Morrow 1850 census index (partial)
Morrow County 1850 Census Surname Index
Surname/Given Name/Age/Township Abbreviation/Sheet Number
(Note: the "a" or "b" indication is not always accurate)
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Moratty Ellen (33)                                         WF 18a
Moratty John (35)                                          WF 18a
Moratty Michael (2)                                        WF 18a
Mordock Susan (41)                                        GL 512a
More Henderson (40)                                       GL 514b
More Jane (26)                                            GL 514b
More Lycurgus (5)                                         GL 514b
More Marcella (8/12)                                      GL 514b
Morehouse Abbert (14)                                      PU 64a
Morehouse Abraham (32)                                     PU 68b
Morehouse Adaline (54)                                     PU 68b
Morehouse Alfred (11)                                      PU 68b
Morehouse Alonzo (3)                                       PU 68b
Morehouse Alvin (13)                                       PU 64a
Morehouse Amzi (40)                                        BE 52b
Morehouse Betsy (74)                                       PU 68b
Morehouse Byron (13)                                       BE 52b
Morehouse Caleb (8)                                        PU 68a
Morehouse Caleb (54)                                       PU 68a
Morehouse Caroline (17)                                    PU 68a
Morehouse Charles (46)                                     PU 67b
Morehouse Cornelia (39)                                    BE 52b
Morehouse Cynthia (11)                                     PU 68a
Morehouse Cyrus (5)                                        BE 52b
Morehouse Daniel (50)                                      PU 68a
Morehouse Delia (11)                                       PU 68a
Morehouse Diana (49)                                       PU 68a
Morehouse Ebenezer (46)                                    BE 54a
Morehouse Edgar (28)                                       BE 52b
Morehouse Elizabeth (41)                                   PU 68a
Morehouse Elizabeth (5)                                    PU 68a
Morehouse Ellen (3)                                        BE 42b
Morehouse Emmet (8)                                        BE 52b
Morehouse Francis (8)                                      PU 68b
Morehouse Francis (7)                                      PU 64a
Morehouse Haram (7)                                        BE 42b
Morehouse Harriet (35)                                     PU 64a
Morehouse Harvey (17)                                      PU 68a
Morehouse Isadore (1)                                      PU 68b
Morehouse James (56)                                       PU 67b
Morehouse Loretta (5)                                      PU 68b
Morehouse Lucetta (15)                                     PU 68a
Morehouse Lucinda (43)                                     PU 68a
Morehouse Lucy (55)                                        BE 52b
Morehouse Lucy (25)                                        BE 52b
Morehouse Lysander (22)                                    PU 68b
Morehouse Margaret (40)                                    BE 54a
Morehouse Maria (13)                                       PU 68a
Morehouse Mary (42)                                        PU 67b
Morehouse Mary (3)                                         PU 68b
Morehouse Mary (49)                                        PU 68a
Morehouse Mary (5)                                         PU 68a
Morehouse Mary (12)                                        BE 54a
Morehouse Matilda (10)                                     PU 68a
Morehouse Phebe (19)                                       PU 65a
Morehouse Phebe (10)                                       PU 64a
Morehouse Polly (12)                                       PU 64a
Morehouse Priscilla (9)                                    PU 68a
Morehouse Rhilena (41)                                     BE 42b
Morehouse Sabina (17)                                      PU 68a
Morehouse Sally (3)                                        PU 64b
Morehouse Silas (58)                                       BE 52b
Morehouse Smith (16)                                       PU 68a
Morehouse Ssally (12)                                      PU 68a
Morehouse Stanley ()                                       PU 68a
Morehouse Stephen 3rd (32)                                 PU 68a
Morehouse Stephen Jr (37)                                  PU 64a
Morehouse Stephen Sr (79)                                  PU 68b
Morehouse Stephen (56)                                     BE 42b
Morehouse Susan (16)                                       PU 68a
Morehouse Susan (19)                                       PU 68a
Morehouse Thomas (16)                                      BE 52b
Morehouse Thomas (10)                                      BE 54a
Morehouse Timothy (9)                                      PU 68a
Morehouse Wellington (5)                                   PU 64a
Morehouse William (43)                                     PU 68a
Morehouse Zitella (1)                                      BE 52b
Morey Abraham (22)                                         LN 28b
Morey Asa (49)                                             LN 28b
Morey Betsy (49)                                           LN 28b
Morey Durfee (17)                                          LN 28b
Morey Mary (15)                                            LN 28b
Morey Rensaler (26)                                        LN 28b
