Morrow 1850 census index (partial)
Morrow County 1850 Census Surname Index
Surname/Given Name/Age/Township Abbreviation/Sheet Number
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Douthill Duncan (37)                                      NB 403a
Douthill Fletcher (10)                                    NB 403a
Douthill John (6)                                         NB 403a
Douthill Joseph (8)                                       NB 403a
Douthill Mary A. (4)                                      NB 403a
Douthill Nanch (34)                                       NB 403a
Douthill William (12)                                     NB 403a
Dowd Alonzo (15)                                          FR 485b
Dowel Elizabeth (f)                                       CH 444a
Dowel John (7)                                            CH 444a
Dowel Moses (55)                                          CH 444a
Dowel Sarah (44)                                          CH 444a
Dowel Thomas (13)                                         CH 444a
Dowling John (21)                                         GL 502a
Dowling Levi (5)                                          GL 502a
Dowling Mahala (18)                                       GL 502a
Dowling Matilda (7)                                       GL 502a
Dowling Rachel (47)                                       GL 502a
Dowling William (49)                                      GL 502a
Dowling William (15)                                      GL 502a
Downs Alfred F. (10)                                      CN 372a
Downs Ann (1)                                             SB 528b
Downs Elie (14)                                           SB 528b
Downs George (3)                                          SB 528b
Downs Harriet (5)                                         SB 528b
Downs Nathan (40)                                         SB 528b
Downs Sarah (33)                                          SB 528b
Doye Mary (20)                                            NB 395b
Doyle Richard (30)                                        NB 398b
Drake Ira (29)                                            FR 487a
Drake Lewis (25)                                          FR 487a
Drake Phebe (58)                                          FR 487a
Drake Timothy (61)                                        FR 487a
Draper Andrew (17)                                        SB 516a
Draper Elizabeth (29)                                     SB 516a
Draper Hizekiah (7)                                       SB 516a
Draper Jacob (29)                                         SB 516a
Draper John (3)                                           SB 516a
Draper Marinda (9)                                        SB 516a
Draper Nelson (6/12)                                      SB 516a
Dudley Charles (33)                                        BE 55a
Dudley Charlotte (20)                                      BE 55a
Dudley Elizabeth (25)                                      BE 55b
Dudley Floyd (5)                                           BE 55a
Dudley Jane (23)                                           BE 55a
Dudley Julietta (29)                                       BE 55a
Dudley LaFayette (8)                                       BE 55a
Dudley Mitchell (6)                                        BE 55a
Dudley Pamelia (55)                                        BE 55a
Dudley Starr (29)                                          BE 55b
Duffee Ann (51)                                           SB 518a
Duffee James (45)                                         SB 518a
Duffee Jane (12)                                          SB 518a
Duffee Margaret (7)                                       SB 518a
Duffee Martha (9)                                         SB 518a
Duffee Mary (18)                                          SB 518a
Duksler Abigail (9)                                       SB 517b
Duksler Chauncy (36)                                      SB 517b
Duksler Daniel (3)                                        SB 517b
Duksler Eunice (40)                                       SB 517b
Duksler Fidelia (5)                                       SB 517b
Duksler Harriet (13)                                      SB 517b
Duley Eliza (6)                                           CN 369b
Duley Elizabeth (15)                                      CN 369b
Duley Hannah (32)                                         CN 369b
Duley Hannah (9)                                          CN 369b
Duley James F. (7)                                        CN 369b
Duley James (34)                                          CN 369b
Duley Malvina R. (4)                                      CN 369b
Duley Mary E. (11)                                        CN 369b
Duley Winfield L. (8)                                     CN 369b
Dumble Caroline (27)                                      GL 508b
Dumble Ephraim (16)                                       GL 510b
Dumble John (27)                                          GL 508b
Dumble Joseph (19)                                        GL 508b
Dumble Martha (40)                                        GL 508b
Dumble Mary (9/12)                                        GL 508b
Dumble Mary (18)                                          GL 509a
Dumble Samuel (13)                                        GL 508b
Dumble William (21)                                       GL 509a
Duncan Anna (35)                                          CR 384b
Duncan Frederick (11)                                     CR 384b
Duncan Jacob P. (7)                                       CR 384b
Duncan John (2)                                           CR 384b
Duncan Lydia A. (4)                                       CR 384b
Duncan Margaret (2)                                       CR 384b
Duncan Martha H. (7)                                      CR 391b
Duncan Mary J. (9)                                        CR 384b
Duncan Richard (12)                                       GL 503b
