Morrow 1850 census index (partial)
Morrow County 1850 Census Surname Index
Surname/Given Name/Age/Township Abbreviation/Sheet Number
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Guthrie Ebenezer (14)                                     TR 416b
Guthrie Jane (36)                                         TR 416b
Guthrie John (10)                                         TR 416b
Guthrie John (45)                                         TR 416b
Guthrie Joseph (16)                                       TR 416b
Guthrie Margaret (2)                                      TR 416b
Guthrie Maria (13)                                        TR 416b
Guthrie Martha (17)                                       TR 416b
Guthrie Mary (6)                                          TR 416b
Guthrie Susan (8)                                         TR 416b
Gwin Daniel (45)                                          CH 444a
Gwin David (13)                                           CH 444b
Gwin Enos (2)                                             CH 444b
Gwin Jane (15)                                            CH 444b
Gwin John (8)                                             CH 444b
Gwin Louisa (17)                                          CH 444a
Gwin Mary (43)                                            CH 444a
Gwin Rachel (10)                                          CH 444b
Gwin Sarah (4)                                            CH 444b
H*morton Ala (40)                                         SB 516a
H*morton Catharine (2)                                    SB 516a
H*morton John (39)                                        SB 516a
H*morton Mary (8)                                         SB 516a
Hack Charity (45)                                           WF 9b
Hack Christiana (39)                                       WF 10a
Hack Christina (3)                                         WF 10a
Hack George (45)                                           WF 10a
Hack George Jr. (19)                                       WF 10a
Hack John (16)                                             WF 10a
Hack Lewis (7)                                             WF 10a
Hack Martin (9)                                            WF 10a
Hack Mary (12)                                             WF 10a
Hack Mary (3)                                               WF 9b
Hack Stephen (50)                                           WF 9b
Hackedon George (22)                                       BE 45b
Hackedon Lucinda (21)                                      BE 45b
Hackett Owen (55)                                         CR 382b
Hadley John (73)                                           BE 56b
Hahn Alexander (20)                                       GL 509a
Haine Elisha (1)                                          WA 354b
Haine Elizabeth (17)                                      WA 355a
Haine George W. (3)                                       WA 355a
Haine Henry (21)                                          WA 355a
Haine Jacob (22)                                          WA 355a
Haine John (10/12)                                        WA 355a
Haine Lucina (26)                                         WA 355a
Haine Lucinda (5)                                         WA 355a
Haine Margaret (8)                                        WA 355a
Haine Mary (24)                                           WA 354b
Haine Mary (20)                                           WA 355a
Haine Owen (4)                                            WA 354b
Haine Philip (53)                                         WA 355a
Haine Philip (12)                                         WA 355a
Haine Thomas (30)                                         WA 354b
Hair James (69)                                           FR 493a
Hair Phebe (14)                                           FR 493a
Hair Phebe (69)                                           FR 493a
Hair Timothy (25)                                         FR 493a
Haker Abraham (55)                                        GL 498b
Haker Henrietta (14)                                      GL 498b
Haker Juliann (48)                                        GL 498b
Haker Mary (12)                                           GL 498b
Hakes Lovina (1)                                           WF 16b
Hakes Maddison (4)                                         WF 16b
Hakes Margaret (58)                                        WF 16b
Hakes Mary (36)                                            WF 16b
Hakes Zeno (6)                                             WF 16b
Haldeman Anna M. (7)                                      NB 411b
Haldeman Christina J. (10)                                NB 411b
Haldeman Jacob C. (15)                                    NB 411a
Haldeman John H. (44)                                     NB 411a
Haldeman John S. (4)                                      NB 411b
Haldeman Joseph W. (18)                                   NB 411a
Haldeman Margaret (12)                                    NB 411b
Haldeman Polly (41)                                       NB 411a
Halderman Alfred (7)                                      TR 415b
Halderman Barbara (1)                                     TR 415a
Halderman Christian (29)                                  TR 415b
Halderman Henry (28)                                      TR 415b
