Morrow 1850 census index (partial)
Morrow County 1850 Census Surname Index
Surname/Given Name/Age/Township Abbreviation/Sheet Number
(Note: the "a" or "b" indication is not always accurate)
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Lydick George (22)                                          WF 7a
Lydick Philus (23)                                          WF 7a
Lynch Abner (12)                                          GL 507b
Lynch James (38)                                          NB 398b
Lynch James (11)                                          CG 473a
Lynch John (5)                                            FR 492b
Lynch Joseph (8)                                          CH 439a
Lynch Mary (38)                                           NB 398b
Lynch Reason (3)                                          FR 492b
Lyon Aaron J. (21)                                        CH 456a
Lyon Amarilla (11)                                         HA 32b
Lyon Ambrose (2)                                           BE 51a
Lyon Asher (40)                                            BE 45b
Lyon Benjamin E. (11)                                     CG 469b
Lyon Bethena (34)                                         FR 478a
Lyon Caroline (6)                                         CG 469b
Lyon Chloe (35)                                            BE 45b
Lyon Cyrus (41)                                            HA 33b
Lyon Daniel (2)                                            HA 32b
Lyon Deborah (30)                                         SB 522b
Lyon Elizabeth (5)                                         HA 33b
Lyon Elizabeth (59)                                       FR 478a
Lyon Franklin (1)                                          BE 45b
Lyon Hamilton (15)                                         HA 32b
Lyon Harriet (13)                                          HA 32b
Lyon Hester (14)                                          CG 469b
Lyon Homer (3)                                             BE 51a
Lyon Isabel (4)                                            HA 33b
Lyon James (13)                                           CG 469b
Lyon John (44)                                             HA 32b
Lyon John (5)                                             GL 513a
Lyon John (65)                                             BE 51a
Lyon Joseph (42)                                          GL 513a
Lyon Lavinia (65)                                          BE 51a
Lyon Lewis (12)                                            BE 45b
Lyon Lucinda (14)                                          BE 45b
Lyon Luetta (26)                                           BE 51a
Lyon Margaret (19)                                         HA 32b
Lyon Margaret (2)                                          HA 33b
Lyon Mary D. (16)                                         CG 469b
Lyon Mary (64)                                            SB 517b
Lyon Mary (62)                                            SB 522b
Lyon Melinda (17)                                          HA 32b
Lyon Newton (17)                                          SB 522b
Lyon Peter (46)                                           CG 469b
Lyon Phebe (7)                                             BE 45b
Lyon Phebe (13)                                            BE 51a
Lyon Rachel J. (9)                                        CG 469b
Lyon Sally (8)                                             HA 32b
Lyon Sarah E. (1)                                         CG 469b
Lyon Sarah (5)                                            SB 522b
Lyon Sarah ()                                              HA 33b
Lyon Sarah (1)                                             HA 33b
Lyon Sarah (45)                                           GL 513a
Lyon Smith (39)                                           SB 522b
Lyon Sophia (40)                                          CG 469b
Lyon Sylvester (27)                                        BE 51a
Lyon Tamar (41)                                            HA 32b
Lyon Walker (61)                                          SB 522b
Lyon William (5)                                           HA 32b
Lyon William (17)                                          BE 51a
Lypard Hannah (19)                                        FR 488b
Lypard Lydia (22)                                         FR 486a
M*k Fanny (23)                                             BE 50a
M*k James (2)                                              BE 50a
M*k Nathan Jr (28)                                         BE 50a
M*more Cornelius (7)                                      PR 426a
M*more Jacob (1)                                          PR 426a
M*more John (36)                                          PR 426a
M*more John (8)                                           PR 426a
M*more Lydia (35)                                         PR 426a
M*more Margaret (14)                                      PR 426a
M*more Sylvester (6/12)                                   PR 426a
Mackey James (5)                                          WA 356b
Mackey Julian (6)                                         WA 356b
Macklow Daniel (57)                                       WA 352b
Macklow Edwain (13)                                       WA 353a
Macklow Hannah (15)                                       WA 352b
Macklow Jonna (9)                                         WA 353a
Macklow Margaret (55)                                     WA 352b
Macky Boran (29)                                          WA 357a
Macky David (15)                                          WA 357a
Macky Eilliam (46)                                        WA 357a
Macky Elizabeth (17)                                      WA 357a
Macky Susan (7)                                           WA 357a