Morey Stillman (13)                                        LN 28b
Morey William (7)                                          LN 28b
Morgan 6 (m)                                              CG 463b
Morgan Amy (10)                                           TR 418b
Morgan Catharine (14)                                     TR 418b
Morgan Catharine (17)                                     TR 420b
Morgan Eliza J. (21)                                      TR 418b
Morgan Harry (5)                                          TR 418b
Morgan Isaac (49)                                         TR 418b
Morgan Jacob (60)                                         TR 420b
Morgan James S. (24)                                      TR 420b
Morgan Jemima (37)                                        TR 418b
Morgan John (20)                                          TR 418b
Morgan John (76)                                          FR 481a
Morgan Joseph H. (13)                                     TR 420b
Morgan Martha (18)                                        TR 418b
Morgan Mary A. (16)                                       TR 418b
Morgan Mary (55)                                          TR 420b
Morgan Mary (76)                                          FR 481a
Morgan Sarah (8)                                          TR 418b
Morgan William A. (20)                                    TR 420b
Morret Almira J. (6)                                      NB 396a
Morret Apharetta (7/12)                                   NB 396a
Morret Elizabeth (30)                                     NB 396a
Morret Jacob (31)                                         NB 395b
Morret Jacob S. (3)                                       NB 396a
Morris Abraham (56)                                       GL 501a
Morris Ann (55)                                            BE 51a
Morris Barak (9)                                          GL 495b
Morris Buhama (54)                                         HA 39a
Morris Byron (1)                                           LN 21b
Morris Danna (25)                                          HA 39a
Morris David (20)                                         GL 495b
Morris Eliza (16)                                         GL 495b
Morris Elizabeth (26)                                     SB 523a
Morris Elmilul (1)                                        SB 523a
Morris Esther (18)                                         HA 39a
Morris George (18)                                         LN 22b
Morris George (18)                                        GL 495b
Morris George (2)                                          BE 54a
Morris Hannah (14)                                        GL 495b
Morris Harriet (3/12)                                      LN 21b
Morris Harriet (19)                                        HA 39a
Morris Henrietta (21)                                      HA 39a
Morris Henrietta (2)                                      GL 501a
Morris Isaiah (27)                                         LN 21b
Morris James (66)                                          HA 39a
Morris James Jur (28)                                      HA 39a
Morris Jonathan (45)                                      GL 495b
Morris Joseph (42)                                         HA 37b
Morris Joseph (29)                                        GL 501a
Morris Joseph (55)                                         BE 51a
Morris Loisa (23)                                          HA 39a
Morris Loisa (6)                                           HA 39a
Morris Manly (29)                                         SB 523a
Morris Mary Ann (4)                                        HA 39a
Morris Mary (25)                                           LN 21b
Morris Mary (12)                                          GL 495b
Morris Mary (46)                                          GL 495b
Morris Mary (55)                                          GL 501a
Morris Mary (19)                                          GL 501a
Morris Maryann (14)                                        HA 37b
Morris Matilda (42)                                        HA 37b
Morris Nancy (17)                                          HA 39a
Morris Owen (26)                                           HA 39a
Morris Patrick (45)                                       CR 382b
Morris Phebe (1/12)                                        HA 39a
Morris Rebecca (12)                                       GL 501a
Morris Rosannah (5)                                       GL 495b
Morris Sarah (26)                                         GL 501a
Morris Sarah (74)                                         CH 444a
Morris Sarah (19)                                         CR 390a
Morris Sarah (19)                                          BE 54a
Morris Uriah (23)                                          BE 54a
Morris Zilpha (12)                                         HA 37b
Morrison Albert (7)                                       FR 480b
Morrison Amanda (2)                                       FR 480b
Morrison Amy (5/12)                                       FR 480b
Morrison Daniel (9)                                       FR 480b
Morrison James (11)                                       FR 480b
Morrison James (16)                                       FR 492a
Morrison Lucy (55)                                        CN 363b
Morrison Lydia (32)                                       FR 480b
Morrison Lyman (34)                                       FR 480b
Morrison Mary (9)                                         FR 492a
Morrison Mary (51)                                        FR 492a
