Morrow 1850 census index (partial)
Morrow County 1850 Census Surname Index
Surname/Given Name/Age/Township Abbreviation/Sheet Number
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Hetter Conrad (31)                                        NB 403b
Hetter Mary (28)                                          NB 403b
Heuler 26 ()                                               HA 40b
Heuler Rachael (23)                                        HA 40b
Heverlo Aaron (4)                                          PU 68a
Heverlo Ancheus (45)                                       PU 68a
Heverlo Barnet (65)                                        PU 66a
Heverlo Benton (50)                                        PU 68a
Heverlo Catharine (10)                                     PU 66a
Heverlo Elizabeth (36)                                     PU 68a
Heverlo Harriet (20)                                       PU 66a
Heverlo Martha (47)                                        PU 68a
Heverlo Mary (7)                                           PU 68a
Heverlo Nelson (13)                                        PU 67a
Heverlo Polly (55)                                         PU 66a
Heverlo Roxana (19)                                        PU 66b
Heverlo Samuel (52)                                        PU 66b
Heverlo Sarah (2)                                          PU 68a
Heverlo Smith (17)                                         PU 66a
Heverlo Sylvester (12)                                     PU 66a
Heverlo William (15)                                       PU 66a
Hewett Catharine (22)                                     CH 454b
Hewett Herbert m (2)                                      CH 454b
Hewett Livonia (3/12)                                     CH 454b
Hewett Minerva E (3)                                      CH 454b
Hewett Sylvester (30)                                     CH 454b
Hibbard Daniel (45)                                       TR 416a
Hibbard Elizabeth (15)                                    TR 416a
Hibbard Rebecca (38)                                      TR 416a
Hibbard Samuel (12)                                       TR 416a
Hibbard Sarah (9)                                         TR 416a
Hibbout Caroline (5/12)                                    BE 43a
Hibbout Dinna (8)                                          BE 43a
Hibbout Elijah (5)                                         BE 43a
Hibbout Fanny (34)                                         BE 43a
Hibbout George (11)                                        BE 43a
Hibbout Lucius (40)                                        BE 43a
Hibbout Mary (3)                                           BE 43a
Hickman Wesley (18)                                       GL 509a
Hicks Bethiah (78)                                        GL 500b
Hicks Elias (3)                                           GL 500b
Hicks Elizabeth (19)                                      GL 512a
Hicks Jane (6/12)                                         GL 500b
Hicks Susan (40)                                          GL 512a
Hicks Sylvanus (18)                                        LN 29a
Higby Heniman (62)                                        CH 443b
Higby Henry (13)                                          CH 443b
Higby Sarah D. (12)                                       CH 443b
Higby Sarah (55)                                          CH 443b
Higgans Catharine (70)                                    FR 491a
Higgans Celias (10)                                       FR 490b
Higgans Elias (54)                                        FR 490b
Higgans Enoch (18)                                        FR 490b
Higgans Harcy (27)                                        FR 490b
Higgans John (20)                                         FR 490b
Higgans Mary (50)                                         FR 490b
Higgans Mary (14)                                         FR 490b
Higgans Sarah (12)                                        FR 490b
Higgans Silvester (16)                                    FR 490b
Higgans Thomas (70)                                       FR 491a
Higgins Curtis (25)                                       CG 464a
Higgins John (79)                                         CH 445a
Higgins Margaret J. (4)                                   CH 445a
Higgins Mary A. (8)                                       CH 445a
Higgins Mary (22)                                         CG 464a
Higgins Nancy J. (32)                                     CH 445a
Higgins Rebecca E. (6)                                    CH 445a
Higgins Rebecca (74)                                      CH 445a
Higgins Thomas (34)                                       CH 445a
Higgins William A. (1)                                    CH 445a
High George (33)                                          GL 508a
High Henry (25)                                           GL 511a
High James (6)                                            GL 508a
High John (32)                                             LN 24a
High Lewis (1)                                             LN 24a
High Margaret (25)                                        GL 508a
High Sarah (4)                                             LN 24a
High Sophia (32)                                           LN 24a
High Wells (8)                                            GL 508a
High William (6)                                           LN 24a
High William (30)                                         GL 511a
Hill Almaretta (6)                                         PU 62b
Hill Andrew (27)                                          WA 355b
Hill Catharine (12)                                       WA 354a
Hill Elizabeth (22)                                       WA 354a
Hill Elizabeth (16)                                        PU 60a
Hill Elizabeth (18)                                       CH 454a
Hill George (16)                                          WA 354a
