Morrow 1850 census index (partial)
Morrow County 1850 Census Surname Index
Surname/Given Name/Age/Township Abbreviation/Sheet Number
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Davison Ann (7)                                            PU 59a
Davison Ann (39)                                           PU 59a
Davison Henry (47)                                         PU 59a
Davison Henry (12)                                         PU 59a
Davison Minerva (1)                                        PU 59a
Davison Samuel (19)                                        PU 59a
Davison Sidney (16)                                       CR 378b
Dawson Charlotte (14)                                     GL 504a
Dawson John (23)                                          GL 503b
Dawson Mary (17)                                          GL 504a
Dawson McNulty (5)                                        GL 504a
Dawson Ruth (21)                                          GL 504a
Dawson Sarah (48)                                         GL 503b
Dawson Sarah (10)                                         GL 504a
Day Henry C. (35)                                         TR 418b
Day John W. (5)                                           TR 418b
Day Mary (26)                                             TR 418b
Day Nancy J. (3)                                          TR 418b
Day Rachel C. (3/12)                                      TR 418b
Day Sarah (32)                                            TR 419a
Day William H. (33)                                       TR 419a
Dayne Addison (7)                                          PU 64a
Dayne Frederick (18)                                       PU 64a
Dayne Isaac (11)                                           PU 64a
Dayne James (4)                                            PU 64a
Dayne Jane (44)                                            PU 64a
Dayne John (53)                                            PU 64a
Dayne John (13)                                            PU 64a
Dayne William (15)                                         PU 64a
Dean Charles H. (11)                                      CR 387a
Dean Elizabeth J. (17)                                    CN 366a
Dean Hannah (34)                                          CR 387a
Dean Hannah (26)                                          CN 377a
Dean Martha (2)                                           CR 387a
Dean Mary A. (8)                                          CR 387a
Dean Rebecca B. (4)                                       CR 387a
Dean Rhoda (4/12)                                         CN 377a
Dean William (41)                                         CR 387a
Dean William (27)                                         CN 377a
Deardorf Catharina (37)                                   CN 368b
Deardorf Jana (12)                                        CN 368b
Deardorf John (9)                                         CN 368b
Deardorf Thomas (6)                                       CN 369a
Deardorff Eli (8)                                          HA 34a
Deardorff Isaac (51)                                       HA 34a
Deardorff Mary (11)                                        HA 34a
Deardorff Melissa (7)                                      HA 34a
Deardorff Susan (42)                                       HA 34a
Deardorff Thomas (5)                                       HA 34a
Deardorff William (2)                                      HA 34a
Dearholt Henry (8)                                         WF 11a
Dearholt John (38)                                         WF 11a
Dearholt Lucinda (28)                                      WF 11a
Dearholt MiI. (12)                                         WF 11a
Dearholt Nancy (1)                                         WF 11a
Dearholt Sylvester (6)                                     WF 11a
Dearholt Temperance (3)                                    WF 11a
Deaver Elizabeth (23)                                     CH 452b
Deavon Joseph (26)                                        SB 532b
Deavon Nancy (24)                                         SB 532b
Deavon Orlin (1)                                          SB 532b
Deavon Orrinne (2)                                        SB 532b
DeCamp Almina (25)                                        CH 451b
DeCamp Anna (26)                                          CH 438b
DeCamp Deborah (58)                                       CH 440b
DeCamp Deborah (18)                                       CH 440b
DeCamp Elizabeth (20)                                     CH 440b
DeCamp Gilbert (4)                                        CH 451b
DeCamp Jasper N. (2)                                      CH 438b
DeCamp John (59)                                          CH 440b
DeCamp Lamestica (2)                                      CH 451b
DeCamp Moses (33)                                         CH 451b
DeCamp Samuel (23)                                        CH 440b
DeCamp Simon (26)                                         CH 438b
Decker Aaron (8)                                          TR 418a
Decker Abram (5)                                          CH 443b
Decker Angeline (2)                                       TR 418a
Decker Caroline (12)                                      CH 443b
Decker Eliza (21)                                          BE 56b