Morrison Orpha E. (6)                                     CN 374b
Morrison Precilla (5)                                     FR 480b
Morrison Thomas (12)                                      FR 492a
Morrison Thomas (57)                                      FR 492a
Morrow James (13)                                         CG 462b
Morrow John (15)                                          CG 463a
Morrow Margaret (35)                                      CG 463a
Morrow May (9)                                            CG 463a
Morse Emily L. (10)                                       CN 367b
Morse Hiram (48)                                          CN 367a
Morse Lafayette (4)                                       CN 367b
Morse Lucinda (22)                                        CN 367b
Morse Lydia (46)                                          CN 367a
Morse Lydia (18)                                          CN 367b
Morse Matilda (14)                                        SB 520a
Morse R* J. (8)                                           CN 367b
Morse Rosina (10)                                         CN 367b
Morse Salina (22)                                         CN 367b
Morse Sally L. (12)                                       CN 367b
Morton Abigail (41)                                        PU 63a
Morton Caroline (2)                                        BE 44b
Morton Corintha (5/12)                                     BE 44b
Morton Corydon (3)                                         BE 44b
Morton Edmund (35)                                         BE 44b
Morton Edward (5)                                          PU 63a
Morton Francis (17)                                        BE 44b
Morton Levi (52)                                           BE 44b
Morton Lewis (44)                                          PU 63a
Morton Lucius (17)                                         PU 63a
Morton Lysander (1)                                        PU 63a
Morton Margaret (49)                                       BE 44b
Morton Martha (14)                                         PU 63a
Morton Martha (18)                                         BE 44b
Morton Mary (7)                                            PU 63a
Morton Melissa (9)                                         PU 63a
Morton Minerva (15)                                        BE 44b
Morton Rosalinda (24)                                      BE 44b
Mosher Abbey (34)                                         GL 506a
Mosher Albert (13)                                         LN 19a
Mosher Albert (7)                                         GL 506a
Mosher Almira (8)                                          BE 45b
Mosher Amanda (19)                                        GL 506b
Mosher Ann (6)                                            GL 500b
Mosher Anna (6)                                            LN 23a
Mosher Anne (14)                                           BE 42b
Mosher Asa (48)                                           CR 383b
Mosher Benj (14)                                           BE 45b
Mosher Bethia (19)                                        CR 386b
Mosher Calista (7)                                        CR 386b
Mosher Cynthia W. (4)                                     CR 386b
Mosher Daniel (39)                                         BE 42b
Mosher David (35)                                          LN 23a
Mosher David (9)                                          GL 506a
Mosher David (38)                                          BE 45b
Mosher Deborah (32)                                       GL 500b
Mosher Edith (46)                                         CR 386b
Mosher Edmund (12)                                         LN 23a
Mosher Elipah (11)                                        CR 383b
Mosher Elisha (18)                                         LN 19a
Mosher Eliza (31)                                          BE 45b
Mosher Elizabeth (17)                                     GL 501b
Mosher Elizabeth (4)                                       BE 42b
Mosher Elizabeth (3)                                       BE 45b
Mosher Emily (15)                                          BE 45b
Mosher Esther (6)                                         GL 501b
Mosher Eunice (11)                                        CR 386b
Mosher George (2)                                         GL 506a
Mosher Gershom (11)                                        LN 23a
Mosher Gideon (25)                                        GL 506b
Mosher Hannah (15)                                        GL 501b
Mosher Henry (10)                                         GL 501b
Mosher John (38)                                          GL 500b
Mosher John M. (7)                                        CR 384a
Mosher Jonathan B. (21)                                   CR 383b
Mosher Joseph (40)                                        GL 498a
Mosher Joseph (14)                                        GL 506a
Mosher Joseph (13)                                        CR 383b
Mosher Lenuel (3)                                         GL 501b
Mosher Lucy (38)                                           LN 19a
Mosher Luther (49)                                        GL 506a
Mosher Lydia (3)                                           LN 19a
Mosher Martin (12)                                         BE 45b
Mosher Mary A. (7)                                        CR 383b
Mosher Mary (8)                                           GL 501b
Mosher Mary (34)                                           BE 42b
Mosher Nathan (23)                                        CR 385a
Mosher Obediah (3)                                        CR 383b
