Morrow 1850 census index (partial)
Morrow County 1850 Census Surname Index
Surname/Given Name/Age/Township Abbreviation/Sheet Number
(Note: the "a" or "b" indication is not always accurate)
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Jenkinson Martha (59)                                     SB 525a
Jenkinson Thomas (60)                                     SB 525a
Jennings Elizabeth (12)                                   CG 459a
Jennings Enoch (14)                                       CG 459a
Jennings Jane (48)                                        CG 459a
Jennings Lemuel (52)                                      CG 459a
Jennings Martha (16)                                      CG 459a
Jennings Sally A (8)                                      CG 459a
Jettett Jonathan (58)                                     SB 529b
Jettett Mary (20)                                         SB 529b
Jinkins Catharine (71)                                    CH 442b
Jinkins Clemons (7)                                         WF 5b
Jinkins James (42)                                          WF 5b
Jinkins Lusanna (12)                                        WF 5b
Jinkins Rebecca (37)                                        WF 5b
Jinkins Reece (71)                                        CH 442b
Jobs Ellen (52)                                           NB 400a
Jobs Julia Ann (22)                                       NB 400a
Jobs Samuel (25)                                          NB 400a
Johns Christina (53)                                      NB 409a
Johns Jane (18)                                           NB 409a
Johns Mary A. (23)                                        NB 409a
Johns Robert (25)                                         NB 409a
Johns William (15)                                        NB 409a
Johnson Abigail (15)                                       LN 20a
Johnson Abigail (12)                                       LN 23b
Johnson Absolom (28)                                      GL 502a
Johnson Albert (5/12)                                      HA 29b
Johnson Amelia (7/12)                                     GL 508a
Johnson Ann E. (3)                                        CR 381b
Johnson Aurelia (36)                                       PU 65b
Johnson C.P. (19)                                           WF 8a
Johnson Catharine (11)                                    CR 385b
Johnson Catharine (52)                                    CR 385b
Johnson Cecilia (1)                                       NB 409b
Johnson Charles (6)                                        PU 65b
Johnson Columbus (8/12)                                   CR 382b
Johnson Corintha (73)                                      BE 53a
Johnson Cynthia (44)                                       PU 66a
Johnson Daniel (36)                                        HA 29b
Johnson Davison (5)                                         WF 8a
Johnson Dorcas (1/12)                                      LN 20a
Johnson Eliza (9)                                          LN 23b
Johnson Elizabeth (25)                                    WA 361a
Johnson Elizabeth (26)                                    NB 409b
Johnson Elizabeth (26)                                    GL 502a
Johnson Elizabeth (2)                                     GL 508a
Johnson Elizabeth (20)                                    CR 385b
Johnson Elizabeth (41)                                    CN 376b
Johnson Elizabeth (62)                                     BE 47b
Johnson Elmira (12)                                       WA 361a
Johnson Emily (26)                                         BE 47b
Johnson Fredora (9)                                        HA 29b
Johnson George (24)                                       CR 382b
Johnson George (29)                                       CR 381a
Johnson Harriet (24)                                      GL 506b
Johnson James (2)                                         GL 502a
Johnson Jemima (46)                                        LN 23b
Johnson Jesse (71)                                         BE 47b
Johnson Jesse Jr. (22)                                     BE 47b
Johnson Jethias (20)                                      CN 376b
Johnson John C. (31)                                      NB 409b
Johnson John (42)                                          LN 19b
Johnson Jonathan (47)                                      LN 23b
Johnson Leman (39)                                         PU 65b
Johnson Lewis (1)                                          LN 23b
Johnson Lewis (66)                                        CN 376b
Johnson Lois (10)                                          PU 65b
Johnson Lorenzo (6/12)                                     PU 65b
Johnson Louisa (20)                                       GL 508a
Johnson Lucy (48)                                          WF 13a
Johnson Luther (26)                                       GL 508a
Johnson Magdalena (22)                                    CR 382b
Johnson Maria (31)                                         HA 29b
Johnson Martha (29)                                       GL 515a
Johnson Martin (7)                                         HA 29b
Johnson Mary (3)                                           PU 65b
Johnson Mary (6)                                          GL 515a
Johnson Mary (27)                                         CR 381a
Johnson Mary (14)                                         CR 385b
Johnson Melissa (5)                                        HA 29b
Johnson Milton (16)                                         WF 8a
Johnson Nancy (22)                                        CR 385b
Johnson Nathan Jr. (24)                                    BE 53a
