Morrow 1850 census index (partial)
Morrow County 1850 Census Surname Index
Surname/Given Name/Age/Township Abbreviation/Sheet Number
(Note: the "a" or "b" indication is not always accurate)
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Kester Caroline (10)                                       WF 15a
Kester Charlotte (3)                                       WF 11b
Kester Charlson (7)                                        WF 11b
Kester Helen (6)                                           WF 15a
Kester Jane (30)                                           WF 15a
Kester Jerome ()                                           WF 15a
Kester John (32)                                           WF 15a
Kester Jonathan (20)                                       WF 15a
Kester Joseph (4)                                          WF 15a
Kester L.P. (5)                                            WF 11b
Kester Mary (8)                                            WF 15a
Kester Olive (1)                                           WF 11b
Kester Sarah (56)                                          WF 14b
Kester SRosetta (28)                                       WF 11b
Kester W.W. (50)                                           WF 11a
Ketcham Catharine A (28)                                  CH 455a
Ketcham Charles (19)                                      CH 444b
Ketcham Edna M (1)                                        CH 455a
Ketcham Ellen (28)                                        CH 444b
Ketcham John L (37)                                       CH 455a
Ketcham Joshua (36)                                       CH 444b
Ketcham Mary J (10)                                       CH 455a
Ketcham Merritt D (7)                                     CH 455a
Ketcham Minerva (5/12)                                    CH 444b
Ketcham Phebe (23)                                        CH 444b
Ketchum Benjamin (7)                                      CH 453a
Ketchum Cleophas (10)                                     CH 453a
Ketchum Ellen (11)                                        CH 453a
Ketchum Livonia (13)                                      CH 453a
Ketchum Michael (46)                                      CH 453a
Ketchum Relief (31)                                       CH 453a
Ketchum Wilber (8/12)                                     CH 453a
Ketchum Zorada (3)                                        CH 453a
Keyes Charles (17)                                        FR 486a
Keys Hannah (38)                                          CR 391a
Keys Hannah R. (21)                                       CR 392a
Keys John (76)                                            CR 391a
Keys Jonathan (21)                                        CR 391a
Keys Julia E. (12)                                        CR 390b
Keys Julia E. (30)                                        CR 391a
Keys Lydia (22)                                           CR 390b
Keys Martha (44)                                          CR 390b
Keys Richard (39)                                         CR 391a
Keys Sarah E. (1)                                         CR 391a
Keys Sarah N. (17)                                        CR 390b
Kidwell Elizabeth (26)                                     HA 32a
Kidwell Laurence (24)                                      HA 32a
Kidwell Mary (9/12)                                        HA 32a
Kidwell Thomas (3)                                         HA 32a
Kiefer George (36)                                        PR 434b
Kiefer Lucy A. (6)                                        PR 434b
Kiefer Mary M. (33)                                       PR 434b
Kiefer Mary S. (2)                                        PR 434b
Kifer Benjamin (3)                                        PR 422b
Kifer Eve M. (60)                                         NB 411b
Kifer Jacob (18)                                          NB 411b
Kifer John (12)                                           PR 422b
Kifer John (5)                                            PR 422b
Kifer Peter (45)                                          PR 422b
Kifer Philip (63)                                         NB 411b
Kifer Susan (37)                                          PR 422b
Kifer William (14)                                        NB 411b
Kile Abby (45)                                            SB 519a
Kile Adam (52)                                            SB 522a
Kile Amanda (4)                                           SB 521b
Kile Amos (29)                                            SB 519a
Kile Andrew (14)                                          SB 522a
Kile David (19)                                           SB 518a
Kile Elizabeth (49)                                       SB 518a
Kile Elizabeth (22)                                       SB 519a
Kile Elizabeth (26)                                       SB 521b
Kile Emaline (11)                                         SB 522a
Kile Freeman (13)                                         SB 519a
Kile George (3)                                           SB 518a
Kile Jacob (58)                                           SB 518a
Kile James (10)                                           SB 518a
Kile Jesse (21)                                           SB 518a
Kile John (5/12)                                          SB 521b
Kile Lea (49)                                             SB 522a
Kile Lemuel (20)                                          SB 519a
Kile Levi (16)                                            SB 522a
Kile Mary E. (14)                                         SB 519a
Kile Mary (21)                                            SB 519a
Kile Mary (12)                                            SB 518a
Kile Nancy (54)                                           SB 519a
Kile Nancy (6)                                            SB 518a
