Morrow 1850 census index (partial)
Morrow County 1850 Census Surname Index
Surname/Given Name/Age/Township Abbreviation/Sheet Number
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Clook Anson (14)                                          NB 404a
Clook John (17)                                           NB 404a
Clook Mahala (47)                                         NB 404a
Clook William (19)                                        NB 404a
Close Alexander (6)                                       PR 423b
Close Eliza (31)                                          PR 423b
Close Emily (29)                                          PR 423b
Close Ezra (3/12)                                         PR 423b
Close Henry J. (14)                                       PR 423b
Close Isaac (18)                                          PR 423b
Close John R. (33)                                        PR 423b
Close Limon (4)                                           PR 423b
Close Martha (57)                                         PR 423b
Close Nancy (77)                                          PR 423b
Close Solomon (8)                                         PR 423b
Close Susan (19)                                          PR 423b
Close Wesley (3)                                          PR 423b
Clough Amsin (15)                                          WF 11b
Clough Daniel (9)                                          WF 11b
Clough Isaac (13)                                          WF 11b
Clough Joseph (53)                                         WF 11b
Clough Leonora (17)                                        WF 11b
Clough Olive (42)                                          WF 11b
Clough Thomas (12)                                         WF 11b
Clouse Ann (39)                                           CN 372a
Clouse Anna (2)                                           CN 372a
Clouse Catharine (55)                                     CN 372b
Clouse Christian (32)                                     CN 372b
Clouse Christopher (1/12)                                 CN 372a
Clouse Henry (22)                                         CN 372b
Clouse John (17)                                          CN 372b
Clouse Peter (26)                                         CN 372a
Clutter Abagail (46)                                      FR 490a
Clutter Cass (4)                                          FR 490a
Clutter Francis (11)                                      FR 490a
Clutter Jefferson (16)                                    FR 490a
Clutter Joseph (50)                                       FR 490a
Clutter Joseph (19)                                       FR 490a
Clutter Mary (7)                                          FR 490a
Clutter Robert (26)                                       FR 490a
Clutter Washington (21)                                   FR 490a
Clymer Francis (36)                                        WF 14b
Clymer J. (8)                                              WF 14b
Clymer J.C. (10)                                           WF 14b
Clymer John (16)                                           WF 14b
Clymer Leah (35)                                           WF 14b
Clymer Mary (85)                                           HA 30a
Clymer W.H. (14)                                           WF 14b
Cobbs Charles (21)                                        CR 393b
Cochran Aaron (21)                                        GL 500a
Cochran Alexander (24)                                    WA 356a
Cochran Amanda E. (3)                                     WA 357b
Cochran Daniel (6)                                        WA 357b
Cochran Daniel (16)                                       GL 500a
Cochran Elias (5)                                         WA 356a
Cochran Elizabeth (21)                                    WA 356a
Cochran Elizabeth (28)                                    WA 357b
Cochran Elizabeth (12)                                    GL 500a
Cochran Fanny (15)                                        WA 356a
Cochran George (7)                                        GL 500a
Cochran Georgietta (5/12)                                 WA 357b
Cochran Henry (23)                                        GL 500a
Cochran Jacob (54)                                        WA 356a
Cochran James (13)                                        GL 500a
Cochran John (29)                                         GL 498a
Cochran Lewis (5)                                         GL 500a
Cochran Lydia (10)                                        GL 500a
Cochran Lydia (49)                                        GL 500a
Cochran Lydia (20)                                        GL 498a
Cochran Margaret (9)                                      WA 356a
Cochran Martha A. (5)                                     WA 357b
Cochran Mary J. (17)                                      WA 356a
Cochran Mary (52)                                         WA 356a
Cochran Mary (18)                                         GL 500b
Cochran Sarah (13)                                        WA 356a
Cochran William (11)                                      WA 356a
Cochran William (40)                                      GL 500a
Cochran William (19)                                      GL 500a
Coe Abraham (43)                                          GL 505a
Coe Albin (15)                                            GL 505a
Coe Albin (51)                                            GL 505a
Coe Allen (3)                                             GL 505a
Coe Ann (3)                                               SB 520b
Coe Ann (54)                                              SB 525a
Coe Edward (29)                                           SB 520b
Coe Emma (11)                                             SB 520b