Hill George (58)                                          WA 354a
Hill Harriet (10)                                          PU 62b
Hill Isabel (19)                                           PU 60a
Hill Jacob (24)                                           CH 454a
Hill James (15)                                           WA 354a
Hill Maria (17)                                           WA 354a
Hill McClure (13)                                          PU 60a
Hill Nancy (21)                                           WA 354a
Hill Sarah (9)                                            WA 354a
Hill William (43)                                          PU 60a
Hilliard Benjamin F. (5)                                  PR 430b
Hilliard Eliza (17)                                       NB 409b
Hilliard Henry (15)                                       PR 430b
Hilliard James M. (10)                                    PR 430b
Hilliard Mary (39)                                        PR 430b
Hilliard Thomas J. (40)                                   PR 430b
Hilt Catharine (60)                                       TR 415b
Hilt Catharine (8)                                        TR 415b
Hilt Christian (33)                                       TR 415b
Hilt Eliza (28)                                           TR 415b
Hilt Henry (7)                                            TR 415b
Hilt Henry (18)                                           TR 415b
Hilt Henry (62)                                           TR 415b
Hilt Lydia (2)                                            TR 415b
Hilt Mary (9)                                             TR 415b
Hilt Mary (34)                                            SB 516b
Hilt Rebecca (20)                                         TR 415b
Hilt Rebecca (5)                                          TR 415b
Hilt Samuel (5/12)                                        TR 415b
Hilt Silas (32)                                           SB 516b
Hilt William (10)                                         SB 516b
Hilton Elizabeth (14)                                     TR 416a
Hilton Hannah (45)                                        TR 416a
Hilton James (13)                                         TR 416a
Hilton Lydia (10)                                         TR 416a
Hilton Mary (16)                                          TR 416a
Hilton Mathew (21)                                        TR 416a
Hilton Robert (55)                                        TR 416a
Hilton Sarah (18)                                         TR 416a
Hindman Anna (8)                                          CN 366b
Hindman Hannah (47)                                       CN 366b
Hindman James (19)                                        CN 366b
Hindman Jane (22)                                         CN 366b
Hindman Joseph (17)                                       CN 366b
Hindman Martha (2)                                        CN 366b
Hindman Mathew (15)                                       CN 366b
Hindman Samuel (55)                                       CN 366b
Hindman Tirza (13)                                        CN 366b
Hines Adam (60)                                           CN 376a
Hines David (35)                                          CN 376a
Hines Harriet (6)                                         CN 376a
Hines Luanna (14)                                         CN 376a
Hines Mary A. (54)                                        CN 373b
Hines Mary J. (17)                                        CN 376a
Hines Nancy (26)                                          CN 376a
Hinkle A.J. (15)                                            WF 3a
Hinkle Ambrose (13)                                         WF 3a
Hinkle E.J. (16)                                            WF 3a
Hinkle Lydia (57)                                           WF 3a
Hinkle Michael (55)                                         WF 3a
Hinton Juliann (21)                                       NB 405b
Hinton Lorenzo D. (19)                                    NB 405b
Hinton Margaret (17)                                      NB 405b
Hinton Mary (51)                                          NB 405b
Hinton Phebe (11)                                           WF 2a
Hinton Sarah A. (15)                                      NB 405b
Hinton Shadrack (13)                                      NB 405b
Hinton William (24)                                       NB 405b
Hite Elizabeth (20)                                       CR 393a
Hite Esterlinea (18)                                      CR 393a
Hite Israel (48)                                          CR 393a
Hite Jemima (50)                                          CR 393a
Hite Marion (15)                                          CR 393a
Hite Mary (15)                                            CR 393a
Hitter Ludwick (60)                                       NB 405b
Hitter Margaret (57)                                      NB 405b
Hobbs Larkin (24)                                         CH 448b
Hobbs Luther (18)                                         SB 529b
Hobbs Miles (6/12)                                        CH 448b
Hobbs Nateney (23)                                        CH 448b
Hobson Amy (34)                                           GL 497b
Hobson Benjamin (4)                                       GL 496a
Hobson James (1)                                          GL 496a
Hobson John (33)                                          GL 496a
Hobson Joseph (32)                                        GL 497b
Hobson Joseph (7)                                         GL 496a
Hobson Mary (29)                                          GL 496a
Hobson Rebecca (5)                                        GL 496a
Hobson Rhoda (3)                                          GL 497b
Hobson Sarah (9)                                          GL 496a
