Morrow 1850 census index (partial)
Morrow County 1850 Census Surname Index
Surname/Given Name/Age/Township Abbreviation/Sheet Number
(Note: the "a" or "b" indication is not always accurate)
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Mendenhall Ann (25)                                       CR 386a
Mendenhall Evan (6/12)                                    CR 386a
Mendenhall Israel (25)                                    CR 386a
Mendenhall Samuel (26)                                    SB 527a
Menzie Alexander (50)                                     FR 487a
Menzie Jilla (3)                                          FR 487b
Menzie Martha (33)                                        FR 487a
Menzie Sarah (7)                                          FR 487b
Menzie William (9)                                        FR 487b
Meredith Charles (27)                                     CH 450b
Meredith Elizabeth (9)                                     HA 35b
Meredith Hannah (33)                                       HA 35b
Meredith Henry (13)                                        HA 38b
Meredith James (38)                                        HA 38b
Meredith Jane (42)                                        CH 441a
Meredith John (45)                                        CH 441a
Meredith Loisa (7)                                         HA 35b
Meredith Mary (11)                                         HA 35b
Meredith Mary (7)                                          HA 38b
Meredith Priscilla (4/12)                                  HA 35b
Meredith Rachael (36)                                      HA 38b
Meredith Robert (27)                                       HA 40a
Meredith Sarah (26)                                        HA 40a
Meredith Sarah (21)                                       CH 450b
Meredith Thomas (36)                                       HA 35b
Meredith William (15)                                      HA 38b
Meredith William (1)                                      CH 450b
Meredith Zachariah (15)                                   CH 441a
Merewine James (2)                                        WA 350b
Merewine Lucy B. (23)                                     WA 350b
Merewine William (24)                                     WA 350b
Merrick Catharine (54)                                     LN 24a
Merrick Hannah (16)                                        LN 24a
Merrick Isaac (8)                                         CG 465b
Merrick Isac (33)                                         CG 465b
Merrick James (2/12)                                       LN 23b
Merrick John (7)                                          CG 465b
Merrick Jonathan (29)                                      LN 23b
Merrick Lydia (8/12)                                      CG 465b
Merrick Maria (5)                                         CG 465b
Merrick Nancy A (3)                                       CG 465b
Merrick Nancy (24)                                         LN 23b
Merrick Nancy (32)                                        CG 465b
Merriman Amanda (29)                                      FR 484b
Merriman Cyntha (26)                                      FR 484b
Merriman Emily (28)                                       FR 484b
Merriman James (32)                                       FR 484b
Merriman Orson (14)                                         WF 9a
Merriman Sarah (58)                                       FR 484b
Merrin Andrew (8)                                         CH 445b
Merrin Angeline (11)                                      CH 445b
Merrin Ann (19)                                           CH 445b
Merrin Augustus (3)                                       CH 445b
Merrin Belinda (14)                                       CH 445b
Merrin Elias P. (4)                                       CH 445b
Merrin Elizabeth (15)                                     CH 445b
Merrin Elizabeth (42)                                     CH 445b
Merrin Harriet (16)                                       CH 445b
Merrin Laura C. (1)                                       CH 445b
Merrin Margaret J. (20)                                   CH 445b
Merrin Richard (9)                                        CH 445b
Merrin Richard (45)                                       CH 445b
Merrin Susan (6)                                          CH 445b
Merriott Cassandra (22)                                   CN 372a
Merriott James K. (26)                                    CN 372a
Merriott Mary C. (1)                                      CN 372a
Merrit Bela (12)                                           LN 22b
Merrit Samuel (16)                                         LN 28b
Merritt Martha (20)                                       GL 511b
Merritt Zenas (25)                                        GL 511b
Merrott Amanda (7)                                        CN 364b
Merrott Ann R. (2)                                        CN 364b
Merrott James M. (5)                                      CN 364b
Merrott Maria (54)                                        CN 364a
Merrott Mathew (28)                                       CN 364b
Merrott Rosanna (27)                                      CN 364b
Merrott Sarah M. (1/12)                                   CN 364b
Merrott Thomas (61)                                       CN 364a
Merwine Amanda (30)                                       CG 466b