Macumber Christopher (24)                                  PU 65b
Macumber George (10)                                       PU 65b
Macumber Mary Jane (15)                                    PU 65b
Macumber Nancy (52)                                        PU 65b
Macumber Rachael (13)                                      PU 65b
Maddon Maria (12)                                          HA 29b
Maddon Mary (17)                                           HA 29b
Maddon Rebecca (49)                                        HA 29b
Maddon Refella (20)                                        HA 29b
Maddon Thomas (45)                                         HA 29b
Madison Samuel (12)                                        HA 41a
Magavin Alice (5)                                         CR 384a
Magavin Bridget (7)                                       CR 384a
Magavin Margaret (22)                                     CR 384a
Magavin Mary A. (8/12)                                    CR 384a
Magavin Stephen (28)                                      CR 384a
Magun Peter (28)                                          WA 351b
Mahony Michale (22)                                       CR 382b
Maiden Harriet (34)                                       WA 353b
Maiden Thomas (7)                                         WA 353b
Maiden Thomas (43)                                        WA 353b
Mallonee Daniel (46)                                      CG 463b
Mallonee John (11)                                        CG 463b
Mallonee Mary (34)                                        CG 463b
Mallonee Sarah (13)                                       CG 463b
Mallonee Thomas (8)                                       CG 463b
Malotte Allen (17)                                        CG 462a
Malotte Lydia (9)                                         CG 462a
Malotte Lyman (1)                                         CG 462a
Malotte Malinda (15)                                      CG 462a
Malotte Polly (44)                                        CG 462a
Malotte Samuel (63)                                       CG 462a
ManCH Philander (33)                                      CH 454b
ManCH Rebecca (28)                                        CH 454b
ManCH Sylvester (5)                                       CH 454b
Manly Alenia (17)                                         WA 361a
Manly Alsina (19)                                         CN 366b
Manly Evelina (6)                                         CN 366b
Manly Ezemiah (4/12)                                      CN 366b
Manly Helen M. (1)                                        CN 366b
Manly Lavinia (1)                                         CN 366b
Manly Lirion (9)                                          CN 366b
Manly Martha (41)                                         CN 366b
Manly Mary J. (4)                                         CN 366b
Manly Mary (17)                                           CN 366b
Manly Preservd (51)                                       CN 366b
Manly Rolander (15)                                       CN 366b
Manly Roxanna (13)                                        CN 366b
Manly Sarah (11)                                          CN 366b
Mann Abner (3)                                            CG 468a
Mann Absolom (44)                                         FR 492a
Mann Adaline (15)                                         CR 392b
Mann Almira (18)                                          FR 479a
Mann Andrew (17)                                          FR 488a
Mann Bethena (14)                                         FR 492a
Mann Charles (4)                                          CR 379a
Mann Charles (60)                                         CR 379a
Mann Charles E. (9)                                       CR 379a
Mann Christian (46)                                       FR 478b
Mann Cornelius (8)                                         LN 25b
Mann Eliza (3)                                            FR 478b
Mann Eliza (21)                                           FR 479a
Mann Elizabeth (37)                                       CR 388b
Mann Emily (5)                                             LN 25b
Mann Emily (43)                                           FR 492a
Mann Ezra (24)                                            CN 365a
Mann Francis M. (8)                                       CR 379a
Mann Jacob (55)                                           FR 479a
Mann Jasper (6)                                           GL 504b
Mann Jehu (36)                                             LN 25b
Mann John J. (17)                                         CR 392b
Mann John (47)                                            FR 478b
Mann John (13)                                            FR 479a
Mann Johnston (5)                                         FR 478b
Mann Joseph (65)                                          FR 488a
Mann Julia (3)                                             LN 25b
Mann Leondes (3)                                          FR 488a
Mann Louisa (16)                                          FR 478b
Mann Louisa (18)                                          FR 492a
Mann Luther (24)                                          CG 468a
Mann Margaret (4)                                         FR 488a
Mann Marshall (2/12)                                      CR 379a
Mann Mary E. (27)                                         CR 379a
Mann Mary (7)                                             FR 478b
Mann Mary (2)                                             FR 479a
Mann Mary (25)                                            FR 488a
Mann Mary (23)                                            CG 468a
Mann Mary (22)                                            CN 365a