Hobson Thomas (2)                                         GL 497b
Hodges Elizabeth (4)                                        WF 2b
Hodges Jefferson (11)                                       WF 2b
Hodges Joshua (42)                                          WF 2b
Hodges Lymon (7)                                            WF 2b
Hodges Sarah (41)                                           WF 2b
Hodges Sarah (16)                                           WF 2b
Hoffman Aaron (5)                                          LN 21b
Hoffman Adam (28)                                         NB 398b
Hoffman Alfred (17)                                       SB 524a
Hoffman Allen M. (4/12)                                   PR 435b
Hoffman Ann F (4)                                         CH 437a
Hoffman Caroline (4)                                      NB 398b
Hoffman Casper (16)                                       CH 437a
Hoffman Catharine (5)                                     PR 425b
Hoffman Catharine (48)                                    FR 481b
Hoffman Charles N. (9)                                    CH 437a
Hoffman David (19)                                        PR 433b
Hoffman David (20)                                        FR 483b
Hoffman Effa (51)                                         SB 524a
Hoffman Eliza (24)                                        SB 524b
Hoffman Eliza (17)                                        FR 483b
Hoffman Elizabeth (48)                                    CH 437a
Hoffman Elvina (19)                                       PR 429b
Hoffman Hannah (11)                                       SB 524a
Hoffman Henry (23)                                        SB 524b
Hoffman Hiram (14)                                        SB 524a
Hoffman Hiram (14)                                        FR 483b
Hoffman Isaac (40)                                        SB 524a
Hoffman Isaac (26)                                        PR 433b
Hoffman James (5)                                         PR 433b
Hoffman James (55)                                         LN 21b
Hoffman Jane (23)                                         PR 433b
Hoffman Jane (50)                                         FR 483b
Hoffman Janna (24)                                        CH 437a
Hoffman Joanna (23)                                       CH 437a
Hoffman John (22)                                         PR 429b
Hoffman John (6)                                          NB 398b
Hoffman John (21)                                         CH 437a
Hoffman Joseph (59)                                       FR 483b
Hoffman Lucinda (29)                                      PR 435b
Hoffman Margaret (3)                                       LN 21b
Hoffman Martin L. (4/12)                                  PR 435b
Hoffman Mary A. (5)                                       NB 398b
Hoffman Mary C. (4)                                       PR 435b
Hoffman Mary (24)                                          LN 21b
Hoffman Michael (31)                                      NB 398b
Hoffman Nous (7)                                          NB 398b
Hoffman Rebecca (8)                                       NB 398b
Hoffman Samuel (9)                                        SB 524a
Hoffman Samuel (27)                                       PR 435b
Hoffman Samuel (49)                                       CH 437a
Hoffman Sarah (9/12)                                      CH 437a
Hoffman Sarah A. (28)                                     NB 398b
Hoffman Stotty (25)                                       CH 437a
Hoffman Susan (6)                                         PR 425b
Hoffman Susan (2)                                         NB 398b
Hoffman Theodore (4)                                      PR 433b
Hoffman Zeltha (12)                                       CH 437a
Holferty Byram (1)                                        PR 426a
Holferty Edward (34)                                      PR 426a
Holferty Henrietta (27)                                   PR 426a
Holferty Mary J. (3)                                      PR 426a
Hollin Barton (10)                                         HA 31b
Hollin Bremer (46)                                         HA 31b
Hollin Bremer Jur (6)                                      HA 31b
Hollin Daniel (4)                                          HA 31b
Hollin David (2)                                           HA 31b
Hollin Elizabeth (12)                                      HA 31b
Hollin Hannah (9)                                          HA 31b
Hollin James (8)                                           HA 31b
Hollin Mary (15)                                           HA 31b
Hollin Sarah (16)                                          HA 31b
Hollin Susannah (38)                                       HA 31b
Hollingsworth Abner (40)                                  CN 369a
Hollingsworth Coleman (12)                                CN 369a
Hollingsworth George M. (9)                               CN 369a
Hollingsworth Hezen (7)                                   CN 369a
Hollingsworth Jane (16)                                   CN 369a
Hollingsworth Lafayette (6)                               CN 369a
Hollingsworth Mary A. (14)                                CN 369a
Hollingsworth Mary (7)                                    WA 350b
Hollingsworth Nancy (44)                                  CN 369a
Hollingsworth Samantha (17)                               CN 369a
Holly Mary J. (21)                                        CH 453a
Holly Rachel (48)                                         CH 453a
Holmes Adam (52)                                          CG 466a
Holmes Albert (5)                                          PU 67a
Holmes Altha (47)                                          PU 67a
Holmes Catharine (6)                                       PU 61a
