Morrow 1850 census index (partial)
Morrow County 1850 Census Surname Index
Surname/Given Name/Age/Township Abbreviation/Sheet Number
(Note: the "a" or "b" indication is not always accurate)
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Foglesong Mary (7)                                        FR 493a
Foglesong William (13)                                    FR 486a
Folck Abraham (59)                                        CN 370b
Folck Daniel W. (17)                                      CN 370b
Folck Hannah (54)                                         CN 370b
Folck James M. (12)                                       CN 370b
Foltz Barbara (55)                                        CG 472b
Foltz Catharine (37)                                      NB 408a
Foltz David (5)                                           NB 408a
Foltz Elemisa (14)                                        NB 408a
Foltz Ellinora (16)                                       NB 408a
Foltz George (53)                                         CG 472b
Foltz George (10)                                         CG 472b
Foltz Jacob (15)                                          CG 472b
Foltz Jeremiah (11)                                       NB 408a
Foltz Levi (8)                                            NB 408a
Foltz Margaret (16)                                       CG 472b
Foltz Mary (13)                                           NB 408a
Foltz Reuben (2)                                          NB 408a
Foltz Samuel (42)                                         NB 407b
Foltz Teranna (7/12)                                      NB 408a
Forgy Elizabeth (26)                                      CG 460b
Forgy James (5)                                           CG 460b
Forgy John (50)                                           CG 460a
Forgy John (14)                                           CG 460b
Forgy Malvina (16)                                        CG 460b
Forgy Mary (18)                                           CG 460b
Forgy Newton (22)                                         CG 460b
Forgy Rachel (40)                                         CG 460a
Forgy William (24)                                        CG 460a
Forrest James (12)                                        SB 532a
Forrest Sarah (52)                                        SB 532a
Forrest Sarah (15)                                        SB 532a
Forshoe George (24)                                        PU 63a
Forshoe Mary (17)                                          PU 63a
Foss Eliza Jane (23)                                       HA 29b
Foss Erastus (28)                                          HA 29b
Foss James (22)                                            HA 40b
Foss Jeremiah (4/12)                                       HA 40b
Foss Martha (2/12)                                         HA 29b
Foss Mary (3)                                              HA 29b
Foss Mary (20)                                             HA 40b
Foss Nancy (5)                                             HA 29b
Foss Rebecca (7)                                           HA 29b
Foss Timothy (76)                                          HA 29b
Fost Charles (29)                                         SB 527a
Fost Mary (25)                                            SB 527a
Foster Christina (13)                                     NB 412a
Foster David (18)                                         NB 412a
Foster Jacob (10)                                         NB 412a
Foster Jacob S. (41)                                      NB 412a
Foster John (16)                                          NB 412a
Foster Mary (41)                                          NB 412a
Foster Rebecca (5)                                        NB 412a
Foster Solomon (10)                                       NB 412a
Foster William (1)                                        NB 412a
Fount Eliza (20)                                           LN 23b
Fouse Ellen (18)                                          CH 452b
Foust A.J. (2)                                              WF 9a
Foust Abraham (56)                                         WF 17a
Foust Abram (35)                                            WF 9a
Foust Albert (18)                                           WF 5b
Foust Alexander (222)                                       WF 9a
Foust Almira (23)                                           WF 9a
Foust Andrew (11)                                           WF 5b
Foust Arvinda (14)                                          WF 8b
Foust Belinda (6)                                           WF 5b
Foust Charles (6)                                           WF 8b
Foust Christina (23)                                      CR 388b
Foust Cynthia (29)                                          WF 5b
Foust Cyrus (11)                                            WF 9a
Foust Daniel (2)                                            WF 5b
Foust Daniel (13)                                         CG 475a
Foust Dorcas (46)                                           WF 8b
Foust Edwin (9)                                             WF 5b
Foust Ellen (18)                                          PR 434a
Foust Emily (18)                                          CR 388b
Foust George (17)                                          WF 15a
Foust Henry (23)                                            WF 9a
Foust Henry (29)                                          PR 434a
Foust Jacob (20)                                          CR 388b
Foust James (14)                                            WF 5b
Foust Job (38)                                              WF 5b
Foust John (59)                                             WF 8b
Foust John (17)                                             WF 8b
Foust John (16)                                           PR 434a
Foust LaFayette (4)                                         WF 8b
Foust Laura (50)                                          PR 434a
