Morrow 1850 census index (partial)
Morrow County 1850 Census Surname Index
Surname/Given Name/Age/Township Abbreviation/Sheet Number
(Note: the "a" or "b" indication is not always accurate)
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Ensign Catharine (27)                                     GL 514b
Ensign Chauncy (29)                                       GL 514b
Ensign Gabriella (3)                                      GL 514b
Ensign Julia (59)                                         CR 394a
Ensign Silas (58)                                         CR 394a
Ensign Theodore (21)                                      CR 394a
Ensign Vetusia (5)                                        GL 514b
Ensign Xina (7)                                           GL 514b
Ernst Ann (40)                                            TR 416b
Ernst Benjamin (5)                                        TR 416b
Ernst Elizabeth (9)                                       TR 416b
Ernst John (42)                                           TR 416b
Ernst Mary (3)                                            TR 416b
Ernst Samuel (1)                                          TR 416b
Ernst Susan (7)                                           TR 416b
Eslick Irwin P. (27)                                      CR 380b
Eslick Martha A. (20)                                     CR 380b
Eslick William T. (1)                                     CR 380b
Ettiner Jacob (27)                                        GL 506a
Ettinger Daniel (33)                                      TR 421a
Ettinger John (64)                                        TR 420b
Ettinger John W. (23)                                     TR 421a
Ettinger Joseph (23)                                      WA 361b
Ettinger Julia (22)                                       WA 361b
Ettinger Margaret A. (7)                                  TR 421a
Ettinger Maria (34)                                       TR 421a
Ettinger Mary A. (13)                                     TR 421A
Ettinger Mary (63)                                        TR 420b
Ettinger Mary (30)                                        TR 420b
Ettinger Mary (12)                                        TR 421a
Ettinger Nancy (2)                                        TR 421a
Ettinger Reuben (19)                                      WA 361b
Ettinger Susan (23)                                       TR 415b
Ettinger Susan (21)                                       TR 421a
Ettinger William (11)                                     TR 421a
Euber Joseph (8)                                          NB 409b
Eusey Anthony (8)                                         NB 399a
Eusey Christian (19)                                      NB 399a
Eusey Elizabeth (2)                                       NB 399a
Eusey Frederick (5)                                       NB 399a
Eusey Jacob (7/12)                                        NB 399a
Eusey John (43)                                           NB 399a
Eusey John (12)                                           NB 399a
Eusey maria (3)                                           NB 399a
Eusey Maria (38)                                          NB 399a
Eusey Samuel (6)                                          NB 399a
Evans Ann (5)                                              HA 39b
Evans Benjamin (24)                                       CH 444a
Evans Benjamin (10)                                       CH 447a
Evans Caroline (42)                                        BE 48b
Evans Cynthia (14)                                         BE 50a
Evans David (19)                                          CH 447a
Evans David (50)                                          CH 447a
Evans Elijah (27)                                          HA 41b
Evans Elizabeth (9)                                       SB 529a
Evans Elizabeth (25)                                      SB 529a
Evans Enoch (14)                                          SB 529a
Evans Enos (50)                                            BE 50a
Evans George (33)                                          BE 48b
Evans Gilbert (4)                                          HA 41b
Evans Hannah (21)                                         CH 444a
Evans Henry (5)                                           SB 529a
Evans Hiram (4/12)                                         HA 41b
Evans Isabella (60)                                       CH 447b
Evans Jane (2)                                            SB 529a
Evans Janzy (12)                                           BE 50a
Evans John C. (15)                                        CH 447a
Evans John (8)                                             HA 39b
Evans John (49)                                           CH 447b
Evans Joseph (44)                                         CH 447a
Evans Lewis (71)                                          SB 526a
Evans Lewis (16)                                          SB 529a
Evans Lewis (16)                                           HA 38b
Evans Maria (11)                                          SB 529a
Evans Mary E. (7)                                         CH 447a
Evans Mary (39)                                           SB 529a
Evans Mary (45)                                            HA 39b
Evans Mary (31)                                            HA 41b
Evans Mary (7)                                             HA 39b
Evans Mary (63)                                           CH 444a
Evans Mary (35)                                           CH 447a
Evans Naoma (7/12)                                        SB 529a
Evans Owen (48)                                           SB 529a
Evans Phebe (2)                                            HA 41b
Evans Phebe (36)                                           HA 38b
Evans Phebe (46)                                           BE 50a