Kile Nicholas (17)                                        SB 518a
Kile Norman (10)                                          SB 522a
Kile Peter (63)                                           SB 519a
Kile Philinder (10)                                       SB 519a
Kile Priscilla (18)                                       SB 522a
Kile Sarah (6)                                            SB 522a
Kile Simon (24)                                           SB 521b
Kile Sylvanus (27)                                        SB 518a
Kile William (11)                                         SB 519a
Kiley William (23)                                        CR 392b
Kilgore Adam M. (3)                                       NB 410b
Kilgore David A. (10)                                     NB 410b
Kilgore David (71)                                        NB 410b
Kilgore Eliza (42)                                        NB 410b
Kilgore Hannah M. (31)                                    NB 410b
Kilgore James (25)                                        NB 410b
Kilgore Joseph S. (40)                                    NB 410b
Kilgore Margaret J. (15)                                  NB 410b
Kilgore mary M. (7)                                       NB 410b
Kilgore mary (71)                                         NB 410b
Killan Martha (10)                                        FR 489a
Killen Elizabeth (12)                                     PR 429a
Kimble Betsy (17)                                          HA 32a
Kimble Daniel (64)                                         HA 32a
Kimble Eliza (36)                                          HA 32a
Kimble Horace (55)                                         BE 44a
Kimble Joel (8)                                            HA 32a
Kimble John (39)                                           HA 32a
Kimble Lovina (6)                                          HA 32a
Kimble Lucy (62)                                           BE 44a
Kimble Lydia (10)                                          HA 32a
Kimble Lydia (59)                                          HA 32a
Kimble Melissa (24)                                        HA 32a
Kimble Nancy (5)                                           HA 32a
Kimble Penelope (12)                                       HA 32a
Kimble Phebe (12)                                          HA 32a
Kimble Rebecca (38)                                        HA 32a
Kimble Sally (10)                                          HA 32a
Kimble William (37)                                        HA 32a
Kims Alonzo (6/12)                                        SB 518a
Kims John (27)                                            SB 518a
Kims Lydia (21)                                           SB 518a
Kincaid Charles E. (2)                                    NB 396b
Kincaid Eunice (23)                                       NB 396b
Kincaid Mary A. (4)                                       NB 396b
Kincaid Thomas (28)                                       NB 396b
Kincaid Walter S. (1)                                     NB 396b
Kinch Catharine (40)                                      WA 359b
Kinch Catharine (15)                                      WA 359b
Kinch David (10)                                          GL 503a
Kinch Elizabeth (20)                                      WA 359b
Kinch Elizabeth (7)                                       GL 503a
Kinch Henry (48)                                          WA 359b
Kinch Jacob (16)                                          GL 503a
Kinch Janett (2)                                          GL 503a
Kinch John (10)                                           WA 359b
Kinch John (40)                                           GL 503a
Kinch Letitia (6)                                         WA 359b
Kinch Martin (4)                                          GL 503a
Kinch Mary (38)                                           GL 503a
Kinch Mary (14)                                           GL 503a
Kinch Rebecca (1)                                         WA 359b
Kinch Sarah J. (12)                                       WA 359b
Kinch Sarah (12)                                          GL 503a
Kindall Phebe (53)                                        CR 386b
Kines Adam (31)                                           CN 371a
Kines John N. (2)                                         CN 371a
Kines Margaret (21)                                       CN 371a
Kines Nancy A. (7)                                        CN 371a
Kines William (6/12)                                      CN 371a
King Abraham (42)                                         CH 452a
King Betsy (40)                                            LN 22a
King Camblin (6)                                          GL 496b
King Chester (41)                                         GL 496b
King Elizabeth (43)                                        PU 63a
King Emory (3)                                            CH 452a
King Esaac (3)                                             LN 22a
King Francis (1)                                          CH 452a
King George (54)                                           LN 22a
King Henry (7)                                             LN 22a
King John (10)                                            GL 496b
King Lucy (2)                                              LN 22a
King Lydia (2)                                             LN 22a
King Margaret (35)                                        CH 452a
King Martha (1/12)                                         LN 22a
King Mary (13)                                            GL 496b
King Mary (12)                                            CH 452a
King Nelson (5)                                            LN 22a
King Rachael (39)                                         GL 496b
Kingman 24 (f)                                             HA 30a
