Morrow 1850 census index (partial)
Morrow County 1850 Census Surname Index
Surname/Given Name/Age/Township Abbreviation/Sheet Number
(Note: the "a" or "b" indication is not always accurate)
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Carson Alexander (42)                                     SB 524b
Carson Amelia (14)                                        SB 524b
Carson Elizabeth (42)                                     SB 524b
Carson George (8)                                         SB 525a
Carson James (11)                                         SB 525a
Carson Lovina (2)                                         SB 525a
Carson Martha (9)                                         SB 525a
Carson Theodore (16)                                      SB 524b
Carter Archimides (33)                                    CH 446a
Carter Bushrod (28)                                       GL 511b
Carter George (67)                                         HA 31a
Carter George (25)                                         HA 31a
Carter Helen (60)                                          HA 31a
Carter Isabel (25)                                        CH 446a
Carter John (19)                                           HA 31a
Carter Margaret (24)                                      GL 511b
Carter Margaret (3)                                       CH 446a
Carter Mary (9)                                           CH 446a
Carter Sarah (15)                                          HA 31a
Carter Susan (7)                                          CH 446a
Carud Hannah (4)                                          SB 531b
Carud John (33)                                           SB 531b
Carud Mary (4)                                            SB 531b
Carud Ruhama (10/12)                                      SB 531b
Carud Sarah (28)                                          SB 531b
Carver Isabel (20)                                        WA 353b
Cary Charles P. (13)                                      CH 439a
Cary John (7)                                             GL 507b
Cary John (63)                                            CH 439a
Cary Julia Ann (9)                                        CR 389a
Cary Lewis (34)                                           GL 507b
Cary Marcella (9/12)                                      GL 507b
Cary Margaret (57)                                        CH 439a
Cary Martha (33)                                          GL 507b
Cary Mary (5)                                             GL 507b
Cary Surany E. (19)                                       CH 439a
Casal Samuel (47)                                         SB 517b
Case Ann (33)                                              HA 32a
Case Anna (51)                                              WF 7a
Case Daniel (31)                                           HA 32a
Case Eliphalet (6)                                         HA 32a
Case John (55)                                              WF 7a
Case John (7)                                               WF 7a
Case Lovina (19)                                            WF 7a
Case Macy (14)                                              WF 7a
Case Samantha (9)                                           WF 7a
Case Warren (4)                                            HA 32a
Casey Benjamin (11)                                       WA 358b
Casey Clarinda E. (5)                                     CH 439b
Casey Daniel (66)                                         WA 354b
Casey David F. (13)                                       WA 358b
Casey Eliza (6/12)                                        WA 360b
Casey Elizabeth (15)                                      WA 355a
Casey Harriet (26)                                        WA 354b
Casey James (17)                                          WA 358b
Casey Margaret (20)                                       WA 354b
Casey Marshall (6)                                        CH 439b
Casey Mary J. (4)                                         WA 360b
Casey Mary (45)                                           WA 358b
Casey Mary (28)                                           CH 439b
Casey Nancy (58)                                          WA 354b
Casey Nancy (18)                                          WA 354b
Casey Rebecca (5/12)                                      WA 358b
Casey Rosanna (40)                                        WA 358b
Casey Sarah A. (26)                                       WA 360b
Casey Sarah (30)                                          WA 358b
Casey Stephen (29)                                        WA 360b
Casey Thomas (2)                                          WA 360b
Casey William (23)                                        WA 355a
Casey William (50)                                        WA 358b
Cass Campbell (26)                                        WA 352a
Cass Jane (63)                                            WA 352a
Cass Joseph (63)                                          WA 352a
Cass Joseph (23)                                          WA 352a
Cass Minerva (32)                                         WA 353b
Cass Rachel (7)                                           WA 353b
Cass Rachel (23)                                          WA 352a
Cass Thankfull (2)                                        WA 353b
Cass Wellington (33)                                      WA 353b
Cass William (30)                                         SB 524a
Cassell John (8)                                          CG 472b
Caster John (17)                                          CN 372a
Caster Mary A. (12)                                       CN 372a
Casto Andrew (11)                                          HA 41b
Casto Daniel (17)                                          HA 41b
Casto Elizabeth (15)                                       HA 41b
Casto James (39)                                           HA 41b
Casto Mahala (2)                                           HA 41b
Casto Margaret (5)                                         HA 41b
Casto Maria (55)                                           HA 41b
Casto William (13)                                         HA 41b
Catlin Luman (53)                                         CH 437a
Catlin Minerva (52)                                       CH 437a
Catlin Olive (18)                                         CH 437a
Catlin Oliver (18)                                        CH 437a
Cattin Elizabeth (23)                                     CH 437a
Cattin Milo J. (23)                                       CH 437a
Cattin Murry B. (1)                                       CH 437a
Causalus Calvin (22)                                      CH 454b
Causalus George (16)                                      CH 454b
Causalus Joseph (25)                                      CH 454b