Evans Phebe (8)                                            BE 48b
Evans Rachel (7)                                          SB 529a
Evans Rachel (14)                                          HA 38b
Evans Rufina (16)                                          BE 50a
Evans Samuel (12)                                         CH 447a
Evans Sarah (67)                                          SB 526a
Evans Sarah (80)                                          CH 447a
Evans Sarah (47)                                          CH 447a
Evans Sarah (4)                                            BE 48b
Evans Susan (1)                                            HA 38b
Evans Thomas (31)                                          HA 38b
Evans Thomas (13)                                         CH 447a
Evans William (21)                                        SB 529a
Evans William (13)                                         HA 38b
Everett Alexander (22)                                    CR 387a
Everett Ambrose (31)                                      FR 481b
Everett Ann (56)                                          FR 485a
Everett Benjamin (14)                                     CR 387a
Everett Charles (67)                                      FR 485a
Everett Charles (20)                                      CH 455a
Everett Christian (2)                                     FR 481b
Everett Eli (3/12)                                        FR 481b
Everett Eli (67)                                          FR 481b
Everett Elie (21)                                         CH 448b
Everett Elisha (6)                                        SB 529b
Everett Elisha (42)                                       SB 529b
Everett Eliza (11)                                        SB 529b
Everett Elizabeth (37)                                    SB 529b
Everett Elmira (25)                                       FR 485a
Everett Jennett (63)                                      FR 481b
Everett Levi (10)                                         SB 529b
Everett Lucelia (17)                                      FR 485a
Everett Margaret (24)                                     FR 481b
Everett Samuel (18)                                       CR 387a
Everett William (26)                                      CR 387a
Evins Henry (22)                                          CG 459a
Evirett Edward (26)                                       CR 386b
Evirett Hannah (58)                                       CR 386b
Evirett Hannah (24)                                       CR 386b
Evirett Margaret (35)                                     CR 386b
Evirett Mary (28)                                         CR 386b
Evirett William (61)                                      CR 386b
Ewer Susan (21)                                           FR 483b
Ewers Clarinda (8)                                        FR 480b
Ewers Emily (19)                                          GL 504b
Ewers Francis (1)                                         GL 504b
Ewers Henry (2)                                           FR 480b
Ewers James (7)                                           FR 490b
Ewers Jennet (13)                                         FR 480b
Ewers Llucy (21)                                          FR 490b
Ewers Lydia (34)                                          GL 497b
Ewers Mahlon (49)                                         FR 490b
Ewers Margaret (14)                                       FR 490b
Ewers Melissa (10)                                        FR 480b
Ewers Mercy (18)                                          FR 490b
Ewers NN (50)                                             GL 497b
Ewers Samuel (28)                                         GL 504b
Ewers Sarah E. (13)                                       CN 372a
Ewers Sarah (38)                                          FR 480b
Ewers Sarah (15)                                          FR 490b
Ewers Smith (43)                                          FR 480b
Exly Abram (9)                                            SB 528b
Exly Catharine (9)                                        SB 528b
Exly Elizabeth (29)                                       SB 528b
Exly Lewis (31)                                           SB 528b
Exly Mary (3)                                             SB 528b
Exly Olive (6/12)                                         SB 528b
Extel Thomas (70)                                         CG 460b
Extel William (27)                                        CG 460b
Fagee Elizabeth (71)                                      CH 442a
Fagee Henry (62)                                          CH 442a
Fagee Jane (22)                                           CH 440b
Fagee Joel (35)                                           CH 440b
Fagg Joseph (25)                                          CG 466b
Fagstaff Joseph (19)                                      CG 466b
Fairchild Issacher (6/12)                                 GL 510a
Fairchild Mahlon (40)                                     GL 510a
Fairchild Nancy (27)                                      GL 510a
Fairchild Rachel (3)                                      GL 510a
Falling Frederick (36)                                    SB 518a
Falling George (1)                                        SB 518a
Falling Henry (4)                                         SB 518a
Falling Mary (32)                                         SB 518a
Fally Clara (2)                                           GL 514a
Fally Edmund (29)                                         GL 513b
Fally Eliza (23)                                          GL 513b
Fannsler Daniel (15)                                      TR 415b
Fannsler Eliza (25)                                       TR 415b
Fannsler John (51)                                        TR 415b
