Morrow 1850 census index (partial)
Morrow County 1850 Census Surname Index
Surname/Given Name/Age/Township Abbreviation/Sheet Number
(Note: the "a" or "b" indication is not always accurate)
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Craly Amdrew (51)                                         CG 471b
Craly Catharine (18)                                      CG 471b
Craly Elizabeth (19)                                      CG 471b
Craly Elizabeth (48)                                      CG 471b
Craly Fanny (22)                                          CG 471b
Craly Joseph (2)                                          CG 471b
Craly Levi (9)                                            CG 471b
Craly Peggy (23)                                          CG 471b
Craly Peter (15)                                          CG 471b
Cramer Abigail (4)                                        CH 453a
Cramer Adam (26)                                          TR 418b
Cramer Alexander (11)                                       WF 2a
Cramer Almira (16)                                          WF 2a
Cramer B.I. (2)                                            WF 11b
Cramer Catharine (43)                                     TR 418b
Cramer Catharine (62)                                     TR 418b
Cramer Eliza A. (26)                                      CH 453a
Cramer Ira (44)                                             WF 2a
Cramer J.B. (7)                                             WF 2a
Cramer J.W. (4)                                            WF 11b
Cramer John J (6)                                         CH 453a
Cramer John (17)                                            WF 2a
Cramer Joseph (67)                                        TR 418b
Cramer Leander (4)                                          WF 2a
Cramer Louisa (2)                                         CH 453a
Cramer M.I. (2)                                            WF 11b
Cramer Margaret (1)                                       CH 453a
Cramer Marietta (10)                                        WF 2a
Cramer Mary (40)                                            WF 2a
Cramer Mary (5)                                            WF 11b
Cramer Michael (28)                                        WF 11b
Cramer Nancy (25)                                          WF 11b
Cramer Priscilla (2)                                        WF 2a
Cramer Sophia (15)                                          WF 2a
Cramer William (19)                                         WF 2a
Cramer William (30)                                       CH 453a
Crane Adilla (58)                                          BE 55a
Crane Amza (59)                                            BE 55a
Crane Elbert (20)                                          BE 55a
Crane Elizabeth (22)                                       BE 55a
Crane Henry (26)                                           BE 45b
Crane Rebecca (17)                                         BE 55a
Crank Andrew (11)                                         PR 433b
Crank Catharine (37)                                      PR 433b
Crank Emanuel (4)                                         PR 433b
Crank George (6)                                          PR 433b
Crank Jacob (8)                                           PR 433b
Crank John (30)                                           PR 433b
Crank Lucy A. (3/12)                                      PR 433b
Crasan Margaret (50)                                      SB 522a
Craven Aaron (9)                                          CR 388a
Craven Andrew (7)                                         CR 388a
Craven Ann (10)                                           FR 483b
Craven Anson (39)                                         PR 423b
Craven Asher (21)                                         PR 426b
Craven Charles O. (19)                                    PR 427a
Craven Cyrus (37)                                         PR 423b
Craven Edward (12)                                        PR 427a
Craven Elias (21)                                         PR 424a
Craven Eliza (30)                                         PR 423b
Craven Emily (28)                                         PR 424a
Craven Emily (34)                                         FR 483b
Craven Fanny (30)                                         PR 423b
Craven Hannah (6)                                         FR 483b
Craven Hiram (14)                                         PR 427a
Craven James (3)                                           HA 31a
Craven James (35)                                         FR 483a
Craven John (34)                                           HA 31a
Craven John (57)                                          CR 388a
Craven John (11)                                          CR 388a
Craven Lucinda (26)                                       PR 424a
Craven Margaret (2)                                       CR 388a
Craven Mary (54)                                          PR 426b
Craven Mary (1)                                            HA 31a
Craven Mevilla (31)                                       CR 388a
Craven Rodney (29)                                         HA 31a
Craven Sally A. (23)                                      PR 426b