Mann Melica (10)                                          CN 365a
Mann Michael (10)                                          LN 25b
Mann Mitchel (28)                                         CR 379a
Mann Nancy (3)                                            CR 379a
Mann Naomi (23)                                           CR 379a
Mann Perry (29)                                           FR 487b
Mann Philomena (2)                                        FR 492a
Mann Price (29)                                           CR 379a
Mann Rachael (26)                                         FR 479a
Mann Rachel (10)                                          FR 478b
Mann Rachel (6)                                           FR 488a
Mann Rebecca (22)                                         FR 478b
Mann Sarah (55)                                           FR 479a
Mann Sarah (20)                                           FR 478b
Mann Sarah (65)                                           FR 488a
Mann Smith (46)                                           CR 388b
Mann Susannah (32)                                         LN 25b
Mannville Charlotte (27)                                   BE 54b
Mannville Eli (28)                                         BE 54b
Mans Catharine (24)                                       WA 360b
Manville 4/12 (f)                                         SB 521a
Manville Albert (15)                                       BE 45b
Manville Amy (18)                                         SB 526b
Manville Amy (16)                                         SB 528a
Manville Angeline (8)                                      BE 45b
Manville Catherine (27)                                    BE 45b
Manville Charles (6)                                       BE 50a
Manville Chauncy (27)                                      BE 50a
Manville Edwin (6)                                         BE 45b
Manville Eliza (18)                                       SB 528a
Manville Elizabeth (16)                                    BE 50a
Manville Elizabeth (34)                                    BE 50a
Manville Ellen (3)                                         BE 50a
Manville Fleming (55)                                      BE 45b
Manville Fleming (21)                                      BE 50a
Manville George (15)                                       BE 45b
Manville George (34)                                       BE 45b
Manville Harrison (33)                                     BE 50a
Manville Ira (7)                                           BE 50a
Manville Jasper (1)                                        BE 45b
Manville John (56)                                         BE 50a
Manville John Jr (36)                                      BE 50a
Manville Juliann (57)                                      BE 50a
Manville Leroy (4/12)                                      BE 45b
Manville Lucetta (8)                                       BE 50a
Manville Mary (40)                                         BE 45b
Manville Mary (9)                                          BE 45b
Manville Mary (11)                                         BE 50a
Manville Orpha (3)                                        SB 516b
Manville Priscilla (25)                                    BE 50a
Manville Sally (52)                                        BE 45b
Manville Sophronia (6)                                     BE 50a
Manville Troxy (13)                                        BE 50a
Manville Vasco (2)                                         BE 45b
Manville William (31)                                      BE 45b
Maradith Mary (14)                                        NB 408b
Maraty Ellen (32)                                         CR 388a
Maraty John (38)                                          CR 388a
Maraty Morris (3)                                         CR 388a
Marble Caroline (9)                                       SB 521b
Marble Columbia (6)                                       SB 521b
Marble Ephraim (10)                                       SB 521b
Marble Jemima (29)                                        SB 521b
Marble Leanna (53)                                        SB 521b
Marble Louisa (1)                                         SB 521b
Marble Narcissa (7)                                       SB 521b
Marble Peneloope (5)                                      SB 521b
Marble Reece (31)                                         SB 521b
Maris Charles (26)                                        TR 418a
Maris Harriet L. (14)                                     TR 418a
Maris John (22)                                           TR 418a
Maris Malissa M. (17)                                     TR 418a
Maris Margaret (54)                                       TR 418a
Maris Mary J. (24)                                        TR 418a
Maris Rosabel (20)                                        TR 418a
Maris Thomas (30)                                         TR 418a
Marry Ann (14)                                            FR 492b
Marry Charles (2)                                         FR 492b
Marry George (50)                                         FR 492b
Marry Margaret (37)                                       FR 492b
Marry Margaret (9)                                        FR 492b
Marsh C.E. (15)                                             WF 8a
Marsh Collina (44)                                          WF 8a
Marsh E. ()                                                 WF 8a
Marsh J.C. (4)                                              WF 8a
Marsh J.L. (8)                                              WF 8a
Marsh W.W. (12)                                             WF 8a
Marshman Cadista (24)                                     CN 368a
Marshman Clementinea (16)                                 NB 405b