Johnson Nathan (73)                                        BE 53a
Johnson Nathaniel (36)                                    GL 515a
Johnson Octavia (1/12)                                    GL 515a
Johnson Parmelia (1)                                      GL 502a
Johnson Phebe J. (23)                                     CN 376b
Johnson Phebe (63)                                        CN 376b
Johnson Phila Ann (39)                                     LN 19b
Johnson Pleasant (17)                                      LN 23b
Johnson Rebecca (43)                                        WF 8a
Johnson Rebecca (10)                                       LN 23b
Johnson Rebecca (18)                                      CR 385b
Johnson Robert (9)                                         LN 20a
Johnson Robert (63)                                       CR 386a
Johnson Royal (8)                                          PU 65b
Johnson Ruth (56)                                         CN 376b
Johnson Ruth (25)                                         CN 376b
Johnson Sarah J. (7)                                      CR 386a
Johnson Sarah (3)                                          HA 29b
Johnson Sarah (1)                                         GL 506b
Johnson Sarah (24)                                         BE 53a
Johnson Seymour (18)                                       LN 19b
Johnson Silas (28)                                        GL 506b
Johnson Ssarah (11)                                        LN 20a
Johnson Susan (6)                                         GL 502a
Johnson William (45)                                        WF 8a
Johnson William (29)                                      WA 361a
Johnson William (52)                                      CR 385b
Johnston Albert C. (12)                                   CN 371a
Johnston Alvira (4)                                       CR 389a
Johnston Bennet B. (44)                                   CR 389a
Johnston Betsy A. (16)                                    CR 389a
Johnston Christopher C. (7/12)                            CN 372a
Johnston Elizabeth (69)                                   GL 495a
Johnston George W. (15)                                   CN 372a
Johnston Hannah (39)                                      CN 372a
Johnston James (74)                                       GL 495a
Johnston James M. (16)                                    CN 372a
Johnston John N. (8)                                      CN 372a
Johnston Lavinia (34)                                     CN 371a
Johnston Madison W. (10)                                  CN 372a
Johnston Mary A. (6)                                      CN 371a
Johnston Mary (30)                                        GL 495a
Johnston Nancy M. (10)                                    CN 371a
Johnston Nancy (40)                                       CR 389a
Johnston Orville L. (3)                                   CN 372a
Johnston Orville (41)                                     CN 372a
Johnston Rachel A. (7)                                    CN 371a
Johnston William A. (11)                                  CR 389a
Johnston William M. (13)                                  CN 372a
Johnston William (28)                                     GL 495a
Johnston William (36)                                     CN 371a
Johnston Winfield S. (7/12)                               CN 372a
Johnston Wlizabeth (25)                                   GL 495a
Johnston Zelophihad (4)                                   CN 371a
Jokes Juliana (20)                                        CN 367b
Jones Abram (12)                                          SB 519b
Jones Amy (11)                                            SB 517a
Jones Ann (14)                                            CH 442b
Jones Anna (10)                                           CH 452b
Jones Anson (14)                                          FR 476b
Jones Augustus (9)                                        SB 519b
Jones Betsy (2)                                            BE 47a
Jones Catharine (6)                                       SB 519b
Jones Catharine (14)                                      SB 517a
Jones Charaty (10)                                        FR 476b
Jones Claretta (1)                                          WF 9a
Jones David (18)                                           BE 52a
Jones Elam R. (21)                                        CN 377a
Jones Elizabeth (39)                                      SB 519b
Jones Elizabeth (20)                                      SB 517a
Jones Elizabeth (60)                                      CH 443b
Jones Elizabeth (22)                                      CN 363b
Jones Elizabeth (15)                                      CN 377a
Jones Emily (4)                                            BE 47a
Jones Eran (16)                                           CH 442b
Jones George (5)                                          SB 517a
Jones George (12)                                         FR 476b
Jones Harriet (21)                                         BE 47a
Jones Henry (8)                                           SB 519b
Jones Henry (45)                                          FR 476b
Jones Hudson (5)                                            WF 9a
Jones Ira (28)                                             PU 64b
Jones Jackson (27)                                        CN 363b
Jones John (52)                                           SB 519b
Jones John (14)                                           SB 519b
Jones John (47)                                           CH 441a
Jones John (65)                                            BE 52a
Jones Jordan (42)                                           WF 9a