Craven Sarah (29)                                          HA 31a
Craven Virginia (6)                                        HA 31a
Craven William (91)                                       PR 423b
Craven William (5)                                         HA 31a
Cravens Franklin (18)                                     CH 454a
Crawford Abijah (41)                                      GL 498a
Crawford Abner (6)                                        NB 407b
Crawford Allen (26)                                        LN 20b
Crawford Amy (42)                                         NB 403b
Crawford Andrew (23)                                      GL 512b
Crawford Ann (27)                                          LN 20b
Crawford Elizabeth (7)                                    GL 510b
Crawford Elizabeth (25)                                   FR 492a
Crawford Hannah (78)                                      GL 498a
Crawford Henrietta (24)                                   GL 510b
Crawford james (15)                                       NB 403b
Crawford John (41)                                        NB 407b
Crawford John W. (10)                                     NB 407b
Crawford Joseph (17)                                      GL 498a
Crawford Joshua (2)                                       NB 407b
Crawford Lydia (75)                                       NB 401a
Crawford Lydia (16)                                       NB 407b
Crawford Margaret (41)                                    NB 407b
Crawford Mary A. (4)                                      NB 407b
Crawford Mary (47)                                        FR 482b
Crawford Mary (2)                                         FR 492a
Crawford Minerva (15)                                     GL 497b
Crawford Nancy (18)                                       NB 407b
Crawford Nancy (5)                                        FR 482b
Crawford Nancy (4)                                        FR 492a
Crawford Rebecca (13)                                     GL 498a
Crawford Sarah A. (8)                                     NB 407b
Crawford Sarah J. (18)                                    NB 403b
Crawford Sarah (37)                                       GL 498a
Crawford Sarah (2)                                        GL 498a
Crawford Susan (14)                                       NB 407b
Crawford Theodore (2)                                      LN 20b
Crawford Thomas (25)                                      GL 510b
Crawford William B. (12)                                  NB 407b
Crawford William (27)                                     FR 492a
Crawl Ann (4)                                             CH 453a
Crawl Corwin (6)                                          CH 453a
Crawl George (7)                                          CH 453a
Crawl Harriet (24)                                        CH 453a
Crawl Marcella (3)                                        CH 453a
Crawl Mary J (4/12)                                       CH 453a
Crawl Philip (31)                                         CH 452b
Crawl Sarah J. (4/12)                                     CH 453a
Creps David (7)                                           CH 436b
Crim Christian S. (356)                                   PR 434a
Crispin Catharine (34)                                    NB 408b
Crispin Elizabeth (62)                                    NB 408b
Crispin Silas (20)                                        NB 408b
Crispin Silas (61)                                        NB 408b
Crist Catharine (4)                                       PR 431a
Crist Elizabeth (1)                                       PR 431a
Crist Joseph (9)                                          PR 431a
Crist Lawrence (6)                                        PR 431a
Crist Owen (36)                                           PR 431a
Crist Sarah (32)                                          PR 431a
Criswell Ann (23)                                         FR 484a
Criswell Eli (25)                                         FR 484a
Criswell George (26)                                      FR 493b
Criswell Hannah (25)                                      FR 493b
Criswell Larkin (53)                                      FR 484a
Criswell Nicholas (27)                                    FR 484a
Criswell Ruth (19)                                        FR 484a
Critchfield Amos (44)                                     FR 483b
Critchfield Elivira (7)                                   FR 483b
Critchfield George (10)                                   FR 483b
Critchfield James (14)                                    FR 483b
Critchfield John (19)                                     FR 483b
Critchfield Mary (12)                                     FR 483b
Critchfield Miriam (16)                                   FR 483b
Critchfield Rebecca (42)                                  FR 483b
Cromer George (17)                                        GL 515a
Cromer Joseph (12)                                        GL 515a
Cromer Samuel (16)                                        GL 515a
Cromer Spangler (40)                                      GL 515a
Cromer Susan (39)                                         GL 515a
Cronenwett Catharine (18)                                  PU 65b