Coe Emma (11)                                             GL 505a
Coe George (1)                                            GL 505a
Coe John (6/12)                                           GL 494b
Coe John (10)                                             GL 505a
Coe Laura (9/12)                                          SB 520b
Coe Lavina (43)                                           CG 456b
Coe Letticia (25)                                         GL 494b
Coe Lovina (25)                                           SB 520b
Coe Martha (19)                                           GL 505a
Coe Martha (7)                                            GL 505a
Coe Mary (42)                                             GL 505a
Coe Matilda (18)                                          GL 505a
Coe Nathan (27)                                           GL 494b
Coe Nathan (12)                                           GL 505a
Coe Robert (13)                                           SB 525a
Coe Ross (21)                                             GL 505a
Coe Samuel (16)                                           SB 525a
Coe Sarah (16)                                            GL 505a
Coe William (61)                                          SB 525a
Coe William (23)                                          GL 505a
Coffer Patrick (20)                                       NB 398b
Coffer Patrick (25)                                       NB 398b
Cold Amelia (56)                                           BE 43b
Cold Catharine (10)                                        BE 43b
Cold Charles (14)                                          BE 43b
Cold Daniel (28)                                           BE 51a
Cold David (6)                                             BE 43b
Cold Harriet (19)                                          BE 51a
Cold Henry (16)                                            BE 43b
Cold John (1)                                              BE 51a
Cold Mary (17)                                             BE 43b
Cold Roselinda (2)                                         BE 51a
Cole Almeda (4)                                            BE 43a
Cole Alva (2)                                              BE 43a
Cole Cornelius (48)                                        BE 43a
Cole Daniel (13)                                           BE 43a
Cole Elizabeth (12)                                       GL 498b
Cole Francis (34)                                          BE 43a
Cole Henry (19)                                           GL 498b
Cole Henry (15)                                            BE 43a
Cole Jason (17)                                            PU 67a
Cole John (14)                                            GL 498b
Cole John (43)                                            GL 498b
Cole Lucy (71)                                             BE 42b
Cole Mary (23)                                            CG 462a
Cole Nancy (4)                                            GL 498b
Cole Sarah (43)                                           GL 498b
Cole Sarah (16)                                           GL 498b
Cole Sarah (9)                                             BE 43a
Cole Sophia (10)                                          GL 498b
Cole William S. (20)                                      CG 462a
Cole William (11)                                          BE 43a
Coleman Arraminta (8)                                     FR 484b
Coleman Byram (29)                                        CH 438b
Coleman Deborah (52)                                      CH 438b
Coleman Elias (6)                                         FR 484b
Coleman Elizabeth (10)                                    CH 439a
Coleman Fanny (78)                                        CG 474a
Coleman George (14)                                       FR 484b
Coleman George (16)                                       CH 438b
Coleman Hugh (15)                                         CG 474a
Coleman Isabell (7)                                       CG 474a
Coleman James (24)                                        CR 392b
Coleman Jane (23)                                         CH 438b
Coleman Jeremiah (53)                                     CH 438b
Coleman John (11)                                         CG 474a
Coleman Joseph (38)                                       CG 474a
Coleman Louisa (3)                                        FR 484b
Coleman Lovina (16)                                       FR 484b
Coleman Mary (34)                                         FR 484b
Coleman Mathias (14)                                      CH 438b
Coleman Nathaniel (38)                                    FR 484b
Coleman Rebecca (10)                                      FR 484b
Coleman Sarah M (5)                                       CG 474a
Coleman William (21)                                      CH 438b
Coleman William (1)                                       CG 474a
Coleman William (21)                                      CH 454a
Coles Aaron (4)                                           CR 383b
Coles Barton (8)                                          CR 383b
Coles Benjamin (12)                                       CR 383b
Coles Elizabeth (6)                                       CR 383b
Coles Hannah (40)                                         SB 515b
Coles James (47)                                          CR 383b
Coles Levi (16)                                           CR 383b
Coles Lydia (14)                                          CR 383b
Coles Mary (44)                                           CR 383b
Coles Phebe Ann (6)                                       CR 383b
Coles William B. (18)                                     CR 383b
Colmeary Mary A. (14)                                     WA 362b