Mosher Peace (13)                                         CR 386b
Mosher Peleg (45)                                         CR 384a
Mosher Phebe (20)                                          LN 23a
Mosher Phebe (10)                                          BE 42b
Mosher Rachel (16)                                        CR 386b
Mosher Reubah (50)                                        GL 498a
Mosher Robert F. (1)                                      CR 385a
Mosher Robert (56)                                        CR 386b
Mosher Ruth (44)                                          GL 501b
Mosher Ruth (13)                                          GL 501b
Mosher Samuel (41)                                         LN 19a
Mosher Sarah A. (9)                                       CR 383b
Mosher Sarah P. (44)                                      CR 383b
Mosher Sarah (26)                                         CR 385a
Mosher Simeon (11)                                         LN 19a
Mosher Stephen (43)                                       GL 501b
Mosher Stephen (23)                                       CR 383b
Mosher Susannah B. (15)                                   CR 383b
Mosher Susannah (40)                                      CR 384a
Mosher Theodore (8)                                        LN 23a
Mosher Thornton (1)                                        LN 23a
Mosher William (6)                                         LN 19a
Mosher William (12)                                       GL 506a
Mosher William (6)                                         BE 45b
Mosher Willson (10)                                        BE 45b
Mostetler Maria (35)                                      GL 513a
Moyers Weattey (19)                                         WF 3a
Moyers Zeno (24)                                            WF 3a
Mozier Carson (18)                                        FR 487a
Mozier Cyrus (1)                                          FR 486b
Mozier Elizabeth (27)                                     FR 487a
Mozier Jane (48)                                          FR 486b
Mozier Joseph (28)                                        FR 486b
Mozier Leonard (3)                                        FR 486b
Mozier Lydia (23)                                         FR 486b
Mozier Susan (20)                                         FR 487a
Mozier William (1/12)                                     FR 486b
Mucklow Ann S. (21)                                       NB 401b
Mucklow David (28)                                        NB 401b
Mucklow William A. (2)                                    NB 401b
Mulford Ancy A. (32)                                      CR 393a
Mulford Elisha (36)                                       CR 384a
Mulford Harvey (9)                                        CR 393a
Mulford Hira G. (5/12)                                    CR 393a
Mulford Lewis (38)                                        CR 393a
Mulford Mary A. (21)                                      CR 384a
Mulford Sarah N. (4)                                      CR 393a
Muligan Elizabeth (2)                                      HA 31a
Muligan Esther (6)                                         HA 31a
Muligan Jesse (32)                                         HA 31a
Muligan Rebecca (10)                                       HA 31a
Muligan Ruth (30)                                          HA 31a
Muligan Samuel (5)                                         HA 31a
Muncy Alonzo (2/12)                                       CG 467a
Muncy Hannah (47)                                         WA 362b
Muncy Henry (26)                                          CG 467a
Muncy Jackson (7)                                         WA 363a
Muncy Mary (23)                                           CG 467a
Muncy Milton (11)                                         WA 363a
Muncy Samuel (13)                                         WA 363a
Muncy Samuel (51)                                         WA 362b
Muncy William (19)                                        WA 362b
Muncy Wilson (16)                                         WA 362b
Mundy Elizabeth (52)                                       BE 43a
Mundy Gula Elma (15)                                       BE 43a
Mundy James (31)                                           BE 43a
Mundy John (27)                                            BE 43a
Mundy John Sr (62)                                         BE 43a
Mundy Linus (29)                                           BE 43a
Mundy Patience (28)                                        BE 43a
Munix James (43)                                           WF 10a
Munroe Almira (20)                                          WF 1b
Munroe Amanda (17)                                          WF 1b
Munroe E. B. (11)                                           WF 1b
Munroe Edwin (24)                                           WF 1b
Munroe Elias (15)                                           WF 1b
Munroe Evaline (18)                                         WF 5b
Munroe Gave (56)                                            WF 1b
Munroe Hannah (52)                                          WF 5b
Munroe Helen (26)                                           WF 1b
Munroe Jane (18)                                            WF 2a
Munroe Osevi (15)                                           WF 5b
Munroe Sally (52)                                           WF 1b
Munroe Spencer (20)                                         WF 2a
Munroe William (25)                                         WF 1b
Munsinger Caroline (1)                                      WF 7b
Munsinger M.W. (3)                                          WF 7b