Merwine Amelia (50)                                       CG 474b
Merwine Jacob (29)                                        CG 466b
Merwine John (52)                                         CG 474b
Merwine Margaret (15)                                     CG 474b
Merwine Norman (18)                                       CG 474b
Merwine Peter (20)                                        CG 474b
Merwine Sylvester (2)                                     CG 466b
Messenger Asa (5)                                         CR 389b
Messenger David (12)                                      CH 445b
Messenger Dennis (10)                                     CH 445b
Messenger Elipah (13)                                     CR 389b
Messenger Frederick (40)                                  CH 445b
Messenger Harriet M. (6)                                  CR 389b
Messenger Jane M. (36)                                    CH 445b
Messenger John (18)                                       CH 445b
Messenger Johnson (8)                                     CH 445b
Messenger Lucretia (1)                                    CR 389b
Messenger Madison (51)                                    CR 389b
Messenger Margaret A. (10)                                CR 389b
Messenger Mary A. (14)                                    CH 445b
Messenger Orbior (1)                                      CH 445b
Messenger Rollin (1)                                      CH 445b
Messenger Royal (7)                                       CH 445b
Messenger Sarah (38)                                      CR 389b
Messenger Virgil (4)                                      CH 445b
Messinger Abiram (1)                                      CG 459a
Messinger Adonigah (63)                                    WF 13b
Messinger Charles (7)                                     CG 459a
Messinger Clinton (22)                                     WF 13b
Messinger Eliza (13)                                      SB 527b
Messinger Elizabeth (35)                                  SB 527b
Messinger George (15)                                     SB 527b
Messinger Henry (13)                                       WF 13b
Messinger Huron (11)                                       WF 13b
Messinger James (14)                                      SB 527b
Messinger James (40)                                      CG 458b
Messinger John (18)                                        WF 13b
Messinger John (9)                                        CG 459a
Messinger Lorenzo (24)                                     WF 13b
Messinger Lucetta (3)                                     CG 459a
Messinger Mary (15)                                       CG 459a
Messinger Nicholas (7)                                    SB 528a
Messinger Rachel (60)                                      WF 13b
Messinger Rachel (35)                                     CG 458b
Messinger Sophia (14)                                     CG 459a
Messinger Stephen (17)                                    CG 458b
Messinger Wallis (5)                                      SB 528a
Messinger William (42)                                    SB 527b
Messinger William (11)                                    CG 459a
Metlar Anna (21)                                           HA 40a
Metlar Asher (32)                                          HA 40a
Metlar Hester (4)                                          HA 40a
Metlar Lemuel (4/12)                                       HA 40a
Metlar Manford (7)                                         HA 40a
Metlar Mary (5)                                            HA 40a
Metlar Nancy (3)                                           HA 40a
Metlar Reuben (30)                                         HA 40a
Metlar Susannah (28)                                       HA 40a
Metlar William (1/12)                                      HA 40a
Metler Charles (7)                                        FR 477a
Metler Daniel (51)                                        FR 477a
Metler David (12)                                         FR 477a
Metler Ellen (9)                                          FR 477a
Metler Fletcher (6)                                       FR 477a
Metler Hester (17)                                        FR 477a
Metler Lafayette (2)                                      FR 477a
Metler Mary (21)                                          FR 477a
Metler Waity (46)                                         FR 477a
Metler William (15)                                       FR 477a
Michner Charles (10)                                      CR 390a
Michner Enoch (9)                                         CR 390a
Michner Esther (7)                                        CR 390a
Michner Henry (3)                                         CR 390a
Michner John (33)                                         CR 390a
Michner Martha (1)                                        CR 390a
Michner Prischilla (64)                                   CR 390a
Michner Rebecca A. (3)                                    CR 390a
Michner Susannah (33)                                     CR 390a
Michner William (12)                                      CR 390a
Mickey Amanda (1)                                         GL 505a
Mickey Sarah (24)                                         GL 505a
Miles David (35)                                          CH 455a
Miles Elizabeth (60)                                      CH 454b