Decker Elizabeth A. (17)                                  TR 418a
Decker Elizabeth (16)                                     CH 443b
Decker Harriet (19)                                       CH 443b
Decker James A. (40)                                      TR 418a
Decker James (6)                                          TR 418a
Decker John (26)                                           BE 56b
Decker Joseph (50)                                        CH 443b
Decker Margaret J. (38)                                   TR 418a
Decker Mary (49)                                          CH 443b
Decker Mathias (4)                                        TR 418a
Decker Minerva (12)                                       TR 418a
Decker Samuel (6/12)                                       BE 56b
Decker Warner (10)                                        TR 418a
Decker William (14)                                       TR 418a
Degood Catherine (2)                                      SB 525a
Degood Hannah (32)                                        SB 525a
Degood James (5)                                          SB 525a
Degood John (30)                                          SB 525a
Degood Lovina (7)                                         SB 525a
Degood Sarah (18)                                         SB 525a
Dehority Jane (20)                                        SB 525b
Dehority Martha (1)                                       SB 530a
Dehority Olive (22)                                       SB 530a
Dehority Sarah (77)                                       SB 530a
Dehority William (35)                                     SB 530a
Delford Maria (15)                                        GL 510b
Denham Benjamin (18)                                      FR 477a
Denham Benjamin (53)                                      FR 477a
Denham Butler (21)                                        FR 477a
Denham Eliza (16)                                         FR 477a
Denham Ephoam (26)                                        FR 477a
Denham Jacob (16)                                         FR 477a
Denham James (24)                                         FR 477a
Denham Jane (49)                                          FR 477a
Denham Mary (9)                                           FR 477a
Denham Rachel (14)                                        FR 477a
Denman Ann M. (29)                                        CH 440b
Denman Buller (32)                                        FR 491b
Denman Elizabeth (69)                                     FR 491b
Denman Harriet (29)                                        BE 47a
Denman J. L. (35)                                         CH 440b
Denman James (4)                                          FR 491b
Denman Jane (19)                                          CH 447b
Denman John (9)                                           FR 484b
Denman John (2)                                           FR 492a
Denman John (29)                                          CH 447b
Denman Jonathan (78)                                      FR 491b
Denman Joseph (5)                                         CH 440b
Denman Joseph (73)                                        CH 445a
Denman Lusanna M. (12)                                    CH 440b
Denman Mary (67)                                          CH 445a
Denman Nancy L. (2)                                       CH 440b
Denman Ruth (25)                                          FR 491b
Denman Sanford (8)                                         BE 47a
Denman Terrese (38)                                       FR 484b
Denman William B. (3)                                     CH 447b
Denman William (41)                                       FR 484b
Denman William (2)                                         BE 47a
Dennis Catharine (67)                                     PR 427a
Dennis Ebah (24)                                          PR 427a
Dennis Eliza J. (21)                                      PR 427a
Dennis Emanuel (31)                                       PR 435a
Dennis George W. (1)                                      PR 427a
Dennis Lydia Ann (32)                                     PR 427a
Dennis mary J. (4)                                        PR 427a
Dennis Rachel (28)                                        PR 435a
Dennis Samuel (63)                                        PR 427a
Dennis Urias (33)                                         PR 427a
Dense H.W. (40)                                             WF 9a
Denys Antima (5)                                            WF 4a
Denys Edward (37)                                           WF 4a
Denys Emaline (7)                                           WF 4a
Denys Henrietta (2)                                         WF 4a
Denys Rosetta (28)                                          WF 4a
Depord Eve (39)                                           SB 520b
Depord Margaret (10)                                      SB 520b
Depord Mary Ann (26)                                      SB 520b
Depord Richard (56)                                       SB 520b
Depord Samuel (16)                                        SB 520b
Depord Sarah (18)                                         SB 520b
Depord Thomas (7)                                         SB 520b
Derfree Elizabeth (46)                                    CH 445a