Colmery Ann E. (10)                                       CN 368a
Colmery John (50)                                         CN 368a
Colmery John (6)                                          CN 368a
Colmery Rebecca (41)                                      CN 368a
Colmery Rebecca (3)                                       CN 368a
Colmery Sarah (8)                                         CN 368a
Colmery William (1)                                       CN 368a
Colny Albert (10)                                         CH 440a
Colny Catharine (13)                                      CH 440a
Colny Elizabeth (32)                                      CH 440a
Colny James (3)                                           CH 440a
Colny Louisa (7)                                          CH 440a
Colny Sarah (1/12)                                        CH 440a
Colny Stephen (34)                                        CH 440a
Commins Albert (9)                                        GL 512a
Commins Cornelius (4)                                     GL 512a
Commins Harriet (11)                                      GL 512a
Commins Lyman (35)                                        GL 512a
Commins Mary (32)                                         GL 512a
Conagam Thomas (22)                                       CR 382b
Conaway George (30)                                       GL 499b
Conaway Harriet (25)                                      GL 499b
Conaway John (6)                                          GL 499b
Conaway NN (1/12)                                         GL 499b
Conaway Walter (4)                                        GL 499b
Conger Benjamin (15)                                       HA 34a
Conger Benjamin (15)                                       HA 33b
Conger Benjamin (16)                                      GL 511b
Conger Clarissa (1)                                       WA 349b
Conger Daniel (5)                                          HA 34a
Conger Dennis (68)                                        WA 349b
Conger Dorcas (41)                                         HA 33b
Conger Hannah (11)                                         HA 34a
Conger James (21)                                          HA 33b
Conger John (13)                                           HA 34a
Conger Mary (26)                                          WA 349b
Conger Mary (5)                                            HA 34a
Conger Sarah (26)                                         WA 349b
Conger William (36)                                       WA 349b
Conger William (9)                                         HA 34a
Conklin A.V. (17)                                          WF 16a
Conklin Abraham (24)                                        WF 5b
Conklin Abraham (34)                                      CH 451b
Conklin C.C (20)                                           WF 13a
Conklin E.M. (25)                                          WF 13a
Conklin E.M. (14)                                          WF 16a
Conklin Francis (8)                                        LN 26a
Conklin J.P. (20)                                          WF 16a
Conklin Jacob (63)                                         WF 16a
Conklin James (50)                                         WF 15a
Conklin Mary A. (38)                                      CH 451b
Conklin O.C. (1)                                           WF 13a
Conklin Orra (52)                                          WF 16a
Conklin Ruth (9)                                           LN 28a
Conklin W.A. (22)                                          WF 13a
Conlen Charles (56)                                       CR 383b
Conlen Temperance (27)                                    CR 383b
Conlis Charles (12)                                       CH 439b
Conlis Ellen (10)                                         CH 439b
Conlis John (2)                                           CH 439b
Conlis Margaret (8)                                       CH 439b
Conlis Margaret (39)                                      CH 439b
Conlis Mary (4)                                           CH 439b
Conlis William (6)                                        CH 439b
Conlis William (41)                                       CH 439b
Conner Elizabeth (8)                                      CG 470a
Conner John (12)                                          CG 470a
Conner Mary (40)                                          CG 470a
Conner Rachel (5)                                         CG 470a
Conner Sarah A (3)                                        CG 470a
Conner Stilwell (6)                                       CG 470a
Conner Tim (16)                                            WF 18a
Conners Ellen (1)                                         WA 360b
Conners Lewis N. (4)                                      WA 360b
Conners Lucinda (26)                                      WA 360b
Conners William H. (29)                                   WA 360b
Connor Mary (9)                                           NB 398a
Connuse Alonzo (13)                                        HA 41b
Connuse Artemus (19)                                       HA 41b
Connuse Loisa (21)                                         HA 41b
Connuse Phebe (49)                                         HA 41b
Conuch Catharine (39)                                     CH 437a
Conuch Charles N (13)                                     CH 437b
Conuch Jacob (53)                                         CH 437a
Conuch Jess N (15)                                        CH 437b
Conuch Nathan N. (18)                                     CH 437a
Conuch Stephen B. (10)                                    CH 437b
Conway Beuson (6)                                         SB 518b