Foust Lester (9)                                            WF 5b
Foust Lorinda (4)                                           WF 9a
Foust Lucinda (2/12)                                        WF 9a
Foust Lucy (7)                                              WF 5b
Foust M.A. (4)                                              WF 5b
Foust Madison (2)                                           WF 8b
Foust Mary (11)                                             WF 5b
Foust Mary (43)                                             WF 9a
Foust Mary (50)                                           CR 388b
Foust Rosanna (3)                                           WF 5b
Foust Samantha (12)                                         WF 8b
Foust Samuel (34)                                           WF 5b
Foust Samuel (45)                                           WF 9a
Foust Samuel (10)                                           WF 9a
Foust Samuel (9)                                          PR 434a
Foust Samuel (22)                                         GL 514b
Foust Sarah (39)                                            WF 5b
Foust Sophronia (9)                                         WF 8b
Foust William (25)                                          WF 8b
Fox Bethia (12)                                           FR 478a
Fox Charles (24)                                          FR 478a
Fox Eliza (32)                                            CH 449b
Fox Elizabeth (35)                                        FR 478a
Fox Ezekial (15)                                          FR 478a
Fox Gilbert (24)                                          GL 510a
Fox Hannah (24)                                           GL 510a
Fox Jacob (34)                                            CH 449b
Fox John (10)                                             FR 478a
Fox Thomas (39)                                           FR 478a
Foy Amanda (10)                                           GL 497b
Foy Andrew (16)                                           GL 497a
Foy Ephraim (11)                                          GL 497a
Foy George (8)                                            GL 497b
Foy Jane (41)                                             GL 497a
Foy John B. (13)                                          GL 497a
Foy John (24)                                             CR 392b
Foy Sarah (20)                                            GL 497a
Foy Soloder (18)                                          GL 497a
Foy William (46)                                          GL 497a
Foy William (6)                                           GL 497b
Foy Winfield (3)                                          GL 497b
Foyle George (50)                                          HA 36a
Foyle Jacob (18)                                           HA 36a
Foyle Polly (52)                                           HA 36a
Francis Alfred C. (17)                                    CN 366b
Francis Alfred C. (46)                                    CN 366b
Francis Ann M. (6)                                        CN 366b
Francis Elvira D. (33)                                    CN 366b
Francis Horace L. (1)                                     CN 366b
Francis Lewis M. (3)                                      CN 366b
Francis Phebe (34)                                         HA 32b
Francis Smith F. (9)                                      CN 366b
Francis William (35)                                       HA 32b
Frazer Mary (23)                                          FR 489a
Frazer Mercy (2)                                          FR 489a
Frazer William (24)                                       FR 489a
Frazier Benjamin (21)                                     PR 425a
Frazier Catharine (4)                                     PR 425a
Frazier Elizabeth (26)                                    PR 425a
Frazier Isaac S. (1)                                      PR 425a
Frazier Jane (29)                                         CR 386b
Frazier John (3)                                          PR 425a
Frazier Mary J. (2)                                       CR 386b
Frazier Reuben (27)                                       CR 386b
Frazier William (4)                                       CR 386b
Frederick Catharine (19)                                  CR 387b
Frederick William (26)                                    CR 387b
Fredericks Absalom (27)                                   CH 442a
Fredericks David M. (22)                                  CR 394a
Fredericks Elizabeth A. (27)                              CH 442a
Fredericks James (23)                                     FR 480a
Fredericks Mary (24)                                      CR 394a
Fredericks Rachael (56)                                   FR 480a
Fredericks Viola A. (20)                                  CH 442a
Fredericks William (67)                                   FR 480a
Freeland Barbara (13)                                     NB 406b
Freeland Barbara (50)                                     NB 406a
Freeland Chloe (18)                                       PR 432b
Freeland Dorcas (20)                                      NB 406a
Freeland Elinor (17)                                      NB 406b
Freeland Elizabeth (47)                                   PR 432b
Freeland Elizabeth (16)                                   PR 432b
Freeland Elizabeth (15)                                   NB 406b
Freeland Jacob (5)                                        NB 406b
Freeland James (60)                                       NB 406a
Freeland John (12)                                        PR 428a
Freeland John (10)                                        NB 406b
Freeland Juliann (8)                                      NB 406b
Freeland Leah (7)                                         PR 432b
Freeland Micapah (8)                                      PR 432b
Freeman Albert (14)                                        BE 47a