Derfree Elizabeth (5)                                     CH 445a
Derfree Isaac (17)                                        CH 445a
Derfree Lovina (20)                                       CH 445a
Derfree Phebe (15)                                        CH 445a
Derfree Samuel (49)                                       CH 445a
Derr Calvin (1)                                           FR 492b
Derr George (41)                                          FR 492b
Derr John (14)                                            FR 492b
Derr Mary (2)                                             FR 492b
Derr Rebecca (38)                                         FR 492b
Derr Sarah (20)                                           FR 492b
Derr Susannah (17)                                        FR 492b
Derr William (11)                                         FR 492b
Devol Henrietta S. (9)                                    NB 409a
Devol Lucetta M. (9)                                      NB 409a
Devolt Elinora (12)                                       GL 506a
Devolt Elizabeth (56)                                     GL 506a
Devolt Hester (36)                                        GL 507b
Devolt Joseph (60)                                        GL 506a
Devolt Mary (3)                                           GL 506a
Devolt Oscar (7)                                          GL 507b
Devolt William (35)                                       GL 507b
Devore Adam (11)                                           LN 27a
Devore Alanda (6)                                          LN 27a
Devore Andrew (6)                                         GL 495a
Devore Ann E. (3)                                         CR 389a
Devore Catharine (65)                                     CR 389a
Devore Catharine (65)                                     CR 392b
Devore Daniel (30)                                        CR 390a
Devore Delavan (2)                                        CR 389a
Devore Elie (30)                                          CR 389a
Devore Eliza (30)                                         CG 459a
Devore Elizabeth (36)                                      LN 26b
Devore Elizabeth (30)                                     GL 495a
Devore Esther A. (26)                                     CR 389a
Devore Fernandes A. (3/12)                                CR 390a
Devore Franklin (2)                                       CR 390a
Devore George (8)                                         GL 495a
Devore harriet (22)                                       CR 390a
Devore Harriet (29)                                       CR 389a
Devore Henry (2/12)                                        LN 27a
Devore Henry (41)                                          LN 26b
Devore Jacob (13)                                          LN 26b
Devore Jacob (29)                                         GL 495a
Devore Jacob (27)                                         CR 389a
Devore Jane (14)                                           LN 26b
Devore John (7)                                            LN 27a
Devore Mary (3)                                            LN 27a
Devore Nancy (5)                                          GL 495a
Devore Nancy (19)                                         GL 503a
Devore Samuel (28)                                        CG 459a
Devore Sanford W. (7)                                     CR 389a
Devore Stephen H. (18)                                    CR 392b
Devott Elizabeth (3)                                      GL 505a
Devott George (1)                                         GL 505a
Devott Jacob (32)                                         GL 505a
Devott Mary (35)                                          GL 505a
Devott William (5)                                        GL 505a
Dewey Amanda J. (6)                                       NB 396a
Dewey Azasiah (53)                                        NB 396a
Dewey Dama (48)                                           NB 396a
Dewey David (17)                                          NB 396a
Dewey Judith (13)                                         NB 396a
Dewey Mary H. (21)                                        NB 396a
Dewey Nelson (10)                                         NB 396a
Dewire Dennis (22)                                         WF 10a
Dewitt August (4)                                         CH 454a
Dewitt Aurelia (6)                                        CH 437b
Dewitt David (12)                                         GL 503b
Dewitt Elizabeth (28)                                     GL 503b
Dewitt Elizabeth (26)                                     GL 503b
Dewitt Harriet (26)                                       SB 527a
Dewitt Harriet (1)                                        CH 440a
Dewitt Henry (43)                                         CH 453b
Dewitt Himena (9)                                         CH 437b
Dewitt Ira (35)                                           GL 503b
Dewitt Isaac G. (7)                                       CR 378b
Dewitt Isaac (7)                                          GL 503b
Dewitt Isaac S. N. (6)                                    CH 437b
Dewitt John D (14)                                        CR 378b
Dewitt Joseph (38)                                        CH 437b
Dewitt Joseph (8)                                         CH 454a