Miles Enos (8)                                            CH 455a
Miles Euclid (27)                                         CH 454b
Miles Julia A (33)                                        CH 455a
Miles Miller (11)                                         CH 455a
Milker Abraham (56)                                       CH 446b
Milker Ephraim (16)                                       CH 446b
Mill Emily (23)                                           CG 456b
Mill John (22)                                            CG 456b
Mill Mary (3)                                             CG 456b
Mill Theodore (1)                                         CG 456b
Miller Abraham (21)                                       PR 428a
Miller Abraham (25)                                       CR 380b
Miller Alfred (4)                                         SB 522a
Miller Amanda (7)                                         CR 388b
Miller Andrew (49)                                        TR 414a
Miller Andrew (64)                                        PR 426b
Miller Andrew (13)                                        CN 365b
Miller Andrew (56)                                        CN 365b
Miller Betsy (28)                                           WF 7a
Miller Caroline (16)                                      SB 526a
Miller Caroline (6)                                       CN 365b
Miller Catharine (14)                                     PR 428b
Miller Catharine (58)                                     CG 472b
Miller Catharine (42)                                     CG 474a
Miller Charles (3)                                        CR 388b
Miller Christina (2)                                      TR 414b
Miller David (27)                                         CH 441b
Miller Elijah (24)                                        CG 459b
Miller Eliza (42)                                         CR 388b
Miller Elizabeth (13)                                     TR 414b
Miller Elizabeth (44)                                     PR 428a
Miller Elizabeth (14)                                     NB 400a
Miller Elizabeth (40)                                     NB 410a
Miller Elizabeth (4)                                      NB 410a
Miller Elizabeth (7)                                      CG 474a
Miller Elizabeth (56)                                     CH 442a
Miller Ellen (4)                                          CH 441b
Miller Ellis (3/12)                                       SB 522a
Miller Emma (25)                                          SB 522a
Miller Ethlinda (5)                                       SB 522a
Miller Fidelia J. (5)                                     CH 447b
Miller Francis (9)                                        SB 526a
Miller Francis (19)                                       CG 459b
Miller Franklin (15)                                      CR 388b
Miller Frederick (13)                                     NB 410a
Miller Frederick (34)                                     CN 365b
Miller George (44)                                        NB 410a
Miller George (6)                                          LN 26a
Miller George (58)                                        CG 472b
Miller George (36)                                        CR 393b
Miller Gideon (26)                                        NB 400a
Miller Gilbert (9)                                        CG 462b
Miller Hannah B. (23)                                     CH 441b
Miller Hannah (20)                                        GL 511a
Miller Harman (45)                                        SB 526a
Miller Harman (3)                                         SB 526a
Miller Henry (19)                                         TR 414b
Miller Ira C. (4)                                         CR 394a
Miller Isaac (58)                                         TR 419b
Miller Isabella (8)                                       CN 365b
Miller Jacob (27)                                         SB 522a
Miller Jacob (17)                                         PR 428b
Miller Jacob (11)                                          LN 26a
Miller Jacob (23)                                         CG 472a
Miller Jacob (10)                                         CG 474a
Miller Jacob (53)                                         CH 438a
Miller James B. (49)                                      PR 436a
Miller James J. (10)                                      CH 447b
Miller James (50)                                         CH 447a
Miller James (5)                                          CR 388b
Miller James (11)                                         CN 365b
Miller James W. (8)                                       CH 450a
Miller Jane (1)                                             WF 7a
Miller Jane (41)                                           LN 26a
Miller Jason (1)                                          CG 472a
Miller Joannah (4)                                        TR 414b
Miller John (3/12)                                        GL 511a
Miller John A. (46)                                       CR 388b
Miller John (19)                                          PR 434b
Miller John (14)                                          GL 513b
Miller John (5)                                           CG 462b
Miller John (14)                                          CH 447a
Miller John ()                                            CH 450a
