40)                                      WA 354b
O'Harra James (21)                                        CR 383a
O'Neil Michael (50)                                        WF 10a
Oaks Esther (9)                                           CH 440a
Oaks Harriet (2/12)                                       CH 440a
Oaks Harriet E. (29)                                      CH 440a
Oaks James (39)                                           CH 440a
Oaks John P. (5)                                          CH 440a
Ocker John (45)                                           CR 389b
Ocker Margaret (39)                                       CR 389b
Ocker Margaret (4)                                        CR 389b
Ocker Mary J. (9)                                         CR 389b
Ocker Samuel (12)                                         CR 389b
Ocker Thomas (20)                                         CR 389b
Ocker William (16)                                        CR 389b
Odell D. Leroy (4)                                          WF 3b
Odell D.L. (39)                                             WF 3b
Odell Elizabeth (31)                                        WF 3b
Odell F. Ross (1)                                           WF 3b
Odell Juliett (7)                                           WF 3b
Ogden Caroline M. (26)                                    CH 438b
Ogden Henry (9)                                            BE 44a
Ogden James (56)                                          CH 440a
Ogden James (17)                                          CH 440a
Ogden John (31)                                           CH 440b
Ogden Martha A. (13)                                      CH 440a
Ogden Martha (52)                                         CH 440a
Ogden Mary (54)                                           FR 491a
Ogden Raymond B. (1)                                      CH 438b
Ogden Rhoda (26)                                          CH 440b
Ogden Sarah A. (11)                                       NB 398a
Ogden Squier (26)                                         CH 438b
Ogden William M. (1)                                      CH 440b
Ogle Asenath (66)                                         PR 430a
Ogle Clarinda (28)                                        PR 430a
Ogle John (23)                                            PR 430a
Ogle Maria J. (1/12)                                      PR 430a
Ogle Phebe (36)                                           PR 430a
Oglevie Martha (18)                                       CN 366a
Oglevie William (15)                                      CN 366a
Olds Abigail (44)                                          WF 13a
Olds Abner (20)                                            WF 13a
Olds Benjamin (55)                                         WF 13a
Olds Chauncy (8)                                           WF 13a
Olds James (26)                                           GL 512b
Olds Jane (15)                                             WF 13a
Olds Lester (10)                                           WF 13a
Olds Luther (22)                                           WF 13a
Olds Mary (6)                                              WF 13a
Olds Miles (13)                                            WF 13a
Olds Sanford (18)                                          WF 13a
Olds Walter (3)                                            WF 13a
Olin Dyer (16)                                            FR 486a
Olin Hannah (37)                                          FR 485b
Olin Johnathan (52)                                       FR 485b
Olin Jonathan (83)                                        FR 485a
Olin Mary (21)                                            FR 485b
Olin William (14)                                         FR 486a
Oliver Allen (27)                                         CN 363b
Oliver Alva (4/12)                                        CN 363b
Oliver Ann (37)                                            PU 62b
Oliver Ann (14)                                           CN 363b
Oliver Anson (10)                                          PU 62b
Oliver Betsy (5)                                          CN 363b
Oliver Canier (2)                                         CR 390a
Oliver Elizabeth (32)                                     CN 370a
Oliver Emily (3)                                          CN 363b
Oliver Finanda (1)                                        CN 370a
Oliver Henry (5)                                          CR 389b
Oliver John (1)                                           CN 363b
Oliver Johnston (35)                                      CR 389b
Oliver Lucy (28)                                          CN 363b
Oliver Lydia (15)                                         CR 389b
Oliver Mahitable (11)                                     CR 389b
Oliver Malissa (5)                                        CN 370a
Oliver Margaret (34)                                      CR 389b
Oliver Minerva (15)                                        PU 62b
Oliver Newton (9)                                         CR 389b
Oliver Rachel (7)                                         CN 363b
Oliver Reuben M. (9)                                      CN 370a
Oliver Reuben (67)                                        CR 389b
Oliver Robert (33)                                        CN 370a
Oliver Sally (14)                                         CN 363b
Oliver Samantha (17)                                       PU 62b
Oliver Samantha (5)                                       CN 363b
Oliver Smith (7)                                          CR 389b
Oliver William G. (7)                                     CN 370a
Oliver William (40)                                        PU 62b
Oliver William (10)                                       CN 363b
Oliver William (55)                                       CN 363b
Oller Benjamin (26)                                       CG 458a
Oller James (20)                                          CG 458a
Oller Moses (12)                                          CG 458a
Oller Philip (18)                                         CG 458a