Dewitt Joseph M. (21)                                     CR 378b
Dewitt Lana (57)                                          GL 503b
Dewitt Laura (34)                                         GL 504a
Dewitt Lavinia (44)                                       CR 378b
Dewitt Lavor (17)                                         CR 378b
Dewitt Levi (23)                                          CH 440a
Dewitt Lewis (32)                                         SB 527a
Dewitt Mary A. (22)                                       CH 440a
Dewitt Mary A. (19)                                       CR 378b
Dewitt Mary Jane (14)                                     CH 454a
Dewitt Mary (4)                                           GL 504a
Dewitt Orrison (5/12)                                     CR 378b
Dewitt Peter (45)                                         CR 378b
Dewitt Phebe (10)                                         GL 504a
Dewitt Phebe (29)                                         CH 437b
Dewitt Richard (23)                                       GL 503b
Dewitt Richard (36)                                       GL 504a
Dewitt Sarah (12)                                         CH 454a
Dewitt Sarah (43)                                         CH 453b
Dewitt Thomas (17)                                        CR 378b
Dewitt Tymanus (15)                                       GL 503b
Dewitt William (3)                                        SB 527a
Dewitt William (18)                                       CH 453b
DeWitt Aaron (4)                                          CH 439b
DeWitt Abram (16)                                         SB 518b
DeWitt Allison (3/12)                                     CH 439b
DeWitt Amos (47)                                          SB 518b
DeWitt Charles (6)                                        SB 518b
DeWitt Charles (20)                                       CH 439b
DeWitt Hiram (23)                                         SB 518b
DeWitt Jane (33)                                          CH 439b
DeWitt John (18)                                          SB 518b
DeWitt John (68)                                          CH 439b
DeWitt John (40)                                          CH 439b
DeWitt Maria (11)                                         SB 518b
DeWitt Martha (19)                                        SB 518b
DeWitt Mary (67)                                          CH 439b
DeWitt Mason (14)                                         SB 518b
DeWitt Milton M. (5)                                      CH 439b
DeWitt Rachel (47)                                        SB 518b
Di* Achsah (50)                                           TR 417a
Di* William (47)                                          TR 417a
Diams Franklin (17)                                       CG 457b
Diams Lydia (4)                                           CG 457b
Diams Martha (12)                                         CG 457b
Diams Mary (45)                                           CG 457b
Diams Mary (10)                                           CG 457b
Diams Matilda (22)                                        CG 457b
Diams Nancy (19)                                          CG 457b
Diams Samuel (13)                                         CG 457b
Diams Sarah (8)                                           CG 457b
Diams Thomas (60)                                         CG 457b
Diams Thomas (14)                                         CG 457b
Diams Violetta (6)                                        CG 457b
Dick David (4)                                             HA 40a
Dick John (18)                                             HA 40a
Dick Maria (6)                                             HA 40a
Dick Mary (14)                                             HA 40a
Dick Robert (10)                                           HA 40a
Dick Samuel (20)                                           HA 40a
Dick Sarah (40)                                            HA 40a
Dick Sarah (2)                                             HA 40a
Dick William (12)                                          HA 40a
Dick Williams (47)                                         HA 39b
Dicken Absolom (25)                                       SB 532b
Dicken Elizabeth (5)                                      CN 373a
Dicken George (7)                                         CN 373a
Dicken Jacob (10)                                         CN 373a
Dicken LeGrand B. (7)                                     CN 373a
Dicken Mary (4)                                           SB 532b
Dicken Neoma (4/12)                                       SB 532b
Dicken Sarah (26)                                         SB 532b
Dicken Theophilus (2)                                     SB 532b
Dickerson Abagail (15)                                    NB 411a
Dickerson Benjamin (16)                                   WA 353a
Dickerson Charity (46)                                    NB 410b
Dickerson Clarissa (4)                                    TR 418b
Dickerson Clarissa V. (21)                                NB 411a
Dickerson Deborah R. (9)                                  NB 411a
Dickerson Eliza A. (19)                                   NB 411a
Dickerson Elizabeth (41)                                  TR 418b