Miller John (20)                                          CR 388b
Miller John W. (6)                                        CH 450a
Miller John W. (2)                                        CR 394a
Miller Jonathan (26)                                      CG 467a
Miller Joseph (2)                                         SB 522a
Miller Joseph (26)                                        GL 511b
Miller Joseph (9)                                         GL 511a
Miller Julia Ann (6)                                      CR 394a
Miller Levi (62)                                          CH 442a
Miller Levi (28)                                          CH 442a
Miller Levi (9)                                           CR 388b
Miller Lewis (12)                                         CG 474a
Miller Lewis R. (9)                                       CR 393b
Miller Louisa (11)                                        CR 388b
Miller Lucinda (7)                                        CG 462b
Miller Lucretia (41)                                      SB 526a
Miller Lydia (11)                                         TR 414b
Miller Lydia (4)                                           LN 26a
Miller Manamilla (13)                                     CH 442a
Miller Margaret J. (12)                                   CH 447a
Miller Margaret (25)                                      NB 400a
Miller Margaret (3)                                       NB 400a
Miller Maria (8)                                          CR 393b
Miller Martha (32)                                        TR 419b
Miller Martha (11)                                        CG 462b
Miller Martha (30)                                        CH 450a
Miller Martin C. (1)                                      CH 447b
Miller Martin (11)                                        NB 410a
Miller Mary E. (1/12)                                     CR 394a
Miller Mary A. (31)                                       CN 365b
Miller Mary E. (8)                                        CH 447b
Miller Mary J (19)                                        CG 472a
Miller Mary (45)                                          TR 414b
Miller Mary (62)                                          PR 426b
Miller Mary (26)                                          GL 511a
Miller Mary (47)                                          CH 438a
Miller Mary (5)                                           CG 474a
Miller Mary (31)                                          CN 365b
Miller Matilda (19)                                       CH 438a
Miller Matilda (3)                                        CN 365b
Miller Miles (18)                                         CH 442a
Miller Nancy (9)                                           LN 26a
Miller Nehemiah (35)                                      CG 462b
Miller Oliver (13)                                        CH 438a
Miller Parker (1)                                         CG 462b
Miller Peter Henry (16)                                    LN 26a
Miller Peter (38)                                          LN 26a
Miller Phebe (20)                                         CH 442a
Miller Philander (39)                                     CH 447a
Miller Priscilla (55)                                     TR 419b
Miller Rabert (26)                                        CH 442a
Miller Rachael (79)                                        BE 56a
Miller Rachel (32)                                        CG 462b
Miller Rebecca (29)                                       CR 393b
Miller Ruth (17)                                          CR 388b
Miller samuel (15)                                        CH 442a
Miller Samuel (12)                                        PR 428b
Miller Samuel (49)                                        PR 428a
Miller Sarah A. (15)                                      TR 414b
Miller Sarah E. (3)                                       PR 428b
Miller Sophia (2)                                         NB 400a
Miller Sophia (25)                                        CR 380b
Miller Susan (6)                                          SB 526a
Miller Susanna (50)                                       CN 365b
Miller William (1/12)                                     CG 474a
Miller William W. (2)                                     CH 442a
Miller William (31)                                       GL 511a
Miller William (20)                                       CG 472b
Miller William (40)                                       CG 474a
Miller William (24)                                       CH 442a
Millinger Jacob (35)                                       BE 51a
Millinger John (18)                                        BE 56a
Millinger Margaret (1)                                     BE 51a
Millinger Mary (4)                                         BE 51a
Millinger Nancy (11)                                       BE 51a
Millinger Sarah (335)                                      BE 51a
Millinger Sarah (6)                                        BE 51a
Millinger William (9)                                      BE 51a
Mills Alonzo (2)                                          GL 508a
Mills Anna (6)                                            GL 508a
Mills Anna (25)                                           GL 508a
Mills Deborah (17)                                         PU 68b
Mills Emily (31)                                          CN 375b