Duncan Robert (36)                                        CR 384b
Duncan Thomas (16)                                        CR 384b
Dunklebarger Benowell (25)                                CN 370b
Dunklebarger Daniel (22)                                  CN 370b
Dunklebarger George (10)                                  CN 370b
Dunklebarger Henry (57)                                   CN 370a
Dunklebarger Joel (13)                                    CN 370b
Dunklebarger Leah (51)                                    CN 370a
Dunklebarger Matilda (8)                                  CN 370b
Dunlap Cornelia (4)                                       WA 357b
Dunlap Elias (25)                                         CN 370a
Dunlap George P. (1/12)                                   CN 370a
Dunlap James D. (7)                                       WA 357b
Dunlap James (48)                                         WA 357b
Dunlap John F. (34)                                       WA 351a
Dunlap John F. (69)                                       CN 369b
Dunlap John M. (15)                                       WA 357b
Dunlap John F. N. (2)                                     CN 370a
Dunlap Margaret (22)                                      CN 370a
Dunlap Mary (33)                                          WA 351a
Dunlap Nancy (45)                                         WA 357b
Dunlap Rebecca (65)                                       CN 369b
Dunlap Ruth A. (22)                                       WA 357b
Dunlap William (19)                                       WA 357b
Dunn Aaron (2)                                            SB 518a
Dunn Andrew (26)                                          GL 512b
Dunn Caroline (11)                                        FR 484b
Dunn David (8)                                            SB 518a
Dunn Elisha (28)                                          FR 484b
Dunn Elizabeth (75)                                       WA 356a
Dunn George (68)                                          GL 498b
Dunn Hannah (26)                                          FR 484b
Dunn Hiram (28)                                           WA 351b
Dunn Hiram (15)                                           SB 518a
Dunn Jacob (46)                                           SB 518a
Dunn Jane (53)                                            FR 484b
Dunn Martha (21)                                          SB 518a
Dunn Mary (24)                                            SB 518a
Dunn Moses (18)                                           SB 518a
Dunn Peter (34)                                           GL 498b
Dunn Rebecca (28)                                         WA 351b
Dunn Sarah (65)                                           GL 498b
Dunn Sarah (18)                                           FR 484b
Dunn William (38)                                         GL 498b
Dunshee Isabel (24)                                       CG 457b
Dunshee John Y (25)                                       CG 457b
Durkee Lucy (15)                                            WF 7a
Durkee Schyler (49)                                         WF 6b
Durkee Vine (28)                                           WF 17b
Dustin David (55)                                          PU 65a
Dustin Hannah (56)                                         PU 65a
Duston Adelia (8)                                         SB 516a
Duston David (13)                                         SB 516a
Duston George (1)                                         SB 519b
Duston John (25)                                          SB 519b
Duston Lydia (47)                                         SB 516a
Duston Mary (10)                                          SB 516a
Duston Osgood (60)                                        SB 516a
Duston Sarah (23)                                         SB 519b
Dye Aaron (14)                                            NB 406a
Dye Abram (5/12)                                          NB 406a
Dye Abram (48)                                            NB 406a
Dye Andrew (27)                                           CG 462a
Dye Andrew (63)                                           CG 474b
Dye Anna (22)                                             NB 406a
Dye Charles (9/12)                                        CG 462a
Dye Daniel (74)                                           TR 419a
Dye Daniel (4)                                            NB 399a
Dye Daniel L. (25)                                        NB 400a
Dye Elizabeth (1)                                         NB 399a
Dye Elizabeth (16)                                        NB 406a
Dye Enoch (45)                                            NB 399a
Dye Enoch (14)                                            NB 399a
Dye Enoch (22)                                            NB 406a
Dye Isaac (19)                                            NB 400a
Dye James (23)                                            NB 400a
Dye Jane (70)                                             TR 419a
Dye Jane (18)                                             NB 400a
Dye John (20)                                             NB 406a
Dye John (1)                                              CG 462a
Dye Lucretia (67)                                         CG 474b
Dye Mary (10)                                             NB 406a
Dye nancy (52)                                            NB 400a
Dye Peirson (26)                                          CG 462a
Dye Rachel (23)                                           CG 462a
Dye Rebecca (3)                                           NB 406a
Dye Rebecca (26)                                          NB 406a
Dye Rebecca (10)                                          CG 474b
Dye Sarah M. (6)                                          NB 406a
Dye Sarah (31)                                            NB 399a
Dye Sarah (43)                                            NB 406a
Dye Sarah (21)                                            CG 462a