Freeman Ann (55)                                           BE 47a
Freeman Chauncy (15)                                       BE 47a
Freeman David (33)                                        CG 467b
Freeman Elizabeth (36)                                    CG 467b
Freeman Isaac (12)                                         BE 47a
Freeman Isaac (53)                                         BE 47a
Freeman John (9)                                          CG 467b
Freeman Lydia (5)                                         CG 467b
Freeman Robert (19)                                        BE 47a
Freeman Thomas (26)                                        BE 47a
Freeze Daniel (35)                                        CR 384a
Freeze Mary (38)                                          CR 384a
French Alva (11)                                          WA 350a
French Andrew (25)                                        SB 529b
French Ann (22)                                            BE 55a
French Betsy (52)                                         WA 350a
French Calvin (8)                                         WA 350a
French Delia (1)                                          WA 359a
French Emaline (22)                                       SB 529b
French Hiram (26)                                         WA 359a
French James (37)                                          BE 55a
French Joanna (34)                                        GL 501b
French Jonathan (8)                                       GL 501b
French Juliett (6)                                        GL 501b
French Linus (3)                                          GL 501b
French Lucius (55)                                        SB 529b
French Martin (13)                                        WA 350a
French Mary E. (23)                                       WA 359a
French Mary (10)                                          GL 501b
French Mary (2)                                            BE 55a
French Oscar S. R. (15)                                   WA 350a
French Perry (11)                                         GL 504b
French Rachel M (55)                                      WA 353b
French Samson (54)                                        WA 350a
French Simon (7)                                          GL 501b
Freore Comfort (22)                                       CN 368a
Fringer George (17)                                       PR 428b
Fringer George (58)                                       PR 428b
Fringer Jacob (21)                                        PR 428b
Fringer Jacob (21)                                        PR 428b
Fringer Jeremiah (25)                                     PR 429a
Fringer John (30)                                         PR 428b
Fringer Leah (20)                                         PR 429a
Fringer Rachel (13)                                       PR 428b
Fringer Rachel (55)                                       PR 428b
Fringer Ruth A. (19)                                      PR 428b
Fringer Sarah A. (26)                                     PR 428b
Fringer Washington (3/12)                                 PR 429a
Fritz Alonzo (3)                                           HA 37a
Fritz Christiana (21)                                      HA 37a
Fritz Elizabeth (44)                                       HA 37a
Fritz George (18)                                          HA 37a
Fritz Henry (20)                                           HA 37a
Fritz John (5)                                             HA 37a
Fritz John (46)                                            HA 37a
Fritz Lucina (11)                                          HA 37a
Fritz Lucinda (16)                                         HA 37a
Fritz Zena (14)                                            HA 37a
Frost Albert (9)                                           BE 57a
Frost Edwin (12)                                           BE 57a
Frost Electa (40)                                          BE 54b
Frost George (18)                                          HA 30b
Frost Hannah (14)                                          BE 57a
Frost Hiram (3)                                            HA 30b
Frost Isaac (48)                                           BE 54b
Frost James (54)                                           BE 57a
Frost John (12)                                            BE 54b
Frost Jonathan (46)                                        HA 30b
Frost Julia (14)                                           BE 54b
Frost Laura (47)                                           BE 57a
Frost Lewis (15)                                           BE 57a
Frost Lovina (42)                                          HA 30b
Frost Major (7)                                            BE 57a
Frost Mary (6)                                             HA 30b
Frost Mary (16)                                            BE 54b
Frost Melissa (1)                                          HA 30b
Frost Phebe (9)                                            HA 30b
Frost Susan (8)                                            BE 57a
Frownfelter Alexander (4/12)                              WA 354a
Frownfelter Elinore Y. (12)                               WA 354a
Frownfelter Elmira (5)                                    WA 354a
Frownfelter James (9)                                     WA 354a
Frownfelter Jane H. (16)                                  WA 354a
Frownfelter Jesse (40)                                    WA 354a
Frownfelter Jonas (18)                                    WA 354a
Frownfelter Margaret (43)                                 WA 354a
Fryman Frederick (8)                                      NB 395b
Fryman George S. (12)                                     NB 395b
Fryman Isaac (1)                                          WA 358b
Fryman John (10)                                          NB 395b
Fryman Mary J. (14)                                       NB 395b
Fryman Mary (22)                                          WA 358b