Mills Enos (31)                                           GL 513b
Mills Greenman (8)                                        CN 375b
Mills Hallitt (38)                                        CN 375b
Mills Laura J. (3)                                        CN 375b
Mills Margaret (23)                                       GL 513b
Mills Maria E. (9)                                        CN 375b
Mills Mary (1)                                            GL 513b
Mills Mercer (1)                                          GL 508a
Mills Roxana (2)                                          CN 375b
Mills Silas N. (8/12)                                     CN 375b
Mills Tenis (5)                                           CN 375b
Mills Thomas (29)                                         GL 508a
Mills Thompson (5)                                        CN 375b
Mills Timanis (10)                                        WA 360a
Milrea Ann (72)                                            BE 54b
Milrea Thomas (70)                                         BE 54b
Miner Henry (16)                                          CR 394a
Minor Angeline (15)                                         WF 7b
Minor B* (17)                                               WF 7b
Minor Clark (10)                                          CG 457a
Minor Cynthia (32)                                        CR 381b
Minor Daniel (74)                                         CR 381a
Minor Elie (19)                                           CR 381a
Minor Fanny (32)                                          CG 457a
Minor Franlin (46)                                          WF 7b
Minor George (30)                                         CR 381b
Minor Harlo (12)                                          CG 457a
Minor Julia F. (1)                                        CR 381b
Minor Lucretia (43)                                         WF 7b
Minor Lucretia (6)                                        CG 457a
Minor Lucy A. (5/12)                                      CR 381b
Minor Lucy (14)                                           CG 457a
Minor Lydia (11)                                          CR 381a
Minor Margaret (54)                                       CR 381a
Minor Orvilla (1)                                         CG 457a
Minor Sarah J (8)                                         CG 457a
Minor Thomas M (3)                                        CG 457a
Minor Thomas (32)                                         CG 457a
Minshall Byram (16)                                       FR 490a
Minshall Elizabeth (43)                                   CG 464b
Minshall Harriet (11)                                     CG 464b
Minshall Jesse (50)                                       FR 490a
Minshall John (44)                                        CG 464b
Minshall Margaret (45)                                    FR 490a
Minshall Mary (9)                                         CG 464b
Minshall Sophia (5)                                       CG 464b
Minshall William (13)                                     CG 464b
Minsl Lavanda (9)                                          BE 48a
Mirach John (3)                                           PR 428a
Mirach Nancy (31)                                         PR 428a
Miracle Catharine (36)                                    CG 471a
Miracle Catharine (6)                                     CG 471a
Miracle Francis (14)                                      CG 471a
Miracle George (4)                                        CG 471a
Miracle Michael (37)                                      CG 471a
Miracle Michael (2)                                       CG 471a
Miracle Peter (10)                                        CG 471a
Mitchel Abraham (14)                                      CG 466b
Mitchel Adaline (12)                                      WA 358a
Mitchel Amanda (16)                                       CG 465a
Mitchel Andrew (47)                                       NB 405a
Mitchel Andrew (14)                                       CG 465a
Mitchel Catharine E. (11)                                 NB 411b
Mitchel Charlotte (19)                                    CG 465a
Mitchel Dan (57)                                          CG 465a
Mitchel Dan (17)                                          CG 467b
Mitchel David (18)                                        NB 399b
Mitchel David K. (15)                                     NB 405a
Mitchel Eli (37)                                          CG 466b
Mitchel Eliza (37)                                        NB 399b
Mitchel Eliza J. (21)                                     NB 405a
Mitchel Elizabeth A. (16)                                 NB 399b
Mitchel Elizabeth (20)                                    WA 358a
Mitchel Emily (11)                                        SB 519b
Mitchel Hannah (7)                                        NB 405a
Mitchel Hannah (15)                                       CG 467b
Mitchel Harriet (10)                                      WA 358a
Mitchel Harry M. (2)                                      NB 405a
Mitchel Jacob W. (20)                                     NB 399b
Mitchel Jacyntha (30)                                     CG 466b
Mitchel James M. (3)                                      NB 405a
Mitchel John (9)                                          NB 399b
Mitchel John (5)                                          NB 405a