Jones Joseph (17)                                         FR 476b
Jones Letty (11)                                            WF 9a
Jones Lucy (28)                                            PU 64b
Jones Lydia (9)                                           SB 517a
Jones Margaret (17)                                       SB 517a
Jones Margaret (19)                                       CH 443b
Jones Margaret (44)                                       CH 441a
Jones Margaret (12)                                       CH 442b
Jones Margaret (13)                                       CH 451b
Jones Margaret (4)                                         BE 50b
Jones Martha (3/12)                                        BE 47a
Jones Martha (6)                                          CH 442b
Jones Mary A. (12)                                        CN 366b
Jones Mary (2)                                            SB 517a
Jones Mary (4)                                            SB 519b
Jones Mary (41)                                           SB 517a
Jones Mary (7)                                            FR 476b
Jones Mary (4)                                            CH 442b
Jones Mary (45)                                           CH 442b
Jones Mary (54)                                           CN 377a
Jones Mehitable (60)                                       BE 52a
Jones Nancy (16)                                          FR 476b
Jones Norris (2)                                          CN 363b
Jones O.W. (9)                                              WF 9a
Jones Peter (47)                                          SB 517a
Jones Rachel (36)                                           WF 9a
Jones Rachel (9)                                          CH 442b
Jones Rebecca (38)                                         PU 62a
Jones Rebecca (23)                                         BE 48b
Jones Reni (15)                                           SB 519b
Jones Salmon (21)                                          BE 48b
Jones Samuel (1)                                          FR 476b
Jones Sarah (37)                                          FR 476b
Jones Sarah (47)                                           BE 50b
Jones Sarah (11)                                           BE 50b
Jones Theodore (5)                                        FR 476b
Jones Thomas (49)                                         CH 442b
Jones Timothy (26)                                         BE 47a
Jones Walter (16)                                          BE 50b
Jones William A. (17)                                     CN 377a
Jones William (18)                                        SB 519b
Jones William (3)                                         FR 476b
Jones William (6)                                          BE 50b
Jones William (1)                                          BE 48b
Joust Allen (10)                                          CR 388b
Joust Andrew (19)                                         CR 388b
Joust Elizabeth (36)                                      CR 388b
Joust Franklin (13)                                       CR 388b
Joust Hilary (6)                                          CR 388b
Joust Jonas (42)                                          CR 388b
Joust Kister (12)                                         CR 388b
Joust Laura (1)                                           CR 389a
Joust Leander (4)                                         CR 388b
Juck Alonzo (5)                                            LN 25a
Juel Isaac (52)                                           CH 445a
Juel Lesley (7)                                           CH 445a
Juel Manda J. (16)                                        CH 445a
Juel Maranda (10)                                         CH 445a
Juel Moses (16)                                           CH 445a
Juel Rachel (14)                                          CH 445a
Juel Rachel (50)                                          CH 445a
Juel Rebecca (12)                                         CH 445a
Juel Wesly (12)                                           CH 445a
Julian Aaron (27)                                          PU 66a
Justin John (70)                                           PU 65a
Justin Margaret (57)                                       PU 65a
Justin Margaret (17)                                       PU 65a
Justin Maria (15)                                          PU 65a
Justin Samuel (18)                                         PU 65a
Justin Sarah (24)                                          PU 65a
Justin Susannah (20)                                       PU 65a
Justin Washington (23)                                     PU 65a
Kandel Sarah A. (26)                                      CH 450b
Kanger Frederick (48)                                     FR 482a
Kanger Helmena (18)                                       FR 482a
Kanger John (23)                                          FR 482a
Kanger Rachel (13)                                        FR 482a
Kanger Rebecca J. (1/12)                                  FR 482a
Kanger Rebecca (44)                                       FR 482a
Kaufman Christian (69)                                     HA 30a
Kaufman Gideon (31)                                        HA 30a
Kaufman Henry (3)                                         PR 426b
Kaufman Isaac (21)                                        PR 426b
Kaufman John (13)                                         PR 426b
Kaufman Joseph (6)                                        PR 426b
Kaufman Joseph (30)                                       PR 426b
Kaufman Joshua (24)                                        HA 30a
Kaufman Leah (19)                                         PR 426b
Kaufman Levi (15)                                         PR 426b
