Morrow 1850 census index (partial)
Morrow County 1850 Census Surname Index
Surname/Given Name/Age/Township Abbreviation/Sheet Number
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Hubbell Adelia (3)                                        SB 526b
Hubbell Alonzo (4)                                        SB 523a
Hubbell Ann (23)                                           PU 58b
Hubbell Asa (24)                                           PU 59b
Hubbell Boen (27)                                          PU 58b
Hubbell Catharine (17)                                     PU 58b
Hubbell Celina (11)                                       SB 523a
Hubbell Corwin (4)                                         PU 60a
Hubbell Daniel (6)                                        SB 523a
Hubbell Eilliam (7)                                       SB 523a
Hubbell Elizabeth (9)                                     SB 523a
Hubbell Ellen (6)                                         SB 526b
Hubbell Emaline ()                                        SB 523a
Hubbell Ephraim (36)                                       PU 60a
Hubbell Eunice (6)                                        SB 526b
Hubbell Harriet (21)                                       PU 59b
Hubbell Harriet (1)                                        PU 58b
Hubbell Harry (31)                                        SB 523a
Hubbell Hiram (6)                                          PU 58b
Hubbell Hisner (22)                                        PU 59b
Hubbell Josephine (4/12)                                  SB 523a
Hubbell Julia (3)                                          PU 60a
Hubbell Preston (28)                                      SB 526b
Hubbell Rachael (32)                                       PU 60a
Hubbell Rachel (29)                                       SB 526b
Hubbell Rebecca (50)                                       PU 58b
Hubbell Shadrack (52)                                      PU 58b
Hubbell Susan (11)                                         PU 58b
Hubbell Susanna (31)                                      SB 523a
Hubbell Victoria (1)                                       PU 60a
Hubbell William (5)                                        PU 58b
Hublett Elizabeth (75)                                     LN 29a
Huddle Anne (3)                                           SB 530a
Huddle Hannah (34)                                        SB 530a
Huddle William (31)                                       SB 530a
Hudson Anna (17)                                          NB 397a
Hudson Catharine (43)                                     NB 397a
Hudson James (1)                                          NB 397a
Hudson John (14)                                          NB 397a
Hudson Lucinda (23)                                       NB 397a
Hudson Samuel (62)                                        NB 397a
Hudson William (16)                                       NB 397a
Huff Amanda (1)                                            HA 37b
Huff Daniel (5)                                            HA 37b
Huff Harriet (9)                                           HA 37b
Huff Loisa (6)                                             HA 37b
Huff Margaret (32)                                         HA 37b
Huff Sarah (13)                                            HA 37b
Huff Viola (3)                                             HA 37b
Huff William (37)                                          HA 37a
Huff William (11)                                          HA 37b
Huffinger Ann (22)                                         LN 23b
Huffinger Catherine (27)                                   LN 23b
Huffinger Luttica (28)                                     LN 23b
Huffinger Lydia (1)                                        LN 23b
Huffinger Samuel (26)                                      LN 23b
Hufford Michael B. (48)                                   NB 397b
Hughs John (22)                                           CR 382b
Hught John (15)                                           WA 350a
Huler Elizabeth (40)                                      NB 400a
Huler George (38)                                         NB 400a
Hull Adaline (2)                                          FR 477a
Hull Alfred (11)                                          GL 507b
Hull Almira (6)                                           CG 462b
Hull Ann (48)                                             PR 434b
Hull Benjamin (30)                                        GL 507b
Hull Bradford (28)                                        FR 477a
Hull Carlotte (18)                                        FR 479b
Hull Caroline (25)                                        CR 382b
Hull Charles (2/12)                                       FR 477a
Hull Charles (6/12)                                       PR 435b
Hull Charles (58)                                         CG 460b
Hull Clara (2)                                            PR 434b
Hull David (22)                                           WA 362b
Hull Elizabeth (26)                                       GL 507b
Hull Ellinor (4)                                          CG 462b
Hull Eve (44)                                             GL 494b
Hull Francis M. (6)                                       PR 434b