Halderman Jacob (32)                                      TR 415a
Halderman Jacob (66)                                      TR 415b
Halderman Lydiann (26)                                    TR 415b
Halderman Mary A. (28)                                    TR 415a
Halderman Mary C (2)                                      TR 415b
Halderman Mary (28)                                       TR 415b
Halderman Naa M. (69)                                     TR 415b
Halderman Sarah (5)                                       TR 415b
Halderman Susan (25)                                      TR 415b
Halferty Elizabeth (53)                                   PR 426b
Halferty James (33)                                       PR 426b
Halferty John (29)                                        PR 426b
Halferty Margaret (32)                                    PR 426b
Halferty Mary (25)                                        PR 426b
Halferty Robert (24)                                      PR 426b
Halferty Sophia (19)                                      PR 426b
Halferty William (27)                                     PR 426b
Halfhill Albert (2)                                        LN 21b
Halfhill Lydia (25)                                        LN 21b
Halfhill Moses (30)                                        LN 21b
Hall Ann (7)                                              SB 532b
Hall Edward (4)                                           SB 532b
Hall Elizabeth (3)                                        PR 426b
Hall Elizabeth (30)                                       PR 434a
Hall F.M. (11)                                              WF 3b
Hall Fanny (31)                                           SB 532b
Hall H.L. (7)                                               WF 3b
Hall H.P. (9)                                               WF 3b
Hall Hannah (17)                                          NB 403b
Hall Henry (6)                                            PR 426b
Hall Isaac (31)                                           NB 403b
Hall John (32)                                            SB 532b
Hall John (35)                                            PR 426b
Hall L.M. (34)                                              WF 3b
Hall Leonard (43)                                           WF 3b
Hall M.E. (6)                                               WF 3b
Hall Mary C. (6/12)                                       PR 426b
Hall Mary (60)                                            CN 368a
Hall N.S. (34)                                              WF 3b
Hall Sarah (25)                                           PR 426b
Haly Edmund (28)                                           HA 36a
Haly Hannah (21)                                           HA 36a
Haly John (1)                                              HA 36a
Haly Rachael (19)                                          HA 36a
Haly William (3)                                           HA 36a
Hamilton Austin (45)                                      SB 528a
Hamilton Charlotte (7)                                    SB 528a
Hamilton Edwin (14)                                       SB 528a
Hamilton Harriet (16)                                     SB 528a
Hamilton Luther (2)                                       SB 528a
Hamilton Margaret (38)                                    SB 528a
Hamilton Mary (12)                                        SB 528a
Hammer Alfred (12)                                        SB 528b
Hammer David (14)                                         SB 528b
Hammer Elisabeth (23)                                     FR 485a
Hammer Elmira (12)                                        FR 485a
Hammer Harriet (8)                                        FR 485a
Hammer Henry (3)                                          SB 528b
Hammer Henry (44)                                         FR 485a
Hammer John (16)                                          FR 485a
Hammer Lysia (40)                                         SB 528b
Hammer Nicholas (46)                                      SB 528b
Hammer Sarah (17)                                         SB 528b
Hammer William (11)                                       SB 524a
Hammer William (10)                                       SB 528b
Hammon Alsa (14)                                          CG 461b
Hammon Angaline (19)                                      CG 461b
Hammon Ectisha (45)                                       CG 461b
Hammon Eli (16)                                           CG 461b
Hammon James (10)                                         CG 461b
Hammon John (58)                                          CG 461b
Hammon Mary (9)                                           CG 461b
Hammon Nancy (17)                                         CG 461b
Hammond Abigail (7)                                       FR 480a
Hammond Al*a (38)                                         CN 373b
Hammond Anson (57)                                         PU 62a
Hammond Caroline (23)                                     FR 480a
Hammond Catharine (1/12)                                  CN 365a
Hammond Catharine (23)                                    WA 353b
Hammond Chauncey (51)                                      LN 28a
Hammond Christiana (18)                                    PU 62a
Hammond Clarinda (11)                                      LN 28a
Hammond Cordelia Ann (13)                                 CN 373b