Kingman Alfred (10)                                        LN 20b
Kingman Chloe (4)                                          LN 20b
Kingman Edith (17)                                         LN 20b
Kingman Elmore (2)                                         LN 20b
Kingman Joseph (54)                                        LN 20b
Kingman Joseph (5)                                         HA 30a
Kingman Lamard (9/12)                                      LN 20b
Kingman Mary (22)                                          LN 20b
Kingman Matilda (25)                                       LN 20b
Kingman Nancy (21)                                         LN 20b
Kingman Nancy (7)                                          HA 30a
Kingman Orman (26)                                         LN 20b
Kingman Sarah (41)                                         LN 20b
Kingman Vinal (8)                                          LN 20b
Kinly Edin (16)                                           SB 530a
Kinly Hiram (34)                                          SB 530a
Kinnell Frederick (57)                                    CH 454b
Kinnell Mary M (55)                                       CH 454b
Kinney Catharine (54)                                     CH 449a
Kinney Elinor (31)                                        CH 449a
Kinney James (29)                                         CH 449a
Kinney John (21)                                          CH 449a
Kinney Lucinda (20)                                       CH 449a
Kinny Clark (8)                                           FR 492a
Kinny David (14)                                          FR 492a
Kinny George (16)                                         FR 492a
Kinny John (12)                                           FR 492a
Kinny Margareet (42)                                      FR 492a
Kinny Mary (10)                                           FR 492a
Kinny Minerva (1)                                         FR 492a
Kinny Moses (6)                                           FR 492a
Kinny Peter (43)                                          FR 492a
Kinny William (3)                                         FR 492a
Kinsel Dewitt (23)                                        CH 455b
Kinsel Sarah (19)                                         CH 455b
Kinsey Abraham (3)                                        NB 399b
Kinsey Albert (4)                                         NB 404b
Kinsey Christian (51)                                     NB 404b
Kinsey Elizabeth (13)                                     NB 399b
Kinsey Elizabeth (13)                                     NB 404b
Kinsey Frederick (10)                                     NB 404b
Kinsey Gideon (21)                                        NB 399b
Kinsey Gideon (14)                                        NB 404b
Kinsey Gotlieb (7)                                        NB 404b
Kinsey John (56)                                          NB 399b
Kinsey John (16)                                          NB 404b
Kinsey Margaret (9)                                       NB 399b
Kinsey Margaret (44)                                      NB 404b
Kinsey Mary (48)                                          NB 399b
Kinsey Mary (20)                                          NB 399b
Kinsey Mary (11)                                          NB 404b
Kinsey Samuel (15)                                        NB 399b
Kinsey Samuel (19)                                        NB 404b
Kinsey Sophia (7)                                         NB 399b
Kirk Caleb (18)                                            LN 23b
Kirk Caleb (4)                                             LN 23b
Kirk Cassius (9/12)                                        LN 23b
Kirk Edmund (14)                                           LN 23b
Kirk Edmund (14)                                          GL 513b
Kirk Edward (14)                                          WA 360b
Kirk Eliza (24)                                            LN 23b
Kirk Elizabeth (39)                                       WA 360b
Kirk Hannah (56)                                           LN 23b
Kirk Hannah (1)                                            LN 23b
Kirk Harriet (9)                                          WA 360b
Kirk James (6)                                             LN 23b
Kirk John (17)                                            WA 360b
Kirk Lorenzo (2)                                           LN 23b
Kirk Lovena (4)                                           WA 360b
Kirk Mordecai (12)                                        WA 360b
Kirk Rebecca (26)                                          LN 23b
Kirk Robert (19)                                          WA 360b
Kirk Sarah (16)                                            LN 23b
Kirk Stephen (24)                                          LN 23b
Kirk William A. (2)                                       WA 360b
Kirk William (43)                                         WA 360b
Kirk William (28)                                          LN 23b
Kirkpatrick George (27)                                   NB 409b
Kirkpatrick Harriet L (9)                                 CG 457b
Kirkpatrick Harrison (2)                                  CH 450b
Kirkpatrick James A (6)                                   CG 457b
Kirkpatrick James (74)                                    NB 409b
Kirkpatrick Jane (63)                                     NB 409b
Kirkpatrick Jefferson (2)                                 CH 450b
Kirkpatrick John (40)                                     CH 450b
Kirkpatrick Joseph (39)                                   CG 457b
Kirkpatrick Maria (32)                                    CH 450b
Kirkpatrick Martha A (1)                                  CG 457b
Kirkpatrick Martha J. (8)                                 CH 450b
Kirkpatrick Rachel J (3)                                  CG 457b
