Morrow 1850 census index (partial)
Morrow County 1850 Census Surname Index
Surname/Given Name/Age/Township Abbreviation/Sheet Number
(Note: the "a" or "b" indication is not always accurate)
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Gaylord Anna (48)                                          PU 60b
Gaylord Catharine (8)                                      PU 60b
Gaylord Edwin (15)                                         PU 60b
Gaylord Eleazer (48)                                       PU 60b
Gaylord William (12)                                       PU 60b
Geer Andrew (40)                                          CN 375b
Geer Casandra (37)                                        CN 375b
Geer Catharine (14)                                       CN 375b
Geer Elizabeth (52)                                       CN 365b
Geer George (56)                                          CN 365b
Geer Gruce (15)                                           CN 365b
Geer Harvey (12)                                          CN 375b
Geer James (24)                                           CN 365b
Geer Jeremiah (2)                                         CN 365b
Geer John H. (28)                                         CN 365b
Geer Joseph (16)                                          CN 375b
Geer Mary E. (3)                                          CN 365b
Geer Phebe (21)                                           CN 365b
Geer Rebecca (8)                                          CN 375b
Geer Ruth (10/12)                                         CN 376a
Geer Sarah (5)                                            CN 375b
Geer Thomas M. (19)                                       CN 365b
Geiger John (36)                                          GL 512b
Geisell Cynthia (28)                                       PU 62a
Geller Amanda (17)                                        GL 505a
Geller George (2)                                         GL 512a
Geller Margaret (28)                                      GL 511b
Geller Mary (4)                                           GL 512a
Geller Nancy (25)                                         GL 506a
Geller Samuel (29)                                        GL 506a
Geller Sarah (57)                                         GL 505a
Geller Sarah (5)                                          GL 512a
Geller Solomon (66)                                       GL 505a
Geller Solomon (22)                                       GL 505a
Geller William (32)                                       GL 511b
Gemsuulis Bennet (6)                                      FR 485b
Gemsuulis Lydia (2)                                       FR 485b
Gemsuulis Matilda (28)                                    FR 485b
Gemsuulis Nancy (7)                                       FR 485b
Gemsuulis Peter (30)                                      FR 485b
Gemsuulis Viola (3)                                       FR 485b
Gemsuulis Zoretha (1/12)                                  FR 485b
Genriger George (36)                                        WF 7a
Genriger Selah (25)                                         WF 7a
Genriger Wilbert (5)                                        WF 7a
George Abigail (4)                                        CH 443b
George Allen (7)                                          CH 441a
George Burloina (23)                                      FR 485b
George Coreula (5)                                        FR 485b
George Elias (13)                                         CH 442a
George Elizabeth (4/12)                                   CH 441a
George Elizabeth (18)                                     CG 474b
George Elizabeth (39)                                     CH 443b
George Elizabeth (22)                                     CH 440b
George Emelina (9)                                        CG 474b
George Enoch (51)                                          HA 36a
George Enoch (12)                                          HA 37b
George Enoch (18)                                         CH 441a
George Henry (23)                                          HA 32b
George Henry (17)                                         FR 485b
George Henry (60)                                         CH 441a
George Huldah (18)                                         HA 32b
George Isaac (21)                                         CG 474b
George Jane (51)                                           HA 36a
George Jennet (8)                                         CH 441a
George John E. (3)                                        CH 443b
George Joshua (15)                                        CG 474b
George Lewis (31)                                         CH 441a
George Lydia A. (10)                                      CH 441a
George Lydia (43)                                         FR 485b
George Margaret (61)                                      CH 441a
George Mary (18)                                           HA 35b
George Mary (5)                                           CH 441a
George Minerva (3)                                        CH 441a
George Moses (55)                                         FR 485b
George Naomi (19)                                          HA 36a
George Rachel (3/12)                                      CH 440b
George Rachel (56)                                        CH 444a
George Richard (20)                                        HA 37b
George Richard (14)                                        HA 36a
George Richard (55)                                       CH 444a
George Rodney (3)                                         FR 485b
George Samantha (30)                                      CH 441a
George Sarah (9)                                          FR 485b
George Sarah (84)                                         FR 485b
George William (23)                                        HA 35b