Dye Thomas O. (21)                                        NB 400a
Dye Thomas (3)                                            NB 399a
Dye Valariah (12)                                         NB 406a
Dye Vincent (14)                                          NB 400a
Dye Vincent (51)                                          NB 400a
E*rt James (14)                                            BE 50b
E*rt Mary (7)                                              BE 50b
E*rt Matthew (12)                                          BE 50b
E*rt Nancy (10)                                            BE 50b
E*rt Robert (8)                                            BE 50b
E*rt Robison (5)                                           BE 50b
E*rt Sarah (37)                                            BE 50b
E*rt Thomas (45)                                           BE 50b
Eager Benjamin (9)                                        FR 493b
Eager James (6)                                           FR 493b
Eager Margaret (13)                                       FR 493b
Eager Mary (21)                                           FR 493b
Eager Nancy (45)                                          FR 493b
Eager Stephen (17)                                        FR 493b
Earhart William (10)                                      NB 412b
Earl Aaron (50)                                            BE 46b
Earl Abraham K. (46)                                      CR 393b
Earl Benj (25)                                             BE 46b
Earl Caleb (23)                                           CR 393b
Earl Diantha (20)                                          PU 61b
Earl Dorcas (20)                                           BE 46b
Earl Franklin (27)                                         BE 46b
Earl Hannah (45)                                           BE 46b
Earl Harmon (41)                                           PU 61b
Earl Leman (10)                                            PU 61b
Earl Loisa (23)                                            BE 46b
Earl Margaret R. (45)                                     CR 388a
Earl Mary A. (25)                                         CR 393b
Earl Nathaniel (18)                                        BE 46b
Earl Orpha (41)                                            PU 61b
Earl Phebe (20)                                            BE 46b
Earl Rebecca (46)                                         CR 393b
Earl Roana (14)                                            PU 61b
Earl Vashti A. (1/12)                                     CR 393b
Earl William (24)                                         CR 388a
Earl Zeno (4)                                              BE 46b
Early Elizabeth (3)                                        HA 31a
Early George (6)                                           HA 31a
Early Ira (1)                                              HA 31a
Early James (2)                                           GL 511a
Early John (28)                                           GL 511a
Early Lorinda (26)                                         HA 31a
Early Lucy (27)                                           GL 511a
Early Martha (3)                                          GL 511a
Early Sanford (4)                                          HA 31a
Early Thomas (25)                                          HA 31a
Earnest George (30)                                       GL 499b
Earnest Levi (3)                                          GL 499b
Earnest Maria (21)                                        GL 499b
Earnest Mary (4)                                          GL 499b
Earnest Susan (6)                                         GL 499b
Easterday Ann M (52)                                      CH 444a
Easterday Arminda (5)                                     CR 380a
Easterday Catharine (9)                                   CH 444a
Easterday Catharine (8)                                   CN 365a
Easterday Clarinda (1)                                    CR 380a
Easterday Conrad (46)                                     SB 522a
Easterday Daniel (5)                                      SB 522a
Easterday Elizaabeth (25)                                 CH 444a
Easterday Elizabeth (7)                                   CN 365a
Easterday George (87)                                     CH 444a
Easterday George (49)                                     CH 444a
Easterday George (28)                                     CR 380a
Easterday George W (23)                                   CH 444a
Easterday Hannah (34)                                     SB 522a
Easterday Hannah (58)                                     CR 380a
Easterday Jacob (58)                                      CR 380a
Easterday Jacob (21)                                      CR 380a
Easterday Jacob (3)                                       CN 365a
Easterday John (1)                                        SB 522a
Easterday John (25)                                       CH 444a
Easterday Joseph (12)                                     SB 522a
Easterday Joseph (1)                                      CN 365a
Easterday Lavina (26)                                     CN 365a
Easterday Lucinda (18)                                    CH 444a
Easterday Rebecca (25)                                    CR 380a
Easterday Rosanna (19)                                    CR 380a
Easterday Simon (8)                                       SB 522a
Easterday Susan (14)                                      CR 380a
Easterday Susan (15)                                      CR 380a
Easterday Sylvester (5)                                   CH 444a
Easterday Valentin (33)                                   CN 365a
Easterday William (6)                                     SB 522a
Easterday William (16)                                    CH 444a
Easterday William (3)                                     CR 380a
Eaton Adolphus (6)                                        SB 531b
Eaton Charles (35)                                        SB 531b