Hull George (5)                                           FR 477a
Hull Hariet A. (2)                                        PR 435b
Hull Isaac (28)                                           FR 479b
Hull Isaac (31)                                           CG 462b
Hull Isabel (29)                                          WA 362b
Hull James (52)                                           PR 434b
Hull James (47)                                           GL 494b
Hull Jane (23)                                            CG 460b
Hull Jesse L. (35)                                        PR 435b
Hull John (17)                                            PR 434b
Hull Juliann (26)                                         CG 460b
Hull Lucinda (24)                                         GL 507b
Hull Lulcy (2)                                            GL 507b
Hull Lydia (18)                                           CG 460b
Hull Martha (3)                                           CG 462b
Hull Mary A. (4/12)                                       CR 382b
Hull Mary J. (14)                                         PR 434b
Hull Mary (12)                                            FR 479b
Hull Mary (26)                                            CG 462b
Hull McCloud ()                                           CG 461a
Hull Milton (21)                                          CG 460b
Hull Nancy (26)                                           FR 477a
Hull Nelson (14)                                          CG 460b
Hull Peter (61)                                           FR 479b
Hull Phebe (17)                                           GL 507b
Hull Rachel (24)                                          PR 435b
Hull Reason W. (11)                                       PR 434b
Hull Rebecca (51)                                         CG 460b
Hull Samuel (23)                                          FR 480b
Hull Sarah (53)                                           FR 479b
Hull Sarah (20)                                           FR 480b
Hull Thomas (15)                                          CG 460b
Hull Washington (26)                                      CR 382b
Hull William (30)                                         SB 532a
Hull William (8)                                          PR 434b
Hull William (14)                                         FR 479b
Hulse Albert (16)                                         SB 523b
Hulse Amarilla (3/12)                                     SB 523b
Hulse Catharine (23)                                      SB 525a
Hulse Cornelia (10)                                       SB 523b
Hulse Elizabeth (45)                                      SB 523b
Hulse Francis (18)                                        SB 523b
Hulse Gilbert (35)                                        SB 523b
Hulse Henry (14)                                          SB 523b
Hulse J* (12)                                             SB 523b
Hulse Jabez (42)                                          SB 523b
Hulse James (4)                                           SB 523b
Hulse Jane (3)                                            SB 525a
Hulse Margaret (5)                                        SB 523b
Hulse Maria (38)                                          SB 523b
Hulse Olive (5)                                           SB 525a
Hulse Reuben (27)                                         SB 523b
Hulse Susan (27)                                          SB 523b
Hulse Thomas (26)                                         SB 525a
Humpson Cornelius (45)                                    SB 520a
Humpson James (14)                                        SB 520a
Humpson John (7)                                          SB 520a
Humpson Margaret (10)                                     SB 520a
Humpson Mary (34)                                         SB 520a
Humpson Owen (12)                                         SB 520a
Humpson Richard (16)                                      SB 520a
Humpson Thomas (2)                                        SB 520a
Hunt Columbus (13)                                        CH 445a
Hunt Elias (63)                                            BE 47a
Hunt George (2)                                            BE 47a
Hunt Isaac (24)                                            BE 47a
Hunt Joseph (15)                                          CH 445a
Hunt Lewis (50)                                           CH 445a
Hunt Margaret (11)                                        NB 397a
Hunt Margaret (14)                                         BE 47a
Hunt Mary E. (18)                                         CH 445a
Hunt Maryann (3)                                           BE 47a
Hunt Phebe (44)                                           CH 445a
Hunt Rachael (3)                                           BE 47a
Hunt Rebecca (29)                                          BE 47a
Hunt Sarah (51)                                            BE 47a
Hunt Simeon (30)                                           BE 47a
Hunt Stephen (84)                                          PU 61a
Hunt Wesley (1)                                            BE 47a
Hunt William (5)                                           BE 47a
Hunter Catharine (11)                                     GL 512b