Hammond Daniel (15)                                       CN 365a
Hammond Daniel (56)                                       CN 373b
Hammond David (5)                                         WA 353b
Hammond David (14)                                        FR 480a
Hammond Denman (19)                                       FR 480a
Hammond Eliza (43)                                         PU 62a
Hammond Eliza (25)                                         PU 62a
Hammond Elizabeth (6)                                     WA 352a
Hammond Elizabeth (6)                                     WA 353b
Hammond Elizabeth (76)                                    WA 353b
Hammond Elizabeth (16)                                     PU 62a
Hammond Elizabeth (37)                                    CN 365a
Hammond Elvira (5)                                        CN 373b
Hammond Eryclina (9)                                      CN 365a
Hammond Franklin (16)                                      LN 28a
Hammond George (2)                                        FR 480a
Hammond Grennials C. (13)                                 CN 365a
Hammond Harriet (19)                                       LN 28a
Hammond Harriet (3)                                       CN 373b
Hammond Henry (17)                                        CN 365a
Hammond Herlina M. C. (15)                                CN 373b
Hammond Isabelle (32)                                     WA 353b
Hammond Jacob (40)                                        CN 365a
Hammond Jacob (4)                                         CN 365a
Hammond James (1)                                         WA 353b
Hammond James (36)                                        WA 353b
Hammond James (2)                                         CN 365a
Hammond John (31)                                         WA 353b
Hammond Margaret (3)                                      WA 352a
Hammond Margaret (29)                                     WA 352a
Hammond Mary A. (4)                                       WA 352a
Hammond Mary E. (3)                                       WA 353b
Hammond Mary (20)                                         FR 480a
Hammond Mary (20)                                         CH 453b
Hammond May (50)                                          WA 353b
Hammond Michael (21)                                       PU 62a
Hammond Parmelia (37)                                     FR 480a
Hammond Peter (48)                                        FR 480a
Hammond Peter (4)                                         FR 480a
Hammond Phebe (6)                                         FR 480a
Hammond Rhoda (55)                                         LN 28a
Hammond Sarah S. (12)                                     CN 373b
Hammond Seymour (20)                                       PU 62a
Hammond Solemma (23)                                       PU 62a
Hammond Thomas M. (2)                                     WA 354a
Hammond William (37)                                      WA 352a
Hance Adam (34)                                            BE 47a
Hance Adeliza (13)                                         BE 47b
Hance Albert (8)                                           BE 47a
Hance Archibald (45)                                       BE 47a
Hance Blandina (54)                                       CH 452b
Hance Henry (5)                                            BE 47a
Hance Jane (34)                                            BE 47a
Hance John (1)                                             BE 47a
Hance Martha (7)                                           BE 47b
Hance Mary L. (18)                                        CH 452b
Hance Mary (28)                                            BE 47a
Hance Mary (11)                                            BE 47b
Hance Nancy J. (7)                                        CN 370a
Hance Sarah (1)                                            BE 47b
Hance Thomas (72)                                          BE 47a
Hance Thomas (9)                                           BE 47b
Hance William A. (11)                                     CH 452b
Hance William (51)                                        CH 452b
Hancock Amelia A. (3)                                     CR 385b
Hancock Joseph (58)                                       CR 382a
Hancock Mary (25)                                         CR 385b
Hancock Rebecca (6/12)                                    CR 385b
Hancock Rebecca (53)                                      CR 382a
Hancock William (26)                                      CR 385b
Hand David (26)                                            PU 65b
Hand Elizabeth (23)                                        PU 65b
Hand George (7)                                           FR 482a
Hand Jane (28)                                            FR 482a
Hand Joseph (27)                                          FR 482a
Hand Lewis (3)                                            FR 482a
Hand Mary (2)                                              PU 65b
Haney Catharine (21)                                      NB 402a
Haney Elizabeth (14)                                      NB 402a
Haney George (2)                                           HA 32b
Haney Jacob (48)                                          NB 402a
Haney Jesse (22)                                          NB 402a
