Morrow 1850 census index (partial)
Morrow County 1850 Census Surname Index
Surname/Given Name/Age/Township Abbreviation/Sheet Number
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Lantz Adam (8)                                            PR 424a
Lantz Daniel (7)                                          PR 424a
Lantz Elizabeth (5)                                       PR 424a
Lantz Eve (44)                                            PR 424a
Lantz Frederick (51)                                      PR 424a
Lantz Henry (17)                                          PR 424a
Lantz Jacob (10)                                          PR 424a
Lantz Levi (19)                                           PR 424a
Lantz Lydia (12)                                          PR 424a
Lantz Matilda (16)                                        PR 424a
Lantz Sally A. (14)                                       PR 424a
Lantz Susan (1)                                           PR 424a
Larkin Dulany (25)                                         PU 60b
Larkin Mary (6)                                            PU 60b
Larkin Nelson (31)                                         PU 60b
Larkin Sarah (2)                                           PU 60b
Larue Aaron Jr. (2/12)                                    WA 351a
Larue Aaron (49)                                          WA 351a
Larue Asinath (37)                                        WA 351a
Larue Chambers (14)                                       WA 351a
Larue Eliza (43)                                          WA 351a
Larue Harriet B. (16)                                     WA 351a
Larue Harriet (16)                                        WA 351a
Larue Isaac (10)                                          WA 351a
Larue Jesse L (3)                                         WA 351a
Larue Jonathan (15)                                       WA 351a
Larue Mary J. (5)                                         WA 351a
Larue Phebe E. (11)                                       WA 351a
Larue Roswell (13)                                        WA 351a
Larue Sarah E. (18)                                       WA 351a
Larue Thomas (7)                                          WA 351a
Larue William R. (9)                                      WA 351a
Larue William (46)                                        WA 351a
Lash John (78)                                             BE 49b
Lash Martha (52)                                           BE 49b
Lathem Ann (10)                                           GL 513b
Lathem Henry (6)                                          GL 513b
Lathem James (12)                                         GL 513b
Lathem James (34)                                         GL 513b
Lathem Jonathan (8)                                       GL 513b
Lathem Laura (34)                                         GL 513b
Latman Abigail (45)                                       SB 523a
Latman Benjamin (55)                                      SB 523a
Latman Bethena (13)                                       SB 523a
Latman John (10)                                          SB 523a
Latman Malissa (16)                                       SB 523a
Latman Oliver (11)                                        SB 523a
Laube Caroline (1)                                        NB 404b
Laube Catharine (28)                                      NB 404b
Laube Elizabeth (2)                                       NB 404b
Laube John (27)                                           NB 404b
Laune Charlotte (6)                                        BE 45a
Laune Lavina (12)                                          BE 45a
Laune Lewis (18)                                           BE 45a
Laune Rufus (44)                                           BE 45a
Laune Sarah (38)                                           BE 45a
Lavering Allen (11)                                       PR 434b
Lavering Byram (9)                                        PR 434b
Lavering Daniel (17)                                      PR 430a
Lavering Elizabeth (13)                                   PR 430a
Lavering Esther (19)                                      PR 430a
Lavering Hester (34)                                      CG 464b
Lavering Martha (11)                                      PR 430a
Lavering Mary J. (20)                                     PR 430a
Lavering Mary (49)                                        PR 430a
Lavering Mary (36)                                        PR 434b
Lavering Milton (28)                                      FR 487b
Lavering Morgan (41)                                      PR 434b
Lavering Nancy (31)                                       FR 487b
Lavering Nathan (54)                                      PR 430a
Lavering Nelson (37)                                      CG 464b
Lavering Robert (4)                                       PR 435a
Lavering Ruth (70)                                        FR 487b
Lavering Samanel (9)                                      PR 430a
Lavering Sarah A. (21)                                    PR 430a
Lavering William W. (15)                                  PR 430a
Lavering William (70)                                     FR 487b