Hunter Eliza E. (3/12)                                    NB 407b
Hunter Esther (37)                                        NB 407b
Hunter George (43)                                        NB 407b
Hunter George (42)                                        GL 515a
Hunter John (9)                                           NB 407b
Hunter Samantha (4)                                       NB 407b
Huntly Cynthia (48)                                       SB 520a
Huntly Elijah (47)                                        SB 520a
Huntly Emmons (7)                                         SB 520a
Huntly Lucy (12)                                          SB 520a
Huntly William (11)                                       SB 520a
Huntsman Amanda (3)                                       FR 482a
Huntsman Catharine (31)                                   PR 427a
Huntsman Chauncey (1)                                     PR 427a
Huntsman Elizabeth (26)                                   PR 435a
Huntsman George (10)                                      FR 482a
Huntsman Israel (29)                                      PR 435a
Huntsman James W. (3)                                     PR 435a
Huntsman Jeramiah (40)                                    FR 482a
Huntsman Josiah (29)                                      NB 403b
Huntsman Lydia (17)                                       FR 482a
Huntsman Malvina (1)                                      PR 435a
Huntsman Mary E. (3)                                      PR 427a
Huntsman Mary (1)                                         PR 435a
Huntsman Mary (5)                                         FR 482a
Huntsman Mary (34)                                        FR 482a
Huntsman Nancy J. (5)                                     PR 427a
Huntsman Nancy (22)                                       NB 403b
Huntsman Priscilla (5)                                    PR 435a
Huntsman Rachel (8)                                       FR 482a
Huntsman Riley (3/12)                                     FR 482a
Huntsman William (33)                                     PR 427a
Hurby Richard (45)                                        FR 487a
Hurmaker Caroline (1)                                      WF 10b
Hurmaker Henry (5)                                         WF 10b
Hurmaker Jacob (7)                                         WF 10b
Hurmaker Mary (3)                                          WF 10b
Hurwaker Christina (11)                                    WF 10a
Hurwaker Frederick (8)                                     WF 10a
Hurwaker George (10)                                       WF 10a
Hurwaker I.G. (42)                                         WF 10a
Hurwaker John (12)                                         WF 10a
Hurwaker Mary (33)                                         WF 10a
Husler Emanuel F (47)                                     CN 368b
Huster Nancy (51)                                         WA 360a
Huster Robert (60)                                        WA 360a
Hutson Abigail (4)                                        SB 519a
Hutson Benjamin (33)                                      SB 518b
Hutson Charlotte (7)                                      SB 519a
Hutson John (10)                                          SB 519a
Hutson Mary (8)                                           SB 519a
Hutson Minerva (32)                                       SB 518b
Hyatt Henry (21)                                          SB 519b
Hyde Barbara E. (14)                                      NB 410a
Hyde Benjamin (50)                                        NB 410a
Hyde Francis (10)                                         NB 410a
Hyde James W. (18)                                        NB 410a
Hyde Jonathan (16)                                        NB 410a
Hyde Margaret (19)                                        NB 410a
Hyde Mary (42)                                            NB 410a
Hyde Rhoda A. (6)                                         NB 410a
Hyde Samuel (4)                                           NB 410a
Hyde Theodore (12)                                        NB 410a
Hyler Abagail (8)                                         FR 489b
Hyler Ann (47)                                            FR 489a
Hyler Charles (23)                                        FR 489a
Hyler Emily (14)                                          FR 489b
Hyler James (55)                                          FR 489a
Hyler John (5)                                            FR 489b
Hyler Lucy (11)                                           FR 489b
Hyler Nathaniel (16)                                      FR 489a
Hyliard Elie P. (3)                                       WA 352a
Hyliard Eliza A. (17)                                     WA 351b
Hyliard Lavina (9)                                      WAWA 351b
Hyliard Mandande (10)                                    WAn 351b
Hyliard Maria (15)                                        WA 351b
Hyliard Nancy A. (5/12)                                   WA 352a
Hyliard Sarah (37)                                        WA 351b
Hyliard Sarah (12)                                        WA 351b
Hyliard William (5)                                       WA 352a