Haney John (17)                                           NB 402a
Haney Joseph (12)                                         NB 402a
Haney Nancy (39)                                           HA 32b
Haney Noah (5)                                            NB 402a
Haney Peter (10)                                          NB 402a
Haney Phebe (47)                                          NB 402a
Haney Rebecca (7)                                         NB 402a
Haney Samuel (40)                                          HA 32b
Haney Sarah (24)                                          NB 402a
Hank Perry (12)                                           CG 464b
Hanley Patrick (22)                                       CR 382b
Hann Albert (13)                                          CH 437a
Hann Bradford (20)                                        CN 369a
Hann Elie E. (10)                                         CN 368b
Hann Eliza (19)                                           CN 368b
Hann George (5)                                           CN 368b
Hann John (46)                                            CN 368b
Hann Malinda (18)                                         CN 369a
Hann Malissa (8)                                          CN 368b
Hann Margaret (13)                                        CN 368b
Hann Martha (16)                                          CN 368b
Hann Mary F. (2)                                          CN 378a
Hann Matilda (33)                                         CN 368b
Hann Noah (21)                                            CN 369a
Hann Simeon (24)                                          CN 369a
Hann William (20)                                         CN 378a
Hanna Elizabeth (41)                                      WA 352a
Hanna James (7)                                           WA 352a
Hanna Jane (14)                                           WA 352a
Hanna Mary (3)                                            WA 352a
Hanna Sarah (2)                                           WA 352a
Hanna Thomas (11)                                         WA 352a
Hanna William (44)                                        WA 352a
Hany Elizabeth (11)                                        PU 62a
Harber Abigail (5)                                        GL 503a
Harber Huldah (46)                                        GL 503a
Harber Maria (15)                                         GL 503a
Harber Nelson (8)                                         GL 503a
Harber Robert (53)                                        GL 503a
Harber Robert (13)                                        GL 503a
Harber Ruth (10)                                          GL 503a
Harber Smith (17)                                         GL 503a
Harber William22 (m)                                      GL 503a
Harbison Eliza E. (7)                                     NB 405a
Harbison James (74)                                       NB 408b
Harbison James (29)                                       NB 408b
Harbison John B. (5)                                      NB 405a
Harbison Joseph L. (2)                                    NB 407b
Harbison Louisa (9)                                       NB 407b
Harbison Lucinda (29)                                     NB 407b
Harbison Martha (29)                                      NB 405a
Harbison Mary A. (7)                                      NB 407b
Harbison Mathew (31)                                      NB 405a
Harbison Robert (37)                                      NB 407b
Harbison Samuel C. (1)                                    NB 405a
Harbison Sarah (22)                                       NB 408b
Harbison Sudan E. (9)                                     NB 405a
Harbison Susan (63)                                       NB 408b
Harbison William (1)                                      NB 408b
Harden Emiline (30)                                       GL 513b
Hardenbrook Abraham (31)                                  GL 495a
Hardenbrook Abraham (7)                                   CG 460b
Hardenbrook Adaline (30)                                  GL 494b
Hardenbrook Andrew (6)                                    GL 495a
Hardenbrook Ann (67)                                      GL 495a
Hardenbrook Clifford (1)                                  GL 495a
Hardenbrook Elizabeth (4)                                 CG 460b
Hardenbrook Ellinor (1/12)                                CG 460b
Hardenbrook Hannah (23)                                   FR 477b
Hardenbrook Harriet (5)                                   GL 495a
Hardenbrook Isaac (7)                                     GL 495a
Hardenbrook Isaac (25)                                    GL 495a
Hardenbrook Jane (2)                                      GL 495a
Hardenbrook John (6)                                      GL 495a
Hardenbrook Lettetia (14)                                 CG 460b
Hardenbrook Lucy (8)                                      GL 495a
Hardenbrook Margaret (31)                                 GL 495a
Hardenbrook Margaret (21)                                 FR 477b
Hardenbrook Maria (6)                                     CG 460b
Hardenbrook Martha (13)                                   GL 494b
Hardenbrook Martha (12)                                   CG 460b
Hardenbrook Mary Ann (24)                                 GL 495a