Dickerson Elizabeth J. (1)                                TR 419a
Dickerson Emaline (14)                                    TR 418b
Dickerson Henry (41)                                      TR 418b
Dickerson Isaac (10)                                      TR 418b
Dickerson Isaac (48)                                      NB 410b
Dickerson James A. (4)                                    TR 419a
Dickerson John D (7)                                      WA 353a
Dickerson John (5)                                        TR 419a
Dickerson Joshua (46)                                     TR 418b
Dickerson Leonard (49)                                    WA 353a
Dickerson Margaret M. (11)                                NB 411a
Dickerson Martha A. (19)                                  TR 418b
Dickerson Mary E. (21)                                    TR 418b
Dickerson Mary J. (13)                                    NB 411a
Dickerson Mary (7)                                          WF 3b
Dickerson Mary (22)                                       NB 410b
Dickerson Phebe (33)                                      TR 418b
Dickerson Phebe (6)                                       NB 411a
Dickerson Robert (12)                                     TR 418b
Dickerson Sarah J. (14)                                   WA 353a
Dickerson Sarah P. (17)                                   NB 411a
Dickerson Summerset (24)                                  GL 504a
Dickerson Susan (45)                                      WA 353a
Dickerson Thomas W. (22)                                  NB 410b
Dickerson William H. (11)                                 WA 353a
Dickerson William M. (16)                                 TR 418b
Dickey Amanda (24)                                        FR 479a
Dickey James (49)                                         FR 479a
Dickey Joseph (24)                                        FR 479a
Dickey Rachel (1)                                         FR 479a
Dickey Sarah (49)                                         FR 479a
Dickey Sarah (3)                                          FR 479a
Dicks Eli (30)                                             BE 55b
Dicks Elizabeth (6)                                        BE 56a
Dicks Hannah (29)                                          BE 55b
Dicks Lydia (4)                                            BE 56a
Dicks Marlow (9)                                           BE 56a
Dicks Melchor (3/12)                                       BE 56a
Dicks Melissa (2)                                          BE 56a
Dicus Caleb (50)                                          FR 478a
Dicus Daniel (13)                                         FR 478a
Dicus John (10)                                           FR 478a
Dicus Nancy (52)                                          FR 478a
Dicus William (15)                                        FR 478a
Diesch Amanda M. (2)                                      PR 433a
Diesch Martha A. (6)                                      PR 433a
Diesch Mathias (31)                                       PR 433a
Diesch Naomi (27)                                         PR 433a
Diesch Sarah E. (8)                                       PR 433a
Digood George (23)                                        SB 529b
Dille Catharine (10)                                      TR 417b
Dille Elizabeth (43)                                      TR 417b
Dille Israel (53)                                         TR 417b
Dille Lucius (9)                                          TR 417b
Dille Margaret (4/12)                                     TR 417b
Dille McCasslin (18)                                      TR 417b
Dille Nancy (6)                                           TR 417b
Dille Sarah (19)                                          SB 532b
Dille Whitely (23)                                        SB 532b
Dillingham Abigail (18)                                    PU 61a
Dillingham Alexander (19)                                  LN 20a
Dillingham Alfred (20)                                     PU 61a
Dillingham Ann (7)                                         LN 20a
Dillingham Ar* (19)                                        LN 20a
Dillingham Daniel (13)                                     LN 20a
Dillingham Dorothea (45)                                   LN 20a
Dillingham Edith (13)                                      PU 61a
Dillingham Eliza (50)                                      PU 61a
Dillingham Elizabeth (14)                                  LN 20a
Dillingham Elwood (8)                                      PU 61a
Dillingham Hiram (13)                                      PU 61a
Dillingham James (48)                                      PU 61a
Dillingham John (17)                                       LN 20a
Dillingham Lluther (25)                                    LN 20a
Dillingham Lucy (25)                                       PU 61a
Dillingham Lydia (20)                                      LN 19b
Dillingham Lydia (4)                                       LN 20a
Dillingham Mary (16)                                       PU 61a
Dillingham Mary (10)                                       LN 20a
Dillingham Micazuh (55)                                    PU 61a
Dillingham Ruth (2)                                        LN 20a
Dillingham Samuel (24)                                     LN 19b