Lawhead Charles G. (3/12)                                 CR 383b
Lawhead James (3)                                         CR 383b
Lawhead Susannah (7)                                      CR 383b
Lawrence Alparis (23)                                     NB 409b
Lawrence Clarinda F. (31)                                 NB 409b
Lawrence Colin D. (6)                                     NB 409b
Lawrence Coriel (11)                                      NB 409b
Lawrence Harriet M. (15)                                  NB 409b
Lawrence James R. (42)                                    NB 409b
Lawrence John J. (1)                                      NB 409b
Lawrence Miles C. (9)                                     NB 409b
Laycock Alpheus (21)                                      CH 438b
Laycock Catharine (23)                                    CH 438b
Laycock Clorama (17)                                      CH 437a
Laycock Elizabeth A. (8)                                  CH 437a
Laycock Elizabeth (54)                                    CH 437a
Laycock Harrison (8)                                      CH 438b
Laycock Henry (54)                                        CH 438b
Laycock Henry (13)                                        CH 438b
Laycock Jabil (16)                                        CH 438b
Laycock John B. (15)                                      CH 437a
Laycock Joseph (57)                                       CH 437a
Laycock Joseph (24)                                       CH 437a
Laycock Lucy (25)                                         CH 438b
Laycock Lydia (19)                                        CH 437a
Laycock Randal (13)                                       CH 437a
Laycock Richard (18)                                      CH 438b
Laycock Sarah A. (10)                                     CH 438b
Lebrant Charles A. (29)                                   CR 394a
Lebrant Ellen (6/12)                                      CR 394a
Lebrant Harriet L. (25)                                   CR 394a
Lee Ann (18)                                              CR 393b
Lee Charles (22)                                           PU 65b
Lee David W. (26)                                         CR 385b
Lee Elizabeth (26)                                        CR 385a
Lee Harriet (17)                                           PU 65b
Lee Isaac (24)                                            CR 393b
Lee Lucilla W. (11)                                       CR 385b
Lee Marietta (3)                                          CR 385b
Lee Orson (19)                                             PU 65b
Lee Sarah J. (8)                                          CR 385b
Lee Sarah M. (28)                                         CH 452b
Lee Sarah (53)                                             PU 65b
Lee Thomas B. (18)                                        CR 385b
Lee Thomas (18)                                           CR 394a
Lee Uree A. (16)                                          CR 385b
Lee Uree (52)                                             CR 385a
Lee William A. M. (18)                                    CH 448a
Lee William S. (13)                                       CR 385b
Lefland Sarah (11)                                         HA 39b
Leggett Hannah (19)                                       CG 457a
Leggett Martha (21)                                       CG 457a
Leggett Rebecca (40)                                      CG 457a
Leggett Thomas (46)                                       CG 457a
Lemon Abraham R. (4)                                      WA 356b
Lemon Allice (57)                                         WA 356b
Lemon Alonzo (6)                                          WA 356b
Lemon Henry G. (32)                                       WA 356b
Lemon Henry (81)                                          WA 356b
Lemon Henry (10)                                          WA 356b
Lemon Hissander (8)                                       WA 356b
Lemon Nancy (32)                                          WA 356b
Lemon Thomas (1)                                          WA 356b
Lent Elizabeth (6/12)                                     CR 388a
Lent Emily (20)                                           CR 388a
Lent George ()                                            CR 388a
Lent Leonora (4)                                          CR 388a
Leonard Abigail (9)                                       CH 446a
Leonard Angeline (11)                                     CN 369a
Leonard Ann H. (40)                                       CN 369a
Leonard Byram (10/12)                                     GL 508a
Leonard Catharine (19)                                    CH 440a
Leonard Christopher (8)                                   CN 369a
Leonard Daniel S. (38)                                    CH 445b
Leonard Davison (10)                                      CH 445b
Leonard Elizabeth (21)                                     PU 67a
Leonard Elizabeth (39)                                    CH 445b
Leonard Elizabeth (6)                                     CN 369a
Leonard George (1)                                         PU 67a