Fannsler Louisa (19)                                      TR 415b
Fannsler Mary (49)                                        TR 415b
Farmington Mary (22)                                      GL 498a
Farrington Hannah (13)                                    GL 498a
Farrington Joseph (12)                                    GL 498a
Farris Amanda (8)                                         CR 389b
Farris Catharine (21)                                     CR 389b
Farris Edward (20)                                        CR 389b
Farris Ellen (1)                                          CR 389b
Farris Malvina (23)                                       CR 389b
Farris Mary (12)                                          CR 389b
Farris Mortiner (22)                                      CR 389b
Farris Rebecca (47)                                       CR 389b
Farris Sarah A. (15)                                      CR 389b
Fauce Henry (21)                                          CN 367b
Faulkner Charlotte (59)                                   CG 474b
Faulkner Francis (23)                                     CG 474b
Faulkner Peter (48)                                       CG 474b
Fear Augustas (41)                                        CG 474a
Fear Catharine (16)                                       CG 474a
Fear Elizabeth (41)                                       CG 474a
Fear Henry (7)                                            CG 474a
Fear Jacob (2/12)                                         CG 474a
Fear Lewis (m)                                            CG 474a
Fee Elizabeth (8)                                         WA 351b
Fee James (41)                                            WA 351b
Fee James (3)                                             WA 351b
Fee Jane (44)                                             WA 351b
Fee Margaret (10)                                         WA 351b
Fee Mary J. (12)                                          WA 351b
Fee Sarah A. (6)                                          WA 351b
Feigley Daniel (7)                                        CN 374b
Feigley David (8)                                         CN 374b
Feigley Elizabeth (5)                                     CN 374b
Feigley Isaac (14)                                        CN 374b
Feigley John (2)                                          CN 374b
Feigley Lanor (6)                                         CN 374b
Feigley Lucinda (35)                                      CN 374b
Feigley Mary (9)                                          CN 374b
Feigley Richard (1)                                       CN 374b
Feigley Samuel (10)                                       CN 374b
Feigley Susanna (12)                                      CN 374b
Feigley William (39)                                      CN 374b
Feigley William (16)                                      CN 374b
Feigner Daniel (45)                                       NB 407a
Feigner John (20)                                         NB 409b
Feigner John (9)                                          NB 407a
Feigner Magdalena (16)                                    NB 407a
Feigner Savilla (11)                                      NB 407a
Feigner Solomon (17)                                      NB 407a
Feigner William (6)                                       NB 407a
Fell Amos (9)                                             CN 373a
Fell Casper (48)                                          CN 373a
Fell Delila (30)                                          CN 373a
Fell Mary C. (4)                                          CN 373a
Fell Stephen (6)                                          CN 373a
Fell William N. (2)                                       CN 373a
Felle James (6)                                           CG 471a
Felle Levi (4/12)                                         CG 471a
Felle Margaret (24)                                       CG 471a
Felle Mary (4)                                            CG 471a
Felle Moses (2)                                           CG 471a
Felle Nathaniel (30)                                      CG 471a
Felzer Christian (18)                                       WF 9b
Felzer Christopher (45)                                     WF 9b
Felzer Meanur (8)                                           WF 9b
Ferguson David M. (6)                                     NB 411b
Ferguson Margaret (2)                                     NB 411b
Ferguson Mary J. (4)                                      NB 411b
Ferguson Mary (33)                                        NB 411b
Ferguson William R. (33)                                  NB 411b
Ferris Charles (9)                                         BE 48a
Ferris James (59)                                          BE 48a
Ferris Louisa (44)                                         BE 48a
Ferris Phebe (10)                                          BE 48a
Fickle Catharine (3)                                       HA 40b
Fickle Dorothea (36)                                       HA 40b
Fickle Henry (38)                                          HA 40b
Fickle Joseph (10)                                         HA 40b
Fickle Mary (5)                                            HA 40b
Fickle Nancy (8)                                           HA 40b
Fickle Ssarah (15)                                         HA 40b
Fidler Allen (8)                                          CG 465a
Fidler Delila (1)                                         CG 465a
Fidler Emily (18)                                         CG 465a
Fidler Henry (7)                                          CG 465a
Fidler Jane (40)                                          CG 465a
Fidler Lewis (10)                                         CG 465a
Fidler Marinda (20)                                       CG 465a