Marshman Daniel (1)                                       CN 368a
Marshman Elizabeth (30)                                   NB 405a
Marshman George (65)                                      NB 405a
Marshman George (21)                                      NB 405b
Marshman James (28)                                       NB 405a
Marshman John (27)                                        CN 368a
Marshman Margaret (40)                                    NB 405a
Marshman Nancy (23)                                       NB 405b
Marshman NS (1/12)                                        CN 368a
Martin Abigail (82)                                        LN 24a
Martin Avis (20)                                           LN 24b
Martin Benedict (22)                                      PR 433b
Martin Bloomfield (24)                                     WF 12a
Martin Catharine (8)                                      WA 359b
Martin Columbus (5)                                       FR 489a
Martin Cynthia (3)                                         LN 24b
Martin Delia (1)                                           LN 24b
Martin E.W. (14)                                           WF 12b
Martin Elizabeth (9)                                       WF 12a
Martin Elizabeth (51)                                      WF 12b
Martin Elizabeth (7)                                      WA 359b
Martin Elizabeth (38)                                     WA 359b
Martin Harrison (7)                                        LN 24a
Martin Heman (49)                                          LN 24a
Martin Heman Jur (24)                                      LN 24b
Martin Hiram (19)                                          LN 24a
Martin James F. (18)                                      WA 359b
Martin Jane (57)                                          CR 382a
Martin Joab (16)                                          WA 353b
Martin Joab (16)                                          WA 359b
Martin John (42)                                          WA 359b
Martin John (3)                                           WA 359b
Martin John (34)                                          FR 488b
Martin John (1)                                           FR 489a
Martin Losea (17)                                          WF 12b
Martin Louisa (12)                                         LN 24a
Martin Lydia (14)                                          LN 24a
Martin Margaret (7)                                        WF 12a
Martin Mary (19)                                           WF 10a
Martin Mary (23)                                           WF 12a
Martin Mary (33)                                          FR 488b
Martin Nancy (10)                                         WA 359b
Martin Oriandrus (2/12)                                    WF 12a
Martin Rachel (4)                                         GL 514a
Martin Sarah (13)                                         WA 359b
Martin Sarah (47)                                          LN 24a
Martin Terza Ann (28)                                     CR 382a
Martin Warren (16)                                         LN 24a
Martin William (7)                                        FR 488b
Martin William (58)                                       CR 382a
Martin Wilson (3)                                         FR 489a
Marton Margaret E. (17)                                   CH 437b
Marvin Adam (8)                                           SB 531b
Marvin Alexander (45)                                     SB 527a
Marvin Alexander (24)                                      HA 29b
Marvin David (12)                                         SB 529b
Marvin Elizabeth (8)                                      SB 529b
Marvin Elizabeth (58)                                     GL 511a
Marvin Ellen (2)                                          SB 531b
Marvin Fanny (44)                                         SB 527a
Marvin Fletcher (6)                                       SB 531b
Marvin Floyd (11)                                         SB 531b
Marvin Harriet (6)                                        SB 529b
Marvin Harriet (14)                                       SB 531b
Marvin Hiram (52)                                         SB 532a
Marvin Jonathan (16)                                      SB 526a
Marvin Lewis (4)                                          SB 531b
Marvin Loisa (18)                                          BE 54a
Marvin Louisa (17)                                        SB 528a
Marvin Mary (43)                                          SB 526a
Marvin Mary (16)                                          SB 531b
Marvin Mary (35)                                          SB 529b
Marvin Nancy (26)                                          HA 29b
Marvin Rebecca (f)                                         BE 54a
Marvin Sarah (39)                                         SB 531b
Marvin Sarah (41)                                         SB 532a
Marvin Seth (56)                                          SB 529b
Marvin Stephen (10)                                       SB 527a
Marvin Stephen (62)                                       GL 511a
Marvin Thilena (18)                                       SB 527a
Marvin William (49)                                       SB 526a
Marvin William (18)                                       SB 531b
Marvin William (43)                                       SB 531b
Marvin William (21)                                       SB 532a
Mary A. 34 (f)                                            CG 469b
Mary A. Ephraim (10)                                      CG 469b
Mary A. Nancy (8)                                         CG 469b
Mary A. Rebecca (12)                                      CG 469b
Mary A. Samuel (3)                                        CG 469b