Leonard Gertrude (3)                                      CH 446a
Leonard H.B. (22)                                         CH 440a
Leonard Isaac (52)                                        CN 369a
Leonard John A. (1/12)                                    CH 440a
Leonard John (24)                                         GL 507b
Leonard Joseph (71)                                        PU 66b
Leonard Lewis (13)                                        CH 445b
Leonard Martha (61)                                        PU 66b
Leonard Mary (4)                                          CN 369a
Leonard Minerva (28)                                      GL 507b
Leonard Rachel (55)                                       CN 364b
Leonard Sarah (4)                                         CH 446a
Leonard William (1)                                       CN 369a
Leonard Willoughby (6)                                    CH 446a
Leuddes Emma (12)                                         SB 530a
Leuddes Laura (34)                                        SB 530a
Leuddes Thodore (15)                                      SB 530a
Leuddes William (39)                                      SB 530a
Levering David (34)                                       PR 434a
Levering Esther (30)                                       PU 64b
Levering Francine (1)                                      PU 64b
Levering Griffith (31)                                     PU 64b
Levering Mary (6)                                          PU 64b
Levering Rachael (60)                                      PU 64b
Levering Rachael (3)                                       PU 64b
Levering Samuel (21)                                       PU 64b
Levering Sarah (24)                                       PR 434a
Levering Thomas (68)                                       PU 64b
Lewis A.J. (19)                                             WF 6b
Lewis Aaron (28)                                           HA 32a
Lewis Aaron (29)                                           HA 38a
Lewis Alice G. (1)                                        TR 417b
Lewis Ann (55)                                            CH 443b
Lewis Byram (5)                                           PR 425b
Lewis Caroline (14)                                         WF 6b
Lewis Catherine (8)                                        HA 32b
Lewis Charles (6)                                          HA 32b
Lewis Cyrene (50)                                           WF 6b
Lewis Edwin (16)                                            WF 3b
Lewis Elvira (17)                                         TR 417b
Lewis Francis (9)                                           WF 3b
Lewis George (20)                                           WF 6b
Lewis Harriet (1/12)                                       HA 32b
Lewis Harriet (12)                                          WF 6b
Lewis Henry (19)                                            WF 3b
Lewis I.M. (11)                                             WF 3b
Lewis Isaac N. (11)                                       PR 425b
Lewis J.E. (50)                                             WF 3b
Lewis James (26)                                            WF 6b
Lewis Jerome (19)                                           WF 6b
Lewis John B. (19)                                        PR 425b
Lewis John (44)                                           PR 425b
Lewis John (4)                                             HA 32b
Lewis John (62)                                           CH 443b
Lewis John (20)                                           CH 443b
Lewis Jonathan (8)                                          WF 6b
Lewis Jonathan Sr. (80)                                     WF 6b
Lewis Joseph (11)                                           WF 6b
Lewis Joseph (17)                                         CH 443b
Lewis Josephine (1)                                         WF 8a
Lewis Josephus (35)                                        HA 32b
Lewis Julia (44)                                            WF 3b
Lewis Levi (61)                                           TR 417b
Lewis Mary (21)                                             WF 8a
Lewis Mary (36)                                           TR 417b
Lewis Mary (40)                                           PR 425b
Lewis Mary (26)                                            HA 32b
Lewis Morgan (23)                                           WF 8a
Lewis Morgan (43)                                           WF 6b
Lewis Ora N. (2)                                          TR 417b
Lewis Orson (10)                                            WF 6b
Lewis Thomas (15)                                         PR 425b
Lewis Valentine (14)                                      CH 443b
Lewis William (5/12)                                        WF 6b
Lewis William (17)                                        PR 425b
Ligget Alexander (46)                                      LN 27b
Ligget Henry (6)                                           LN 27b
Ligget John (26)                                           LN 27b
Ligget Martha (10)                                         LN 27b
Ligget Pamelia (13)                                        LN 27b