Dillingham Sarah (11)                                      PU 61a
Dillingham Sylvanus (51)                                   LN 20a
Dillman Henry (83)                                        CH 454b
Dillon Edward (20)                                        CN 368b
Dillon George (44)                                        CN 368b
Dillon John (53)                                          CN 376b
Dillon Parmelia (15)                                      CN 368b
Dillon Phebe (47)                                         CN 368b
Diltz Daniel (55)                                         CN 371a
Diltz David (12)                                          CN 371a
Diltz Lewis (12)                                          CN 371a
Diltz Martha (15)                                         CN 371a
Diltz Martha (57)                                         CN 371a
Diltz Perry (19)                                          CN 371a
Dingy Alfred (13)                                         SB 520b
Dingy Allen (63)                                          SB 520b
Dingy Calista (18)                                        SB 520b
Dingy Charlotte (19)                                      SB 520b
Dingy Elizabeth (42)                                      SB 520b
Dingy Emma (11)                                           SB 520b
Dingy Henrietta (3)                                       SB 520b
Dingy Mary (8)                                            SB 520b
Dinner Eve (60)                                           NB 401b
Dipiet Eunice (15)                                        CH 456a
Ditzell Elizabeeth (18)                                   NB 398b
Ditzell Elizabeth (45)                                    NB 398b
Ditzell Henry (55)                                        NB 398b
Ditzell Hetty (4)                                         NB 398b
Ditzell Susan (7)                                         NB 398b
Ditzell William (14)                                      NB 398b
Divinett Lydia (69)                                        BE 48b
Dixon Alexander (86)                                       WF 13a
Dixon Anna (69)                                            WF 13a
Dixon L* (11)                                              WF 13a
Dixon Laura (1)                                            WF 13a
Dixon Leonora (8)                                          WF 13a
Dixon Levi (6)                                             WF 13a
Dixon Lilvonia (14)                                        WF 13a
Dixon Lincoln (4)                                          WF 13a
Dixon Loretta (17)                                         WF 13a
Doak Elizabeth (13)                                       NB 411a
Doak George (15)                                          NB 411a
Doak James (29)                                           NB 411a
Doak John (51)                                            NB 411a
Doak John (19)                                            NB 411a
Doak Mary (24)                                            NB 411a
Doak Mary (51)                                            NB 411a
Doak Rebecca J. (17)                                      NB 411a
Doak Sarah (21)                                           NB 411a
Doak William (11)                                         NB 411a
Docock Elizabeth E. (7)                                   PR 435b
Docock James (45)                                         PR 435b
Docock Joy (9)                                            PR 435b
Docock Margaret A. (13)                                   PR 435b
Docock Mary (44)                                          PR 435b
Dodd Amsy (40)                                            CH 439b
Dodd Elias B. (12)                                        CH 444a
Dodd Freeman (26)                                         CN 364a
Dodd John (6)                                             CH 444a
Dodd Josephus (36)                                        CH 444a
Dodd Mary N (9)                                           CH 444a
Dodd Mary S. (5)                                          CH 439b
Dodd Phebe (34)                                           CH 439b
Dodd Phebe (4)                                            CH 444a
Dodd Ruth (36)                                            CN 364a
Dodd Sarah (37)                                           CH 444a
Dodd Vian (7)                                             CH 444a
Dodd William (1)                                          CH 439b
Doherty Absalom (35)                                       BE 46a
Doherty Calista (6)                                        BE 46a
Doherty Edwin (1/12)                                       BE 46a
Doherty Evaline (27)                                       BE 46a
Doherty James (14)                                         BE 50a
Dollar Caleb Morgan (25)                                  CR 392b
Dollar Caroline Morgan (16)                               CR 392b
Donaldson Ann (13)                                         HA 39a
Donaldson Hannah (40)                                      HA 39a
Donaldson James (12)                                       HA 39a
Donaldson John (41)                                        HA 39a
Donaldson John (7)                                         HA 39a
Donaldson Joshua (18)                                      HA 39a
Donaldson Rebecca (17)                                     HA 39a
