Morrow 1850 census index (partial)
Morrow County 1850 Census Surname Index
Surname/Given Name/Age/Township Abbreviation/Sheet Number
(Note: the "a" or "b" indication is not always accurate)
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McClintock Jackson (4)                                     BE 44b
McClintock John (31)                                       BE 44b
McClintock Lydia (26)                                      BE 44b
McClinton Elias F. (6)                                    TR 417b
McClinton Hugh M. (44)                                    TR 417a
McClinton James B. (14)                                   TR 417a
McClinton John (16)                                       TR 417a
McClinton Joseph H. (10)                                  TR 417a
McClinton Mathew (4)                                      TR 417b
McClinton Sarah (41)                                      TR 417a
McClinton William A. (12)                                 TR 417a
McCloe Berrilla (25)                                      FR 478a
McCloe Harriet (10)                                       FR 478a
McCloe Marion (1)                                         FR 478a
McCloe William (35)                                       FR 478a
McClucan Charles H. (1/12)                                TR 419a
McClucan Eliza J. (7)                                     TR 419a
McClucan Jackson R. (3)                                   TR 419a
McClucan James (32)                                       TR 419a
McClucan Priscilla A. (3)                                 TR 419a
McClucan Sarah (32)                                       TR 419a
McClucan Thomas J. (4)                                    TR 419a
McClure Elias (22)                                        WA 355b
McClure Hannah E. G. (14)                                 WA 359a
McClure Hugh (44)                                         WA 359a
McClure James W. (20)                                     WA 359a
McClure Margaret L. B. (9)                                WA 359a
McClure Mary A. (12)                                      WA 359a
McClure Rebecca J. (16)                                   WA 359a
McClure Rebecca (80)                                      WA 359a
McCollister Hamilton (34)                                 CN 371a
McCollister James (8)                                     CN 371a
McCollister Jane (5)                                      CN 371a
McCollister John (11)                                     CN 371a
McCollister Laura (1/12)                                  CN 371a
McCollister Mary (6)                                      CN 371a
McCollister Sarah (3)                                     CN 371a
McCollister Sarah (35)                                    CN 371a
McCollister William (14)                                  CN 371a
McCollough Elenora (2)                                    CH 452b
McCollough James (36)                                     CH 452b
McCollough Rosanna (27)                                   CH 452b
McConick Elizabeth (25)                                    PU 62a
McConnica Alfred (20)                                      LN 20b
McCool Benton S. (12)                                     NB 405b
McCool Eliza (42)                                         NB 405b
McCool John (40)                                          NB 405b
McCool John R. (10)                                       NB 405b
McCool Sarah E. (9)                                       NB 405b
McCooly John (11)                                         PR 433b
McCormick Margaret (1)                                    GL 504a
McCormick Mehitable (17)                                   PU 68b
McCormick Rachel (23)                                     GL 504a
McCormick Seth (25)                                       GL 504a
McCoy Aaron (8)                                            WF 12b
McCoy Catharine (37)                                      CG 474a
McCoy D. (1/12)                                            WF 12b
McCoy Elizabeth (8)                                       CG 473b
McCoy George (7)                                          CG 473b
McCoy Isaac (10)                                          CG 473b
McCoy J.H. (32)                                            WF 12b
McCoy J.W. (3)                                             WF 12b
McCoy Jonathan (32)                                       CG 473b
McCoy Mary (27)                                           CG 473b
McCoy Phebe (27)                                           WF 12b
McCoy Ruth (5)                                            CG 473b
McCoy W.L. (6)                                             WF 12b
McCoy Ward (4)                                            CG 473b
McCracken Arminda (15)                                    CH 448b
McCracken Benj (0/12)                                      HA 38a
McCracken Benjamin (17)                                   CH 442b
McCracken Charles (45)                                     HA 38a
McCracken Charlotte (3)                                   FR 476b
McCracken Christopher (23)                                CH 452a
McCracken Cynthia (42)                                    CH 442b