Mason Joseph (23)                                         WA 359b
Masters Barton F. (1)                                     CN 372a
Masters Caroline M. (3)                                   CN 372a
Masters Francis M. (7)                                    CN 372a
Masters Henry J. (3)                                      CN 372a
Masters Jonathan (27)                                     CN 372a
Masters Mary A. (28)                                      CN 372a
Masters Orland W. (5)                                     CN 372a
Masters Ruth (26)                                         CN 372a
Masters William A. (1)                                    CN 372a
Masters William N. (29)                                   CN 372a
Mateer Elizabeth (55)                                     FR 482b
Mateer John (20)                                          FR 482b
Mateer Matilda (16)                                       FR 482b
Mateer Rass (18)                                          FR 482b
Mather Daniel (11)                                        CH 454a
Mather Elcy A (9)                                         CH 454a
Mather Emma C. (1)                                        CH 454a
Mather James (36)                                         CH 454a
Mather Naome (3)                                          CH 454a
Mather Phebe (34)                                         CH 454a
Mathews James (24)                                        CR 392b
Matter Elizaeth (17)                                      GL 505a
Matter James (16)                                         GL 505a
Matter Jane (58)                                          GL 505a
Matter John (56)                                          GL 505a
Matter Mary (21)                                          GL 505a
Maun Alexander (9)                                        FR 481b
Maun Andrew (15)                                          FR 481b
Maun Esra (7)                                             FR 481b
Maun John (80)                                            FR 481b
Maun Lydia (5)                                            FR 481b
Maun Mary (12)                                            FR 481b
Maun Susannah (38)                                        FR 481b
Maun Valentine (40)                                       FR 481b
Maurice Eliza E. (1)                                      NB 399b
Maurice George (8)                                        NB 399b
Maurice John (35)                                         NB 399b
Maurice Mary A. (34)                                      NB 399b
Maurice Mary J. (10)                                      NB 399b
Maurice Rachel (5)                                        NB 399b
Maurice Rebecca (3)                                       NB 399b
Maurice William (6)                                       NB 399b
Mavis Margaret (40)                                       CH 452b
Maxfield Martha A. (20)                                   CN 377a
Maxwell Cullen (18)                                       GL 508a
Maxwell Gennett (33)                                      CR 391a
Maxwell Hugh (32)                                         GL 508a
Maxwell John D. (5)                                       CG 473b
Maxwell Jonathan (37)                                     CR 391a
Maxwell Margaret A. (26)                                  CR 381b
Maxwell Marshall P. (3)                                   CR 391a
Maxwell Mary C (1)                                        CG 473b
Maxwell Mary F. (10)                                      CR 391a
Maxwell Mary (22)                                         CR 391b
Maxwell Meigs L. (26)                                     CR 381b
Maxwell Rebecca P. (6)                                    CR 391a
Maxwell Robert R. (7/12)                                  CR 381b
Maxwell Samuel (32)                                       CG 473b
Maxwell Susan (28)                                        CG 473b
Maxwell William (19)                                      CR 391a
Maxwell Winfield S. (2)                                   CR 381b
May Asa (1)                                               CR 389a
May Caroline (9)                                          CR 389a
May Caspter (11)                                          CR 389a
May Edward (39)                                           CR 389a
May Electa (32)                                           CR 389a
May Ellen L. (5)                                          CR 389a
May George B. (40)                                        CN 377b
May John B. (10)                                          CN 377b
May Julian (6)                                            CN 377b
May Lucinda (3)                                           CR 389a
May Mary (35)                                             CN 377b
May Oscar (7)                                             CR 389a
McAlee Charles (8)                                        FR 482b
McAlee Colly (75)                                         FR 482b
McAlee Della (65)                                         FR 482b
McAlee Lloyd (36)                                         FR 482b
McAlee Susan (23)                                         FR 482b
McAniff Ann (7)                                           CR 384a
McAniff Anthony (29)                                      CR 384a
McAniff Bridet (24)                                       CR 384a
McAniff James (1)                                         CR 384a
McAniff John (3)                                          CR 384a
McAniff Thomas (5)                                        CR 384a
McBride Carlis (23)                                       CG 468a
McBride Catharine (20)                                    CG 468a
McBride Jane (32)                                         GL 508b