Holmes David (4)                                           PU 61b
Holmes Dinah (42)                                          PU 61a
Holmes Eliza (16)                                          PU 61a
Holmes Eliza (40)                                          PU 61b
Holmes Eliza (18)                                         CG 466a
Holmes Eliza Jane (15)                                     PU 61b
Holmes Elizabeth (9)                                      CG 466a
Holmes Hannah (17)                                         PU 61b
Holmes Isaac (42)                                          PU 61b
Holmes James (46)                                          PU 61a
Holmes Jane (12)                                           PU 61a
Holmes John (18)                                           PU 61a
Holmes Julian (3)                                         CG 466a
Holmes Louisa (16)                                         PU 66a
Holmes Lydia (20)                                         CG 466a
Holmes Madison (8)                                         PU 61a
Holmes Margaret (12)                                       PU 61b
Holmes Mary (14)                                          CG 466a
Holmes Matilda (3)                                         PU 61a
Holmes Perry (19)                                          PU 67a
Holmes Samuel (16)                                        CG 466a
Holmes Susan (51)                                         CG 466a
Holmes William (5)                                         PU 61b
Holmes William (14)                                        PU 67a
Holmes William (22)                                       CG 466a
Holt Amzy (16)                                            CH 450b
Holt Charles (8)                                            WF 4b
Holt Elizabeth (53)                                       SB 528b
Holt Emily (17)                                           CH 438a
Holt Eran (19)                                            CH 438a
Holt Esther E. (6)                                        CH 438a
Holt Evan (60)                                              WF 4b
Holt Franklin (13)                                          WF 4b
Holt George (18)                                            WF 4b
Holt Hannah (5)                                           CH 438a
Holt James (55)                                           SB 528b
Holt Jerusha (1)                                          SB 528b
Holt John (22)                                              WF 4b
Holt John (25)                                            SB 528b
Holt John (42)                                            CH 438a
Holt Louisa (11)                                            WF 4b
Holt Lucretia (1)                                           WF 4b
Holt Mahala (42)                                          CH 438a
Holt Marquis L. (8)                                       CH 438a
Holt Mary (6)                                               WF 4b
Holt Nancy (43)                                             WF 4b
Holt Sarah J. (20)                                        CH 438a
Holt Susan (22)                                           SB 528b
Holt William L. (12)                                      CH 438a
Homburger Henry W. (18)                                   NB 409b
Homer Elizabeth (28)                                      CH 436b
Homer Thomas (34)                                         CH 436b
Homer William H. (4)                                      CH 436b
Honestofile Martha J. (11)                                PR 434b
Hoover Caroline (5)                                       NB 410b
Hopkins Abraham (60)                                       WF 17b
Hopkins Daniel (10)                                        WF 17b
Hopkins David (14)                                         BE 55b
Hopkins Delilah (48)                                       WF 17b
Hopkins Eliza (2)                                          BE 55b
Hopkins George (8)                                         WF 17b
Hopkins James (5)                                          WF 17b
Hopkins Nancy (42)                                         BE 55b
Hopkins Timothy (19)                                       WF 17b
Hopper Abraham (46)                                        LN 26a
Hopper Deborah P (24)                                     CG 461b
Hopper Elizabeth (11)                                      LN 26b
Hopper Elizabeth (18)                                     CG 461a
Hopper Elizabeth (52)                                     CG 461a
Hopper Henry H. (49)                                      CG 461b
Hopper Henry H. (49)                                      CG 461b
Hopper Hezekiah (3)                                        LN 26b
Hopper Huldah (41)                                         LN 26a
Hopper Jane (30)                                           LN 25b
Hopper Joan (6/12)                                         LN 25b
Hopper John (31)                                           LN 25b
Hopper John (15)                                           LN 26a
Hopper Joseph (2)                                          LN 25b
Hopper Lucinda (9)                                         LN 26b
Hopper Martha E. (1)                                      CG 461b
Hopper Mary (48)                                          CG 461b
Hopper Mary (22)                                          CG 461b
Hopper NN (20)                                            CG 461a
Hopper NN (22)                                            CG 461a
Hopper Ruth (5)                                            LN 26b
Hopper Sarah A. (10)                                      CG 461b
Hopper Sarah (7)                                           LN 26b
Hopper Susan P (22)                                       CG 461b
Hopper Susan (1)                                           LN 26b
Hopper Thomas (18)                                        CG 461b
Hopper William (13)                                        LN 26a