McCracken Deborah (12)                                     HA 38a
McCracken Eliza (20)                                      CH 442b
McCracken Elizabeth (44)                                  FR 476b
McCracken Elizabeth (48)                                  CH 442a
McCracken Elizabeth (40)                                  CH 448b
McCracken Elizabeth (24)                                  CH 452a
McCracken Elizabeth J. (20)                               CH 452a
McCracken Esther (5)                                      FR 476b
McCracken George (9)                                      FR 476b
McCracken George W. (17)                                  CH 442b
McCracken Isaac (25)                                       HA 38a
McCracken Isaac (12)                                      FR 476b
McCracken Isabel (13)                                     CH 442b
McCracken James (22)                                       HA 38a
McCracken James (27)                                      CH 447a
McCracken James (9)                                       CH 448b
McCracken Jasper (16)                                     CH 442b
McCracken John A (6)                                      CH 442b
McCracken John (52)                                       CH 442b
McCracken John (25)                                       CH 452a
McCracken Joseph (49)                                     FR 476b
McCracken Lucretia (9)                                    CH 442b
McCracken Maria (21)                                      FR 492a
McCracken Mary J. (8)                                     CH 442b
McCracken Mary (21)                                        HA 38a
McCracken Mary (27)                                       CH 447a
McCracken Mary (21)                                       CH 442b
McCracken Nancy (19)                                      CH 442b
McCracken Phebe (21)                                      CH 442b
McCracken Polly (60)                                      CH 447a
McCracken Robert (43)                                     CH 448a
McCracken Rosanna (14)                                    CH 442b
McCracken Ruth (30)                                        HA 38a
McCracken Simon (14)                                      FR 476b
McCracken Susan (13)                                      CH 448b
McCracken Walter J. (3)                                   CH 447a
McCracken Weirich (2)                                     CH 452a
McCracken William (6/12)                                  CH 452a
McCracken William (48)                                    CH 442a
McCracken William (11)                                    CH 448b
McCracken Wilson (16)                                     FR 476b
McCracken Zachariah L. (4)                                CH 442b
McCrary Adelaide (1)                                       BE 53a
McCrary Alfred (6)                                         HA 37a
McCrary George (35)                                        HA 37a
McCrary Hannah (56)                                        BE 53a
McCrary John (8)                                           HA 37a
McCrary Mandana (4)                                        HA 37a
McCrary Martha (12)                                        BE 53a
McCrary Mary (33)                                          HA 37a
McCrary Mary (19)                                          BE 53a
McCrary Minerva (17)                                       BE 53a
McCrary Polly (23)                                         BE 53a
McCrary Rosatha (12)                                       HA 37a
McCrary Samantha (10)                                      HA 37a
McCrary Thomas (28)                                        BE 53a
McCrary Van Buren (14)                                     BE 53a
McCrary Vinah (2)                                          HA 37a
McCrary William (57)                                       BE 53a
McCreary Anson B. (8)                                     CH 453a
McCreary Asa (21)                                         CH 448b
McCreary Benjamin (58)                                    CH 448b
McCreary Cyremius (2)                                     FR 488b
McCreary Deborah (59)                                     CH 448b
McCreary Eliza (18)                                       CH 448b
McCreary Elizabeth (38)                                   FR 488b
McCreary Elizabeth (7)                                    CH 446a
McCreary Elizabeth J. (7)                                 CH 438a
McCreary Emily (32)                                       CH 453a
McCreary James (33)                                       CH 438a
McCreary James (33)                                       CH 446a
McCreary John (12)                                        FR 488b
McCreary John (3)                                         CH 438a
McCreary John (1)                                         CH 446a
McCreary John (36)                                        CH 453a
McCreary Lott (31)                                        FR 488b
McCreary Lucinda F. (5)                                   CH 438a
McCreary Lucinda (5)                                      CH 446a
McCreary Lucy (10)                                        CH 453a