Donaldson Samuel (4)                                       HA 39a
Donaldson Sarah (15)                                       HA 39a
Dorian Andrew (39)                                         LN 29a
Dorian Charles (4)                                         LN 29a
Dorian Irwin (8)                                           LN 29a
Dorian Joan (31)                                           LN 29a
Dorian William (6)                                         LN 29a
Dormise Catharine (57)                                    WA 354a
Dormise Hannah (20)                                       WA 354a
Dormise Jacob (18)                                        WA 354a
Dorson Regana (16)                                         PU 66b
Dotterer Catharine (9)                                    TR 417a
Dotterer Charles (7)                                      TR 417a
Dotterer Christina (11)                                   TR 417a
Dotterer Christopher (40)                                 TR 416b
Dotterer Francis (41)                                     TR 416b
Dotterer Henry (13)                                       TR 417a
Dotterer John (15)                                        TR 416b
Dotterer Martin S. (1/12)                                 TR 417a
Doty Abigail (15)                                          PU 59a
Doty Abraham (28)                                         CH 438b
Doty Amy Ann (29)                                          BE 49b
Doty Archilaus (72)                                       SB 516a
Doty Caroline (23)                                        CN 372b
Doty Charity (21)                                          HA 36b
Doty Charles (21)                                          BE 46a
Doty Edmund (2)                                            BE 50a
Doty Elias (5)                                             HA 36b
Doty Elizabeth (21)                                       SB 516a
Doty Elizabeth (51)                                        BE 50b
Doty Ellen (13)                                            BE 49b
Doty Francis (8)                                           BE 50a
Doty Freman (24)                                           BE 49b
Doty Gula (35)                                             BE 49b
Doty Hannah (13)                                           PU 59a
Doty Harrison (9)                                          PU 59a
Doty Henry (6)                                             BE 50b
Doty Hester A. (7)                                        CN 372b
Doty Ira (17)                                              BE 50b
Doty Isaac (36)                                           SB 521a
Doty Isaac (6)                                             BE 49b
Doty James (1)                                             HA 36b
Doty Jane (4)                                              PU 64b
Doty Jeremiah (62)                                        CN 373b
Doty John (63)                                            SB 515b
Doty John (21)                                             PU 59a
Doty John (1)                                              PU 64b
Doty John (28)                                             HA 36b
Doty John (52)                                             BE 50b
Doty Josephus (7)                                          PU 59a
Doty Lydia (5)                                             BE 49b
Doty Mahala (37)                                          CN 373b
Doty Malvina (16)                                         CN 373b
Doty Marshall (4)                                         SB 521a
Doty Mary (29)                                            SB 515b
Doty Mary (69)                                            SB 516a
Doty Mary (25)                                             PU 64b
Doty Mary (2)                                             CN 372b
Doty Mary (19)                                             BE 46a
Doty Mary (19)                                             BE 50b
Doty Mary (29)                                             BE 50a
Doty Mathew (36)                                          CN 373a
Doty Milo (1)                                              BE 49b
Doty Morgan (21)                                           BE 50b
Doty Nancy J. (2/12)                                      CN 372b
Doty Nancy (45)                                            PU 59a
Doty Nancy (10)                                            BE 50b
Doty Parmelia (25)                                        SB 521a
Doty Peter (37)                                            BE 49b
Doty Rachael (23)                                          BE 50b
Doty Riley (24)                                            PU 64b
Doty Samuel (14)                                           BE 50b
Doty Sarah (8)                                             BE 49b
Doty Stephen (29)                                          BE 49b
Doty Susanna (24)                                         CH 438b
Doty Thomas (30)                                          CN 372b
Doty Thomas (12)                                           BE 50b
Doty Timothy (21)                                         SB 516a
Doty Washington (17)                                       PU 59a
Doty Wesley (10)                                           BE 49b
Doty William (32)                                          BE 50a

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