Fryman Mary (2)                                           WA 358b
Fryman Mary (38)                                          NB 395b
Fryman Samuel (41)                                        NB 395b
Fryman Thomas (28)                                        WA 358b
Fulk Byron (8/12)                                         CN 373b
Fulk Calista (24)                                         CN 373b
Fulk Delman (3)                                           CN 373b
Fulk Lorenzo (27)                                         CN 373b
Fulls Mary (7/12)                                         SB 516a
Fulls Rachel (26)                                         SB 516a
Fulls William (25)                                        SB 516a
Fulton Esther (19)                                        CG 460a
Fulton James (51)                                         CG 460b
Fulton Margaret (51)                                      CG 460b
Fulton Robert (9)                                         CG 460b
Fulton Samuel (20)                                        CG 460a
Fulton Stephen (15)                                       CG 460b
Fultz Laner (12)                                          NB 403b
Furby Cyntha (53)                                         GL 495b
Furby John (53)                                           GL 495b
Furby Rachel (21)                                         GL 495b
Furby Sarah (19)                                          GL 495b
Furby William (18)                                        GL 511b
Ga*e Precilla (20)                                        WA 352a
Gabell Frederick (24)                                     CH 456a
Gadd Benjamin (13)                                        CG 467b
Gadd Caroline (11)                                        CG 466b
Gadd Elizabeth (25)                                       CG 467b
Gadd Elizabeth (48)                                       CG 467b
Gadd Enoch (21)                                           CG 467b
Gadd George (5)                                           CG 466b
Gadd Jane (17)                                            CG 467b
Gadd John (7)                                             CG 467b
Gadd Joseph (28)                                          CG 466b
Gadd Lydia (19)                                           CG 467b
Gadd Malinda (16)                                         CG 467b
Gadd Mary (11)                                            CG 467b
Gadd Susan (27)                                           CG 466b
Gadd William (24)                                         CG 467b
Gage Clarkson (30)                                         BE 57a
Gage Deborah (57)                                          BE 57a
Gage Elizabeth (19)                                        BE 57a
Gage George (14)                                           BE 57a
Gage James (4)                                             BE 54a
Gage Mary (20)                                             BE 54a
Gage Philip (58)                                           BE 57a
Gage Stephen (22)                                          BE 57a
Gage William (27)                                          BE 54a
Gager David (1)                                           FR 487a
Gager Emily (32)                                          FR 487a
Gager Isaac (5)                                           FR 487a
Gager Stephen (36)                                        FR 487a
Gainer Catharine (3)                                      PR 422b
Gainer Christopher (45)                                   PR 422b
Gainer Elizabeth (39)                                     PR 422b
Gainer Frederick (14)                                     NB 402a
Gainer Henry (8)                                          PR 422b
Gainer John (10)                                          PR 422b
Gale Abner (7)                                            FR 488b
Gale Alexander (14)                                        HA 37a
Gale Amy (5)                                              FR 488b
Gale Benjamin (15)                                        FR 488b
Gale Cornelius (44)                                        HA 37a
Gale Daniel (3)                                            HA 37a
Gale Elizabeth (11)                                       FR 488b
Gale Grederick (13)                                       FR 488b
Gale James (5)                                             HA 37a
Gale James (44)                                           FR 488b
Gale Jonathan (12)                                         HA 37a
Gale Malinda (18)                                         FR 488b
Gale Mary (9)                                             FR 488b
Gale Matilda (37)                                         FR 488b
Gale Nancy (7)                                             HA 37a
Gale Rebecca (35)                                          HA 37a
Gale Rebecca (1)                                           HA 37a
Gale Sarah (4/12)                                         FR 488b
Gale William (12)                                         FR 488b
Galiher David (30)                                        FR 487b
Galiher Dinah (21)                                        FR 487b
Galiher Howard (1)                                        FR 487b
Galiher Joseph (20)                                       FR 487b
Galiher Mary (20)                                         FR 487b
Galiher Melville (3)                                      FR 487b
Galiher Phebe (63)                                        FR 487b
Galiher Samuel N (66)                                     FR 487b
Galiher Samuel T (26)                                     FR 487b
Gallaher Emily A (13)                                     CG 469a
Gallaher Evelina (39)                                     CG 469a
Gallaher James W (7)                                      CG 469a
Gallaher Mary A. (2)                                      CG 469a
Gallaher Moses O. (40)                                    CG 469a