Hopper William (64)                                       CG 461a
Hopper William (21)                                       CG 461b
Hopper Wm (4)                                              LN 25b
Hornet John (28)                                           WF 18a
Horr Josiah (15)                                           BE 43a
Horr Josiah (48)                                           BE 42b
Horr Sophronia (45)                                        BE 43a
Horter James E. (12)                                      CH 445a
Hose Emily (41)                                           SB 529b
Hosler George (1)                                         CG 466a
Hosler Henry (33)                                         CG 466a
Hosler Jacob (8)                                          CG 466a
Hosler Juliann (6)                                        CG 466a
Hosler Levi (10)                                          CG 466a
Hosler Lydia (30)                                         CG 466a
Hosler Mary (3)                                           CG 466a
Hosler Susan (5)                                          CG 466a
Hosse Eve (60)                                            NB 402a
Hoswell Edward F. (1)                                     NB 408b
Hoswell Frederick B. (12)                                 NB 408b
Hoswell Maria E. (3)                                      NB 408b
Hoswell William (10)                                      NB 408b
Hotchkiss Caroline (32)                                   CH 440b
Hotchkiss Charles W. (11)                                 CH 440b
Hotchkiss Daniel C. (8)                                   CH 440b
Hotchkiss Dianna E. (15)                                  CH 440b
Hotchkiss Mary E. (13)                                    CH 440b
Hotchkiss Titus (41)                                      CH 440b
Hottom Aquilla (23)                                       PR 433a
Hottom Ellen (14)                                         PR 433a
Hottom James (48)                                         PR 433a
Hottom Lavina (20)                                        PR 433a
Hottom Mary (18)                                          PR 433a
Hottom Philip (10)                                        PR 433a
Hottom Temperance (24)                                    PR 433a
Hottom William (5)                                        PR 433a
Houer Catharine (6)                                       NB 411b
Houer Elizabeth (12)                                      NB 411b
Houer Fanny (10)                                          NB 411b
Houer Henry (2)                                           NB 411b
Houer Jacob (4)                                           NB 411b
Houer John (48)                                           NB 411b
Houer Leah (38)                                           NB 411b
Houer Leah (8)                                            NB 411b
House Arminda (21)                                        GL 509b
House Catharine (10)                                      GL 509b
House Clara (2)                                           GL 509b
House David (29)                                          CR 391b
House Elizabeth (9)                                       GL 509a
House George (19)                                         GL 509b
House John (16)                                           GL 509b
House Mary (7)                                            GL 509b
House Mary (45)                                           GL 509b
House Richard (52)                                        GL 509b
House Sarah C. (20)                                       CR 391b
House Thomas (15)                                         GL 509b
House Walter (12)                                         GL 509b
House William (12)                                        GL 509a
Housley Thomas (23)                                        WF 18a
Houtsook Julia A. (23)                                    CR 392a
Howard Abraham (54)                                        BE 50b
Howard Ann (29)                                           CH 441a
Howard Ann (16)                                           CH 442b
Howard Barilla (3)                                         BE 50b
Howard Benj (3)                                            HA 41a
Howard Benjamin (13)                                      CH 450a
Howard Brett (10)                                           WF 7b
Howard Catharine (10)                                      PU 59b
Howard Catharine (24)                                     CH 448b
Howard Charlotte E. (3/12)                                CH 442a
Howard Clinton (4/12)                                       WF 7b
Howard David (27)                                          BE 53b
Howard Davis (6)                                           HA 41a
Howard Edith (6/12)                                       CH 448b
Howard Elias (46)                                         CH 450a
Howard Eliza (22)                                          LN 24b
Howard Elizabeth (9)                                       BE 50b
Howard Ellis (15)                                         CH 450a
Howard Emily (17)                                         CH 450a
Howard Esther (7/12)                                       HA 41a
Howard Esther (47)                                        CH 442b
Howard Esther (16)                                        CH 450a
Howard Evaline (23)                                       CH 442a
Howard Francis M. (2)                                     CH 448b
Howard Gabriel (11/12)                                     BE 50b
Howard Grove (32)                                           WF 7b
Howard Hannah (25)                                         BE 53b
Howard Henrietta (7)                                       PU 61b
Howard Henry (30)                                         CH 441a
Howard Hollis (22)                                         PU 61a