George William (25)                                       CH 440b
Gerron Elizabeth (4)                                      CH 445b
Gerron James (1)                                          CH 445b
Gerron James (42)                                         CH 445a
Gerron Jemima (8)                                         CH 445b
Gerron Louisa (11)                                        CH 445b
Gerron Mathias (14)                                       CH 445b
Gerron Rosannah (37)                                      CH 445b
Gerron Samuel (16)                                        CH 445b
Gesler Elizabeth (19)                                     CH 455a
Geyer Amaziah (28)                                        CR 379b
Geyer Andrew (34)                                         CR 381b
Geyer Andrew R. (22)                                      CN 372b
Geyer Andrew R. (1)                                       CN 373b
Geyer Elizabeth (16)                                      CN 372b
Geyer Isaac C. (27)                                       CN 372a
Geyer Jacob (51)                                          CN 372a
Geyer Jacob (11)                                          CN 372b
Geyer John W. (4)                                         CN 372b
Geyer Mary A. (28)                                        CN 372a
Geyer Mary (20)                                           CR 381b
Geyer Nathaniel (25)                                      CN 373b
Geyer Rebecca (25)                                        CR 379b
Geyer Richard (24)                                        CN 372a
Geyer Ruth (45)                                           CN 372a
Geyer Sarah E. (8/12)                                     CR 381b
Geyer Sarah J. (21)                                       CN 373b
Geyer Sarah J. (1)                                        CN 372a
Geyer William R. (3/12)                                   CR 379b
Geyer William H. (8)                                      CN 372b
Gidley Daniel (6)                                          PU 60b
Gidley Francis (5)                                         PU 59b
Gidley Hannah (64)                                         PU 60b
Gidley Royal (1)                                           PU 60b
Gidley Sarah (36)                                          PU 60b
Gidley Thomas (3)                                          PU 59b
Gidley William Jr. (38)                                    PU 60b
Gidley William Sr (70)                                     PU 60b
Giffin Catharine (29)                                     CR 380a
Giffin Hannah (30)                                        CR 380b
Giffin Henry (18)                                         CR 380a
Giffin James L. (10/12)                                   WA 358a
Giffin James (61)                                         CR 380a
Giffin James S. (26)                                      CR 380b
Giffin Jane E. (3)                                        CR 380b
Giffin Jane (61)                                          CR 380a
Giffin Mary J. (21)                                       WA 358a
Giffin Theodore (1)                                       CR 380b
Giffin William (24)                                       WA 358a
Gilbert Adam (17)                                         SB 526b
Gilbert David (55)                                        SB 526b
Gilbert Henry (23)                                        SB 526b
Gilbert Laura (50)                                        SB 526b
Gilbert Mary (12)                                         SB 526b
Gilcrist Mary A. (28)                                     CR 382a
Gilcrist Mary E. (13)                                     CR 382a
Gilcrist Robert (55)                                      CR 382a
Gildason Appleton (3)                                     CG 467a
Gildason Rose (5)                                         CG 467a
Giles Evaline (16)                                         LN 25a
Giles Joan (1/12)                                          LN 25a
Giles John (24)                                            LN 25a
Giles Mary (44)                                            LN 25a
Giles Susan (24)                                           LN 25a
Gilett Russel (63)                                         BE 45b
Gillet Elizabeth (22)                                      WF 17b
Gillet Harvey (32)                                         WF 17b
Gillet Lydia (2)                                           WF 17b
Gillis Albert (9)                                         GL 502b
Gillis Alexander (24)                                     CG 456b
Gillis David B (3)                                        CG 456b
Gillis Edwin L (2)                                        CG 456b
Gillis Eliza (17)                                         GL 502b
Gillis Eliza (6)                                          CG 456b
Gillis Elizabeth (25)                                     CG 456b
Gillis Emma (14)                                          GL 502b
Gillis Emma (33)                                          CG 456b
Gillis Findley (37)                                       CG 456b
Gillis Isabel (6/12)                                      CG 456b
Gillis James (3)                                          CG 456b
Gillis Jane (7)                                           CG 456b
Gillis John (7)                                           GL 502b
Gillis John (43)                                          GL 502b
Gillis Martha (11)                                        GL 502b
Gillis Martha (43)                                        GL 502b
Gillis Mary (5)                                           GL 502b
Gillis May (28)                                           CG 456b
Gillis Rebecca (66)                                       CG 456b
Gillis Thomas (34)                                        CG 456b
Gillis William F (5)                                      CG 456b