Hardenbrook Mary (11)                                     GL 494b
Hardenbrook Matilda (37)                                  CG 460b
Hardenbrook Nelson (9/12)                                 GL 495a
Hardenbrook Ransom (15)                                   CG 460b
Hardenbrook Sarah (9)                                     GL 495a
Hardenbrook Urial (10)                                    CG 460b
Hardenbrook Victoria (2)                                  GL 495a
Hardenbrook William (4)                                   GL 495a
Hardenbrook William (5)                                   GL 495a
Hardenbrook William (33)                                  GL 494b
Hardenbrook William (40)                                  CG 460b
Hardesty Emma (3)                                         SB 529b
Hardesty John (6/12)                                      SB 529b
Hardesty Margaret (20)                                    SB 529b
Hardesty Richard (29)                                     SB 529b
Hardin Colunbus (10)                                      FR 491a
Hardin Daniel (59)                                        FR 491a
Hardin Edward (6)                                         FR 491a
Hardin Emily (29)                                         FR 491a
Hardin Hester (29)                                        FR 485b
Hardin James (28)                                         FR 489b
Hardin Lovina (49)                                        FR 491a
Hardin Phebe (21)                                         FR 489b
Hardin Thomas (27)                                        FR 485b
Hardinbrock Margaret (21)                                 FR 486b
Hardinbrook Abagail (14)                                  GL 505b
Hardinbrook George (7)                                    FR 477a
Hardinbrook Lewis (57)                                    FR 482a
Hardinbrook Thomas (9)                                    GL 495b
Harding Alfred A. (11)                                    NB 409a
Harding Amos (11)                                         WA 356b
Harding Charles (30)                                      NB 409b
Harding Chauncey (41)                                     WA 356b
Harding Delila (26)                                       NB 409a
Harding Elizabeth (50)                                    NB 409b
Harding Elizabeth (4)                                     NB 410a
Harding George (60)                                       NB 409b
Harding George (23)                                       NB 409a
Harding George S. (6)                                     NB 410a
Harding Hannah S. (24)                                    NB 409a
Harding Harriet (15)                                      WA 356b
Harding Hiram (2)                                         WA 356b
Harding Jonathan (13)                                     WA 356b
Harding Mary A. (26)                                      NB 410a
Harding Phebe (9)                                         NB 410a
Harding Rachel (41)                                       WA 356b
Harding Salmon E. (58)                                    NB 409a
Harding Sophia (7)                                        NB 410a
Harding Susan (47)                                        NB 409a
Hardman John (55)                                           WF 8a
Hardman Mary (22)                                           WF 8a
Hardman W.A. (5/12)                                         WF 8a
Hardsook Henry C. (2)                                     CR 385a
Hardsook Henry E. (35)                                    CR 385a
Hardsook Margaret E. (9)                                  CR 385a
Hardsook Martha E. (7)                                    CR 385a
Hardsook Mary E. (36)                                     CR 385a
Hardsook Mary (12)                                        CR 385a
Hare I.D. (16)                                              WF 5b
Hare Mary (51)                                              WF 5b
Hare Samuel (55)                                            WF 5b
Harkness Cynthia (31)                                      PU 62b
Harkness Jesse (35)                                        PU 62b
Harmin Ahia (14)                                            WF 2b
Harmin Elizabeth (11)                                       WF 2b
Harmin John (66)                                            WF 2b
Harmin Martha (55)                                          WF 2b
Harper Abel (9)                                           SB 522b
Harper Elizabeth A. (3)                                   WA 360a
Harper Elizabeth (47)                                     WA 360a
Harper Hannah (9/12)                                      WA 360a
Harper Linton (49)                                        SB 522b
Harper Lydia (14)                                         SB 522b
Harper Margaret J. (12)                                   WA 360a
Harper Margaret (46)                                      WA 360a
Harper Mary (14)                                          WA 360a
Harper Mathew (9)                                         WA 360a
Harper Robert (48)                                        WA 360a
Harper Sarah E. (6)                                       WA 360a
Harper Susan (37)                                         SB 522b
Harper Thomas (12)                                        SB 522b
Harper William (16)                                       SB 522b