Mitchel John (20)                                         CG 465a
Mitchel John (13)                                         CG 467b
Mitchel Joseph (13)                                       NB 405a
Mitchel Lewis (9)                                         SB 519b
Mitchel Lucy (36)                                         SB 519b
Mitchel Margaret (49)                                     CG 465a
Mitchel Martha L. (1/12)                                  NB 405a
Mitchel Martha (36)                                       NB 405a
Mitchel Martin (43)                                       CG 467b
Mitchel Mary E. (9)                                       NB 405a
Mitchel Mary (55)                                         WA 358a
Mitchel Mary (10)                                         NB 399b
Mitchel Nancy J. (13)                                     NB 399b
Mitchel Nancy (17)                                        WA 358a
Mitchel Naomi (13)                                        SB 519b
Mitchel Phebe (81)                                        TR 419b
Mitchel Rhoda (30)                                        CG 466b
Mitchel Robert W. (11)                                    NB 405a
Mitchel Rollin (3)                                        SB 519b
Mitchel Ruth (43)                                         CG 467b
Mitchel Sarah (1)                                         SB 519b
Mitchel Savina (2)                                        NB 399b
Mitchel Tephaniah (29)                                    CG 465a
Mitchel Theopholis (5)                                    CG 466b
Mitchel Thomas (69)                                       WA 358a
Mitchel Thomas (14)                                       WA 358a
Mitchel Tountain (1)                                      CG 466b
Mitchel William H. (6)                                    NB 399b
Mitchel William W. (21)                                   NB 405a
Mitchel William (38)                                      SB 519b
Mitchel William (48)                                      NB 399b
Mitchel William (9)                                       CG 465a
Mitchel William (3)                                       CG 466b
Mitchell Daniel (52)                                       LN 26a
Mitchell Elizabeth (49)                                    LN 26a
Mitchell Fanny (25)                                       CG 466b
Mitchell Insa* (25)                                        WF 10a
Mitchell James (16)                                        LN 26a
Mitchell James M (3)                                      CG 466b
Mitchell John Miller (30)                                 CG 466b
Mitchell Nathaniel (24)                                    LN 26a
Mitchell Samuel (27)                                       WF 10a
Mitchell Sanford (20)                                      LN 26a
Mitchell W.H. (1)                                          WF 10a
Mitchiner David (23)                                       PU 60b
Mitchiner Emaline (21)                                     PU 60b
Mitter Elizabeth (27)                                     PR 430b
Mitter Martin (2)                                         PR 430b
Mitter Mary E. (9/12)                                     PR 430b
Mitter Nelson (29)                                        PR 430b
Mock A. J. (39)                                           CG 466b
Mock Ann (11)                                             CG 467a
Mock Hannah P (16)                                        CG 467a
Mock Mary (14)                                            CG 467a
Mock Sarah (36)                                           CG 466b
Mode Eilliam (50)                                         CH 444b
Mode George (11)                                          CH 444b
Mode Margaret (7)                                         CH 444b
Mode Margaret (39)                                        CH 444b
Mode Martha (5)                                           CH 444b
Mode Martin (9)                                           CH 444b
Mode Mary (13)                                            CH 444b
Mode Minerva (3)                                          CH 444b
Mode Sandford (16)                                        CH 444b
Mode William E (1/2)                                      CH 444b
Moffit Ann (29)                                           CG 459a
Moffit James (25)                                         CG 459a
Moffit John W (16)                                        CG 459a
Moffit Rebecca (59)                                       CG 459a
Moffit Robert (18)                                        CG 459a
Moffit Samuel (14)                                        CG 459a
Moffit William (20)                                       CG 459a
Molten Elizabeth (5)                                      TR 419b
Molten James (30)                                         TR 419b
Molten Sarah A. (4)                                       TR 419b
Molten Susan (29)                                         TR 419b
Montgomery Elenor (22)                                    TR 417b
Montgomery Eliza A. (16)                                  TR 417b
Montgomery Elizabeth (59)                                 GL 500a
Montgomery John W. (3/12)                                 NB 410b
Montgomery John C. (12)                                   TR 417b
Montgomery Margaret (52)                                  TR 417b
Montgomery Margaret (19)                                  GL 500a