Cronenwett Matthew (27)                                    PU 65b
Cronewett Christina (20)                                  NB 404a
Cronewett Frederic (18)                                   NB 404a
Cronewett Frederick (58)                                  NB 404a
Crosby Phebe (50)                                         FR 480b
Cross Ann (57)                                            GL 513b
Cross Charles (1)                                          PU 61b
Cross Cordelia (3)                                         PU 61b
Cross Cornelia (55)                                        PU 59b
Cross Eliza (18)                                           PU 59b
Cross George (56)                                         GL 513b
Cross Hannah (37)                                          PU 59b
Cross Harrison (4)                                         PU 61b
Cross Henry (6)                                            PU 61b
Cross Julia (13)                                           PU 59b
Cross Lovisa (26)                                          PU 61b
Cross Reynolds (37)                                        PU 61b
Cross Rich (65)                                            PU 59b
Crouck Gilbert (16)                                        BE 49a
Crouck Henry (9)                                           BE 49a
Crouck James (16)                                          BE 49a
Crouck Martha (11)                                         BE 49a
Crouck Samuel (54)                                         BE 49a
Crouck Sarah (51)                                          BE 49a
Crougleton Mary (91)                                       PU 65a
Crouk Eli (20)                                             BE 55a
Crouk Eliza (11)                                           BE 54b
Crouk James (6)                                            BE 54b
Crouk James (44)                                           BE 54b
Crouk Mary (9)                                             BE 54b
Crouk Phebe (18)                                           BE 54b
Crouk Samuel (13)                                          BE 54b
Crouk Sarah (16)                                           BE 54b
Crouk Sarah (41)                                           BE 54b
Crouk William (20)                                         BE 54b
Crow Daniel (35)                                          WA 354b
Crow Elizabeth (5)                                        WA 354b
Crow Hannah (3)                                           WA 354b
Crow Jesse (9)                                            WA 354b
Crow John (11)                                            WA 354b
Crow Mary  A. (35)                                        WA 354b
Crow Rachel (15)                                          WA 354b
Crow Sarah P. (7)                                         WA 354b
Crownawitt John (2)                                       NB 409a
Crownawitt John (9)                                       NB 409a
Crownawitt Mary (23)                                      NB 409a
Crownawitt Philip (26)                                    NB 408b
Crum Martin (27)                                           WF 10a
Crut Catharine (14)                                       CR 391b
Culver Asa (10)                                            BE 56a
Culver Chauncy (28)                                       GL 501a
Culver Eliza (5)                                          GL 501b
Culver Elizabeth (30)                                      BE 56a
Culver Elvira (3)                                         GL 501b
Culver Eunice (75)                                         BE 56b
Culver Harriet (20)                                        BE 56a
Culver James (21)                                          BE 56a
Culver Jesse (4)                                           BE 56a
Culver Jonathan (6)                                        BE 56a
Culver Martha (17)                                         BE 56a
Culver Mary (27)                                          GL 501a
Culver Mary (13)                                           BE 52a
Culver Mary (12)                                           BE 56a
Culver Matilda (40)                                        BE 52a
Culver Sarah (2)                                           BE 56a
Culver Thomas (14)                                         BE 56a
Culver Watson (1)                                         GL 501b
Culver William (45)                                        BE 56a
Cummings Anderson (4/12)                                  CN 366a
Cummings Angelina (8)                                     CN 366a
Cummings James L. (33)                                    CN 366a
Cummings Lovilla (7)                                      NB 404b
Cummings Martha (16)                                      NB 405a
Cummings Mary (33)                                        NB 404b
Cummings Samuel A. (19)                                   NB 404b
Cummings Samuel (61)                                      NB 404b
Cummings Sarah (29)                                       CN 366a
Cummings Sylva (61)                                       NB 404b
Cummings William B. (4)                                   NB 404b
Cummings William H. (3)                                   CN 366a
Cunningham David (9/12)                                   CH 450b