Fidler Polly (15)                                         CG 465a
Fidler Thomas (44)                                        CG 465a
Field Alexander (16)                                       HA 35b
Field Andrew (21)                                          HA 35b
Field Bernard (13)                                         HA 35b
Field Elizabeth (19)                                       HA 35b
Field George (1)                                           HA 35b
Field Jacob (12)                                           HA 35b
Field Martha (5)                                           HA 35b
Field Samuel (47)                                          HA 35b
Field Samuel (8)                                           HA 35b
Field Sarah (44)                                           HA 35b
Field Sarah (10)                                           HA 35b
Field Simon (18)                                           HA 35b
Fields Arindal (3)                                        FR 492b
Fields Bernard (38)                                       FR 492b
Fields Elizabeth (34)                                     FR 492b
Fields Eve (81)                                           FR 481a
Fields Harriet (5)                                        FR 492b
Fields Hiram (14)                                         FR 492b
Fields Jacob (10)                                         FR 479a
Fields Jacob (86)                                         FR 481a
Fields Leroy (10)                                         FR 491a
Fields Mary (12)                                          SB 528a
Fike Rebecca (22)                                         PR 432a
Filch Jane (23)                                           GL 494b
Fillmore Millard (7/12)                                    HA 33b
Fincent Mary (48)                                         CR 394b
Fincent Michael (51)                                      CR 394b
Finch Isaac (8)                                           GL 499a
Finch Thomas (6)                                          GL 499a
Fink J.N. (18)                                              WF 3a
Fink Loisa (11)                                             WF 3a
Fink Martha (48)                                            WF 3a
Fink Newman (16)                                            WF 3a
Fink Regina (15)                                            WF 3a
Fink Thomas (46)                                            WF 3a
Fink William (6)                                            WF 3a
Finley Bartley (51)                                       CG 459b
Finley Charity (20)                                       CG 459b
Finley Ellen (4/12)                                       NB 410b
Finley Ellenor (51)                                       CG 459b
Finley Gary (6)                                           CG 459b
Finley Hannah (19)                                        CG 459b
Finley Jane (12)                                          CG 459b
Finley Martha (14)                                        CG 459b
Finley Nancy R. (24)                                      NB 410b
Finley Rachel (16)                                        CG 459b
Finley Rhoda F. (1)                                       NB 410b
Finley Stephen H. (23)                                    NB 410b
Finley William (9)                                        CG 459b
Finnicle Adam (67)                                        NB 398a
Finnicle Adam (26)                                        NB 397b
Finnicle Andrew (20)                                      NB 398a
Finnicle Christian (52)                                   NB 398a
Finnicle Christina (23)                                   NB 397b
Finnicle Noah (13)                                        NB 398a
Finnicle William (15)                                     NB 398a
Firman Abigail (39)                                       CH 443a
Firman Benjamin (2)                                       CH 443a
Firman Benjamin (30)                                      CH 443a
Firman Charity (25)                                       CH 443a
Firman Elnathan (72)                                      CH 443a
Firman Mary (22)                                          CH 443a
Firman Mary (73)                                          CH 443a
Fish Abner (10)                                           CG 465a
Fish Albert (12)                                          CG 465a
Fish Amos (6)                                             CG 465a
Fish Catharine (6)                                        CG 465a
Fish Elizabeth (71)                                       CG 464b
Fish Henry (49)                                           CG 465a
Fish John (3)                                             CG 465a
Fish Joshua (11)                                          CG 464b
Fish Margaret (2)                                         CG 465a
Fish Martha (3)                                           CG 464b
Fish Mary (5)                                             CG 464b
Fish Mary (36)                                            CG 464b
Fish Mary (34)                                            CG 465a
Fish Nancy (6)                                            CG 464b
Fish Robert (16)                                          CG 465a
Fish Robert (46)                                          CG 464b
Fish Sarah (8)                                            CG 465a
Fish William (14)                                         CG 465a
Fishbuck Elenora (2)                                      GL 508a
Fishbuck Margaret (30)                                    GL 508a
Fishbuck William (28)                                     GL 508a
Fisher Absalom (43)                                       WA 360a
Fisher Ann (17)                                           CG 475a
Fisher Ann E. (25)                                        CR 391a