Oller Priscilla (62)                                      CG 458a
Olmstead Emily (23)                                        BE 44b
Olmstead Laura (15)                                       GL 508a
Olmstead Mary (3)                                          BE 44b
Olmstead Mehitable (2)                                     BE 44b
Olmstead William (32)                                      BE 44b
Olmsted Abigail (63)                                       BE 44b
Olmsted Almira (1)                                         BE 44b
Olmsted Cadwell (63)                                       BE 44b
Olmsted Cadwell Jr. (24)                                   BE 44b
Olmsted Caroline (21)                                      BE 44b
Olmsted Elizabeth (20)                                     BE 44b
Olmsted Leverett (21)                                      BE 44b
Olmsted Lucius (30)                                        BE 44b
Olmsted Marietta (3)                                       BE 44b
Olp John (50)                                             PR 423b
Olp Juliann (22)                                          PR 423b
Olp Nancy (56)                                            PR 423b
Orandorf Barbara (52)                                     CG 475b
Orandorf John (52)                                        CG 475b
Orandorf Mary (19)                                        CG 476a
Orpha 22 (f)                                              CH 454b
Orpha Roman A. (4)                                        CH 454b
Orr George (4)                                            CH 447b
Orr Jane (21)                                             CH 447b
Orr John (12)                                             CH 447b
Orr Margaret (19)                                         CH 447b
Orr Mary A. (6)                                           CH 447b
Orr Sarah (45)                                            CH 447b
Orr Thomas (9)                                            CH 447b
Orr William C. (16)                                       CH 447b
Orr William (59)                                          CH 447b
Osborn Abraham (32)                                        PU 63a
Osborn Allen (9)                                           PU 63a
Osborn Azur (49)                                           PU 60b
Osborn Byram (4)                                          SB 520a
Osborn Charity (58)                                        PU 62a
Osborn Charlotte (5)                                       PU 63a
Osborn Clarissa (20)                                       PU 62a
Osborn Daniel (52)                                         PU 62a
Osborn Daniel (25)                                         PU 62a
Osborn David (46)                                          PU 62a
Osborn Dorens (48)                                         PU 62a
Osborn Edward (3)                                          PU 62a
Osborn Edward (17)                                         PU 62a
Osborn Eliza Ann (11)                                      PU 61a
Osborn Eliza (32)                                          PU 63a
Osborn Elizabeth (47)                                      PU 60b
Osborn Emily J. (3)                                       CN 371a
Osborn Eunice (47)                                         PU 62a
Osborn George (21)                                        SB 520a
Osborn George (4)                                          PU 63a
Osborn Hannah (15)                                         PU 62a
Osborn Harriet (24)                                       SB 517a
Osborn Henry (22)                                          PU 60b
Osborn John (32)                                          SB 520a
Osborn John (23)                                           PU 62a
Osborn Josephus (19)                                       PU 62a
Osborn Lodusky (7)                                        SB 520a
Osborn Lucy (8)                                            PU 62a
Osborn Lydia (12)                                          PU 62a
Osborn Mary (4)                                           SB 517a
Osborn Mary (2)                                            PU 62a
Osborn Melinda (2)                                        SB 517a
Osborn Nancy (25)                                         SB 520a
Osborn Oliver (63)                                        SB 520a
Osborn Pamelia (25)                                        PU 60b
Osborn Rebecca (22)                                       CN 371a
Osborn Samuel (48)                                         PU 62a
Osborn Seth (1/12)                                         PU 63a
Osborn Susan (35)                                          PU 62a
Osborn Thomas (62)                                        SB 520a
Osborn Thomas (9)                                         SB 520a
Osborn William (25)                                       SB 517a
Osborn William (22)                                       CN 371a
Overly Eliza (2)                                          WA 355b
Overly Jasper (24)                                        NB 398b
Overly John (30)                                          WA 355b
Overly Lilpha (5)                                         WA 355b
Overly Lucy (26)                                          WA 355b
Overly martha J. (16)                                     NB 398b
Overly Matilda A. (1/12)                                  NB 398b
Owen Ably (4)                                             CR 388b
Owen Abner (62)                                            LN 22a
Owen Abner (1)                                            CR 388b
Owen Betsy A. (7)                                         CR 388b
Owen Catharine A. (18)                                    CN 367a
Owen Catharine (22)                                       CR 388b
Owen Eleazer (16)                                         CN 367a
Owen Elizabeth (18)                                       PR 431a
Owen Fayett (33)                                          CR 388b
Owen Gilbert (24)                                         PR 431a
Owen Jemima (52)                                           LN 22a