Hylliard William (49)                                     WA 351b
Hymer George (21)                                         FR 480b
Hymer Harriet (9)                                         FR 480b
Hymer James (15)                                          FR 480b
Hymer Mahetable (47)                                      FR 480b
Hymer Meram (7)                                           FR 480b
Hymer Peter (54)                                          FR 480b
Hyte Adam (26)                                            NB 401b
Hyte Elizabeth (25)                                       NB 401b
Hyte Jacob (3/12)                                         NB 401b
Hyte Lavina (2)                                           NB 401b
Ibach Benjamin F. (14)                                    NB 407b
Ibach Daniel (16)                                         NB 407b
Ibach Elizabeth (11)                                      NB 407b
Ibach Gotlieb (53)                                        NB 407b
Ibach Hannah (42)                                         NB 407b
Ibach John C. (13)                                        NB 407b
Ibach Rebecca (9)                                         NB 407b
Ibach William (17)                                        NB 407b
Iden Cisly (11/12)                                        FR 486a
Iden Dorcas (38)                                          CG 468a
Iden Eli (51)                                             FR 487b
Iden Emily (10)                                           FR 487b
Iden Francis (12)                                         CG 468a
Iden George (5)                                           CG 467a
Iden George (14)                                          CG 468a
Iden Hannah (7/12)                                        CG 467a
Iden Harriet (47)                                         FR 487b
Iden Isabel (27)                                          FR 486a
Iden Jacob (40)                                           CG 467a
Iden John (44)                                            CG 468a
Iden John (10)                                            CG 468a
Iden Julia (9)                                            FR 487b
Iden Lloyd (1)                                            CG 468a
Iden Lucinda (19)                                         FR 487b
Iden Mahlon (12)                                          FR 487b
Iden Maria (3)                                            FR 487b
Iden Martha J (18)                                        CG 468a
Iden Mary E (9)                                           CG 467a
Iden Mary (38)                                            CG 467b
Iden Matilda (15)                                         CG 467a
Iden Samantha (3)                                         CG 467a
Iden Samuel (17)                                          FR 487b
Iden Sarah (15)                                           FR 487b
Iden Sarah (16)                                           CG 468a
Iden Sarah (29)                                           CG 467a
Iden Thomas (25)                                          FR 486a
Iden Thomas (41)                                          CG 467b
Iden Thomas (4)                                           CG 468a
Iler Almira (4)                                           GL 499b
Iler Bethena (33)                                         GL 499b
Iler David (32)                                           GL 499b
Iler John (2)                                             GL 499b
Iler Lydia (6)                                            GL 499b
Iler Mary (10)                                            GL 499b
Iler William (1/12)                                       GL 499b
Iler Wilson (8)                                           GL 499b
Iles Martha (41)                                          FR 491a
Ine A. Dixon (43)                                          WF 13a
Ine Minerva (45)                                           WF 13a
Inge Charles (31)                                          LN 27a
Inge Mary (10/12)                                          LN 27a
Inge Ssarah (20)                                           LN 27a
Ingmier Clarissa (24)                                      LN 19b
Ingmier Daniel (2)                                         LN 19b
Ingmier Fernandez (13)                                     LN 19b
Ingmier Thomas (10/12)                                     LN 19b
Ingmier Thomas (32)                                        LN 19b
Ink Abraham (28)                                          FR 485a
Ink Almena (4)                                            FR 485a
Ink Amanda (23)                                           CH 456a
Ink Betsy (22)                                            GL 514b
Ink Charity (49)                                          CH 456a
Ink Dorcas L. (15)                                        CH 456a
Ink Hannah (28)                                           FR 481b
Ink John (23)                                             CH 437b
Ink Joseph (57)                                           CH 456a
Ink Mary (30)                                             FR 485a
Ink Peter (1)                                             FR 485a
Ink Rhoda (26)                                            CH 456a
Ink Walter P. (31)                                        FR 481b