Conway Charlotte (65)                                     SB 518b
Conway Joseph (33)                                        SB 518b
Conway Malvina (27)                                       SB 518b
Conway Melville (2)                                       SB 518b
Conwell Cyntha (11)                                       GL 495b
Cook Abigail (57)                                         PR 430a
Cook Alett (12)                                           FR 488a
Cook Alice (2)                                            CN 363b
Cook Anna (35)                                            GL 511a
Cook Caroline (9)                                         FR 488a
Cook Catharine (46)                                        WF 12a
Cook Catharine J. (30)                                    CN 375a
Cook Cynthia (36)                                         PR 430a
Cook David (2)                                            GL 511a
Cook David (48)                                            BE 51b
Cook Elderidge J. (10)                                    CN 375a
Cook Eldridge (5)                                         CN 363b
Cook Elie (62)                                            SB 525b
Cook Elihu (12)                                            BE 51b
Cook Elizabeth (65)                                       SB 525b
Cook Ellen (13)                                           GL 511b
Cook Ellen (27)                                           CN 363b
Cook Ellen (21)                                            BE 51b
Cook Elusing C. (5)                                       CN 363b
Cook Emerson (11)                                         GL 511b
Cook Emery (1/12)                                         GL 511a
Cook Emery (34)                                           GL 511a
Cook Esther (38)                                          SB 515b
Cook Fayett (21)                                          PR 430a
Cook George (13)                                          CG 459b
Cook George W. (20)                                       CH 437b
Cook Henry (3)                                            CN 363b
Cook Horace (17)                                           BE 51b
Cook Idah (13)                                            FR 488a
Cook James (3)                                            SB 515b
Cook Jane (35)                                            GL 511b
Cook Jay (26)                                             SB 532a
Cook John B. (34)                                         CG 461b
Cook John (4)                                             GL 511b
Cook John (3)                                             GL 511a
Cook John (27)                                            CG 467a
Cook Justin (11)                                           WF 12a
Cook Lewis (2)                                            CG 459b
Cook Loomas (47)                                          CR 393a
Cook Louisa (42)                                          FR 488a
Cook Lovina (15)                                          FR 488a
Cook Lydia (45)                                           CR 393a
Cook Marchas (11)                                         FR 488a
Cook Maria (2)                                            FR 488a
Cook Maria (48)                                            BE 51b
Cook Martha (7)                                           GL 511b
Cook Mary J. (18)                                         CR 393a
Cook Mary (20)                                            SB 525b
Cook Mary (21)                                            SB 532a
Cook Mary (15)                                            PR 430a
Cook Mary (19)                                            FR 488a
Cook Mary (37)                                            FR 488a
Cook McArther (30)                                        PR 430b
Cook Melita (14)                                           WF 12a
Cook Melvin W. (6)                                        CN 363b
Cook Nancy (22)                                           PR 430b
Cook Phebe (11)                                            BE 51b
Cook PR (22)                                              PR 430a
Cook Rachel (75)                                          FR 488a
Cook Rollin (2)                                           GL 511b
Cook Samuel (20)                                          CR 393a
Cook Samuel (33)                                          CN 375a
Cook Sarah (18)                                           PR 430a
Cook Sarah (45)                                           CG 459b
Cook Seely (54)                                           CG 459b
Cook Seth (6)                                             GL 511a
Cook Seth (33)                                            CN 363b
Cook Simon (15)                                           FR 488a
Cook Stephen (5)                                          FR 488a
Cook Stephen (39)                                         FR 488a
Cook Susan (34)                                           CG 461b
Cook Susan (26)                                           CG 467a
Cook Susanna (20)                                         CH 437b
Cook Susannah (74)                                        CG 461b
Cook Thomas (36)                                          GL 511b
Cook Walter (5)                                            BE 51b
Cook Warren (18)                                          CH 440b
Cook Wilford P. (7)                                       CN 375a
Cook William B. (4)                                       CN 375a
Cook William (50)                                         FR 488a
Cooly Alice (1)                                           CN 369b
Cooly Andrew (26)                                         CN 369b
Cooly Ann (21)                                            CN 369b
Cooly Elizabeth (4)                                       CN 369b