McCreary Mary (7)                                         FR 488b
McCreary Mary (27)                                        CH 446a
McCreary Mary W. (27)                                     CH 438a
McCreary Nathan B. (2)                                    CH 453a
McCreary Ruth (29)                                        FR 488b
McCrury Davis (4)                                          HA 38b
McCrury Elizabeth (29)                                     HA 38b
McCrury Mary (9)                                           HA 38b
McDaniel Ann (64)                                         SB 515b
McDaniel William (67)                                     SB 515b
McDonald Agnes (23)                                       FR 484a
McDonald Agnes (56)                                       FR 484a
McDonald Alicia (32)                                       PU 63b
McDonald Ann (64)                                          PU 63b
McDonald Catharine (19)                                    PU 63b
McDonald Catharine (13)                                   GL 514b
McDonald Charles (9)                                      FR 484a
McDonald Drusilla (26)                                    PR 430b
McDonald Hannah R. (1)                                    PR 430b
McDonald Jane (32)                                        FR 484a
McDonald John (23)                                        WA 359a
McDonald John (20)                                        FR 484a
McDonald John (59)                                        FR 484a
McDonald John S (6)                                       PR 427b
McDonald Laurence (24)                                     PU 63b
McDonald Margaret (34)                                     PU 63b
McDonald Martha (4)                                       PR 427b
McDonald Mary E. (3)                                      PR 430b
McDonald Mary (14)                                        FR 484a
McDonald Samuel (18)                                      FR 484a
McDonald Sarah (31)                                       FR 483b
McDonald Sarah (30)                                       FR 484a
McDonald Thomas (16)                                      FR 484a
McDonald William (32)                                     PR 430b
McDonald William (31)                                      PU 63b
McDonald William (26)                                     FR 483b
McDonel Elizabeth (27)                                     BE 54a
McDonel J. Homer (2)                                       BE 54a
McDonel Maria (8)                                          BE 54a
McDonough James (70)                                      CH 440a
McFaddon Leander (3/12)                                   SB 532b
McFaddon Lydia (39)                                       SB 532b
McFaddon Thomas (36)                                      SB 532b
McFarland Adah (14)                                        BE 55b
McFarland Augustus (16)                                    BE 55b
McFarland Carolina S. (20)                                WA 353a
McFarland Emily (19)                                      SB 526a
McFarland Jane (19)                                        BE 55b
McFarland Mary (9)                                         BE 55b
McFarland Newton M. (29)                                  WA 353a
McGinnis Catharine (18)                                   WA 359a
McGinnis Goodwin (1)                                      WA 359a
McGinnis Hannah (7)                                       WA 359a
McGinnis Jane (41)                                        WA 359a
McGinnis John (13)                                        WA 359a
McGinnis Levi M. (45)                                     WA 359a
McGinnis Margaret (5)                                     WA 359a
McGinnis William (21)                                     WA 359a
McGonnigal Elizabeth (60)                                   WF 4a
McGorwin FR (15)                                          FR 486b
McGowen Abram (10)                                        FR 482a
McGowen Ann M (5)                                         FR 482a
McGowen Benjamin (17)                                     GL 511a
McGowen Benjamin (16)                                     FR 482a
McGowen Charlotte (24)                                    NB 409a
McGowen Dorcas (114)                                      FR 482a
McGowen Edith (4)                                         FR 482a
McGowen Enos (19)                                         FR 482a
McGowen Harriet (5)                                       CG 460b
McGowen Lusenda (5)                                       NB 409a
McGowen Martha (2)                                        FR 482a
McGowen Mary (40)                                         CG 460b
McGowen Matilda (42)                                      FR 482a
McGowen Phebe (12)                                        FR 482a
McGowen Thomas (40)                                       CG 460b
McGowen William (51)                                      FR 482a
McGrady John (54)                                         SB 532b
McGrady Lydia (55)                                        SB 532b
McGregor Alexander W. (21)                                CR 385a
McGregor Anthony H. (15)                                  CR 385a