Eaton Cordelia (14)                                        PU 66a
Eaton Elizabeth (27)                                      SB 531b
Eaton Fernando (20)                                        PU 66a
Eaton John (5)                                             HA 40a
Eaton Joseph (51)                                          PU 66a
Eaton Oscar (9)                                           SB 531b
Eaton Sarah (3/12)                                        SB 531b
Eaton Ursula (47)                                          PU 66a
Eccles Allen (71)                                         GL 497b
Eccles Allen (14)                                         GL 496a
Eccles Allen (22)                                         GL 497b
Eccles Andrew (16)                                        GL 496a
Eccles Annis (8)                                          GL 496a
Eccles Elizabeth (11)                                     GL 497b
Eccles George (2)                                         GL 497b
Eccles Hannah (14)                                        GL 497b
Eccles Joseph (6)                                         GL 497b
Eccles Mary (19)                                          GL 497b
Eccles Mary (17)                                          GL 496a
Eccles Mary (44)                                          GL 496a
Eccles Minerva (44)                                       GL 497b
Eccles Samuel (44)                                        GL 496a
Eccles Sary (20)                                          GL 496a
Eccles Simon (16)                                         GL 497b
Eccles Susanna (10)                                       GL 496a
Eccles William (9)                                        GL 497b
Eckler Sarah (32)                                         NB 406b
Eckler William (34)                                       NB 406b
Edgell Catharine (14)                                      HA 36b
Edgell Christian (8)                                       HA 36b
Edgell Frederick (18)                                      HA 36b
Edgell Mary (12)                                           HA 36b
Edgell Susannah (48)                                       HA 36b
Edgell Thomas (40)                                         HA 36b
Edgen Alfred (5)                                           LN 22a
Edgen Masselus ()                                          LN 22a
Edgen Masselus (44)                                        LN 22a
Edgen Nancy (37)                                           LN 22a
Edgen Rogert (12)                                          LN 22a
Edgen Rosannah (17)                                        LN 22a
Edgen Sally (9)                                            LN 22a
Edgington Benton (13)                                     NB 407b
Edington Mary (15)                                        GL 511b
Edwards Areann (22)                                        HA 31a
Edwards Caroline (16)                                     GL 497b
Edwards Catharine (42)                                    TR 414a
Edwards Elias (37)                                        NB 412a
Edwards Elizabeth (16)                                    NB 412a
Edwards Ephraim (1)                                       NB 412a
Edwards Harmon (13)                                       NB 412b
Edwards Hester (7)                                        NB 412b
Edwards Hiram (16)                                        NB 412b
Edwards James (4/12)                                       HA 31a
Edwards James (17)                                        NB 412b
Edwards Jemima (41)                                       NB 412b
Edwards jeremiah (10)                                     NB 412a
Edwards Jesse (48)                                        TR 414a
Edwards Joanah (8)                                        NB 412a
Edwards John (75)                                         TR 414a
Edwards John (49)                                         FR 482b
Edwards John W (18)                                       FR 482b
Edwards Joseph (15)                                       NB 412a
Edwards Lavina (2)                                        NB 412b
Edwards Louisa (6)                                        NB 412a
Edwards Lydia (11)                                        NB 412b
Edwards Margaret (38)                                     NB 412a
Edwards Margaret (20)                                     FR 482b
Edwards Mary E (17)                                       FR 482b
Edwards Mary (47)                                         FR 482b
Edwards Rachel (15)                                       GL 501a
Edwards Rebecca (13)                                      NB 412a
Edwards Samuel (34)                                        HA 31a
Edwards Sarah J (9)                                       FR 482b
Edwards Sarah (4)                                         NB 412a
Edwards William (50)                                      NB 412b
Edwards William (49)                                      FR 482b
Eichhorn Adam (30)                                        NB 399b
Eichhorn Daniel (26)                                      NB 399b
Eichhorn Margaret (24)                                    NB 399b
Eichhorn Margaret (22)                                    NB 399b
Eichhorn Philis (2)                                       NB 399b
Eichhorn Phillip (2)                                      NB 399b
Ela Isaac (21)                                            GL 513b
Ela Jacob (21)                                            GL 514a
Elder Abigail (43)                                        NB 397b
Elder Abner (14)                                          WA 353a
Elder Albert (2)                                          NB 397b
Elder Amanda (14)                                         NB 397b
Elder David (7)                                           NB 397b
Elder Elizabeth (11)                                      NB 397b
Elder George (38)                                         NB 397b
Elder Harrison (12)                                       NB 397b
Elder Jeremiah (5)                                        NB 397b