Kirkpatrick Samuel (12)                                   CH 450b
Kirkpatrick Sarah A (28)                                  CG 457b
Kirkpatrick Sarah (22)                                    NB 409b
Kirkpatrick Sylvanus (4)                                  CH 450b
Kisler Abraham (51)                                       TR 419a
Kisler Andrew (32)                                        CR 394b
Kisler Elisha (10)                                        CR 394b
Kisler Elizabeth (4)                                      TR 417a
Kisler Harrison (7)                                       TR 417a
Kisler Isaac (5)                                          CR 394b
Kisler Jacob (30)                                         TR 417a
Kisler John (2)                                           TR 417a
Kisler Lucinda (18)                                       TR 417a
Kisler Margaretta (2/12)                                  TR 417a
Kisler Maria (32)                                         CR 394b
Kisler Mary (51)                                          TR 419a
Kisler Rebecca (7)                                        CR 394b
Kisler Samuel (27)                                        TR 417a
Kisler Samuel (55)                                        TR 417a
Kisler Susan (29)                                         TR 417a
Kisler Theodore (13)                                      CR 394b
Kisler Winfield (1)                                       CR 394b
Kisling Abraham (16)                                      NB 411b
Kisling Elias (52)                                        NB 411b
Kisling Elizabeth (12)                                    NB 411b
Kisling Elizabeth (44)                                    NB 411b
Kisling Isaac (8)                                         NB 411b
Kister Catharine (27)                                     CN 364a
Kister Harriet J. (18)                                    CN 364a
Kister William (27)                                       CN 364a
Kitchell Ezra (16)                                         PU 60b
Kitchen John (14)                                         PR 431b
Knapp Charlotte (20)                                      NB 408b
Knapp Jonathan (26)                                       NB 408b
Knesell Dilman B. (31)                                    CH 454b
Knesell Enoch R (53)                                      CH 454b
Knesell Hannah (50)                                       CH 454b
Knesell Jesse (10)                                        CH 454b
Knesell Mary (21)                                         CH 454b
Knesell Russell (13)                                      CH 454b
Knight Almira (18)                                        CN 365a
Knoff Eliza (45)                                          SB 517a
Knoff Elizabeth (13)                                      SB 517a
Knoff Ellen (9)                                           SB 517a
Knoff Francis (7)                                         SB 517a
Knoff George (11)                                         SB 517a
Knoff Jacob (55)                                          SB 516b
Knoff Jacob (1)                                           SB 517a
Knoff John (15)                                           SB 517a
Knoff Margaret (16)                                       SB 517a
Knoff Mary (18)                                           SB 517a
Knoff Sarah (21)                                          SB 517a
Knoff Suduska (4)                                         SB 517a
Knoff Warner (3)                                          SB 517a
Knook Juliann (54)                                        TR 416b
Knop Amaretta (25)                                        CR 387b
Knop Benjamin O. (3)                                      CR 387b
Knop Lyman O. (4)                                         CR 387b
Knop William (27)                                         CR 387b
Known Daniel (1)                                          FR 477b
Known Elizabeth (2)                                       FR 477b
Known George (5)                                          FR 477b
Known John (40)                                           FR 477b
Known Rebecca (24)                                        FR 477b
Knox Ann (32)                                             GL 510b
Knox Ann (25)                                             CG 476a
Knox Clarindar (10)                                       GL 510b
Knox Eliza A (9)                                          CG 473a
Knox Hester (15)                                          GL 510b
Knox Isabella (13)                                        GL 510b
Knox Isabella (34)                                        CG 473a
Knox James (5)                                            CG 473a
Knox Jane (11)                                            CG 473a
Knox John (44)                                            GL 510b
Knox John Q (7)                                           CG 473a
Knox Margaret (5)                                         GL 510b
Knox Mary (7)                                             GL 510b
Knox Orwell (3/12)                                        CG 476a
Knox Robert B. (13)                                       CG 473a
Knox Sobrina (1)                                          GL 510b
Knox Thomas (33)                                          CG 476a
Knox William (3)                                          CG 473a
Knox William (5)                                          CG 476a
Knox William (35)                                         CG 473a
Koisker George R. (29)                                    CR 392a
Kraner Anches (23)                                        CR 392b
Kraner Margaret (22)                                      CR 392b
Kraner Mary C. (10/12)                                    CR 392b
Kreps Abraham (54)                                        CG 471a
Kreps Catharine (11)                                      CG 471a