Coon Barbara (2)                                          GL 504b
Coon George (70)                                          GL 504a
Coon Jacob (5)                                            GL 504b
Coon Jacob (40)                                           GL 504a
Coon John (7)                                             GL 504b
Coon Mary (27)                                            GL 504b
Coon Nancy (59)                                           GL 504a
Coon Thomas (17)                                          GL 504a
Coons Ann B (8)                                           CG 475a
Coons Hiram (13)                                          CG 475a
Cooper Anna (53)                                          WA 355b
Cooper Byram (5)                                          GL 512a
Cooper Calvin (3)                                         GL 505a
Cooper Daniel (55)                                        WA 355b
Cooper Daniel (20)                                        WA 356a
Cooper Elias (13)                                         GL 505a
Cooper Elias (36)                                         GL 511b
Cooper Elijah (29)                                        WA 355b
Cooper Elivira (6)                                        GL 505a
Cooper Ephraim (23)                                       WA 356a
Cooper George (14)                                        FR 483b
Cooper Hannibal (5)                                       GL 511b
Cooper Hetta (31)                                         GL 511b
Cooper Hiram (12)                                         WA 356a
Cooper Isaac (40)                                         GL 512a
Cooper James (17)                                         GL 505a
Cooper Jane (43)                                          GL 505a
Cooper John (9)                                           GL 512a
Cooper Jonas (17)                                         WA 356a
Cooper Mary (8)                                           GL 505a
Cooper Mary (43)                                          GL 512a
Cooper Mary (16)                                          CH 450b
Cooper Mary (78)                                          CN 372b
Cooper Phebe (25)                                         WA 356a
Cooper Samuel (12)                                        GL 511b
Cooper Sarah (1)                                          GL 505a
Cooper Sarah (12)                                         FR 483b
Cooper William (44)                                       GL 505a
Coragan Eliza (6)                                         WA 354a
Coragan James (2)                                         WA 354b
Coragan Julia (25)                                        WA 354a
Coragan Peter (1/12)                                      WA 354b
Coragan Peter (34)                                        WA 354a
Cordeal Jacob A. (32)                                     PR 436a
Cordeal Margaretta (29)                                   PR 436a
Cordeal Martin L (7)                                      PR 436a
Cordell Catharine (42)                                    CH 440a
Cordell James (22)                                        CH 440a
Cordell O. W. (20)                                        CH 440a
Cordell William (24)                                      CH 440a
Core Andrew (5)                                            WF 11b
Core Celestia (6)                                          WF 11b
Core D.W. (16)                                             WF 11b
Core Henry (13)                                            WF 11b
Core Horace (1)                                            WF 11b
Core Maryam (28)                                           WF 11b
Core Urretta (3)                                           WF 11b
Core William (35)                                          WF 11b
Corkran Ann (4)                                           WA 360a
Corkran Anthony (34)                                      WA 360a
Corkran Biddy (10)                                        WA 360a
Corkran Celia (30)                                        WA 360a
Corkran Mary J. (2)                                       WA 360a
Corkran Patrick (8)                                       WA 360a
Cornish Abraham (64)                                       BE 44b
Cornish Diana (28)                                         BE 44b
Cornish Lydia (63)                                         BE 44b
Cornish Rebecca (19)                                       BE 44b
Cornish Rosetta (22)                                       BE 44b
Cornman Elinor (33)                                       GL 514b
Cornman James (3)                                         GL 514b
Cornman Robert (38)                                       GL 514b
Cornwell Caroline (20)                                    PR 427a
Cornwell Charles W. (18)                                  PR 427a
Cornwell Martha (53)                                      PR 427a
Cornwell Rebecca (18)                                     PR 427a
Corugill Andrew (18)                                       PU 67a
Corwin Abijah (8)                                         CN 375a
Corwin Aditha (10)                                        FR 493b
Corwin Alcinda (21)                                       FR 486a
Corwin Alexander (13)                                     CN 375a
Corwin Allen (14)                                         FR 493b
Corwin Amy (61)                                             WF 2a
Corwin Andrew J (21)                                      CG 458a
Corwin Ann L. (12)                                        CN 375a
Corwin Arasmus D. (6/12)                                  CG 458a
Corwin Benj (67)                                            WF 2a
Corwin Benjamin (63)                                      FR 486a
Corwin Benjamin (16)                                      FR 492b