Gallaher Samuel E. (11)                                   CG 469a
Galleher Samuel (18)                                      GL 509a
Galliher Eliza (20)                                       FR 493b
Galliher Frances (37)                                     CG 461b
Galliher Nandiget (24)                                    FR 493b
Galliher Patrick (20)                                     NB 398b
Galliher William H. (40)                                  CG 461b
Gano Chloe (27)                                           SB 528a
Gano David (2)                                            SB 528a
Gano Eliza (29)                                           SB 528a
Gano Louisa (4)                                           SB 528a
Gans Betsy (4)                                             LN 24b
Gans Chloe (4)                                             LN 24a
Gans Hannah (23)                                           LN 24a
Gans Mahlon (54)                                           LN 24a
Gans Mary (28)                                             LN 24b
Gans Mary (2)                                              LN 24b
Gans Melissa (6)                                           LN 24b
Gans Minerva (7)                                           LN 24b
Gans Samuel (27)                                           LN 24a
Gans sarah (1)                                             LN 24b
Gans Sarah (2)                                             LN 24a
Ganty Caroline (12)                                       PR 428b
Ganty George K. (58)                                      PR 428b
Ganty John (16)                                           PR 428b
Ganty Matilda (13)                                        PR 428b
Garbrick Agnes A. (12)                                    WA 356a
Garbrick Cynthia (31)                                     WA 355b
Garbrick Elizabeth (3)                                    WA 356a
Garbrick John C. (1)                                      WA 356a
Garbrick Minerva (6)                                      WA 356a
Gardner Adaline (3/12)                                    GL 508b
Gardner Albert (2)                                         LN 19a
Gardner Amos (44)                                          BE 55a
Gardner Andrew (55)                                        LN 19b
Gardner Arretha (43)                                       BE 55b
Gardner Asa (10)                                           LN 23a
Gardner Craven (13)                                        LN 23a
Gardner Cynthia (53)                                      SB 517b
Gardner David (54)                                        SB 517b
Gardner Eliza (10)                                         LN 19b
Gardner Elizabeth (13)                                     LN 19b
Gardner Elmira (17)                                       SB 517b
Gardner Emaline (19)                                       BE 55b
Gardner Esther (2/12)                                      PU 60b
Gardner Esther (53)                                        LN 23a
Gardner Esther (16)                                        BE 55b
Gardner Eunice (4)                                        CG 457a
Gardner Francis (27)                                       LN 19a
Gardner George (10)                                       SB 519b
Gardner George (17)                                        LN 23a
Gardner Hannah (16)                                        PU 60a
Gardner Harriet (29)                                      CG 457a
Gardner Helen (4)                                          PU 60b
Gardner Henrietta (15)                                     LN 23a
Gardner Isaac (8)                                          LN 23a
Gardner James (29)                                         LN 18b
Gardner James (65)                                        FR 485b
Gardner John (8)                                          SB 519b
Gardner John (45)                                          LN 23a
Gardner John (31)                                         CG 457a
Gardner Joseph (40)                                       SB 519b
Gardner Josiah (50)                                       SB 517b
Gardner Julia (19)                                        CG 467b
Gardner Laura (54)                                        FR 485b
Gardner Lewis (13)                                         BE 55b
Gardner Lucy (19)                                         SB 517b
Gardner Lura (54)                                          LN 28b
Gardner Madison (15)                                       LN 23a
Gardner Margaret (54)                                      LN 19b
Gardner Marquis (54)                                       LN 28b
Gardner Mary E (1)                                        CG 457a
Gardner Mary (22)                                           WF 4a
Gardner Mary (10)                                         SB 517b
Gardner Mary (12)                                         SB 519b
Gardner Mary (34)                                          PU 59b
Gardner Mary (3)                                           LN 23a
Gardner Mary (18)                                          LN 28b
Gardner Maryann (30)                                       PU 60b
Gardner Medora (0/12)                                      BE 55b
Gardner Melvina (21)                                      GL 508b
Gardner Miles (20)                                        SB 517b
Gardner Milton (28)                                        PU 60b
Gardner Miranda (6)                                        LN 24a
Gardner Miriam (43)                                       SB 517b
Gardner Nelson (32)                                        PU 59b
Gardner Peter (6)                                          LN 19a
Gardner Phebe (25)                                         PU 60a
Gardner Phebe (5)                                          LN 23a
Gardner Polly (51)                                         PU 60a
Gardner Rebecca (29)                                       PU 60a