Kreps Elizabeth (57)                                      PR 434b
Kreps Elizabeth (52)                                      CG 471a
Kreps Ferdinand (42)                                      CG 472b
Kreps Francis M (10)                                      PR 434b
Kreps Jesse H. (8)                                        PR 434b
Kreps Margaret (40)                                       CG 472b
Kreps Martin (18)                                         CG 471a
Kreps Mary (4)                                            PR 434b
Kreps Pahena (31)                                         PR 434b
Kreps William H. (3)                                      PR 434b
Kreps William (33)                                        PR 434b
Kriegh Eugene M (3)                                       TR 417a
Krouse Jacob (48)                                          WF 10b
Krouse Rebecca (40)                                        WF 10b
Kuminger Lucinda (20)                                     GL 503b
Kuntz Andrew (12)                                         NB 404a
Kuntz Andrew (57)                                         NB 404a
Kuntz Anna (10)                                           NB 404a
Kuntz Anna (53)                                           NB 404a
Kuntz Elizabeth (17)                                      NB 404a
Kuntz Fanny (15)                                          NB 404a
Kurtz Christopher (65)                                     PU 65a
Kurtz Eliza (25)                                           PU 65a
Kurtz Jesse (18)                                           PU 65a
Kurtz Joshua (22)                                          PU 65a
Kurtz Julia Ann (14)                                       PU 65a
Kurtz Martin (29)                                          PU 65a
Kurtz William (16)                                         PU 65a
Kyle Alfred (2)                                           SB 520a
Kyle Alonzo (4)                                           SB 520a
Kyle Amanda (35)                                          SB 519b
Kyle Atni (8)                                             SB 519b
Kyle David (37)                                           SB 519b
Kyle Francis (10)                                         SB 519b
Kyle George (12)                                          SB 519b
Kyle Lucy (16)                                            SB 519b
Kyle Margaret (27)                                        SB 520a
Kyle Nelson (6)                                           SB 519b
Kyle Reuben (27)                                          SB 519b
Kyle Susannah (4/12)                                      SB 519b
Kyle Thomas (4/12)                                        SB 520a
Kyle Warren (4)                                           SB 519b
Lacey Abraham (6)                                         CN 370b
Lacey Francis (8)                                         CN 370b
Lacey Gabriel (14)                                        CN 370b
Lacey Hiram G. (36)                                       CN 370b
Lacey Hudson (4)                                          CN 370b
Lacey Mahala (12)                                         CN 370b
Lacey Nancy J. (3)                                        CN 370b
Lacey Sophia (36)                                         CN 370b
Lacey Thomas (10)                                         CN 370b
Lacey Winfield (1)                                        CN 370b
Lackitt Edmund (3)                                        GL 513b
Lackitt Edmund (33)                                       GL 513b
Lackitt Harriet (1)                                       GL 513b
Lackitt Matilda (24)                                      GL 513b
Lacy Catharine (13)                                       CG 461b
Lacy Catharine (75)                                       CG 461b
Lacy John W. (5)                                          CG 461b
Lacy Leonidas (4/12)                                      CG 461b
Lacy Letitia (10)                                         CG 461b
Lacy Pheba (15)                                           CG 461b
Lacy Salathiel (8)                                        CG 461b
Lacy Thomas (2)                                           CG 461b
Lafever Abner (16)                                        FR 487a
Lafever Balinda (20)                                      CG 466b
Lafever Clarissa (19)                                     CN 374b
Lafever Eli (29)                                          CN 374b
Lafever Eliza J. (12)                                     CN 370b
Lafever Elizabeth (14)                                    CN 370b
Lafever George (37)                                       CN 369b
Lafever George W. (9.)                                    CN 370b
Lafever Irwin (35)                                        FR 487b
Lafever Isaac (31)                                        GL 508b
Lafever Isaac (61)                                        FR 487a
Lafever Isaac (64)                                        CN 374b
Lafever Jackson (21)                                      CN 374b
Lafever Jemima (30)                                       FR 487b
Lafever Joanna (60)                                       CN 374b
Lafever Joanna (17)                                       CN 374b
Lafever John (40)                                         CN 370b
Lafever John M. (1)                                       CN 370b
Lafever Josiah (27)                                       CG 466b
Lafever Julia A. (27)                                     CN 369b
Lafever Julian (7)                                        CN 370b
Lafever Margaret (28)                                     GL 508b
Lafever Margaret (4)                                      CN 370b
Lafever Martha (5)                                        GL 508b
Lafever Martha (8)                                        FR 487b
Lafever Mary (10)                                         FR 487b