Corwin Benjamin (6)                                       CN 375a
Corwin Charles (9/12)                                     FR 493b
Corwin Charles (25)                                         WF 2a
Corwin Cornelius (22)                                      HA 38b
Corwin David (1/12)                                       FR 492b
Corwin Emily S (12)                                       CG 458a
Corwin Ephraim (51)                                       FR 492b
Corwin FR (19)                                            FR 486a
Corwin George (1)                                         FR 492b
Corwin George (16)                                        FR 493b
Corwin Hannah (2)                                         FR 486b
Corwin Harriet (9)                                        FR 486b
Corwin Hester (12)                                        CH 440a
Corwin Isaac (25)                                         CG 458a
Corwin Jackson (15)                                       CH 442a
Corwin James (39)                                         FR 493b
Corwin James (4)                                          FR 493b
Corwin James W. (10)                                      CN 375a
Corwin John (36)                                          FR 486b
Corwin Lafronce (6)                                       FR 493b
Corwin Licander (12)                                      FR 493b
Corwin Margaret (54)                                      FR 486a
Corwin Margaret (37)                                      CN 375a
Corwin Maria (28)                                         FR 486b
Corwin Maria (25)                                         CG 458a
Corwin Mary (13)                                          FR 489b
Corwin Mary (36)                                          FR 493b
Corwin Minerva (22)                                       CG 474a
Corwin Nathan (11)                                        CN 377b
Corwin Rachel (29)                                        CN 377b
Corwin Ruth (24)                                           HA 38b
Corwin Samuel (21)                                        SB 526a
Corwin Sarah E. (2)                                       CN 377b
Corwin Sarah (22)                                         SB 526a
Corwin Sarah (31)                                         FR 492b
Corwin Sarah (70)                                         CH 446b
Corwin Sophia (3)                                         CN 375a
Corwin Stephen (24)                                       FR 486a
Corwin Stephen (23)                                       FR 492b
Corwin Stephen (38)                                       CN 375a
Corwin Violetta (8)                                       FR 493b
Corwin W.W. (22)                                            WF 2a
Corwin William A. (5)                                     CN 377b
Corwin William (18)                                       FR 493b
Corwin William (27)                                       CG 474a
Corwin William (42)                                       CN 377b
Corwin Zelietta (3)                                       CG 458a
Cosper Addison (3)                                        CH 454a
Cosper Charlotte J. (9)                                   CH 454a
Cosper Len* (26)                                          CH 454a
Cosper Martha (7)                                         CH 454a
Cosper Milo (1)                                           CH 454a
Cosper Stephen (35)                                       CH 454a
Cosper Thomas (5)                                         CH 454a
Cover Asa (63)                                            PR 434a
Cover Esther (55)                                         PR 434a
Cover Fidelia (28)                                        PR 434a
Cover Jason J. (27)                                       PR 433b
Cover Josiah (21)                                         PR 432b
Cowden Eliza J. (15)                                      CH 449a
Cowden John M. (3)                                        CH 449a
Cowden Louisa C. (8)                                      CH 449a
Cowden Lucinda A. (10)                                    CH 449a
Cowden Mary (13)                                          CH 449a
Cowden Mary (40)                                          CH 449a
Cowden Nancy E. (5)                                       CH 449a
Cowden William (39)                                       CH 449a
Cowen Clemente (39)                                       FR 480a
Cowen Mabel (28)                                          FR 480a
Cr* Ann (26)                                              SB 532b
Cr* Cynthia (1)                                           SB 533a
Cr* George (6)                                            SB 532b
Cr* Lester (30)                                           SB 532b
Cr* Rebecca (4)                                           SB 532b
Crabeth Catharine (25)                                    CH 456a
Crabeth James B (6)                                       CH 456a
Crabeth Mary (1)                                          CH 456a
Crabeth Salome P. (11)                                    CH 456a
Crabeth Samuel (23)                                       CH 456a
Crabeth Sarah L (8)                                       CH 456a
Craig Catharine (17)                                      SB 520a
Craig Jane (45)                                           SB 520a
Craig Lewis (14)                                          SB 520a
Craig Mary (1/12)                                         SB 520a
Craig Mary (20)                                           SB 520a
Craig Realiff (16)                                        SB 520a
Craig Sebaneh (24)                                        SB 520a
Craig William (40)                                        SB 520a

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