Kaufman Margaret (22)                                      HA 30a
Kaufman Mary (1)                                           HA 30a
Kaufman Mary (20)                                          HA 30a
Kaufman Rachel (28)                                       PR 426b
Kaufman Samuel (1)                                         HA 30a
Kaufman Sarah (59)                                         HA 30a
Kaufman William (1)                                       PR 426b
Ke*ly Christna (57)                                         WF 5b
Ke*ly Henry (14)                                            WF 5b
Ke*ly Jacob (59)                                            WF 5b
Ke*ly Jacob (20)                                            WF 5b
Ke*ly Samuel (18)                                           WF 5b
Ke*ly Sarah (16)                                            WF 5b
Keefer Catharine (6)                                      CG 464b
Keefer Charlotte (7/12)                                   CG 464b
Keefer Daniel (5)                                         CG 464b
Keefer John (13)                                          CG 464b
Keefer Lydia (9)                                          CG 464b
Keefer Maria (11)                                         CG 464b
Keefer Mary (35)                                          CG 464b
Keefer Mary (19)                                          CG 464b
Keefer Rebecca (f)                                        CG 464b
Keefer Samuel (35)                                        CG 464b
Keefer Sarah (15)                                         CG 464b
Keeler Caroline (17)                                      NB 400a
Keeler Catharine (5)                                      NB 400a
Keeler Daniel (20)                                        NB 400a
Keeler Henry (2)                                          NB 400a
Keeler Hiram (12)                                         NB 400a
Keeler Joseph (65)                                        NB 400a
Keeler Mary (16)                                          NB 400a
Keeler Ruth A. ()                                         NB 400a
Keeler Sarah (14)                                         NB 400a
Keeler Sarah (28)                                         NB 400a
Keeler William (10)                                       NB 400a
Keen Allen (5)                                             PU 62a
Keen Alma (40)                                             PU 62a
Keen Ann (33)                                              PU 62a
Keen Bannister (1/12)                                      PU 62a
Keen Belinda (9)                                          FR 478b
Keen Catharine (10)                                        PU 62a
Keen Drusilla (28)                                         PU 62a
Keen Ezra (7)                                              PU 62a
Keen Fanny (7)                                             PU 62a
Keen James (11)                                           FR 478b
Keen Joseph (49)                                           PU 62a
Keen Joshua (20)                                          FR 478b
Keen Joshua (62)                                          FR 478b
Keen Mary (11)                                             PU 62a
Keen Mary (18)                                            FR 478b
Keen Peter (32)                                            PU 62a
Keen Rachel (51)                                          FR 478b
Keen Rachel (16)                                          FR 478b
Keen Sarah (14)                                           FR 478b
Kees Aaron (8)                                             BE 56b
Kees Angeline (2)                                          BE 56b
Kees Daniella (21)                                        SB 518b
Kees David (24)                                           SB 518b
Kees Margaret (32)                                         BE 56b
Kees Minerva (13)                                          BE 56b
Kees Samantha (16)                                         BE 56b
Kees Samuel (38)                                           BE 56b
Kees Sophia (5)                                            BE 56b
Kees Thomas (10)                                           BE 56b
Keges Andrew (7)                                          FR 486a
Keizer Delilah (22)                                         WF 7b
Keizer Henry (26)                                           WF 7b
Keizer Medorie (1)                                          WF 7b
Kellen George W. (2)                                      PR 431b
Kellen John (37)                                          PR 431b
Kellen John W. (7)                                        PR 431b
Kellen Martha E. (12)                                     PR 431b
Kellen Mtilda (5)                                         PR 431b
Kellen Nancy (15)                                         PR 431b
Kellen Nathan (8)                                         PR 431b
Kellen NN (1/12)                                          PR 431b
Kellen Rachel (36)                                        PR 431b
Kellen Rosetta (15)                                       PR 431b
Kellen William (11)                                       PR 431b
Keller Adam (47)                                          PR 435a
Keller Alexander (23)                                     PR 435a
Keller Alice (4)                                           BE 44a
Keller Almy (1)                                            BE 44a
Keller Caroline (9)                                       SB 525a
Keller Elay (18)                                          PR 435a
Keller Elizabeth (18)                                     SB 525a
Keller Emanual (14)                                       PR 435a
Keller Franklin (21)                                      PR 435a