Montgomery Matilda (11)                                   GL 500a
Montgomery Phebe (26)                                     NB 410b
Montgomery Samuel (28)                                    NB 410b
Montgomery Samuel (13)                                    GL 500a
Montgomery Sarah (5)                                      GL 500a
Montgomery Washington (9)                                 GL 500a
Montgomery William P. (3)                                 NB 410b
Montgomery William (17)                                   TR 417b
Montgomery William (58)                                   GL 500a
Montill Catharine (1)                                     TR 414b
Moody Catharine (20)                                      CG 460a
Moody Daniel (16)                                         CG 460a
Moody Eaton (14)                                          CG 460a
Moody Eliza (24)                                          CG 460a
Moody Elizabeth (54)                                      CG 460a
Moody Eve (18)                                            CG 460a
Moody John (62)                                           CG 460a
Moody Mahala (28)                                         CG 460a
Moody Nancy (22)                                          CG 460a
Moody Nelson (12)                                         CG 460a
Moody Theresa (5)                                          HA 36b
Moon James (17)                                           FR 477b
Moon James (45)                                           FR 477b
Moon Jane (11)                                            FR 477b
Moon John (13)                                            FR 477b
Moon Pecilla (39)                                         FR 477b
Moon Perry (4)                                            FR 477b
Moon Rebecca (7)                                          FR 477b
Mooney Elizabeth J (13)                                   CG 457b
Mooney Jacob (54)                                         CG 457b
Mooney Mary (54)                                          CG 457b
Mooney Samuel J (16)                                      CG 457b
Moore Amelia (9)                                           HA 30a
Moore Amos (11)                                            HA 30a
Moore Beh* (3)                                             HA 40b
Moore Charlotte (4)                                        BE 48b
Moore Christiana (30)                                      BE 48b
Moore Clarissa (15)                                        BE 53b
Moore Eliza (7)                                           WA 362a
Moore Eliza (40)                                           HA 30a
Moore Elizabeth (24)                                      TR 415b
Moore Elizabeth (2)                                        BE 48b
Moore Elroy (3)                                            HA 30a
Moore Henry (15)                                          WA 362a
Moore Hugh (18)                                           WA 362a
Moore James (21)                                          TR 415b
Moore Jane (52)                                           TR 415b
Moore Jane (12)                                           WA 362a
Moore John (8/12)                                          BE 48b
Moore John (16)                                           TR 415b
Moore John (1)                                            WA 362a
Moore John (41)                                            HA 30a
Moore John (8)                                             HA 40b
Moore Joseph (16)                                          HA 30a
Moore Joseph (1)                                           HA 40b
Moore LaFayette (4)                                        BE 53b
Moore Leander (5)                                          HA 30a
Moore Lytle (6)                                            BE 53b
Moore Margaret (4)                                        WA 362a
Moore Margette (8/12)                                      HA 30b
Moore Martha (14)                                          HA 40b
Moore Mary (19)                                           TR 415b
Moore Mary (6)                                             BE 48b
Moore Nathan (39)                                          BE 53b
Moore Norton (10)                                          BE 53b
Moore Priscina (37)                                        HA 40b
Moore Rebecca (14)                                         HA 30a
Moore Royal (8)                                            BE 53b
Moore Samuel (14)                                         TR 415b
Moore Samuel (36)                                          HA 40b
Moore Samuel (6)                                           HA 40b
Moore Samuel (31)                                          BE 48b
Moore Sarah (46)                                          WA 362a
Moore Sarah (37)                                           BE 53b
Moore Selby (7)                                            HA 30a
Moore Thomas (10)                                         TR 416a
Moore Thompson (18)                                        HA 30a
Moore William (44)                                        WA 362a
Moore William (52)                                        TR 415b
Moore William (10)                                        WA 362a
Moore William (23)                                        TR 415b
Moore William (12)                                         HA 40b

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