McBride John (3)                                          GL 508b
McBride Miller (1)                                        GL 508b
McBride Robert (9)                                        GL 508b
McBride Rowly (41)                                        GL 508b
McBride Sarah (11)                                        GL 508b
McCafferty Benjamin (50)                                  CN 371b
McCafferty James (17)                                     CN 371b
McCafferty Jane (45)                                      CN 371b
McCafferty Mary (8)                                       CN 371b
McCaley 7 (f)                                              WF 15a
McCall Alexander (64)                                     CH 446a
McCall Eliza (25)                                         GL 514a
McCall George (27)                                        GL 514a
McCall Maria (16)                                         CH 446a
McCall Rebecca (22)                                       CH 446a
McCall Susan (62)                                         CH 446a
McCall Warner (4)                                         GL 514a
McCammon Alice (5)                                        FR 477b
McCammon Henriett (24)                                    FR 477a
McCammon John (34)                                        FR 477a
McCartney Arian (21)                                      CR 384a
McCartney Daniel (33)                                     CR 384b
McCartney George H. (2)                                   CR 393b
McCartney Isaac (17)                                      CR 384b
McCartney Jacob (26)                                      CR 393b
McCartney Lydia A. (7/12)                                 CR 393b
McCartney Lydia (55)                                      CR 384b
McCartney Mary E. (22)                                    CR 393b
McCartney Mary E. (5)                                     CR 393b
McCartney Padanaram (23)                                  CR 384a
McCartney Robert (31)                                     CR 384b
McCartney Washington (26)                                 CR 384b
McCarty Jesse (27)                                         WF 10a
McCarty Thomas (21)                                       CR 382b
McCaslin David (40)                                       CG 470b
McCaslin Elizabeth (9)                                    CG 470b
McCaslin James (14)                                       CG 470b
McCaslin John (11)                                        CG 470b
McCaslin Margaret (6)                                     CG 470b
McCatchun Alexander (35)                                  CH 450a
McCatchun Elizabeth (32)                                  CH 450a
McCatchun James (4)                                       CH 450a
McCatchun Margaret (11)                                   CH 450a
McCatchun Sarah (1)                                       CH 450a
McCausland George (25)                                    WA 354a
McCausland Sarah A. (1)                                   WA 354a
McCausland Sarah (25)                                     WA 354a
McCendick Eunice (19)                                     WA 362b
McClain John M. (25)                                      CN 369a
McClain Mary M. (24)                                      CN 369a
McClanathan Mary A (18)                                   CG 457a
McClanathan Rachel (39)                                   CG 457a
McClanathan Samuel (47)                                   CG 457a
McClanathan Sarah E (1)                                   CG 457a
McClanathan William (13)                                  CG 457a
McClandy Ann E. (9)                                       PR 433a
McClandy Mary C. (7)                                      PR 433a
McClandy Mathis (11)                                      PR 433a
McClandy Sarah J. (5)                                     PR 433a
McClanie James (28)                                       NB 395b
McClanie Olive (25)                                       NB 395b
McClanie Rachel B. (1)                                    NB 395b
McClarin Hugh M. (25)                                     WA 351b
McClarin John (13)                                        WA 351b
McClarin Robert M. Jr. (23)                               WA 351b
McClarin Robert M. (63)                                   WA 351b
McClarin Saml (19)                                        WA 351b
McClarin Sarah A. (17)                                    WA 351b
McClarin Sarah M (55)                                     WA 351b
McClarin William (21)                                     WA 351b
McClarrin James (28)                                      GL 502a
McClarrin Olive (22)                                      GL 502a
McClarrin Rachel (1)                                      GL 502a
McClellan Parmelia (12)                                   GL 504a
McClellan Susan (6)                                       GL 504a
McClellan Susan (56)                                      GL 504a
McClellan William (8)                                     TR 417a
McClelland John (42)                                      CG 474b
McClelland John (15)                                      CG 474b
McClelland Newton (18)                                    CG 474b
McClelland Sarah (36)                                     CG 474b
McClellen Dorotha (32)                                    GL 508b
McClellen Henry C. (2)                                    WA 362a
McClellen Mary (27)                                       WA 362a
McClellen Rebecca J. (4)                                  WA 362a
McClellen Sarah (5)                                       WA 362a
McClellen Thomas (30)                                     WA 362a
McClellen William (28)                                    GL 508b

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