Keller Henry (1)                                          SB 525a
Keller Jasper N. (3)                                      PR 435a
Keller jeremiah (10)                                      PR 435a
Keller John (6)                                           SB 525a
Keller John (38)                                          SB 525a
Keller Lovina (13)                                        SB 525a
Keller Marilla (11)                                       SB 525a
Keller Mary (3)                                           SB 525a
Keller Mary (55)                                          SB 525a
Keller Mary (6)                                           PR 435a
Keller Peter (15)                                         SB 525a
Keller PR (19)                                            PR 435a
Keller Sarah (25)                                         PR 435a
Kelley Barbara (3)                                        NB 398b
Kelley David (6)                                          NB 398b
Kelley Dennis (42)                                        NB 398b
Kelley George W. (12)                                     NB 401a
Kelley Mary (4)                                           NB 398b
Kelley Mary (10)                                          NB 398b
Kelley Mary (33)                                          NB 398b
Kelley Patrick (40)                                       NB 398b
Kelly Aaron (20)                                           HA 32a
Kelly Alfred (25)                                          BE 43b
Kelly Allen (62)                                          FR 481a
Kelly Almeda (33)                                         GL 504a
Kelly Amanda (10)                                         CG 462b
Kelly Ann (15)                                             BE 43b
Kelly Benjamin (46)                                        HA 32a
Kelly Bennet (1)                                          CG 467a
Kelly Bennet C. (2)                                       CG 462b
Kelly Caleb (32)                                          FR 479a
Kelly Caroline (3)                                        GL 513b
Kelly Caroline (10)                                        BE 43b
Kelly Catherine (7)                                       FR 479a
Kelly Chambers (3)                                        GL 504a
Kelly Charles (13)                                        FR 477b
Kelly Charles (26)                                        CG 467a
Kelly Chloe (48)                                           BE 43b
Kelly Christena (32)                                      GL 512b
Kelly Christopher (3)                                     FR 479a
Kelly Edson (10)                                          GL 513b
Kelly Eleanor (45)                                         BE 56a
Kelly Elizabeth (6)                                       GL 504a
Kelly Elizabeth (33)                                      CG 462b
Kelly Emma (14)                                           GL 512b
Kelly Hannah (8)                                           HA 32a
Kelly Hannah (15)                                         GL 504a
Kelly Henrietta (8)                                       CG 462b
Kelly Isaac (16)                                           BE 56a
Kelly James (22)                                          WA 351a
Kelly James (5)                                           GL 504a
Kelly James (14)                                          GL 504a
Kelly James (20)                                          GL 512b
Kelly James (38)                                          FR 477b
Kelly James (10)                                          FR 477b
Kelly Jane (41)                                           GL 513b
Kelly John (4/12)                                         FR 477b
Kelly John (9)                                            WA 351a
Kelly John (25)                                           SB 523a
Kelly John (2)                                            GL 504a
Kelly John (55)                                           GL 512b
Kelly Jonathan (55)                                        BE 43b
Kelly Judson (15)                                         FR 481a
Kelly Keturah (6)                                         CG 467a
Kelly Lana (33)                                           FR 479a
Kelly Lavinia (43)                                         HA 32a
Kelly Lockwood (17)                                       FR 481a
Kelly Lodenia (3)                                         GL 504a
Kelly Lodenia (34)                                        GL 504a
Kelly Loretta (8)                                         FR 477b
Kelly Lovinia (11)                                         HA 32a
Kelly Lucy (40)                                           FR 477b
Kelly Mahatabell (25)                                     CG 467a
Kelly Martha (5)                                          GL 504a
Kelly Martha (19)                                         GL 515a
Kelly Martha (5)                                          FR 479a
Kelly Mary (20)                                           WA 351a
Kelly Mary (11)                                            PU 63b
Kelly Mary (15)                                            HA 32a
Kelly Mary (12)                                           GL 504a
Kelly Moses (18)                                           HA 32a
Kelly Nancy (1)                                           FR 479a
Kelly Oscar (6)                                           GL 513b
Kelly Rebecca (16)                                        WA 351a
Kelly Robert (14)                                         WA 351a
Kelly Robert (54)                                         WA 351a
Kelly Robert (16)                                         GL 504a
Kelly Samantha (14)                                       GL 513b