Cunningham George (4)                                     CH 450b
Cunningham Isabel (5)                                     CH 450b
Cunningham James (3)                                      CH 450b
Cunningham John (31)                                      CH 450b
Cunningham Mary S. (11)                                   CH 450b
Cunningham Mercy (30)                                     CH 450b
Cunningham Nancy A. (33)                                  CH 450b
Cunningham Robert (31)                                    CH 450b
Cunningham Robert (8)                                     CH 450b
Cunningham Theophilus (1)                                 CH 450b
Cunningham Warren R (6)                                   CH 450b
Cup Coonrad (42)                                           WF 14a
Cup Coonrod (5)                                            WF 14a
Cup Florilla (13)                                          WF 14a
Cup George (7)                                             WF 14a
Cup Julian (11)                                            WF 14a
Cup M.E. (14)                                              WF 14a
Cup Sarah (43)                                             WF 14a
Curl Henry W. (20)                                        CR 391a
Curl Margaret (42)                                        CR 391a
Curl Mary (13)                                            CR 391a
Curl William (14)                                         CR 391a
Curl William (42)                                         CR 391a
Currard Alexander (4)                                      LN 20b
Currard Amanda (2)                                         LN 20b
Currard Edward (13)                                        LN 20b
Currard Ludwill (15)                                       LN 20b
Currard Stephen (47)                                       LN 20b
Currard Tom Corwin (7)                                     LN 20b
Currard Vashti (44)                                        LN 20b
Curren Albert (4)                                          WF 15a
Curren Amons (5/12)                                        WF 15a
Curren Catharine (9)                                       WF 15b
Curren Clarissa (2)                                        WF 15b
Curren Eli (15)                                            WF 15b
Curren George (7)                                          WF 15a
Curren Harriet (6)                                         WF 15a
Curren Isaac (16)                                          WF 15b
Curren James (5)                                           WF 15b
Curren Louisa (14)                                         WF 15a
Curren Margaret (11)                                       WF 15a
Curren Nehimiah (42)                                       WF 15a
Curren Orinda (7)                                          WF 15b
Curren Rebecca (11)                                        WF 15b
Curren Robert (46)                                         WF 15a
Curren Sarah (30)                                          WF 15a
Curren Stephen (12)                                        WF 15a
Curren Susannah (42)                                       WF 15a
Curtis Anginet (6)                                        CG 457a
Curtis Daniel (21)                                        CG 469b
Curtis Debby (30)                                          BE 47b
Curtis Deborah (56)                                       CG 469b
Curtis Elizabeth (27)                                     CG 457a
Curtis Helen (1)                                           BE 47b
Curtis Ichabod (35)                                       CG 457a
Curtis John (2)                                           CG 457a
Curtis John (16)                                          CG 469b
Curtis Joseph (33)                                        CG 457a
Curtis Laton (25)                                         CG 469b
Curtis Margaret (13)                                      CG 469b
Curtis Moses (56)                                         CG 469b
Curtis Samuel (5)                                         CG 457a
Curtis Sarah A (8)                                        CG 457a
Curtis Sarah (8)                                          CG 468a
Curtis Sturgess (24)                                       BE 47b
Cuse Electa (12)                                            WF 7a
Cuse Nancy (11)                                             WF 7a
Cusey Ellen (26)                                            WF 9b
Cusey James (26)                                            WF 9b
Cusey Michael (11/12)                                       WF 9b
Custech Amos (48)                                           WF 6a
Custech Amos (10)                                           WF 6a
Custech Azubah (35)                                         WF 6a
Custech Electa (7)                                          WF 6a
Custech F. (1)                                              WF 6a
Custech Julietta (4)                                        WF 6a
Custech Permelia (12)                                       WF 6a
Cutting Calista (14)                                       WF 17b
Cutting Edwin (19)                                         WF 17b
Cutting Elizabeth (12)                                     WF 17b
Cutting Julia (17)                                         WF 17b