Ligget Sarah (42)                                          LN 27b
Ligget Thomas (17)                                         LN 27b
Ligget Washington (8)                                      LN 27b
Ligget William (15)                                        LN 27b
Liggett Ira (16)                                          CR 393b
Liggett Mary J. (17)                                      CR 393b
Liggett Phebe (40)                                        CR 393b
Liggett Samuel (48)                                       CR 393b
Liggett Theodore (8)                                      CR 393b
Linder Catharine (55)                                     CN 376a
Linder Charity (16)                                       CN 376a
Linder Daniel (11)                                        CN 376a
Linder James (64)                                         CN 376a
Linder John (23)                                          CN 376a
Linder Mary (71)                                          CN 373b
Linder Matilda (19)                                       CN 376a
Lindley Bethia (31)                                       CH 448b
Lindley Mahala (36)                                       CH 448b
Lindley Rhoda (24)                                        CH 448b
Lindley Susannah (62)                                     CH 448b
Lindsay Jackson (20)                                      CG 468a
Lindsay Joseph (70)                                       CG 468a
Lindsay Martha (20)                                       CG 468a
Lindsay Polly (23)                                        CG 468a
Lindsay Rachel (30)                                       CG 468a
Lindsay Robert (35)                                       CG 468a
Lindsay Sarah (22)                                        CG 468a
Lindsey Christian (31)                                    GL 513a
Lindsey Kate (1)                                          GL 513a
Lindsey Merilla (24)                                      GL 513a
Lindsey Miller (3)                                        GL 513a
Lindsley Xantha (11)                                      FR 484b
Lindsly Phebe (36)                                        FR 487a
Line Abraham (20)                                          PU 59a
Line Samuel (15)                                           PU 59a
Lineweaver Ann (29)                                       SB 519a
Lineweaver Catharine (48)                                 SB 519a
Lineweaver Corbin (24)                                    SB 519a
Lineweaver John (56)                                      SB 519a
Lineweaver Mary (18)                                      SB 519a
Lineweaver Sarah (21)                                     SB 519a
Linn Cabb (8)                                             CG 463b
Linn Elizabeth (14)                                       CG 463b
Linn Errilla (5)                                          FR 492b
Linn Henry (19)                                           FR 490b
Linn Isaac (31)                                           CG 466b
Linn John (33)                                            FR 492b
Linn John (6)                                             CG 463b
Linn Levi (40)                                            CG 463b
Linn Lucinda (3)                                          FR 492b
Linn Malinda (35)                                         CG 463b
Linn Maria (25)                                           GL 508b
Linn Mary (31)                                            FR 492b
Linn Mary (20)                                            CG 466b
Linn Milesant (8)                                         FR 490a
Linn Nancy (11)                                           CG 463b
Linn Nathan (34)                                          FR 490a
Linn NN (8/12)                                            CG 466b
Linn Priscilla (7)                                        FR 492b
Linn Rachel (56)                                          FR 490b
Linn Rachel (6)                                           FR 490a
Linn Rachel (16)                                          CG 463b
Linn Sophia (28)                                          FR 490a
Linn Sylvester (3)                                        GL 508b
Linn Vilara (17)                                          FR 490b
Linn Walter (3)                                           CG 463b
Linn William (35)                                         GL 508b
Linn William (57)                                         FR 490b
Linn William (3)                                          FR 490a
Linn William (15)                                         FR 490b
Linn Zachariah (1)                                        FR 492b
Linscott Elie (21)                                        SB 516a
Linscott Francis (15)                                     SB 516a
Linscott Joseph (10/12)                                   SB 516a
Linscott Lydia (19)                                       SB 516a
Linscott Maria (57)                                       SB 516a
Linscott Mary (17)                                        SB 516a
Linscott Sarah (18)                                       SB 521a
Linscott William (24)                                     SB 516a