Harris Abraham (23)                                        LN 25b
Harris Abraham B. (22)                                    NB 400a
Harris Alice (3)                                          SB 532a
Harris Ann (25)                                           CH 441b
Harris Anne (24)                                          SB 532a
Harris Arthur (29)                                        CN 377b
Harris Biansa J. (2)                                      CH 441b
Harris Caroline (28)                                      CN 377b
Harris Charles W. (6/12)                                  WA 350b
Harris Charles (32)                                       CH 449a
Harris Charlotte (70)                                     SB 520a
Harris Edmund (3)                                         SB 520a
Harris Edwin (34)                                         SB 528a
Harris Elipah (27)                                        CH 441b
Harris Eliza B. (24)                                      NB 400a
Harris Elizabeth (3)                                        WF 5b
Harris Elizabeth (26)                                     SB 520a
Harris Elizabeth (28)                                     CH 449a
Harris Emily (21)                                         GL 512a
Harris Esther E. (4)                                      WA 350b
Harris Eunice (60)                                        GL 512a
Harris Frances (29)                                       SB 532a
Harris Francis E. (8/12)                                  CH 449a
Harris Franklin (6)                                       CN 377b
Harris George F (2)                                       WA 350b
Harris George (9)                                         SB 529a
Harris Harriet (5)                                        SB 520a
Harris Isaac M. (56)                                      CH 448b
Harris James (35)                                         SB 532a
Harris Jane (25)                                          WA 350b
Harris Jane (47)                                          SB 529a
Harris Jefferson (10)                                     CN 377b
Harris Jesse (62)                                         WA 354a
Harris Jesse Jr. (25)                                     WA 350b
Harris Joel (34)                                          CN 377b
Harris John C. (21)                                       CH 449a
Harris John (27)                                            WF 5b
Harris John (38)                                           BE 51a
Harris Jonathan (29)                                      SB 520a
Harris Lindley (15)                                       CG 460a
Harris Louisa (8)                                         CN 377b
Harris Lovell (29)                                        GL 512a
Harris Lucinda (13)                                       SB 529a
Harris Malinda (32)                                       CH 449a
Harris Mariam (11)                                        SB 529a
Harris Mary E. (6/12)                                     NB 400a
Harris Mary A. (6)                                        CH 441b
Harris Mary E. (3)                                        CH 449a
Harris Mary (25)                                            WF 5b
Harris Mary (60)                                          SB 521b
Harris Mary (53)                                          CH 449a
Harris Mary (30)                                           BE 51a
Harris Melvina (12)                                       SB 518b
Harris Midora (11/12)                                     CH 449a
Harris Nathan (20)                                        WA 354a
Harris Nathan (20)                                        SB 532a
Harris Peramus (4)                                          WF 5b
Harris Philemon (1)                                        LN 25b
Harris Philemon (4)                                       CN 377b
Harris Philena (10)                                       CH 449a
Harris Philomon (45)                                      SB 529a
Harris Polly A. (16)                                      CH 449a
Harris Rachel (19)                                        WA 354a
Harris Raymond (6)                                        CH 449a
Harris Rebecca E. (4)                                     CH 441b
Harris Rebecca (27)                                       SB 528a
Harris Robert (32)                                        CH 449a
Harris Samantha E. (5)                                    CH 441b
Harris Sarah M. (6)                                       WA 350b
Harris Sarah (59)                                         WA 354a
Harris Sarah (12)                                         SB 516b
Harris Sarah (24)                                         SB 522b
Harris Sarah (15)                                         SB 529a
Harris Sarah (23)                                          LN 25b
Harris Sarah (33)                                         CN 377b
Harris Sophia (11)                                        CN 377b
Harris Susan (25)                                         SB 529a
Harris Susanna (8)                                        SB 520a
Harris Theodore (2)                                         WF 5b
Harris Thomas (2)                                         SB 520a
Harris Washington (13)                                    CN 377b
Harris Wesley (10)                                        SB 528a
Harris William (14)                                       SB 529b