Lafever Mary (36)                                         CN 370b
Lafever Melville (1)                                      GL 508b
Lafever Phebe (1)                                         FR 487b
Lafever Rebecca (19)                                      FR 487a
Lafever Robert (12)                                       CN 374b
Lafever Sarah (45)                                        FR 487a
Lafever William (10)                                      FR 487a
Lafever William (4)                                       CN 369b
Laird Catharine (3)                                       PR 433b
Laird Elipah (26)                                         PR 433b
Laird James W. (2/12)                                     PR 433b
Laird Jared J. (1)                                        PR 433b
Laird Mary R. (30)                                        PR 433b
Lake James H. (16)                                        CR 387a
Lake Jerusha (47)                                         CR 387a
Lake John (74)                                             LN 23a
Lake Mary L. (18)                                         CR 387a
Lake Thomas (57)                                          CR 387a
Lamb Abijah (21)                                          PR 423a
Lamb Catharine A. (28)                                    PR 423b
Lamb Darkey (50)                                          PR 423a
Lamb Enos R. (30)                                         PR 423b
Lamb Jacob (18)                                           PR 423a
Lamb John (25)                                            PR 423a
Lamb Mary L. (1)                                          PR 423b
Lamb Philip (28)                                          PR 423a
Lamb Rachel (23)                                          PR 423a
Lamb Rachel (3)                                           PR 423b
Lamb William (15)                                         PR 423b
Lammon Charles (13)                                        WF 14b
Lampracht Charlotte (27)                                  CR 394b
Lampracht William (25)                                    CR 394b
Lancaster Abigail (18)                                     LN 27b
Lancaster Banjamin (68)                                    PU 66a
Lancaster Palmer (26)                                      LN 27b
Lance Delano (8)                                          PR 424b
Lance Elizabeth (50)                                      PR 424b
Lance Emanuel (25)                                        PR 425a
Lance Eunice (4)                                          PR 424b
Lance John (58)                                           PR 424b
Lance John (10)                                           PR 424b
Lance Lucy (20)                                           PR 425a
Lance Lydia (15)                                          PR 424b
Lance Noah (20)                                           PR 424b
Lance Rebecca (17)                                        PR 424b
Lance William (13)                                        PR 424b
Lance Zachariah (23)                                      PR 424b
Landon John (22)                                          FR 493a
Langdon Chloe (18)                                        GL 500b
Langdon Lucinda (54)                                      GL 500b
Langdon Mary (15)                                         GL 500b
Langdon Samuel (17)                                        LN 21a
Langhead Ann (69)                                          WF 14b
Langhead George (5)                                        WF 14b
Langhead Margaret (8)                                      WF 14b
Langhead Reuben (29)                                       WF 14b
Langhurst C.A. (9)                                         WF 12a
Langhurst Caroline (17)                                    WF 11a
Langhurst Catharine (21)                                   WF 11a
Langhurst Daniel (48)                                      WF 11a
Langhurst Estahine (4)                                     WF 11a
Langhurst Jehiel (14)                                      WF 11a
Langhurst Jemima (34)                                      WF 11a
Langhurst Leroy (7)                                        WF 11a
Langhurst Lo* (6)                                          WF 11a
Langstaff Delilah (52)                                     BE 44a
Langstaff John (8)                                         BE 44a
Langstaff Jonh (55)                                        BE 44a
Langstaff Martha (23)                                      BE 44a
Langstaff Mary (25)                                        BE 44a
Lanning Delphina (3)                                      CH 441b
Lanning Elizabeth (26)                                    CH 441b
Lanning Isaac (44)                                        CH 443b
Lanning Lonina (24)                                       CH 443b
Lanning Richard (39)                                      CH 441b
Lanning Roderick (2)                                      CH 443b
Lanning Stativa (4)                                       CH 443b
Lanning Stephen (28)                                      CH 441b
Lanning Sylvester (4)                                     CH 441b
Lannum Catharine (21)                                     CG 467a
Lannum Dennis (34)                                        CN 375b
Lannum Greenville (2)                                     CN 375b
Lannum Hester (4)                                         CN 375b
Lannum James (22)                                         CG 467a
Lannum Jane (14)                                          CN 375b
Lannum Matilda (51)                                       CG 465a
Lannum Mulvina (9/12)                                     CG 467a
Lannum Phebe (28)                                         CN 375b
Lannum William (10)                                       CN 375b

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