Cutting Lydia (10)                                         WF 17b
Cutting Margaret (51)                                      WF 17b
Cyphers Abraham (18)                                      GL 499a
Cyphers Barnet (24)                                       WA 361b
Cyphers Caroline (22)                                     GL 499a
Cyphers Elizabeth (18)                                    WA 361b
Cyphers Elizabeth (16)                                    GL 499a
Cyphers Elizabeth (46)                                    CG 456b
Cyphers Elizabeth (15)                                    CG 463a
Cyphers Eugene (5)                                        CG 463a
Cyphers Hannah (60)                                       GL 499a
Cyphers Hannah (13)                                       CG 463a
Cyphers James D (38)                                      CG 463a
Cyphers James (18)                                        CG 456b
Cyphers James (11)                                        CG 463a
Cyphers Jerad (20)                                        CG 456b
Cyphers Joseph (20)                                       GL 499a
Cyphers Kezia (38)                                        CG 463a
Cyphers Lloyd (22)                                        CG 456b
Cyphers Mary (18)                                         CG 463a
Cyphers Michael (12)                                      CG 456b
Cyphers Nicholas (55)                                     CG 456b
Cyphers Paul (62)                                         GL 499a
Cyphers Paul (8)                                          CG 456b
Cyphers Robert (15)                                       CG 456b
Cyphers Samantha (3)                                      CG 463a
Cyphers Sarah E. (1/12)                                   CG 456b
Cyphers Sarah (20)                                        CG 463a
Cyphers Sophia (13)                                       GL 499a
Cyphers Susan (21)                                        CG 456b
Cyphers William (4)                                       CG 456b
Cyphers William (8)                                       CG 463a
Cyphus Caroline (23)                                      WA 362a
Cyphus Elizabeth (4)                                      WA 352a
Cyphus Hanah A. (6)                                       WA 352a
Cyphus Jane (28)                                          WA 352a
Cyphus Mary (9/12)                                        WA 352a
Cyphus Mary (18)                                          WA 362a
Cyphus Michael (36)                                       WA 352a
Cyphus Paul (26)                                          WA 362a
Cyphus Philanda (2)                                       WA 352a
D*ine Martin (14)                                         CR 386a
Daigetz Emily (22)                                        WA 356a
Daigetz George (24)                                       WA 356a
Daigetz James (8/12)                                      WA 356a
Daily Abraham (52)                                        CH 443a
Daily Elanor (14)                                          WF 13b
Daily Elizabeth (79)                                       WF 13b
Daily Isabel (16)                                          WF 13b
Daily J.W. (65)                                            WF 13b
Daily Leoander (21)                                        WF 13b
Daily Mary (55)                                            WF 13b
Daily Richard (11)                                         WF 13b
Daily Sarah (23)                                           WF 13b
Dakan Caroline (18)                                       CG 464a
Dakan Catharine (25)                                      CG 464a
Dakan Jane (54)                                           CG 464a
Dakan Lucinda (23)                                        CG 464a
Dakan Neri (20)                                           CG 464a
Dakan Sarah (58)                                          CG 466a
Dakan William (64)                                        CG 464a
Daken Alexander (7)                                       CG 466b
Daken Chariet (28)                                        CG 466b
Daken Ebenezer (38)                                       CG 466b
Daken Joseph (1)                                          CG 466b
Daken Lafayette (3)                                       CG 466b
Daken Lehi (9)                                            CG 466b
Daken Sarah (5)                                           CG 466b
Daken Thomas (11)                                         CG 466b
Dalrymple Allen (m)                                       GL 497a
Dalrymple Ambrose (21)                                    CH 439a
Dalrymple Andrew (45)                                     GL 497a
Dalrymple Charles (54)                                    CH 439a
Dalrymple Enos M (1)                                      CH 455a
Dalrymple Hanibal (12)                                    CH 439a
Dalrymple Hannah (18)                                     CH 439a
Dalrymple Jacob (9)                                       CH 439a
Dalrymple Jane (20)                                       CH 455a
Dalrymple Jerusha (45)                                    GL 497a
Dalrymple John (21)                                       GL 497a
Dalrymple John (3)                                        GL 506a