Irbie Henry (5)                                             WF 3b
Irey Mahlin (25)                                          GL 499b
Irish Enoch (25)                                          GL 497b
Irish Esther (63)                                         GL 497b
Irish Hannah (6)                                          GL 497b
Irish Hannah (42)                                         GL 497b
Irish Israel (27)                                         GL 497b
Irish Israel (65)                                         GL 497b
Irish Joel (24)                                           GL 497b
Irish John (2)                                            GL 497b
Irish Samuel (21)                                         GL 497b
Irish Stephen (42)                                        GL 497b
Irwin Ann Kelly (80)                                      WA 350b
Irwin Cynthia (31)                                        SB 520b
Irwin Elijah (22)                                         WA 361b
Irwin Elizabeth F (6/12)                                  WA 350b
Irwin Elizabeth (4)                                       WA 350b
Irwin Halt (30)                                           SB 520b
Irwin Isaac (11)                                          SB 520b
Irwin James (11)                                          WA 350b
Irwin James (70)                                          SB 520b
Irwin John (17)                                           CH 452b
Irwin Margaret (9)                                        WA 350b
Irwin Margaret (38)                                       WA 350b
Irwin Rebecca (3)                                         WA 350b
Irwin Sarah (13)                                          WA 350b
Irwin Susannah (64)                                       SB 520b
Irwin William (7)                                         WA 350b
Irwin William (57)                                        WA 350b
Iry Isaac (60)                                            GL 501b
Iry Marsy (50)                                            GL 501b
Isabel 29 (f)                                             CH 451b
Isabel Margaret (7)                                       CH 451b
Isabel Theophilas (9)                                     CH 451b
Isabel Viola J. (1)                                       CH 451b
Jackson Abby (5)                                          FR 486b
Jackson Abigail (17)                                      NB 404b
Jackson Andrew (6)                                        CN 373a
Jackson Ann (38)                                          GL 506b
Jackson Barbara A. (15)                                   CN 373a
Jackson Benjamin (8)                                      CG 459a
Jackson Charles (26)                                      SB 530a
Jackson Charles (34)                                      FR 486b
Jackson Clementine (17)                                   SB 532b
Jackson David (63)                                        WA 357a
Jackson Edward (1)                                        CN 373a
Jackson Edwin (16)                                        CG 459a
Jackson Eliza (31)                                        FR 486b
Jackson Elizabeth (17)                                    CG 459a
Jackson Emeline (18)                                      CN 373a
Jackson Emily (21)                                        SB 522a
Jackson Enos J. (15)                                      NB 404b
Jackson George (11)                                       CG 459a
Jackson George (40)                                       CG 459a
Jackson George W. (9)                                     CN 373a
Jackson Harriet (1)                                       FR 486b
Jackson Harrison (14)                                     CG 459a
Jackson Henry (12)                                        CN 373a
Jackson Henry (46)                                        CN 373a
Jackson Israel (21)                                       CN 373a
Jackson James (15)                                        SB 522b
Jackson James (22)                                        SB 532b
Jackson Jane (3/12)                                       SB 532b
Jackson Joel (10)                                         GL 506b
Jackson John (16)                                         WA 357a
Jackson John (19)                                         SB 522a
Jackson Lecta (17)                                        WA 357a
Jackson Lewis (18)                                        NB 404b
Jackson Lucius (49)                                       SB 522a
Jackson Lydia A. (4)                                      CN 373a
Jackson Lydia (44)                                        CN 373a
Jackson Mahlon (19)                                       WA 357a
Jackson Margaret (19)                                     SB 522b
Jackson Maria (49)                                        CG 459a
Jackson Mary (47)                                         SB 522a
Jackson Mary (46)                                         NB 404b
Jackson Mary (4)                                          FR 486b
Jackson Phares (20)                                       PR 433b
Jackson Prudence (58)                                     WA 357a
Jackson Rebecca (21)                                      SB 530a