Gardner Reuben (10)                                       SB 517b
Gardner Reuben (29)                                        PU 60a
Gardner Richard (2)                                        PU 60b
Gardner Robert (59)                                        PU 60a
Gardner Robert (21)                                        LN 28b
Gardner Robert (25)                                       GL 508b
Gardner Ruth (24)                                          LN 28b
Gardner Ruth (30)                                          LN 24a
Gardner Ruth (19)                                         FR 485b
Gardner Sarah (1)                                          LN 23a
Gardner Sarah (56)                                        CG 467b
Gardner Sarah (15)                                        CG 467b
Gardner Susannah (31)                                     SB 519b
Gardner Theodore (6)                                      CG 457a
Gardner Timothy (62)                                      CG 467b
Gardner Washington (35)                                     WF 4a
Gardner Washington (6)                                     LN 23a
Gardner William (24)                                       LN 19b
Gardner William (4)                                        LN 19a
Gardner William (30)                                       LN 24a
Gardner William (18)                                      CG 467b
Garfield Eugene (19)                                      TR 418b
Garfield William (22)                                     TR 418b
Garner Charles (4)                                        CH 437b
Garner James N. (13)                                      CH 437b
Garner John (37)                                          CH 437b
Garner Joseph (2)                                         CH 437b
Garner Mahala (15)                                        CH 437b
Garner Rachel (36)                                        CH 437b
Garrett Calvin (15)                                       NB 401a
Garrett Elizabeth (31)                                    NB 401a
Garrett John (2)                                          NB 401a
Garrett Joseph (35)                                       NB 401a
Garrett Lydia (4)                                         NB 401a
Garrett Rachel A. (11)                                    NB 401a
Garrett Sarah J. (5)                                      NB 401a
Garver Adam (18)                                          TR 421b
Garver Elizabeth (19)                                     TR 421b
Garver Elizabeth (51)                                     TR 421a
Garver John (53)                                          TR 421a
Garver Mary A. (9)                                        TR 421b
Garwick Aaron (8)                                         NB 401b
Garwick Barbara (48)                                      NB 401b
Garwick Caroline (22)                                     NB 402a
Garwick Catharine (55)                                    NB 402a
Garwick Catharine (5)                                     CG 475a
Garwick Emeline (6/12)                                    NB 402a
Garwick Henry (15)                                        NB 402a
Garwick Henry (43)                                        NB 401b
Garwick Henry (11)                                        NB 401b
Garwick Isabel (12)                                       NB 401b
Garwick John (30)                                         NB 402a
Garwick John (11)                                         CG 475a
Garwick John (45)                                         CG 475a
Garwick Joshua (16)                                       CG 475a
Garwick Leah (8)                                          CG 475a
Garwick Levi (23)                                         NB 402a
Garwick Levi (29)                                         NB 402a
Garwick Levi (2)                                          CG 475a
Garwick Louisa (19)                                       NB 402a
Garwick Peter M. (28)                                     NB 402a
Garwick Peter (59)                                        NB 402a
Garwick Pricilla (14)                                     NB 401b
Garwick Rachel (37)                                       CG 475a
Garwick Sophia (29)                                       NB 402a
Garwick Susan (17)                                        NB 402a
Garwick Valentine (15)                                    NB 401b
Gary Jane (17)                                            FR 484a
Gary John (25)                                            FR 484a
Gary Kenedy (14)                                          FR 484a
Gary Margaret (22)                                        FR 483b
Gatatin Lucretia (21)                                     CH 451b
Gates George (22)                                         FR 481a
Gates Isaac (13)                                          FR 481a
Gates John (42)                                           FR 481a
Gates Lafayette (3)                                       FR 481a
Gates Martin (60)                                         FR 481a
Gates Martin (18)                                         FR 481a
Gates Mary (33)                                           FR 481a
Gates Mary (2)                                            FR 481a
Gates Mary (58)                                           FR 481a
Gates Ruth (23)                                           FR 481a
Gatten Eli (4)                                            FR 481b
Gatulia David (10)                                        CH 450b
Gatulia Lucy (33)                                         CH 450b
Gatulia Milo (2)                                          CH 450b
Gauf George W (9)                                         CG 469a
Gauf Lydia (18)                                           CG 469a
Gauf Margaret (13)                                        CG 469a
Gauf Samuel (42)                                          CG 469a
Gauf Sarah (44)                                           CG 469a

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