Gillis William (16)                                       GL 502b
Gilmon Amanda (6)                                         WA 360b
Gilmon Francis (3)                                        WA 360b
Gilmon John (2)                                           WA 360b
Gilmon Margaret (30)                                      WA 360b
Gilmon William (36)                                       WA 360b
Gilmore Charles A. (31)                                   CR 379a
Gilson Albert (4)                                         CR 379a
Gilson Edward (6)                                         CR 379a
Gilson Loretta (1)                                        CR 379a
Gilson Lydia Ann (9)                                      CR 379a
Gilson Sarah C. (28)                                      CR 379a
Ginter Barbara (40)                                       NB 397b
Ginter Catharine (13)                                     NB 397b
Ginter John (15)                                          NB 397b
Ginter John (46)                                          NB 397b
Ginter La*er (4)                                          NB 397b
Ginter Mattias (9)                                        NB 397b
Gisell Lydia (10)                                          PU 62b
Gist Aaron (8)                                            CN 373b
Gist Cynthia (37)                                         CN 373b
Gist David (2)                                            CN 373b
Gist Elizabeth J (15)                                     CN 373b
Gist Horatio (39)                                         CN 373b
Gist Mahala (3/12)                                        CN 373b
Gist Sarah (4)                                            CN 373b
Gist Thomas (12)                                          CN 373b
Glass Hannah (50)                                         FR 484b
Glass Hannah (17)                                         FR 484b
Glass Mary (20)                                           FR 484b
Glass Phineas (22)                                        FR 484b
Glass Phineas (49)                                        FR 484b
Glass Susan (14)                                          FR 484b
Gleason Elisha (24)                                       FR 492b
Gleason John (21)                                         FR 492b
Gliddon Mary A. (37)                                      CR 394b
Gliddon Mary J. (16)                                      CR 394b
Gliddon Olive R. (12)                                     CR 394b
Gliddon Theodore D. (10)                                  CR 394b
Gliddon Theodore P. (37)                                  CR 394b
Gliddon Thomas J. (14)                                    CR 394b
Glothart Anna (19)                                        CN 372b
Glothart Anna (57)                                        CN 372b
Glothart Christian (52)                                   CN 372b
Glothart Ephraim (14)                                     CN 372b
Glothart Frederick (32)                                   CN 372b
Glover Henry (64)                                         GL 499b
Glover Henry (19)                                         GL 499b
Glover Isabel (58)                                        GL 499b
Glover John (17)                                          GL 499b
Goble Anna (38)                                           CH 453b
Goble Joseph A. (13)                                      CH 453b
Goble Sarah (5)                                           CH 453b
Godman Daniel W. (12)                                     CR 392a
Godman Eliza (10)                                         CR 392a
Godman Frances (35)                                       CR 392a
Godman James E. (8)                                       CR 392a
Godman John C. (39)                                       CR 392a
Godman John W. (6)                                        CR 392a
Godman Lawson (1)                                         CR 392a
Godman Luucy A. (14)                                      CR 392a
Godman Sarah F. (4)                                       CR 392a
Goladay Catharine (64)                                    NB 398a
Goladay mary (34)                                         NB 398a
Goladay William (19)                                      NB 398a
Goldy John (23)                                           CR 390a
Golladay Almira J. (6/12)                                 NB 398a
Golladay Henry (29)                                       NB 398a
Golladay Mary E. (2)                                      NB 398a
Golladay nancy (26)                                       NB 398a
Golladay Samantha (4)                                     NB 398a
Golling Reuben (3/12)                                     FR 486a
Golling Sarah (20)                                        FR 486a
Golling Thomas (28)                                       FR 486a
Gooch George (9)                                            WF 6b
Gooch H.A. (34)                                             WF 6b
Gooch I.A. (1)                                              WF 6b
Gooch John (11)                                             WF 6b
Gooch Joseph (24)                                           WF 6b
Gooch M.E. (13)                                             WF 6b
Gooch Sarah (6)                                             WF 6b
Goodfice Albert (19)                                       WF 17b
Goodfice Elizabeth (46)                                    WF 17b
Goodfice Hannah (13)                                       WF 17b
Goodfice Hosia (16)                                        WF 17b
Goodfice John (9)                                          WF 17b
Goodfice Josiah (58)                                       WF 17b
Goodfice Justin (6)                                        WF 17b
Goodfice Martha (4)                                        WF 17b
Goodfice Walter (2)                                        WF 17b
Goodin Asa (62)                                            PU 60b