Jackson Samantha (14)                                     SB 522b
Jackson Victoria (11)                                     SB 522b
Jackson William (7)                                       SB 522b
Jackson William (13)                                      NB 404b
Jackson William (2)                                       FR 486b
Jacobs Anna (14)                                          CG 460a
Jacobs Babilla (20)                                       CG 460a
Jacobs Ellen (5)                                          CG 460a
Jacobs James (16)                                         CG 460a
Jacobs John (52)                                          CG 460a
Jacobs Mary (48)                                          CG 460a
Jacobs Robert (12)                                        CG 460a
Jacoby Elizabeth (15)                                     TR 418b
Jacoby Susan (33)                                         TR 418b
Jager Caroline (5)                                        FR 483a
Jager Charles (44)                                        FR 482b
Jager Greengerry (10)                                     FR 482b
Jager Malinda (16)                                        FR 482b
Jager Mary (17)                                           FR 482b
Jager Matilda (12)                                        FR 482b
Jager Melissa (6)                                         FR 483a
Jager Phebe (3)                                           FR 483a
Jager Rhoda (38)                                          FR 482b
Jager Rhoda (1)                                           FR 483a
Jager Sarah J (14)                                        FR 482b
Jager Silas (8)                                           FR 482b
James Almaretta (3)                                        LN 23a
James Ann (34)                                            PR 430b
James Ann (27)                                             LN 28b
James Benton (19)                                          PU 60a
James Byram (7)                                           CH 443a
James Catharine (1)                                       FR 488b
James CElizabeth (15)                                     CH 443a
James Charlotte (65)                                       PU 60a
James Daniel (20)                                         PR 430b
James Daniel (24)                                         CH 440b
James David (70)                                           PU 60a
James David (33)                                          FR 488b
James David (71)                                          CH 443a
James Davis (13)                                          CH 440b
James Ebenezer B (34)                                     CH 442b
James Ebenezer (13)                                       CH 443a
James Elie (20)                                           CH 443a
James Elizabeth (22)                                       PU 60a
James Elizabeth (5)                                        LN 28b
James Elizabeth (61)                                      CH 443a
James Elizabeth (33)                                      CH 443b
James Esther (51)                                         CH 440b
James Florinda (11)                                       CH 442b
James Hannah (62)                                         PR 430b
James Hannah (2)                                          FR 488b
James Henry (68)                                          PR 430b
James James J (17)                                        CH 443a
James James (3)                                            HA 40a
James James (53)                                          CH 443a
James James M (4)                                         CH 442b
James Jane (30)                                            LN 23a
James Jane (42)                                            BE 50b
James Joseph (48)                                         CH 443a
James Joseph (22)                                         CH 440b
James Lafayett (9)                                        CH 443b
James Lewis J. (5)                                        CH 443a
James Lucretia (11)                                        HA 40a
James Lucy M. (4)                                         CH 443a
James Luther (7)                                          CH 443b
James Margerit (4)                                         BE 50b
James Marion (26)                                          LN 28b
James Marlow (9)                                           HA 40a
James Mary J. (19)                                        CH 443a
James Mary (7)                                             HA 40a
James Mary (4)                                            FR 488b
James Mary (22)                                           FR 488b
James Mary (52)                                           CH 443a
James Mary (24)                                           CH 442b
James Mary (49)                                           CH 443a
James Mortimer (7)                                         LN 23a
James Phebe A. (30)                                       CH 442b
James Rachel (37)                                         PR 430b
James Ruth (23)                                           CH 443a
James Samuel (22)                                         PR 430b
James Sarah (30)                                           HA 40a