Munsinger Mary (2)                                          WF 7b
Munsinger Mary (25)                                         WF 7b
Munsinger Michael (30)                                      WF 7b
Munson Rachael (53)                                        BE 46a
Murphy Briget (9)                                          WF 18a
Murphy John (40)                                           WF 17b
Murphy John (6)                                            WF 18a
Murphy Margaret (1)                                        WF 18a
Murphy Mary (35)                                           WF 18a
Murphy Mary (4)                                            WF 18a
Murry Andrew (7)                                          GL 497a
Murry Angeline (9)                                        TR 421a
Murry Barbara E. (4/12)                                   TR 421a
Murry Catharine (11)                                      TR 421a
Murry Edward (41)                                         TR 421a
Murry Edward (9)                                          GL 497a
Murry Elizabeth (37)                                      TR 421a
Murry Ezra (7)                                            TR 421a
Murry Henry (7/12)                                        GL 497a
Murry Jacob (20)                                          TR 421a
Murry Jacob (11)                                          GL 497a
Murry John (4)                                            GL 497a
Murry Joshua (17)                                         TR 421a
Murry Kephzibah (16)                                      TR 421a
Murry Leah (35)                                           GL 497a
Murry Lucinda (5)                                         TR 421a
Murry Mary (13)                                           GL 497a
Murry Samuel (14)                                         TR 421a
Murry Samuel (47)                                         GL 497a
Murry William (6)                                         GL 497a
Myers Adalina (7)                                         WA 359a
Myers Adam (46)                                           CG 472a
Myers Addison (19)                                        GL 513a
Myers Betsy (28)                                           LN 28a
Myers Catharine (53)                                       WF 11a
Myers Catharine (18)                                       WF 11a
Myers Catharine (13)                                      CG 472a
Myers Cornelia (4)                                        WA 359a
Myers Eliza (29)                                           WF 11a
Myers Elizabeth (46)                                      WA 359a
Myers Elizabeth (30)                                      CG 473b
Myers Henry G. (5)                                        WA 362b
Myers Isaac (47)                                          WA 362b
Myers Isabel (22)                                         CG 473b
Myers Jacob (57)                                           WF 10b
Myers Joel (38)                                           WA 359a
Myers John (32)                                            WF 11a
Myers John (17)                                           CG 472a
Myers Joshua (30)                                         CG 473b
Myers Julian V. (3)                                       WA 359a
Myers Laura (2)                                            WF 11a
Myers Leonard (10)                                        CG 472a
Myers Margaret (45)                                       WA 362b
Myers Margaret (8)                                        CG 472a
Myers Margaret (47)                                       CG 472a
Myers Margaret (6)                                        CG 473b
Myers Martin (25)                                          WF 11a
Myers Mary (21)                                            WF 11a
Myers Mary (27)                                            WF 11a
Myers Phebe (4/12)                                         WF 11a
Myers Robert J. (8)                                       WA 359a
Myers Samuel (7)                                          WA 362b
Myers Samuel (45)                                         CG 473b
Myers Sarah A. (37)                                       WA 359a
Myers Sarah A. (14)                                       WA 362b
Myers Wesley (2)                                          CG 474a
Myers William J (4)                                       CG 473b
Myers William (27)                                         WF 11a
Myrer Henry (27)                                          PR 433b
N*is Ella (1/12)                                          CH 455a
N*is Hamilton (28)                                        CH 455a
N*is Harriet (25)                                         CH 455a
N*is Mary (2)                                             CH 455a
Nace Ann C. (51)                                          PR 428a
Nace Bethia (17)                                          NB 398a
Nace Charles (17)                                         PR 428a
Nace George (26)                                          WA 358a
Nace Margaret A. (1/12)                                   PR 428a
Nace Michael (56)                                         PR 428a
Nace Michael (24)                                         PR 428a
Nace Polly (3)                                            WA 358a
Nace Polly (20)                                           PR 428a
Nace Polly (50)                                           NB 398a
Nace Rachel (1)                                           WA 358a
Nace Rebecca (15)                                         PR 428a
Nace Rhoda (10)                                           NB 398a