Owen L. Viola (4)                                          LN 20b
Owen Margaret (34)                                        CN 367a
Owen Marietta (30)                                         LN 22a
Owen Mary J. (11)                                         CN 367a
Owen Melintha (15)                                         LN 21a
Owen Melissa (29)                                          LN 20b
Owen Peter E. (11)                                        CR 388b
Owen Reuben (29)                                           LN 20b
Owen Rufus (2)                                             LN 22a
Owen Sarah (6)                                             LN 20b
Owen Thomas (11)                                           LN 22a
Owen Zelophilau (54)                                      CN 367a
Owens Owen (57)                                            HA 39b
Owens Phebe (54)                                           HA 39b
Oxenreider Aseneth (21)                                   CH 447a
Oxenreider David (10)                                     CH 447a
Oxenreider Elias (16)                                     CH 447a
Oxenreider Elizabeth (12)                                 CH 447a
Oxenreider Henry (52)                                     CH 447a
Oxenreider Henry (8)                                      CH 447a
Oxenreider Jackson (4)                                    CH 447a
Oxenreider John (24)                                      CH 447a
Oxenreider Julian (19)                                    CH 447a
Oxenreider Liander (14)                                   CH 447a
Oxenreider Margaret (43)                                  CH 447a
Oxenreider Milton (6)                                     CH 447a
Oxenreider Samuel (5)                                     CH 447a
Oxenreider Sarah A. (2)                                   CH 447a
Oxenreider Sarah J. (1)                                   CH 447a
Page Abigail (67)                                          BE 46a
Page Daniel (7)                                            BE 45b
Page David (9)                                             BE 45b
Page Eliza (27)                                           GL 509b
Page Eugene (11)                                           BE 45a
Page Eunice (13)                                           BE 45a
Page Harriet (26)                                         CR 388b
Page Henrietta (18)                                        BE 45a
Page Irene (9)                                             BE 45a
Page Jane (20)                                             BE 45a
Page Lewis (44)                                            BE 45a
Page Lucena (18)                                          CR 388b
Page Lucy (44)                                             BE 45a
Page Lycia (16)                                            BE 45a
Page Marcus (55)                                           BE 45a
Page Martha (46)                                           BE 45a
Page Mary (4)                                              BE 45b
Page Nathan (48)                                          CR 388b
Page Polly (63)                                            BE 46a
Page Salon (24)                                            BE 46a
Page Samuel (37)                                          GL 509b
Page Samuel (72)                                           BE 46a
Page Sarah (16)                                            BE 45a
Page Thomas (14)                                           BE 45b
Page wesley (34)                                           BE 46a
Painter Angeline (16)                                     FR 482b
Painter Ann (33)                                          FR 482b
Painter George (1)                                        FR 482b
Painter Jacob (49)                                        FR 482b
Painter John G (3)                                        FR 482b
Painter Melizza (6)                                       FR 482b
Painter Sarah (8)                                         FR 482b
Palmer Anna (46)                                          CG 468a
Palmer Benjamin (3)                                       CG 462b
Palmer Benjamin (46)                                      CG 468a
Palmer Eliza (1)                                          CG 462b
Palmer Elizabeth (6)                                      CG 462b
Palmer Henry (51)                                         CH 436b
Palmer James (37)                                         CG 462b
Palmer Jane (13)                                          CG 462b
Palmer John (8)                                           CG 462b
Palmer Lillis G. (25)                                     CH 436b
Palmer Maria (11)                                         CG 462b
Palmer Mary (37)                                          CG 462b
Palmer Pakena (54)                                        CH 436b
Palmer William (17)                                       CH 436b
Pancost Ann S. (11)                                       CH 436b
Parcell Henry (11)                                        CN 371b
Parcell Lavina (14)                                       CN 371a
Parcell Lucinda (23)                                      CN 371a
Parcell Mercy (48)                                        CN 371a
Parcell Solomon (19)                                      CN 371a
Parcell Susan D. (16)                                     CN 371a
Parcell Susan (16)                                        CN 377b
Parimbo John (70)                                         NB 403b
Park Aaron (10)                                           WA 357b
Park Amy (35)                                             WA 357b
Park Cornelius (9)                                        WA 357b
Park Hiram (3/12)                                         WA 358a
Park Hugh (44)                                            WA 355b
Park Jain (5)                                             WA 357b
Park Rebecca (2)                                          WA 358a
Park Sarah (7)                                            WA 357b
Park Thomas (40)                                          WA 357b

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