James Sarah (33)                                          CH 443b
James Suella (1)                                          CH 442b
James Thomas W. (1/12)                                    CH 443a
James Thomas (27)                                         CH 442b
James Thomas (49)                                          BE 50b
James Thurston (53)                                        LN 23a
James Wesley K. (8)                                       CH 443a
James William (33)                                         HA 40a
Jamison John S (28)                                       CH 454b
Jarvis Aquilla (36)                                       CH 448a
Jarvis Elie (57)                                          CH 451b
Jarvis John (24)                                          CH 448a
Jarvis Laura (4/12)                                       CH 456a
Jarvis Mabothy (6)                                        CH 455b
Jarvis Mary A. (25)                                       CH 448a
Jarvis Roena (4)                                          CH 455b
Jarvis Rosanna (20)                                       CH 448a
Jarvis Rosannah (60)                                      CH 448a
Jarvis Sarah (30)                                         CH 455b
Jarvis William O. (2)                                     CH 455b
Jarvis William (40)                                       CH 455b
Jeffery Benjamin (64)                                     GL 503b
Jeffery Francis (8)                                       GL 503b
Jeffery Mary (30)                                         WA 359a
Jeffery Rober (28)                                        WA 359a
Jeffery Sophia (10)                                       GL 503b
Jeffrey George (1)                                        CH 452a
Jeffrey Hiram (6)                                         CH 452a
Jeffrey James D. (3)                                      CH 452a
Jeffrey Wille E. (4)                                      CH 452a
Jeffreys George (34)                                      CH 451b
Jeffreys Martha (34)                                      CH 452a
Jegar Catharine (7)                                       CG 465b
Jegar Elizabeth (29)                                      CG 465b
Jegar Elizabeth (5)                                       CG 465b
Jegar Jacob (40)                                          CG 465b
Jegar Joseph (3)                                          CG 465b
Jegar Susan (1)                                           CG 465b
Jenkins Alexis (46)                                        WF 14a
Jenkins Ann (49)                                           HA 35a
Jenkins Anthony (39)                                       WF 14b
Jenkins Benjamin (7)                                       HA 36a
Jenkins Benjamin (38)                                     CH 436b
Jenkins Catharine (12)                                     WF 14b
Jenkins Catharine (4)                                      PU 67b
Jenkins Catharine (29)                                     HA 36a
Jenkins Catherine (72)                                     WF 14b
Jenkins Craven W. (16)                                    CR 379b
Jenkins Daniel (13)                                        PU 67b
Jenkins Daniel (25)                                        HA 35a
Jenkins David (19)                                         PU 67b
Jenkins Drusilla (14)                                      WF 14b
Jenkins Eda (42)                                          CR 379b
Jenkins Edmund (20)                                        WF 14a
Jenkins Edson (8)                                          WF 14b
Jenkins Eliza (22)                                         WF 14a
Jenkins Ellen (17)                                         PU 67b
Jenkins Emily (8)                                          WF 14b
Jenkins George W. (44)                                    CR 379b
Jenkins Jane (1)                                           WF 14b
Jenkins John (22)                                          HA 35a
Jenkins juliann (2)                                        HA 36b
Jenkins Lucretia (16)                                      WF 14b
Jenkins Mahlon C. (4)                                     CH 436b
Jenkins Margaret (13)                                      WF 14a
Jenkins Margaret (11)                                      HA 35a
Jenkins Martha A. (26)                                    CH 436b
Jenkins Mary (1/12)                                        WF 14b
Jenkins Mary Ann (4)                                       HA 36a
Jenkins Mary Ann (19)                                      HA 35a
Jenkins Samantha (36)                                      WF 14b
Jenkins Susannah (44)                                      WF 14a
Jenkins Sylvester (3)                                      HA 35a
Jenkins Thomas (27)                                        HA 36a
Jenkins Thomas (57)                                        HA 35a
Jenkins Triphana (25)                                      HA 35a
Jenkins William J. (5)                                    CH 436b
Jenkins William (17)                                       HA 35a
Jenkins Zachariah (11)                                     PU 67b
Jenkins Zilpha (1)                                         HA 35a

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