Howard James (9)                                          CH 442a
Howard Jane (11)                                           BE 50b
Howard Jane M. (5)                                        CH 441b
Howard Jemima (3)                                         CH 442a
Howard Jesse (44)                                         CH 450a
Howard John (14)                                           PU 61a
Howard John (32)                                           HA 41a
Howard John (28)                                           BE 50b
Howard John M. (2)                                        CH 441b
Howard Joseph (32)                                        CH 442a
Howard Joseph (78)                                        CH 448b
Howard Leonard (47)                                        PU 61a
Howard Levi (24)                                           PU 61a
Howard Levi (69)                                           LN 27b
Howard Louisa (7)                                         CH 441b
Howard Lovisa (10/12)                                      PU 61b
Howard Lucy (19)                                           PU 61a
Howard Maria (45)                                          PU 61a
Howard Maria (13)                                         CH 442b
Howard Martha (18)                                        CH 450a
Howard Mary C. (8)                                        CH 450a
Howard Mary (69)                                           LN 27b
Howard Mary (32)                                           HA 41a
Howard Mary (44)                                          CH 450a
Howard Mary (70)                                          CH 448b
Howard Mason (6)                                          CH 442a
Howard Matilda (26)                                        PU 59b
Howard Mead (11)                                           PU 61b
Howard Mitchell (8)                                        HA 41a
Howard Morgan (5)                                          HA 41a
Howard Myron (5)                                            WF 7b
Howard Nancy (21)                                          BE 50b
Howard Nelson (3)                                         CH 448b
Howard Phidelphius W. (3/12)                              CH 442a
Howard Polly (46)                                         CH 450a
Howard Rachael (44)                                        BE 50b
Howard Ruth (31)                                            WF 7b
Howard Sarah (36)                                          LN 27b
Howard Sarah (19)                                          BE 50b
Howard Seely (8)                                            WF 7b
Howard Seymour (27)                                        LN 24b
Howard William (4)                                        CH 450a
Howard William (27)                                       CH 448b
Howard William (15)                                        BE 50b
Howard Winfield Scott (2)                                  BE 53b
Howe David (1)                                            SB 529a
Howe David N. (3)                                         WA 361b
Howe Elizabeth (12)                                        BE 44a
Howe Emily (18)                                            BE 44a
Howe Harvey (5)                                            BE 44a
Howe Hiram (39)                                           WA 361b
Howe James A. (15)                                        WA 361b
Howe Jane A. N. (38)                                      WA 361b
Howe Joel (12)                                            SB 529a
Howe John (46)                                             BE 44a
Howe Johnson (16)                                          BE 44a
Howe Margaret (53)                                        SB 529a
Howe Mary (8)                                             SB 529a
Howe Morgan (4)                                           SB 529a
Howe Panelia (8)                                           BE 44a
Howe Parthena (10)                                         BE 44a
Howe Polly (39)                                            BE 44a
Howe Primitha A. (6/12)                                   WA 361b
Howe Ransom (42)                                          SB 528b
Howe Thomas (2)                                            BE 44a
Howell Elizabeth (11)                                     NB 408b
Howell Emma (8)                                           NB 408b
Howell George (40)                                         PU 62b
Howell James (6)                                          NB 408b
Howell Jane (41)                                          NB 408b
Howell Lewis P. (3)                                       NB 408b
Howell William (40)                                       NB 408b
Howes Edwin (8)                                            BE 55a
Howes Epenetus (57)                                       SB 532b
Howes Esther (58)                                         SB 532b
Howes Francis (38)                                         BE 55a
Howes Ruth (37)                                            BE 55a
Howes Sarah (76)                                          SB 532b
Howes Sarah (5)                                            BE 55a
Howland Daniel (30)                                        WF 18a
Howther Robert (23)                                        WF 10a
Hoy Cyntha (35)                                           CG 465b
Hoy Cyrus (10)                                            CG 465b
Hoy Dorothy (6)                                           CG 466a
Hoy Edwin (8)                                             CG 465b
Hoy James (4)                                             CG 466a
Hoy Jane (2)                                              CG 466a
Hoy John (14)                                             CG 465b
Hoy Richard (12)                                          CG 465b
Hoy William (45)                                          CG 465b

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