Elder John (7)                                            NB 397b
Elder Josiah (5)                                          NB 397b
Elder Levi M. (11)                                        NB 397b
Elder Louisa (10)                                         NB 397b
Elder Lydia A. (3)                                        NB 397b
Elder Martin (9)                                          NB 397b
Elder mary A. (33)                                        NB 397b
Elder Plato F. (9)                                        NB 397b
Elder Samuel (36)                                         NB 397b
Eldridge Beers (12)                                       FR 490a
Eldridge Casiah (16)                                      FR 490a
Eldridge Judson (19)                                      FR 490a
Eldridge Lovina (6)                                       FR 490a
Eldridge Martha (14)                                      FR 490a
Eldridge Mary (10)                                        FR 490a
Eley Elizabeth (48)                                       CR 388b
Eley Peter (63)                                           CR 388b
Elizabaeth 61 (f)                                         SB 517a
Elizabaeth Mahala (24)                                    SB 517a
Elizabeth Catharine (19)                                  CR 392b
Elizabeth Lydia R. (6/12)                                 CR 392b
Elizabeth Martha J. (7)                                   CR 392b
Elizabeth Mary L. (10)                                    CR 392b
Elizabeth Robert (15)                                     CR 392b
Elkins Henry (36)                                          HA 33b
Elliott Adalina J. (30)                                   WA 353a
Elliott Alexander (19)                                    GL 508b
Elliott Alfred O. (1)                                     WA 353a
Elliott Alva (12)                                         CN 377a
Elliott Andrew (46)                                       CN 377a
Elliott Asa (14)                                          GL 506b
Elliott Charles (29)                                      WA 353a
Elliott Demat (13)                                        WA 362b
Elliott Eliza (39)                                        GL 506b
Elliott Elizabeth (10)                                    GL 506b
Elliott Ellen (16)                                        GL 508b
Elliott Franklin (14)                                     WA 362b
Elliott George (29)                                        HA 41a
Elliott George (20)                                       CN 377a
Elliott Harriet A. (4)                                    WA 353a
Elliott Harriet (6)                                       CN 377a
Elliott Howard (14)                                       CN 377a
Elliott Hugh B. (3)                                       WA 353a
Elliott Hugh (57)                                         WA 362b
Elliott Hugh (5)                                          NB 396a
Elliott Israel (12)                                       GL 506b
Elliott James (5/12)                                       HA 41a
Elliott Jane (2)                                          NB 396a
Elliott John (1/12)                                       CN 377a
Elliott John (28)                                         NB 396a
Elliott John (2)                                          GL 506b
Elliott Kesiah (16)                                       CN 377a
Elliott Lucretia (4)                                      NB 396a
Elliott Lydia (18)                                        WA 362b
Elliott Martha (16)                                       WA 362b
Elliott Mary (25)                                          HA 41a
Elliott Mary (8)                                          GL 506b
Elliott Nathan (5)                                        GL 506b
Elliott Rachel (53)                                       WA 362b
Elliott Rebecca (36)                                      CN 377a
Elliott Robert (42)                                       GL 506b
Elliott Sarah (27)                                        NB 396a
Elliott WA (20)                                           WA 362b
Elliott Warren (7/12)                                     NB 396a
Ellis Catharine (57)                                      CH 448b
Ellis Cordelia C. (27)                                    CH 448b
Ellis Hellen (20)                                         CH 448b
Ellis Letitia (16)                                          WF 4b
Ellis Nathan (23)                                         CH 448b
Ellis Phebe (19)                                          CH 448b
Ellis Ransom (2)                                          CH 448b
Ellis William O. (25)                                     CH 448b
Ellis Zeinglius B. (20)                                   CH 448b
Elsworth Amy (28)                                         CH 451b
Elsworth Dianna O. (19)                                   CH 451b
Elsworth Hanibal (18)                                      CH 451
Elsworth Harry (1/12)                                     CH 451b
Elsworth Joseph (41)                                      CH 451b
Elsworth Marcellus (3)                                    CH 451b
Elsworth Oliver (13)                                      CH 451b
Elsworth Thomas J. (8)                                    CH 451b
Elwell William (30)                                       CR 392b
Ely Abraham (16)                                          CG 474a
Ely Barbara (11)                                          NB 407a
Ely Brilla (12)                                           CG 467a
Ely Catharine (5/12)                                      CH 437a
Ely Catharine (42)                                        NB 407a
Ely Charles (9)                                           CG 467a
Ely Christina (14)                                        NB 406b
Ely David (1)                                             NB 407a
Ely Eilliam (18)                                          NB 406b
Ely Elizabeth (16)                                        NB 406b