Goodin Elizabeth (45)                                      LN 19b
Goodin Fanny (31)                                          PU 58b
Goodin Innes (13)                                          LN 19b
Goodin Isaac (33)                                          PU 58b
Goodin John (29)                                           PU 60b
Goodin John (29)                                           PU 68a
Goodin Louisa (26)                                         PU 60b
Goodin Lysia (2)                                           HA 34a
Goodin Margaret (9)                                        PU 58b
Goodin Margaret (58)                                       PU 60b
Goodin Marilla (1)                                         PU 58b
Goodin Martha (6)                                          HA 34a
Goodin Mary (1/12)                                         HA 34a
Goodin Mary (1)                                            PU 60b
Goodin Nancy (3)                                           PU 58b
Goodin Phebe (7)                                           PU 58b
Goodin Phebe (1)                                           LN 19b
Goodin Rebecca (4)                                         HA 34a
Goodin Samuel (51)                                         LN 19b
Goodin Sarah (2)                                           PU 60b
Goodin Sarah (5)                                           PU 58b
Goodin Sarah (11)                                          LN 19b
Goodin Sarah (52)                                          HA 34a
Goodin Smith (51)                                          HA 34a
Goodnick Henry (22)                                       WA 355a
Goodnick Jesse (40)                                       WA 355a
Goodnick Rhona (58)                                       WA 355a
Goodnick Rufus (62)                                       WA 355a
Goodnick Sarah J. (18)                                    WA 355a
Goodrich Franklin (1)                                       WF 6a
Goodrich H.P. (20)                                          WF 6a
Goodrich Wm (30)                                            WF 6a
Gorden Catharine (24)                                     CH 437b
Gorden William W. (25)                                    CH 437b
Gordon Marion (28)                                        CH 439a
Gordon Mary (56)                                          CH 439a
Gordon Sidney (18)                                        CH 439a
Gordon William G. (75)                                    CH 439a
Gore Elizabeth (28)                                       SB 526b
Gore George (3)                                           SB 526b
Gore John (29)                                            SB 526b
Goringer Vashti (16)                                      SB 518b
Gorley David (14)                                         GL 498a
Gorley Ebenezer (23)                                      GL 497b
Gorley Elennor (9)                                        GL 498a
Gorley George (11)                                        GL 498a
Gorley John (21)                                          GL 497b
Gorley Joseph (16)                                        GL 498a
Gorley Nancy (54)                                         GL 497b
Gorley Samuel (17)                                        GL 498a
Gorley William (56)                                       GL 497b
Gorley William (19)                                       GL 498a
Gossage Thomas (40)                                        HA 32b
Gottner Barbara (5/12)                                    NB 404a
Gottner Catharine (11)                                    NB 404a
Gottner Elizabeth (38)                                    NB 403b
Gottner George (48)                                       NB 403b
Gottner Rudolph (2)                                       NB 403b
Gouldly Anzonetta (3)                                     CR 389a
Gouldly Jane (23)                                         CR 389a
Gouldly Reuben (25)                                       CR 389a
Gowen Michael (83)                                        PR 425b
Grace Mary (24)                                            HA 38a
Grace Simon (25)                                           HA 38a
Graham Abel W. (23)                                       PR 432a
Graham Benton (13)                                        CG 464a
Graham Canty A. (25)                                      PR 428a
Graham Cyrus S. (17)                                      PR 432a
Graham Daniel S (11)                                      PR 432a
Graham David (22)                                         PR 432a
Graham David (85)                                         PR 432a
Graham Denton (7)                                         CG 464a
Graham Drusilla (22)                                      CG 464a
Graham Eben (6/12)                                        FR 481b
Graham Elie (37)                                          PR 432a
Graham Elizabeth (86)                                     PR 432a
Graham Francis (3)                                        NB 403a
Graham George (3)                                         SB 532b
Graham George W. (9)                                      NB 406a
Graham Henry S. (18)                                      NB 403a
Graham Isaac (23)                                         FR 488b
Graham Isabella (30)                                      NB 403a
Graham ISrael J. (9/12)                                   NB 410a
Graham James (10)                                         CG 464a
Graham John (30)                                          SB 532b
Graham John (55)                                          PR 432a
Graham John (21)                                          PR 432a
Graham John (51)                                          NB 403a
Graham John (30)                                          FR 481b
Graham Joseph (53)                                        FR 488b