Lipsy Hannah (24)                                          HA 30b
Lipsy William (25)                                         HA 30b
Little Elizabeth (22)                                     SB 523b
Little Michael (30)                                       WA 355b
Little Oliver (25)                                        SB 523b
Little Suzannah (24)                                      WA 360b
Little William (26)                                       WA 360b
Litzenburg Emily (2)                                      GL 513a
Litzenburg Louisa (10)                                    GL 513a
Litzenburg Mary (23)                                      GL 513a
Litzenburg Thomas (2/12)                                  GL 513a
Litzenburg Thomas (29)                                    GL 513a
Livers Anna (52)                                           BE 51a
Livers John (82)                                           BE 51a
Livingston Asenith (67)                                   FR 476b
Livingston Catharine (34)                                 CH 448a
Livingston Charles (34)                                   CH 448a
Livingston John C. (23)                                   CH 448a
Livingston Nancy (33)                                     CH 448a
Livingston Sarah 53 (f)                                   CH 448a
Livingston Sarah C. (2)                                   CH 448a
Livingston Thomas (9/12)                                  CH 448a
Livingston Thomas C. (19)                                 CH 448a
Livingston Thomas (63)                                    CH 448a
Livingston William J. (1)                                 CH 448a
Livingston William (27)                                   CH 448a
Livingstone Eliza (39)                                    FR 484a
Livingstone Francis (17)                                  FR 484a
Livingstone James (13)                                    FR 484a
Livingstone James (49)                                    FR 484a
Livingstone Jane (49)                                     FR 484a
Livingstone John (15)                                     FR 484a
Livingstone Rachel (19)                                   FR 484a
Livingstone William (59)                                  FR 484a
Lockhart Adam (35)                                        PR 426a
Long Absalom (14)                                         CR 382b
Long Ann (50)                                             NB 406a
Long Ann (7)                                               HA 29b
Long Catharine (41)                                       NB 406b
Long Catharine (25)                                       CG 457a
Long Catharine (11)                                       CR 382b
Long Daniel (43)                                          CR 382b
Long Daniel J. (8)                                        CR 382b
Long Ditha (22)                                           GL 513a
Long Elarinda (13)                                        NB 406a
Long Elizabeth (11)                                        HA 29b
Long Elizabeth (62)                                        HA 41b
Long George (10)                                           HA 29b
Long George (31)                                          CG 457a
Long Georgiana (8)                                        NB 406b
Long Henry C. (2)                                         CR 382b
Long Henry (3)                                             HA 30a
Long Jacob (46)                                            HA 29b
Long James (26)                                           GL 513a
Long John C. (11)                                         NB 406b
Long John (46)                                            NB 406a
Long John (4)                                             CG 457a
Long John (10)                                            CR 382b
Long Joseph (36)                                          NB 406b
Long Lewis (24)                                            HA 41b
Long Mary E. (4)                                          CR 382b
Long Mary (25)                                             HA 29b
Long Mary (36)                                            CR 382b
Long Mathew (4)                                            HA 29b
Long NN (1)                                                HA 30a
Long Robert (13)                                          CR 382b
Long Samuel (16)                                          NB 406a
Long Stephen M. (11)                                      NB 406a
Long Sylvanus (6)                                         CR 382b
Long William (5)                                           HA 29b
Longsdorff Augustus (42)                                  CN 376b
Longsdorff Elizabeth (32)                                 CN 376b
Longsdorff George (7)                                     CN 376b
Longsdorff James (9)                                      CN 376b
Longsdorff Lavina (6)                                     CN 376b
Longsdorff Martha (12)                                    CN 376b
Longsdorff Milton C. (3)                                  CN 376b
Longsworth Sarah J. (9)                                   PR 435a
Loon John (1)                                             WA 351a
Loon John (26)                                            WA 351a