Ely Elizabeth (6)                                         NB 407a
Ely Elizabeth (13)                                        CH 437b
Ely Elizabeth (14)                                        CG 474a
Ely Esrah (10)                                            CH 437a
Ely Harriet (32)                                          CH 436b
Ely Henry (8)                                             NB 407a
Ely Jacob (38)                                            CH 437b
Ely Jacob (7)                                             CG 474a
Ely James M. (9)                                          CH 438a
Ely John (76)                                             NB 407a
Ely John (15)                                             NB 407a
Ely John (7)                                              NB 406b
Ely John (19)                                             CG 467a
Ely Joseph (17)                                           CH 436b
Ely Lydia (48)                                            CG 474a
Ely Margaret (21)                                         CG 474a
Ely Maria (34)                                            CH 437b
Ely Mary E. (2)                                           CH 438a
Ely Mary (21)                                             NB 407a
Ely Mary (12)                                             NB 406b
Ely Mary (23)                                             CG 467a
Ely Mary (46)                                             CG 467a
Ely Mary (6)                                              CH 437a
Ely Michael (46)                                          NB 407a
Ely Noah (2)                                              NB 406b
Ely Obediah (49)                                          CG 467a
Ely Peter (41)                                            NB 406b
Ely Robert (45)                                           CH 436b
Ely Rosanna (14)                                          NB 407a
Ely Rosannah (18)                                         CG 474a
Ely Rosannah (17)                                         CH 455a
Ely Sarah A. (33)                                         NB 406b
Ely Sarah J. (1)                                          NB 406b
Ely Sarah (5)                                             CG 467a
Ely Sarah (11)                                            CG 474a
Ely Thomas (17)                                           CG 467a
Ely William (3)                                           NB 407a
Emmens Albert (17)                                        SB 519a
Emmens Jesse (10)                                         SB 519a
Emmi Catharine (21)                                       CH 456a
Emmick Catharine (26)                                     GL 510b
Emmick Elizabeth (53)                                     CG 458b
Emmick Henry (15)                                         CG 458b
Emmick John (13)                                          CG 458b
Emmick Mary (17)                                          CG 458b
Emmick Rachel (23)                                        CG 458b
Emorhyser Jacob (20)                                      PR 435b
Emorhyser Levi (6)                                        PR 435b
Emory Caroline (27)                                        LN 22b
Emory Homer (3)                                            LN 22b
Emory Homer (30)                                           LN 22b
Emory Mary (62)                                            LN 22b
Emory Mary (27)                                            LN 22b
Emory Nancy (2)                                            LN 22b
Emory S.L. (34)                                            LN 22b
Emory Samuel (64)                                          LN 22b
Emory Sylvanus (10)                                        HA 32b
Emory William (8)                                          LN 22b
England Ann (25)                                          CR 380b
England Austin (1)                                        CR 380b
England Eban (30)                                         CR 380b
England Elisha (3)                                        CR 380b
England Grace A. (5)                                      CR 380b
England James J. (40)                                     CR 380b
England Jesse (11)                                        CR 380b
England John (17)                                         CR 380b
England Martha (10)                                       CR 380b
England Mary C. (6)                                       CR 380b
England Permelia (16)                                     CR 380b
England Sarah (35)                                        CR 380b
Engle Adam (14)                                           CG 472b
Engle Barbara (54)                                        CG 472a
Engle Catharine (12)                                      CG 472b
Engle Esra (19)                                           CG 472a
Engle Jesse (17)                                          CG 472a
Engle John (10)                                           CG 472b
Engle Peter (61)                                          CG 472a
English Samuel (23)                                       PR 434a
Enixlige Felix (50)                                       CR 383a
Enoch David (13)                                          WA 356a
Enoch Elizabeth (12)                                      WA 356a
Enoch Emeline (6)                                         WA 356b
Enoch Henry (2)                                           WA 356b
Enoch John (10)                                           WA 356a
Enoch Kiziah (4)                                          WA 356b
Enoch Sarah (32)                                          WA 356a
Enoch Sarah (8)                                           WA 356b
Enos Alexander (77)                                       TR 417b
Enos Harriet (9)                                          TR 417b
Enos Jane G. (40)                                         TR 417b
Enos Mary J. (7)                                          TR 417b

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