Harrison Ann (32)                                         CR 393b
Harrison Ann (16)                                         CN 367a
Harrison Benjamin (28)                                     LN 20a
Harrison Betsy (4)                                        CN 367a
Harrison Eliza (25)                                        PU 63a
Harrison Elvira (6)                                       GL 513a
Harrison George (24)                                       PU 63a
Harrison George (48)                                      CR 393b
Harrison Jacob (1/12)                                     CN 367a
Harrison Jacob (44)                                       CN 367a
Harrison James (29)                                       CR 392b
Harrison John (11)                                        CN 367a
Harrison Joseph (57)                                       BE 44b
Harrison Louisa (1)                                       GL 513a
Harrison Lucinda (1)                                       LN 20a
Harrison Lydia (15)                                       SB 529a
Harrison M.E. (6)                                          LN 20a
Harrison Mary (8/12)                                       PU 63a
Harrison Mary (51)                                        SB 529a
Harrison Mary (29)                                         LN 20a
Harrison Mary (28)                                        CR 392b
Harrison Michael (6)                                      CN 367a
Harrison Rachel (44)                                      CN 367a
Harrison Rachel (18)                                      CN 367a
Harrison Rhoda (16)                                       GL 506a
Harrison Sally (31)                                       GL 513a
Harrison Sally (13)                                       CN 367a
Harrison William H. (17)                                  NB 409a
Harrison William (31)                                     GL 513a
Harrod Andrew (2)                                          HA 39b
Harrod Ann (38)                                            HA 36b
Harrod Delilah (11)                                        HA 36b
Harrod Eliza (25)                                          HA 39b
Harrod Julia (7)                                           HA 36b
Harrod Levi (41)                                           HA 36b
Harrod Levi (35)                                           HA 39b
Harrod Lewis (5)                                           HA 36b
Harrod Martha (4)                                          HA 39b
Harrod Minor (15)                                          HA 36b
Harrod Naomi (8)                                           HA 39b
Harrod Perick (12)                                         HA 36b
Harrod Sarah (3)                                           HA 36b
Harrod William (9)                                         HA 36b
Harshner Amanda (8)                                       PR 426b
Harshner Andrew (46)                                      TR 415a
Harshner Andrew (10)                                      TR 415a
Harshner Andrew (6)                                       GL 502b
Harshner Catharine (40)                                   TR 421a
Harshner Catharine (16)                                   GL 502b
Harshner Catharine (59)                                   GL 502b
Harshner David (18)                                       TR 415a
Harshner Dianna (10)                                      PR 426b
Harshner Eli (21)                                         PR 426a
Harshner Eliza (18)                                       PR 426a
Harshner Elizabeth (14)                                   TR 415a
Harshner Emanuel (12)                                     TR 415a
Harshner George (16)                                      TR 415a
Harshner George (31)                                      GL 503a
Harshner Henry (4)                                        PR 426b
Harshner Isaac W. (20)                                    TR 421a
Harshner jacob (5)                                        TR 415a
Harshner Jacob (51)                                       TR 421a
Harshner Jacob (3)                                        GL 503a
Harshner James (6)                                        GL 503a
Harshner John (9)                                         GL 502b
Harshner John (20)                                        GL 502b
Harshner Lawrence (48)                                    PR 426a
Harshner Lucinda (5)                                      GL 502b
Harshner Mary A. (40)                                     TR 415a
Harshner Mary A. (8)                                      TR 421a
Harshner Mary A. (2)                                      PR 426b
Harshner Mary (612)                                       GL 502b
Harshner Mary (8)                                         GL 503a
Harshner Michael (33)                                     GL 502b
Harshner Pearson (3)                                      GL 502b
Harshner Rachel (30)                                      GL 502b
Harshner Sarah (29)                                       GL 503a
Harshner Susanna (12)                                     PR 426b
Harshner Susanna (41)                                     PR 426a
Harshner William W. (21)                                  TR 421a
Harshner William (3)                                      TR 415a

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