Loon Susan (27)                                           WA 351a
Loose Clark (1)                                           CG 456b
Loose Mary (56)                                           CG 456b
Loose Reuben (58)                                         CG 456b
Lord Caroline (36)                                        CH 455a
Lord Gilbert (14)                                         CH 455a
Lord Hannah (f)                                           CG 470a
Lord James M (18)                                         CH 455a
Lord Mary (7)                                             CH 455a
Lord Richard E. (47)                                      CH 454b
Lord Thomas C (9)                                         CH 455a
Lord William O (2)                                        CH 455a
Losen Anna (52)                                           GL 503b
Losen Dennis (26)                                         GL 503b
Losen John (18)                                           GL 503b
Losen Margaret (28)                                       GL 503b
Losen Susan (22)                                          GL 503b
Loud Enos B. (18)                                         CH 451b
Louden Henry (1)                                          CR 391b
Louden Lucinda (23)                                       CR 391b
Louden William (25)                                       CR 391b
Louisberry Esther (49)                                    SB 515b
Louisberry Hannah (15)                                    SB 515b
Louisberry Harvey (54)                                    SB 515b
Louisberry James (19)                                     SB 515b
Louisberry Maria (8)                                      SB 515b
Louisburg Alexander (7)                                   TR 417a
Louisburg Charles (11)                                    TR 417a
Louisburg Emily (5/12)                                    TR 417a
Louisburg Ge*my (16)                                      TR 417a
Louisburg Harvey (6)                                      TR 417a
Louisburg Joshua (41)                                     TR 417a
Louisburg Lucy (3)                                        TR 417a
Louisburg Nathaniel (14)                                  TR 417a
Louisburg Permelia (9)                                    TR 417a
Louisburg Priscilla (31)                                  TR 417a
Louisburg Rhoda (4)                                       TR 417a
Love Eliza (50)                                           GL 514a
Love Ellen (4)                                            SB 523b
Love Harmon (66)                                          GL 514a
Love Jane (30)                                            SB 523b
Love Leonard (33)                                         SB 528b
Love Margaret (16)                                        GL 514a
Love Mary (63)                                            SB 523b
Love Philena (5)                                          SB 528b
Love Robert (71)                                          SB 523b
Love Simon (3)                                            SB 528b
Love Thomas (31)                                          SB 523b
Loveland Betsy (51)                                       SB 528b
Loveland Daniel (26)                                       BE 44b
Loveland Eliza (14)                                       SB 528b
Loveland Say*a (14)                                       SB 528b
Lovett Ann (9)                                            CG 468a
Lovett Cloud (4)                                          CG 468a
Lovett Leah (7)                                           CG 468a
Lovett Sally (34)                                         CG 468a
Lovett Sarah (11)                                         CG 468a
Loville Elizabeth (20)                                    TR 419a
Loville James B. (23)                                     TR 419a
Loville Mary A. (1)                                       TR 419a
Loville Sarah (48)                                        TR 419a
Lower Elijah (11)                                          WF 17a
Lower Ellen (51)                                           WF 17a
Lower G.W. (28)                                            WF 17a
Lower Lemuel (1)                                           WF 17a
Lower Rebecca (4)                                          WF 17a
Lower S.M. (22)                                            WF 17a
Lower Samuel (5)                                           WF 17a
Lower Samuel (15)                                          WF 17a
Lowry Elizabeth (30)                                      GL 510b
Lowry George (35)                                         GL 510b
Lowry Mary (5)                                            GL 511a
Lowry Minerva (2)                                         GL 511a
Lowry Sarah (10)                                          GL 510b
Lowry William (8)                                         GL 510b
Lowther Adaline (9)                                         WF 8b
Lowther Caroline (23)                                       WF 5b
Lowther Christina (3)                                       WF 8b
Lowther Jefferson (5)                                       WF 8b