Fisher Carlin (2/12)                                      CG 475b
Fisher Caroline (1)                                       WA 360a
Fisher Caspar (42)                                        CG 475a
Fisher Casper (6)                                         CG 475b
Fisher Catharine (3)                                      CG 462a
Fisher Catharine (41)                                     CG 462a
Fisher Catharine (31)                                     CG 472a
Fisher Catharine (8)                                      CG 476a
Fisher Charity (33)                                       WA 360a
Fisher Charles (81)                                       PR 424a
Fisher Charles (9)                                        CG 472a
Fisher Charles (14)                                       CG 475a
Fisher Charles (1)                                        CG 476a
Fisher Charles (45)                                       CG 476a
Fisher Daniel (11/12)                                     CN 375b
Fisher Elias (8)                                          WA 360a
Fisher Elizabeth (15)                                     CG 472a
Fisher Elizabeth (41)                                     CG 475a
Fisher Elizabeth (15)                                     CG 475a
Fisher Elizabeth (3)                                      CG 476a
Fisher Eve (36)                                           CG 476a
Fisher Frederick (6)                                      CG 475a
Fisher George (7)                                         CG 462a
Fisher George (5)                                         CG 472a
Fisher George (43)                                        CG 472a
Fisher George (7)                                         CG 476a
Fisher Godfrey (40)                                       CN 375a
Fisher Hannah (79)                                        PR 424a
Fisher Hannah (11)                                        CN 375a
Fisher Henry (10)                                         CG 472a
Fisher Henry (3)                                          CG 475b
Fisher Isaac (17)                                         WA 360a
Fisher Issac (25)                                         GL 512a
Fisher Jacob (12)                                         CG 472a
Fisher Jacob (12)                                         CG 472a
Fisher Jacob (36)                                         CG 472a
Fisher Jacob (10)                                         CN 375a
Fisher John (6)                                           WA 360a
Fisher John (13)                                          CG 462a
Fisher John (13)                                          CH 443a
Fisher Joseph (50)                                        CG 462a
Fisher Joseph (9)                                         CG 462a
Fisher Louisa (3)                                         CG 472a
Fisher Malvina (23)                                       GL 512a
Fisher Margaret (38)                                      CG 472a
Fisher Margaret (35)                                      CN 375a
Fisher Mary (6)                                           CN 375a
Fisher Michael (10)                                       CG 475a
Fisher Philip (12)                                        CG 475a
Fisher Renulia (4)                                        WA 360a
Fisher William (7)                                        CG 472a
Fisk Albert A. (1)                                        CR 389a
Fisk Anson (21)                                           CR 389a
Fisk Cassius (25)                                          BE 45b
Fisk Mary (23)                                             BE 45b
Fisk Rachel (21)                                          CR 389a
Fisk Senoretta (6/12)                                      BE 45b
Fissel George (6)                                         TR 414b
FitzDommel Patrick (25)                                    WF 18a
Fitzracy Lawrence (40)                                    WA 355b
Fitzracy William (40)                                     WA 355b
Fla*y Mary (14)                                           CN 376a
Flack Abner (16)                                          TR 417b
Flack Amanda J. (20)                                      TR 417b
Flack George J. (14)                                      TR 417b
Flack Jacob (60)                                          TR 417b
Flack Mary (50)                                           TR 417b
Flack Sarah E. (10)                                       TR 417b
Flarharty Alice (3)                                       NB 398b
Flarharty Ann (18)                                        NB 398b
Flarharty Anthony F. (28)                                 NB 398b
Flarharty Betsy (15)                                      NB 398b
Flarharty Edward (40)                                     NB 398b
Flarharty Hugh (6)                                        NB 398b
Flarharty Patrick (20)                                    NB 398b
Flarharty Sarah (28)                                      NB 398b
Flatt James (6)                                            PU 67a
Flatt Jonathan (51)                                        PU 67a
Flatt Mary (40)                                            PU 67a
Fleming Addison (2)                                        PU 66a
Fleming Alexander (22)                                     PU 65a
Fleming Anna (52)                                          PU 65b
Fleming Anthony (26)                                       PU 65b
Fleming Arminda (3)                                        PU 65b
Fleming Benjamin (29)                                      PU 66a
Fleming Caroline (25)                                      PU 65a
Fleming Catharine (55)                                     PU 66a
Fleming Catharine (16)                                     PU 66a
Fleming David (15)                                         PU 66a
Fleming Elizabeth (11)                                     PU 66a
