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The transcripts are posted on the Ohio Archives Census site.
Many thanks to Maggie Stewart-Zimmerman, Jane Peppler, and Sandra Oty.

Instructions for using the census pages: Start at the Surname Index page here. Click on the link in which your Surname would be, alphabetically. When you find your Surname there, make note of the township abbreviation and the sheet number. Then come back here and choose the link to take you to the Township and Sheet number you noted earlier.

BE: Bennington (Sheets 42b-47a)  (Sheets 47b-52a)  (Sheets 52b-57a)  (Sheet 57b)
CN: Canaan (Sheets 363b-368a)  (368b-373a)  (373b-378a)
CR: Cardington (Sheets 378b-383a)  (Sheets 383b-388a)  (Sheets 388b-393a)  (Sheets 393b-395a)
CH: Chester (Sheets436b-441a)  (Sheets 441b-446a)  (Sheets 446b-451a)  (Sheets 451b-455a, 456a)
CG: Congress (Sheets 456b-461a)  (Sheets 461b-465-b   Note: Two sheets are numbered as 463a)  (466a-470b)  (471a-475b)
FR: Franklin (Sheets 476b-481a)  (Sheets 481b-485b  Note: Two sheets are numbered as 483b)  (Sheets 486a-490b)  (Sheets 491a-493a)
GL: Gilead (Sheets 494b-499a)  (Sheets 499b-503b  Note: Two sheets are numbered as 501a)  (Sheets 504a-509b  Note: no 506b or 507a)  (Sheets 510a-514b)  (Sheet 515a)
HA: Harmony (Sheets 29b-34a)  (Sheets 34b-39a)  (Sheets 39b-41b)
LN: Lincoln (Sheets 18b-23a)  (Sheets 23b-28a)  (Sheets 28b-29a)
NB: North Bloomfield (Sheets 395b-400a)  (Sheets 400b-405a)  (Sheets 405b-410a)  (Sheets 410b-412b)
PR: Perry (Sheets 422b-427a)  (Sheets 427b-432a)  (Sheets 432b-436a)
PU: Peru (Sheets 58b-63a)  (Sheets 63b-68a)  (Sheets 68b-69a)
SB:South Bloomfield (Sheets 515b-520a)  (Sheets 520b-524b  Note: Two sheets are numbered 522a)  (Sheets 525a-529b)  (Sheets 530a-533a  Note: No sheets 530b or 531a)
TR: Troy (Sheets 414a-418b) (Sheets 419a-421b)
WA: Washington (Sheets 349b-354a)  (Sheets 354b-359a)  (Sheets 359b-363a)
WF: Westfield (Sheets 1b-6a)  (Sheets 6b-11a)  (Sheets 11b-16a)  (Sheets 16b-18a)

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