McGregor Elipa (57)                                       CR 385a
McGregor Elipah (19)                                      CR 385a
McGregor Hannah (27)                                      CR 385a
McGregor Henrietta (12)                                   CR 385a
McGregor Margaret (25)                                    CR 385a
McGregor Sarah J. (28)                                    CR 385a
McGregor Sarah (55)                                       CR 385a
McGregor Susan (31)                                       CR 385a
McHaney Lotty (59)                                        CR 394a
McInturf Joseph (5)                                        BE 49a
McInturf Sarah (9)                                         BE 55b
McKabe Edward (24)                                        CR 382b
McKabe Richard (21)                                       CR 382b
McKee Clark (9)                                            BE 49a
McKee Elizabeth (36)                                      CG 470a
McKee Elizabeth (27)                                      CH 439b
McKee Elizabeth (41)                                       BE 49a
McKee Frany M (9)                                         CG 470a
McKee George (13)                                          BE 49a
McKee Horace (23)                                         GL 509a
McKee Isabella (4)                                         BE 49a
McKee James (56)                                          FR 480a
McKee James (20)                                           BE 49a
McKee James K (13)                                        CG 470a
McKee John (45)                                           CG 470a
McKee John (11)                                            BE 49a
McKee John W (11)                                         CG 470a
McKee Margaret (54)                                       FR 480a
McKee Maria (7)                                            BE 49a
McKee Mary J (8)                                          CG 470a
McKee Nancy A. (5)                                        CG 470a
McKee Samuel (13)                                         FR 480a
McKee Sarah (15)                                           BE 49a
McKee Wency (46)                                           BE 49a
McKee William (19)                                        GL 512b
McKee William (19)                                        GL 513a
McKee William (15)                                        CG 470a
McKee William (54)                                        CH 439a
McKee William (2)                                          BE 49a
McKeever Greenberg (6)                                    CN 370b
McKeever Hester (34)                                      CN 370b
McKeever James (2)                                        CN 370b
McKeever James (39)                                       CN 370b
McKeever John (3)                                         CN 370b
McKeever Madison (5)                                      CN 370b
McKeever Milton (8)                                       CN 370b
McKeever Sanford (11)                                     CN 370b
McKibbin Jesse (69)                                       WA 360a
McKibbon Agnes W. (38)                                    WA 350a
McKibbon Ann M. (11)                                      WA 350a
McKibbon James (42)                                       WA 350a
McKibbon Jane R. M. (3)                                   WA 350a
McKibbon John S. (9)                                      WA 350a
McKibbon Robert T. M. (9)                                 WA 350a
McKinstry Delane (4/12)                                   SB 524a
McKinstry Effa (2/12)                                     SB 529b
McKinstry Jesse (2)                                       SB 515b
McKinstry John (36)                                       SB 515b
McKinstry John (4)                                        SB 529b
McKinstry Julia (28)                                      SB 524a
McKinstry Maria (2)                                       SB 524a
McKinstry Mary (32)                                       WA 350a
McKinstry Mary (28)                                       SB 515b
McKinstry Mary (4)                                        SB 524a
McKinstry Mary (13)                                       SB 524a
McKinstry Mathew (23)                                     SB 529b
McKinstry Olive (6)                                       SB 524a
McKinstry Philip ()                                       SB 524a
McKinstry Rachel (22)                                     SB 529b
McKinstry Samuel (15)                                     SB 524a
McKinstry Thomas (35)                                     WA 350a
McKinstry William (5)                                     SB 515b
McKissick Belinda (19)                                     HA 32a
McKissick Henry (60)                                       HA 32a
McKissick Sarah (11)                                       HA 32a
McKissick Sarah (57)                                       HA 32a
McKissick William (18)                                     HA 32a
McLaughlin Nicholas (55)                                   PU 67a
McLaughlin Rosannah (52)                                   PU 67a