Nace Ruth A. (19)                                         NB 398a
Nace Samuel (12)                                          NB 398a
Nace Sarah (24)                                           WA 358a
Nace Sarah (19)                                           PR 428a
Nace Thomas (56)                                          NB 398a
Nail Elizabeth (32)                                       NB 397a
Nail James (52)                                           NB 397a
Nail Lafayett (13)                                        NB 397b
Nail Marcus (9)                                           NB 397b
Nancy Elizabeth (63)                                      PR 429b
Nancy George (12)                                         PR 429b
Nancy John (44)                                           PR 429b
Nancy Rosanna (79)                                        PR 429b
Napp Elie (28)                                            CH 455a
Napp Jane (25)                                            CH 455a
Napp Laura (4)                                            CH 455a
Napp Martha (2)                                           CH 455a
Nash Rachel (74)                                          SB 527a
Nash Rachel (76)                                          SB 529b
Nash Seth (73)                                            SB 529b
Nave Adam (36)                                            TR 414b
Nave Caroline (1/12)                                      TR 414b
Nave Elizabeth (29)                                       TR 414b
Nave Elizabeth (11)                                       TR 414b
Nave George (9)                                           TR 414b
Nave Hellen Mar (11)                                      WA 357a
Nave Isabella (6)                                         WA 357a
Nave jacob (14)                                           TR 414b
Nave Jane A. (34)                                         WA 357a
Nave Lavina (8/12)                                        WA 357a
Nave Mary A. (2)                                          TR 414b
Nave Orville F. (9)                                       WA 357a
Nave Solomon (36)                                         WA 357a
Neal Abel (36)                                            SB 517b
Neal Daniel (31)                                          GL 503b
Neal Eliza (8)                                            SB 517b
Neal Johnston (310)                                       GL 503b
Neal Mary (34)                                            SB 517b
Neal Mary (20)                                            GL 503b
Neal Sarah (14)                                           SB 517b
Needham Amos (14)                                         CG 472b
Needham David (15)                                        CG 472b
Needham Malissa (17)                                      CG 473a
Needham Mary (10)                                         CG 472b
Needham Sarah (53)                                        CG 472b
Needham William (m)                                       CG 472b
Needles Alexander (53)                                    SB 525b
Needles Alexander (15)                                    SB 529a
Needles Andrew (19)                                       SB 529a
Needles Elizabeth (48)                                    SB 525b
Needles Elizabeth (14)                                    SB 525b
Needles John (53)                                         SB 525b
Needles Kiziah (71)                                       SB 525b
Needles Mary (38)                                         SB 529a
Needles Sarah (12)                                        SB 529a
Needles Thomas (11)                                       SB 525b
Needles William (49)                                      SB 529a
Neil Baruk (1)                                             PU 61b
Neil Joseph (37)                                           PU 61b
Neil Justine (31)                                          PU 61b
Neil Orius (4)                                             PU 61b
Neil Phebe (8)                                             PU 61b
Neil Richard (6)                                           PU 61b
Neil William (3)                                           PU 61b
Nellen Phebe Ann (27)                                     CN 374b
Nellen William H. (23)                                    CN 374b
Nellons Alexander (21)                                    CG 456b
Nellons Elizabeth (53)                                    CG 456b
Nellons Elizabeth (13)                                    CG 456b
Nellons James (60)                                        CG 456b
Nellons Sarah (17)                                        CG 456b
Nelson Hugh P. (8/12)                                     WA 361b
Nelson James (13)                                         WA 360a
Nelson James W. (42)                                      WA 360a
Nelson Jane (9)                                           WA 360b
Nelson John (15)                                          WA 360a
Nelson John (25)                                          CN 374a
Nelson Margaret (6)                                       WA 360b
Nelson Mathias (7)                                        WA 360b
Nelson Nancy (21)                                         WA 361b
Nelson Rachel (24)                                        CN 374a
Nelson Sarah (3)                                          WA 360b
Nelson Thomas (17)                                        WA 360a
Nelson William M. (9/12)                                  CN 374a
Nelson William (11)                                       WA 360b
Nelson William (24)                                       WA 361b

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