Lowther M.J. (7)                                            WF 8b
Lowther Samuel (33)                                         WF 8b
Lowther Sarah (31)                                          WF 8b
Lowther Stephen (1)                                         WF 8b
Lowther William (12)                                        WF 8b
Loy Barbara (30)                                          GL 510a
Loy Clarissa (27)                                         CR 378b
Loy Elizabeth (23)                                        CR 378b
Loy Elizabeth M. (54)                                     CR 382a
Loy Frederick (28)                                        CR 378b
Loy George (33)                                            LN 25b
Loy George (26)                                           GL 510a
Loy George H. (3)                                         CR 378b
Loy Isabel (5)                                            CR 378b
Loy Levi (6)                                              GL 510a
Loy Margaret (32)                                          LN 25b
Loy Margaret (24)                                         CR 382a
Loy Martin (3)                                             LN 25b
Loy Marvin (23)                                           CR 378b
Loy Melissa (1)                                            LN 25b
Loy Nelson T. (1)                                         CR 378b
Loy Sarah (6)                                              LN 25b
Loy Susan (4)                                             GL 510a
Loy William H. (6)                                        CR 378b
Loyd Benjamin (9)                                         CH 443a
Loyd Catharine (4)                                        CH 443a
Loyd David (18)                                           CH 443a
Loyd Elizabeth (25)                                        BE 53a
Loyd George (7)                                           CH 443a
Loyd James (26)                                           CH 443a
Loyd James (52)                                           CH 443a
Loyd Jane (12)                                            CH 443a
Loyd Margaret (50)                                        CH 443a
Loyd Margaret (15)                                        CH 443a
Loyd Mary (16)                                            CH 443a
Loyd Morgan (1)                                            BE 53a
Loyd Thomas (24)                                           BE 53a
Loyd William (22)                                         CH 443a
Lu* Eliza (17)                                            GL 498a
Lucas Abraham (1)                                         PR 424b
Lucas Adam (54)                                           PR 424a
Lucas Adam (12)                                           PR 424a
Lucas Caroline (16)                                       PR 424a
Lucas Charles (8)                                         PR 424a
Lucas Daniel (71)                                         PR 425b
Lucas Daniel (43)                                         NB 401b
Lucas Dorcas (6/12)                                       PR 427b
Lucas Elie (16)                                           PR 427a
Lucas Elizabeth (14)                                      PR 424a
Lucas Elizabeth (25)                                      PR 425b
Lucas Elizabeth (46)                                      PR 427a
Lucas Elizabeth (71)                                      PR 425b
Lucas Epsoly (12)                                         PR 427a
Lucas George F. (1/12)                                    PR 425b
Lucas Isaac (23)                                          PR 427b
Lucas Isabel (8)                                          NB 401b
Lucas Jacob (19)                                          PR 424a
Lucas Jacob (27)                                          PR 425b
Lucas Jacob (50)                                          PR 427a
Lucas John (3)                                            PR 424a
Lucas Juliann (5)                                         PR 427b
Lucas Levi (24)                                           PR 425a
Lucas Magdalena (13)                                      PR 424a
Lucas Magdalena (44)                                      PR 424a
Lucas Mary (19)                                           PR 425a
Lucas Noah (26)                                           PR 427a
Lucas Sally A. (19)                                       PR 427a
Lucas Sarah A. (24)                                       PR 427b
Lucas Sophia (6)                                          NB 401b
Lucas Susan (5)                                           PR 424a
Lucas Susan (29)                                          NB 401b
Lucas William H. (1)                                      PR 425b
Luellin Ephraim (26)                                        WF 7a
Lully Anthony (8)                                          WF 18a
Lully Catharine (1)                                        WF 18a
Lully Michael (32)                                         WF 18a
Lully Patrick (5)                                          WF 18a
Lully Saline (26)                                          WF 18a
Lumler Catharine (35)                                     CG 472a

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