Dalrymple John (41)                                       GL 506a
Dalrymple Marha (19)                                      CH 439a
Dalrymple Mary (37)                                       GL 506a
Dalrymple Nancy (48)                                      CH 439a
Dalrymple Robert (30)                                     CH 455a
Dalrymple Thomas (24)                                     GL 508a
Dalrymple Violetta (5)                                    GL 506a
Dalrymple William (8)                                     GL 497a
Dalrymple William (15)                                    CH 439a
Dalrymple Windirled (5)                                   CH 455a
Dalrymple Ziba (17)                                       GL 497a
Dalton Rebecca (59)                                        BE 51b
Dalton Robert (14)                                         BE 51b
Dalton Wallace (17)                                        BE 51b
Damude William (24)                                       CR 391b
Dana Asa (13)                                             WA 350a
Dana Dorcas (17)                                          WA 350a
Dana Isabel (6)                                           WA 350a
Dana Jeffers (2)                                          WA 350a
Dana Joseph (20)                                          WA 350a
Dana Louisa (40)                                          WA 350a
Dana Margaret (10)                                        WA 350a
Dana Nancy (8)                                            WA 350a
Dana William (19)                                         WA 350a
Danker Ann (17)                                             WF 7b
Darby Clinton (22)                                        SB 521b
Darby Deloss (11)                                         SB 521b
Darby Margaret (61)                                       SB 521b
Darby Precepta (33)                                       SB 521b
Darby Rufus (66)                                          SB 521b
Dargitz Benjamin (2)                                      WA 354b
Dargitz Christian (27)                                    NB 395b
Dargitz Franklin (21)                                     WA 354b
Dargitz Harmon (25)                                       WA 354b
Dargitz Jane (19)                                         NB 395b
Dargitz John W. (3/12)                                    WA 354b
Dargitz Margaret (20)                                     WA 354b
Dargitz William (6/12)                                    NB 395b
Darling Catharine (10)                                    GL 504a
Darling Eldon (1)                                         GL 504a
Darling Eliza (29)                                        GL 504a
Darling John (6)                                          SB 524b
Darling Luzerba (8)                                       GL 504a
Darling Mary (28)                                         SB 524b
Darling Samuel (34)                                       SB 524b
Darling William (1)                                       SB 524b
Darling William (7)                                       GL 504a
Dart Alonzo (17)                                            WF 1b
Dart Celinda (19)                                           WF 1b
Dart Celinda (64)                                           WF 1b
Dart Chauncy (13)                                           WF 1b
Dart Florilla (15)                                          WF 1b
Dart Florilla (15)                                         PU 62a
Dart Harriet (11)                                           WF 1b
Dart Hiram (21)                                             WF 1b
Daugherty John (40)                                       WA 351b
Davenbaugh Amanda (14)                                    PR 427b
Davenbaugh Anthony (17)                                   PR 427b
Davenbaugh George W. (9/12)                               PR 427b
Davenbaugh Hannah (30)                                    PR 427b
Davenbaugh Jacob (50)                                     PR 427b
Davenbaugh Margaret (11)                                  PR 427b
Davenport Alfred (14)                                      LN 27b
Davenport Emaline (19)                                     LN 27b
Davenport Fanny (45)                                       LN 27b
Davenport Hannah (40)                                       WF 6a
Davenport Job (50)                                         LN 27b
Davenport Phebe (16)                                       LN 27b
Davenport William (22)                                     LN 27b
David Caroline (15)                                       TR 419b
David James (7)                                           TR 419b
David John (20)                                           TR 419b
David Joseph (54)                                         TR 419a
David Martha (46)                                         TR 419b
David Martha (13)                                         TR 419b
David Mary E. (8)                                         TR 419b
David Nancy N. (18)                                       TR 419b
Davidson Georgeana (10)                                   CN 368a
Davidson James (12)                                       CN 368a
Davis Abner (3)                                           NB 408a
Davis Addison (9)                                         NB 408b