Graham Joseph O. (15)                                     PR 432a
Graham Joseph S. (19)                                     PR 432a
Graham Josephine (7)                                      NB 403a
Graham Lavina (3)                                         CG 464b
Graham Levi (16)                                          CG 464a
Graham Lucinda (4/12)                                     CG 464b
Graham Malinda (27)                                       CG 464b
Graham Margaret (24)                                      SB 532b
Graham Margaret (58)                                      FR 488b
Graham Martin (17)                                        FR 488b
Graham Mary E. (1)                                        PR 428a
Graham Mary (23)                                          NB 410a
Graham Mary (1)                                           NB 403b
Graham Morgan (18)                                        CG 464a
Graham Oglevi (2)                                         NB 410a
Graham oliver (24)                                        CG 464b
Graham Polly (23)                                         CG 464a
Graham Reason (15)                                        WA 355b
Graham Richard (12)                                       FR 488b
Graham Robert (3/12)                                      NB 403b
Graham Ruth (55)                                          PR 432a
Graham Samuel (67)                                        CG 464a
Graham Sarah (5)                                          SB 532b
Graham Sarah (46)                                         CG 464a
Graham Scott (25)                                         PR 428a
Graham Seth (1)                                           FR 481b
Graham Susan (22)                                         FR 481b
Graham Thomas (36)                                        NB 403a
Graham Vanliser (14)                                      PR 432a
Graham Westley (16)                                       FR 488b
Graham William (26)                                       WA 355b
Graham William (30)                                       NB 410a
Grandy Benjamin (13)                                      CR 394b
Grandy Cylinda (51)                                       CR 394b
Grandy Cynthia B. (16)                                    CR 387b
Grandy Emily (21)                                         CR 394b
Grandy Hannah (57)                                        CR 387b
Grandy Ira (19)                                           CR 387b
Grandy Lucinda (15)                                       CR 394b
Grandy Olive H (20)                                       CR 387b
Grandy Samuel (18)                                        CR 394b
Grandy William (54)                                       CR 394b
Granger Noah (25)                                         CR 393b
Grant Eliza A. (31)                                       PR 429a
Grant Hannah (12)                                          PU 68a
Grant Hannah M. (2)                                       PR 429a
Grant James A. (4)                                        PR 429a
Grant Newel (32)                                          PR 429a
Grant Philina (5/12)                                      PR 429a
Graves Ann R (19)                                         CH 440a
Graves Augusta (4)                                        GL 513a
Graves Epha (27)                                          GL 513a
Graves Mahala (8)                                         GL 513a
Graves Orpha (7)                                          GL 513a
Graves William (33)                                       GL 513a
Gray Gardner (3)                                           PU 61b
Gray John (18)                                             LN 22a
Gray Loren (34)                                            PU 61b
Gray Lydia (4)                                             PU 61b
Gray Lydia (59)                                            PU 61b
Gray Margaret (7)                                          LN 22a
Gray Mary (13)                                             LN 22a
Gray Mary (45)                                             LN 22a
Gray Rachael (4)                                           LN 22a
Gray Robert (10)                                           LN 22a
Gray Robert (44)                                           LN 22a
Gray Sarah (29)                                            PU 61b
Gray William (1)                                           PU 61b
Gray William (16)                                          LN 22a
Green Alice A. (26)                                       PR 431a
Green Ann (25)                                            CH 444a
Green Benjamin (71)                                       PR 431a
Green Caroline (19)                                       CH 447a
Green David (21)                                          CH 446b
Green Diana (21)                                           PU 67b
Green Elizabeth (4)                                        HA 33a
Green Elizabeth (16)                                      CH 447a
Green Hugh (50)                                            HA 33a
Green Isaac (52)                                          CH 446b
Green Isabella (25)                                       PR 431a
Green J.J. (31)                                             WF 5a
Green Jephtha (21)                                        PR 431a
Green John L. (1/12)                                      PR 431a
Green John (26)                                            PU 67b
Green John (17)                                           CH 447a
Green Joseph (28)                                         PR 431a
Green Joseph (23)                                         CH 446b
Green Joshua (16)                                         PR 431a
Green Lillien (53)                                        CH 446b
Green Lucinda (27)                                         HA 33a