McLeod Allison (3)                                          WF 1b
McLeod Almira (9)                                           WF 1b
McLeod Alonzo (12)                                          WF 6a
McLeod Augustus (6)                                         WF 6a
McLeod Caroline (13)                                        WF 1b
McLeod Cerelda (10)                                         WF 6a
McLeod Daniel (36)                                          WF 6a
McLeod Jefferson (8)                                        WF 6a
McLeod Len (39)                                             WF 1b
McLeod Len (6)                                              WF 1b
McLeod Levi (3)                                             WF 6a
McLeod Loira (32)                                           WF 1b
McLeod M.A. (15)                                            WF 1b
McLeod M.E. (11)                                            WF 2a
McLeod Mary (78)                                            WF 1b
McLeod Norman (80)                                          WF 1b
McLeod Sarah (13)                                          PU 60a
McLeod Starburg (1)                                         WF 6a
McLeod Susan (35)                                           WF 6a
McLish Alexander (48)                                       WF 2a
McLish George (17)                                          WF 2a
McLish Henry (15)                                           WF 2b
McLish John (23)                                            WF 2a
McLish Loretta (2/12)                                       WF 2a
McLish Lucinda (20)                                         WF 2a
McLish Mary (20)                                            WF 2a
McLish Rosannah (52)                                        WF 2a
McLish Susannah (13)                                        WF 2b
McMahon Alfred (3)                                        FR 478b
McMahon Elmina (12)                                       FR 478b
McMahon James (9)                                         FR 478b
McMahon James (52)                                        FR 478a
McMahon James (60)                                        CH 443b
McMahon Laura (3)                                         CH 444a
McMahon Lucy (15)                                         FR 478b
McMahon Maria (11)                                        CH 444a
McMahon Nancy (7)                                         FR 478b
McMahon Nancy (73)                                        CH 444a
McMahon Parmelia (47)                                     FR 478b
McMahon Robert (8)                                        CH 444a
McMahon Sarah (16)                                        CH 443b
McMahon Sarah (45)                                        CH 443b
McMahon William (23)                                       WF 10a
McMahon William (14)                                      CH 443b
McManas Joseph (65)                                        BE 54a
McManis Jane L. (22)                                      NB 409a
McManis Mathew R. (25)                                    NB 409a
McManis Rhoda (6/12)                                      NB 409a
McMaster John (35)                                         LN 25a
McMellon Alexander (15)                                    BE 49b
McMellon John (72)                                         BE 49b
McMellon Margaret (64)                                     BE 49b
McMillan Emaline (22)                                      HA 31b
McMillan Jane (4)                                          HA 31b
McMillan Mary (2)                                          HA 31b
McMillan William (32)                                      HA 31b
McMullen Adaline E (1)                                    FR 481a
McMullen Eliza (34)                                       NB 401b
McMullen Elizabeth (37)                                   FR 481a
McMullen James (32)                                       FR 481a
McMullen Melissa (4)                                      FR 481a
McMullen Sarah (4)                                        NB 401b
McMullen William (39)                                     NB 401b
McMullen William (17)                                     NB 401b
McNap Daniel (38)                                          LN 28a
McNap Daniel (4)                                           LN 28b
McNap Eliphalet (6)                                        LN 28b
McNap Lester (9)                                           LN 28b
McNap Lucinda (11)                                         LN 28a
McNap Sabrina (30)                                         LN 28a
McNap Simson (1)                                           LN 28b
McNeal Allen (40)                                         CN 368a
McNeal Ann (3)                                            WA 360a
McNeal David (7)                                          WA 360a
McNeal Elizabeth B. (3)                                   CN 368a
McNeal James (16)                                         WA 358a
McNeal James M. (33)                                      WA 360a
McNeal Jane (74)                                          WA 352a
McNeal Jane (1)                                           WA 360a