Davis Albert (4)                                          SB 521b
Davis Amola (6)                                           SB 521b
Davis Ann (53)                                            WA 361b
Davis Benjamin J. (21)                                    CH 441a
Davis Benneville (35)                                     TR 416a
Davis Byram (3)                                           PR 434b
Davis Caroline (25)                                       PR 434b
Davis David (15)                                           HA 40a
Davis Edwin (2)                                            PU 66a
Davis Egbert (7)                                          NB 408a
Davis Elinor (22)                                          HA 38b
Davis Elizabeeth (21)                                     WA 360a
Davis Elizabeth (45)                                      SB 530a
Davis Elizabeth (6)                                        PU 65b
Davis Elizabeth (32)                                      NB 408b
Davis Elizabeth (47)                                      CH 441a
Davis Elizabeth (65)                                       BE 44a
Davis Elizabeth J. (10)                                   WA 362a
Davis Evi (16)                                            SB 530a
Davis Fanny (58)                                           BE 49b
Davis Franklin (13)                                       SB 521b
Davis Greenburg (45)                                      WA 360a
Davis Griffith (5/12)                                     TR 416a
Davis Harriet (39)                                        WA 360a
Davis Harriet (11)                                        SB 521b
Davis Harriet (32)                                        CH 448b
Davis Horah (2)                                           TR 416a
Davis Isaac (65)                                           BE 44a
Davis Isaac J. (7)                                        NB 408b
Davis Isabel (17)                                         CR 380a
Davis Ivana (15)                                           BE 49b
Davis James (52)                                          WA 361b
Davis James (14)                                          CR 380a
Davis John (40)                                           NB 408a
Davis John (58)                                           CH 441a
Davis John (20)                                            BE 49b
Davis John W. (5)                                         WA 362a
Davis Joseph (40)                                         SB 521b
Davis Joshua (20)                                         WA 360a
Davis Joshua M. (33)                                      WA 362a
Davis Lovina (26)                                          BE 53a
Davis Margaret (13)                                       WA 361b
Davis Margaret (21)                                       TR 416a
Davis Margaret (66)                                        PU 65b
Davis Mary A. (12)                                        NB 408b
Davis Mary Ann (28)                                        PU 65b
Davis Mary J. (12)                                        CR 380a
Davis Mary (41)                                           SB 521b
Davis Mary (2)                                             PU 65b
Davis Mary (38)                                           NB 408a
Davis Mary (15)                                            HA 40a
Davis Mary (20)                                            HA 38b
Davis Mary (15)                                            BE 48b
Davis Miller (24)                                          PU 66a
Davis Morgan (2)                                          SB 521b
Davis Nancy (20)                                           BE 49b
Davis Pacy (15)                                           NB 408a
Davis Peter (18)                                           BE 49b
Davis Phebe (22)                                           PU 66a
Davis Phebe (5)                                           NB 408a
Davis Rachel (31)                                         WA 362a
Davis Rachel (78)                                         WA 362a
Davis Rachel (5)                                          NB 408b
Davis Reuben (16)                                         NB 408a
Davis S. Jane (15)                                         BE 49b
Davis Samantha (17)                                        BE 48b
Davis Samuel (16)                                         CN 365b
Davis Samuel (68)                                          BE 49b
Davis Sarah (61)                                          PR 434b
Davis Sarah (26)                                           PU 65b
Davis Sarah (9)                                           NB 408a
Davis Seymour (4)                                          PU 65b
Davis Simon (14)                                           BE 44a
Davis Thomas (27)                                         PR 434b
Davis Thomas (13)                                         NB 408a
Davis William A. (2)                                      WA 362a
Davis William H. (13)                                     NB 408b
Davis William (9)                                         SB 521b
Davis William (42)                                        CH 448b
Davis William (27)                                         BE 53a

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