Kelly Samuel (2/12)                                       GL 512b
Kelly Samuel (40)                                         GL 504a
Kelly Samuel (47)                                         GL 513b
Kelly Samuel (18)                                          BE 56a
Kelly Sarah (1)                                           GL 504a
Kelly Sarah (57)                                          FR 481a
Kelly Susannah (5)                                         HA 32a
Kelly Thomas (54)                                         GL 504a
Kelly Thomas (1)                                          GL 504a
Kelly Thomas (16)                                         GL 512b
Kelly Walden (6)                                          FR 477b
Kelly William (18)                                        WA 351a
Kelly William (33)                                        CG 462b
Kelsey Elizabeth (18)                                     PR 436a
Kelsey Lorenzo (25)                                       PR 436a
Kemahan Anna (9)                                          CN 366b
Kemahan David R. (33)                                     CN 366b
Kemahan Elizabeth (31)                                    CN 366b
Kemahan James B. (2)                                      CN 366b
Kemahan Lavina (11)                                       CN 366b
Kemahan Martha A. (4)                                     CN 366b
Kemahan Thomas (6)                                        CN 366b
Kemahan William (8/12)                                    CN 366b
Kenney Daniel (55)                                         HA 36b
Kenney Daniel (10)                                         HA 36b
Kenney Eliza (51)                                          HA 36b
Kenney Eliza (14)                                          HA 36b
Kent Ashford (24)                                          BE 50b
Kent Eleanor (19)                                          BE 50b
Kenyon Edward (38)                                        NB 401a
Kenyon Henry (23)                                         NB 401a
Kenyon Jane (27)                                          NB 401a
Kenyon John (33)                                          NB 401a
Kenyon John W. (5)                                        NB 401b
Kenyon Lydia (24)                                         NB 401a
Kenyon Margery (58)                                       NB 401a
Kenyon Sarah (24)                                         NB 401a
Kenyon William (25)                                       NB 401a
Kephias Gilman B. (14)                                    CH 446b
Kephias Jonathan (44)                                     CH 446b
Kephias Jonathan L. (1)                                   CH 446b
Kephias Lucinda E. (10)                                   CH 446b
Kephias Lydia (12)                                        CH 446b
Kephias Mary L. (3)                                       CH 446b
Kephias Philina D. (6)                                    CH 446b
Kephias Sarah E. (3)                                      CH 446b
Kephias Susan (35)                                        CH 446b
Kephias William N. (8)                                    CH 446b
Kerns Adam (18)                                            HA 40b
Kerns Andrew (20)                                          HA 40b
Kerns Harvey (13)                                          HA 40b
Kerns James (22)                                           HA 40b
Kerns Nancy (17)                                           HA 40b
Kerns Sarah (55)                                           HA 40b
Kerns Ssarah (14)                                          HA 40b
Kerr Barnard (46)                                          PU 61a
Kerr Deborah (6)                                           PU 61a
Kerr Edmund (9)                                            PU 61a
Kerr Mary (15)                                             PU 61a
Kerr Nancy (15)                                            PU 61a
Kerr Sarah (50)                                            PU 61a
Kerr William (12)                                          PU 61a
Kerrigy Elizabeth (33)                                    PR 432b
Kerrigy Joseph (43)                                       PR 432b
Kerrigy Samuel (12)                                       PR 432b
Kerrigy William H. (7)                                    PR 432b
Kershpurger Dorsey (7)                                     PU 67a
Kershpurger Phebe (44)                                     PU 67a
Kershpurger Thomas (9)                                     PU 67a
Kershpurger Willison (11)                                  PU 67a
Kerutt Allen (1)                                           WF 10b
Kerutt Catharine (13)                                      WF 10b
Kerutt Christine (11)                                      WF 10b
Kerutt Christinna (38)                                     WF 10b
Kerutt Christopher (58)                                    WF 10b
Kerutt Jacob (9)                                           WF 10b
Kerutt Margaret (6)                                        WF 10b
Kerutt Wilhelmina (16)                                     WF 10b
Kerutt Wlizabeth (3)                                       WF 10b
Kesler Abraham (11)                                       TR 420b
Kesler Elizabeth (20)                                     TR 416b
Kesler Elizabeth (36)                                     TR 420b
Kesler George (8)                                         TR 420b
Kesler Isaac (29)                                         TR 416b
Kesler John (14)                                          TR 420b
Kesler Judd (74)                                          CR 395a
Kesler Peter (42)                                         TR 420b

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