McNeal John (12)                                          WA 358a
McNeal John T. (10)                                       CN 368a
McNeal Martha J. (12)                                     CN 368a
McNeal Martha (7)                                         WA 358a
McNeal Mary (2/12)                                        CN 368a
McNeal Mary J. (14)                                       WA 358a
McNeal Nancy (36)                                         WA 360a
McNeal Rachel (39)                                        CN 368a
McNeal William (10)                                       WA 358a
McNeal William (5)                                        WA 360a
McNeer David (7)                                          CR 383b
McNeer Eliza Jill (16)                                    CR 383b
McNeer Herbert D. (2)                                     CR 383b
McNeer Jasper (10)                                        CR 383b
McNeer Josiah (12)                                        CR 383b
McNeer Mary A. (14)                                       CR 383b
McNeer Philip (41)                                        CR 383b
McNeer Rebecca (41)                                       CR 383b
McNeer Ruth (6)                                           CR 383b
McNeer Thomas (4)                                         CR 383b
McNely Electa (17)                                          WF 2b
McNely J.A. (15)                                            WF 2b
McNely J.H. (49)                                            WF 2b
McNely J.w. (7)                                             WF 2b
McNely Lavonia (12)                                         WF 2b
McNely Sarah (5)                                            WF 3a
McNely Sarah (57)                                           WF 2b
McNely Stephen (9)                                          WF 2b
McNely Thomas (2)                                           WF 3a
McNulty Cass (4)                                          FR 493a
McNulty Sarah (2)                                         FR 493a
McNurlen Andrew F. (5)                                    NB 403b
McNurlen Elenor (12)                                      NB 403b
McNurlen Hannah (3)                                       NB 403b
McNurlen John (10)                                        NB 403b
McNurlen Rebecca (9)                                      NB 403b
McNurlen Thomas (7)                                       NB 403b
McNurlen Willam (36)                                      NB 403b
McNurlen William A. (7/12)                                NB 403b
McNurlen Wilomine (30)                                    NB 403b
McPeak David (25)                                         WA 358a
McPeak James (23)                                         WA 361b
McPeak Martha (30)                                        WA 358a
McQueen Anna (10)                                         CH 446b
McQueen Dawson (3)                                        CH 446b
McQueen John (39)                                         CH 446b
McQueen Louisa (34)                                       CH 446b
McQueen Peter (5)                                         CH 446b
McQueen Rachel (8)                                        CH 446b
McQueen Sarah (12)                                        CH 446b
McQueen Sidney J. (6)                                     CH 446b
McQuestin James (7)                                       CR 388a
McQuestin Jonathan (31)                                   CR 387b
McQuestin Mary (30)                                       CR 387b
McQuestin Peter (2)                                       CR 388a
McQuestin Thomas (4)                                      CR 388a
McQuestion Emaline (22)                                    WF 12a
McQuestion Emaline (22)                                    WF 12a
McQuestion James (24)                                      WF 12a
McQuestion William (1/12)                                  WF 12a
McQuigg Henry (16)                                        CR 379a
McQuigg James (6)                                         CR 379a
McQuigg Jane (14)                                         CR 379a
McQuigg John (45)                                         CR 379a
McQuigg John (2)                                          CR 379a
McQuigg Margaret (12)                                     CR 379a
McQuigg Sarah (35)                                        CR 379a
McQuigg Silas (7)                                         CR 379a
McQuinn Catharine (1)                                     SB 522b
McQuown Bethania C. (4)                                   TR 420a
McQuown Elizabeth (25)                                    TR 420a
McQuown John D. (1)                                       TR 420a
McQuown Mahala A. (2)                                     TR 420a
McQuown William (37)                                      TR 420a
McSweeny O. (27)                                            WF 9b
McSweeny Rebecca (36)                                       WF 9b
McVay Emily (11)                                          SB 526b
McVay Flavius (1)                                         SB 517b
McVay Floyd (1)                                           SB 523b