Green Mary (4)                                            PR 431a
Green Mary (8)                                             HA 33a
Green Mary (9)                                            CH 447a
Green Nancy (1)                                            HA 33a
Green Nancy (50)                                          CH 453b
Green Narman (6)                                           HA 33a
Green Sarah A. (9/12)                                     CH 444a
Green Sarah (12)                                          CH 447a
Green William (25)                                        CH 444a
Gregory Benjamin (30)                                      LN 29a
Gregory Elizabeth (23)                                    CR 390a
Gregory James (54)                                        CR 390a
Gregory margaret (15)                                     CR 390a
Gregory Sarah A. (17)                                     CR 390a
Gregory Sarah (52)                                        CR 390a
Grennell David (2)                                        CR 383a
Grennell Edwin (8)                                        GL 500b
Grennell Eliza (4)                                        GL 500b
Grennell Fordyce (6)                                      GL 500b
Grennell Jeramiah (34)                                    GL 500b
Grennell Martha (29)                                      GL 500b
Grennell Mary A. (29)                                     CR 383a
Grennell Sylvester (4/12)                                 GL 500b
Grennell Sylvester H. (31)                                CR 383a
Grennell Uriah H. (1)                                     CR 383a
Griffin Lawrence (24)                                     GL 514b
Griffin Margaret (26)                                     GL 514a
Griffin Mary (22)                                         GL 514b
Griffin Mary (7)                                          GL 514a
Griffith 7 (m)                                             HA 40b
Griffith Allice H. (5)                                    WA 361b
Griffith Ann (30)                                         CH 443b
Griffith David (32)                                       CH 443b
Griffith Edmund (2)                                       CH 443b
Griffith Francis P. (31)                                  WA 361b
Griffith Jacob (13)                                       CR 386b
Griffith John A. (8)                                      CR 386b
Griffith John (41)                                        CR 386b
Griffith Lucinda (29)                                     CR 386b
Griffith Margaret (22)                                     HA 38b
Griffith Mary B. (3)                                      WA 361b
Griffith Sarah J. (25)                                    WA 361b
Griffith Thomas (4)                                       CH 443b
Griffith William (5)                                      CH 443b
Griffiths Edward (53)                                      HA 40a
Griffiths John (27)                                        HA 40a
Griffiths Mary (67)                                        HA 40a
Griffiths Thomas (73)                                      HA 40a
Griffiths Thomas (50)                                      HA 40a
Grimes Elizabeth (89)                                     WA 360a
Grinnell G. Elma (26)                                      LN 22a
Grinnell Labina (53)                                       LN 22a
Grinnell Sylvester (59)                                    LN 22a
Grissell Simion (11)                                      CR 385b
Grissell Susanna (43)                                     CR 385b
Grissell Thomas (54)                                      CR 385b
Groover Henry (38)                                        WA 361b
Groover Mary (28)                                         WA 361b
Groric Augustus (11)                                       WF 11a
Gross Edward (12)                                          PU 64b
Grouse 13 (m)                                              WF 10b
Grouse John (9)                                            WF 10b
Grove Charlotte (7/12)                                    CN 367a
Grove Martha J. (8)                                       CR 393b
Grove Samuel (22)                                         CN 367a
Grove Sarah F. (22)                                       CN 367a
Grove William H. (6)                                      CR 393b
Grover Eugene (6)                                          LN 25b
Grover John (3)                                            LN 25b
Grover Julia (1)                                           LN 25b
Grover Maria (29)                                          LN 25b
Grover Marietta (10)                                       LN 25b
Grover Miranda (9)                                         LN 25b
Grover William (38)                                        LN 25b
Guise John (18)                                           SB 532b
Gulley Daniel (55)                                         PU 62b
Gulley Debora (29)                                         PU 62b
Gulley Ellen (5/12)                                        PU 62b
Gulley Teressa (4)                                         PU 62b
Gunn Theodore (8)                                         PR 428a
Gupley Annsevilla (23)                                    GL 510b
Gupley John (29)                                          GL 510b
Gurkee Emily (10)                                          PU 67b
Gurkee George (34)                                         PU 67b
Gurkee Harriet (3/12)                                      PU 67b
Gurkee James (12)                                          PU 67b
Gurkee Mary (2)                                            PU 67b
Gurkee Maryann (30)                                        PU 67b
Gurkee Sarah (4)                                           PU 67b

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