Fleming Ezra (25)                                          PU 65b
Fleming Hannah (25)                                        PU 65b
Fleming Hannah (25)                                        PU 66a
Fleming Henry (29)                                         PU 65a
Fleming James (48)                                         PU 67a
Fleming John (52)                                          PU 65b
Fleming John Jr (15)                                       PU 65b
Fleming Leroy (1)                                          PU 65b
Fleming Lydia (52)                                         PU 67a
Fleming Martha (13)                                        PU 66a
Fleming Sabiska (1/12)                                     PU 65a
Fleming Sanford (19)                                       PU 65b
Fleming Sarah (21)                                         PU 65a
Fleming Tabitha (4)                                        PU 66a
Fleming Thomas (11)                                        PU 65b
Fleming William (58)                                       PU 66a
Fleming William (16)                                       PU 66a
Fletcher James (28)                                       WA 350b
Flint Daniel (46)                                         WA 353a
Flint Henry A. (8)                                        WA 353a
Flint Mary (49)                                           WA 353a
Flint Siblel (5)                                          WA 353a
Flint Stephen (20)                                        WA 361a
Fluck Andrew J. (13)                                      NB 400b
Fluck Catharine (54)                                      NB 400b
Fluck John (11)                                           NB 400b
Fluck Philip (16)                                         NB 400b
Fluck Philip (62)                                         NB 400b
Fluck Polly (22)                                          NB 400b
Fluck Simon (19)                                          NB 400b
Fluckey Abigail (20)                                      CR 392a
Fluckey Adam (43)                                         CR 381b
Fluckey Amos (27)                                         CR 392a
Fluckey Catharine (14)                                    CR 385b
Fluckey Elizabeth (30)                                    CR 385a
Fluckey G. Washington (19)                                CR 381b
Fluckey George (33)                                       CR 385a
Fluckey Henry (12)                                        CR 385b
Fluckey Isaac (22)                                        CR 381b
Fluckey James A. (3)                                      CR 385a
Fluckey John H. (26)                                      CR 392a
Fluckey John (61)                                         CR 385b
Fluckey Joseph (10)                                       CR 382a
Fluckey Lavina (22)                                       CR 392a
Fluckey Malinda A. (5)                                    CR 385a
Fluckey Mallissa E. (9/12)                                CR 385a
Fluckey Margaret (17)                                     CR 381b
Fluckey Martha E. (6)                                     CR 382a
Fluckey Mary E. (1)                                       CR 392a
Fluckey Mary J. (12)                                      CR 382a
Fluckey Mary (42)                                         CR 381b
Fluckey Mary (22)                                         CR 385b
Fluckey Mary (57)                                         CR 385b
Fluckey Nancy (23)                                        CR 385b
Fluckey Rebecca (17)                                      CR 385b
Fluckey Sarah E. (13)                                     CR 382a
Fluckey Sarah J. (12)                                     CR 385a
Fluckey Stephen B. (9)                                    CR 385a
Fluckey William C. (7)                                    CR 385a
Fobes Adaline (12)                                         WF 11a
Fobes Henry (15)                                           WF 11a
Fobes Rebecca (54)                                         WF 11a
Fogle Ann (28)                                            CH 454a
Fogle Barbara (27)                                        NB 409b
Fogle Benjamin (28)                                       CH 454a
Fogle Casper (30)                                         NB 409b
Fogle Cecelia (1)                                         CH 454b
Fogle Charles (11)                                         HA 38a
Fogle Deborah (53)                                         HA 38a
Fogle Elizabeth (4)                                       NB 409b
Fogle George (65)                                         NB 409b
Fogle George (6)                                           HA 35b
Fogle Isaac (17)                                           HA 38a
Fogle Jesse (9)                                            HA 38a
Fogle John (9)                                             HA 35b
Fogle John (57)                                            HA 38a
Fogle John (23)                                            HA 38a
Fogle Margaret (2)                                        NB 409b
Fogle Margaret (60)                                       NB 409b
Fogle Martha (1)                                           HA 35b
Fogle Mary (8)                                             HA 35b
Fogle Mary (18)                                            HA 38a
Fogle Philip (8)                                          NB 409b
Fogle Philip (32)                                          HA 35b
Fogle Robert (14)                                          HA 38a
Fogle Sarah (32)                                           HA 35b
Fogle Thomas (30)                                         NB 409b
Fogle Washington (5)                                       HA 35b

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