McVay James (36)                                          SB 523b
McVay LaFayette (7)                                        HA 38a
McVay Margaret (36)                                       SB 523b
McVay Maria (4)                                           SB 523b
McVay Marilla (6)                                         SB 523b
McVay Martha (22)                                         SB 517a
McVay Phineas (2)                                         SB 517b
McVay Samantha9 (f)                                        HA 38a
McVay Sophronia (8)                                       SB 523b
McVay Thomas (23)                                         SB 517a
McWilliams Gabriel (27)                                   CR 382b
McWilliams Harriet (16)                                   TR 419a
McWilliams Margaret (52)                                  TR 420b
McWilliams Sarah E. (2/12)                                CR 382b
McWilliams Susanna (25)                                   CR 382b
McWilliams Watson (2)                                     CR 382b
McWilliams William B. (30)                                TR 420b
McWilliams William (51)                                   TR 420b
McWright Abagail (28)                                     GL 508a
McWright Albert (36)                                      GL 508a
McWright Daniel (67)                                       BE 57a
McWright Esther (65)                                       BE 57a
McWright Mary (14)                                        GL 508a
Mead Amaziah (27)                                          BE 48b
Mead Angeline (11)                                        WA 349b
Mead Asahel (21)                                           BE 48b
Mead David (17)                                           WA 358a
Mead James (3)                                            WA 349b
Mead Jane (21)                                             BE 55a
Mead Jenet (32)                                           WA 349b
Mead Jermie (6)                                           WA 349b
Mead John (26)                                            GL 515a
Mead John (24)                                             BE 55a
Mead Julia (1)                                            WA 349b
Mead Levi (6/12)                                           BE 48b
Mead Polly (55)                                            BE 48b
Mead Sarah (20)                                           GL 515a
Mead Sarah (21)                                            BE 48b
Mead William (39)                                         WA 349b
Means Elizabeth (51)                                      CR 382a
Means Henry (16)                                          CR 382a
Means Isaac (52)                                          CR 382a
Means Jacob (18)                                          CR 382a
Means John S. (25)                                        CR 382a
Means Julia Ann (10)                                      CR 382a
Means Kesiah (25)                                         CR 382a
Means Mary (21)                                           CR 382a
Means Sarah (14)                                          CR 382a
Means Sophia (19)                                         CR 382a
Means Thomas C. (7/12)                                    CR 382a
Mecker Mathew (16)                                         WF 11a
Meckly Amanda (5)                                         TR 414b
Meckly Andrew (15)                                        TR 414b
Meckly David (46)                                         TR 414b
Meckly Edward (8)                                         TR 414b
Meckly Mary (49)                                          TR 414b
Meckly Mary (14)                                          TR 414b
Meckly Solomon (12)                                       TR 414b
Meckly Susan (19)                                         TR 414b
Meed George (33)                                          SB 530a
Meed Henry (10)                                           SB 530a
Meed John (5)                                             SB 530a
Meed Malissa (30)                                         SB 530a
Meed Nelson (11)                                          SB 530a
Meed Rebecca (57)                                         SB 530a
Meed Rebecca (8)                                          SB 530a
Meed Samuel (63)                                          SB 530a
Mellott Amos (41)                                         CG 463b
Mellott Crawford (5)                                      CG 463b
Mellott Elizabeth (3)                                     CG 463b
Mellott Isaac (12)                                        CG 463b
Mellott John (14)                                         CG 463b
Mellott Joseph (7)                                        CG 463b
Mellott Lydia (10)                                        CG 463b
Mellott Mary (4/12)                                       CG 463b
Mellott Noah (18)                                         CG 463b
Mellott Samuel (16)                                       CG 463b
Mellott Sarah (40)                                        CG 463b

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