Causalus Lodema (12)                                      CH 454b
Causalus Nancy (53)                                       CH 454b
Cave Elijah (30)                                          FR 483a
Cave Matilda (21)                                         FR 483a
Cave Sarah (2)                                            FR 483a
Cavert Debora (6)                                         SB 527b
Cavert James (4)                                          SB 527b
Cavert John (29)                                          SB 527b
Cavert Rebecca (27)                                       SB 527b
Cavill Philander (9)                                      CG 474b
Cazier Clarissa (19)                                      SB 522b
Cazier Edward (21)                                        SB 522b
Cazier Eliza (3)                                          SB 523a
Cazier Eliza (1)                                          SB 522b
Cazier Hannah (19)                                        SB 523a
Cazier Mary (14)                                          SB 523a
Cazier Nancy (7)                                          SB 523a
Cazier Nancy (45)                                         SB 523a
Cazier Nathan (13)                                        SB 523a
Cazier Richard (10)                                       SB 523a
Cazier Samuel (16)                                        SB 523a
Cazier Samuel (46)                                        SB 523a
Cease John (15)                                           CG 475b
Cegler Elizabeth (28)                                     PR 432b
Cegler Jason (1)                                          PR 432b
Cegler Joseph (5)                                         PR 432b
Cegler Olrich (27)                                        PR 432b
Cegler Rebecca (7)                                        PR 432b
Cegler Susan (22)                                         PR 432b
Cegler William (15)                                       PR 432b
Cener John (11)                                           PR 431b
Chace Abigail (2)                                          BE 51b
Chace Amelia (26)                                          BE 51b
Chace Benjamin (1/12)                                      BE 51a
Chace Charles (23)                                         BE 51b
Chace Daniel (45)                                          BE 55b
Chace David (8)                                            BE 51a
Chace Derwit (7/12)                                        BE 51b
Chace Electa (23)                                          BE 51b
Chace Elmar (16)                                           BE 55b
Chace Emaline (19)                                         BE 51b
Chace Esther (12)                                          BE 51a
Chace George (18)                                          BE 51b
Chace Ira (11)                                             WF 12b
Chace James (28)                                           BE 51b
Chace Job (57)                                             BE 51a
Chace Josiah (4/12)                                        BE 51b
Chace Lorenzo (3)                                          BE 51b
Chace Maria (15)                                           BE 55b
Chace Mary (10/12)                                         BE 51b
Chace Mary (52)                                            WF 12b
Chace Nathan (31)                                          BE 51b
Chace Obadiah (3)                                          BE 55b
Chace Racael (2)                                           BE 51b
Chace Robert (4)                                           BE 51b
Chace Sally (40)                                           BE 55b
Chace Sherman (1)                                          BE 55b
Chace Sibbie (22)                                          WF 12b
Chace Solomon (51)                                         WF 12b
Chace Solomon (14)                                         WF 12b
Chace Susan (40)                                           BE 51a
Chace Sylvia (23)                                          BE 51b
Chace Thomas (5)                                           BE 51a
Chamberlain Alvira (20)                                    WF 14b
Chamberlain Catharine (1/12)                              CH 455b
Chamberlain Catharine (16)                                 HA 32b
Chamberlain Christopher (39)                               HA 32b
Chamberlain Christopher (3)                               CG 463a
Chamberlain Cyrene (55)                                    WF 14b
Chamberlain Elizabeth (73)                                 WF 14b
Chamberlain Elizabeth (7)                                 CG 463a
Chamberlain Henry (25)                                    CH 455b
Chamberlain Isaac (29)                                    FR 480b
Chamberlain John (1)                                       HA 32b
Chamberlain John (35)                                     CG 463a
Chamberlain Leander (5)                                   CG 463a
Chamberlain Leora (4)                                      HA 32b
Chamberlain Lucretia (9)                                   HA 32b
Chamberlain Martha (60)                                   GL 507b
Chamberlain Martha (22)                                   CH 455b
Chamberlain Mary (1)                                      FR 480b
Chamberlain Mary (30)                                     CG 463a
Chamberlain Melissa (28)                                  FR 480b
Chamberlain Phebe (13)                                     HA 32b
Chamberlain Sarah (37)                                     HA 32b
Chamberlain Timothy (54)                                   WF 14b
Chambers Benj (16)                                         HA 31b
Chambers Catherine (13)                                    HA 31b
Chambers Charity (1)                                       BE 43b
Chambers Cornelia (19)                                     BE 43b
Chambers Curtis (17)                                       BE 56a
Chambers Daniel (7)                                       NB 405a
Chambers Elizabeth (39)                                    HA 31b
Chambers Ellen (2)                                         HA 31b
Chambers George (13)                                      NB 405a
Chambers Hannah (18)                                       HA 31b
Chambers Isabel (7)                                        HA 31b
Chambers James C. (10)                                    NB 405a
Chambers James (2)                                         BE 56a
Chambers James (51)                                        BE 56a
Chambers Jane (35)                                        NB 405a
Chambers John A. (5)                                      NB 405a
Chambers John (21)                                         BE 56a
Chambers Mary (5/12)                                       BE 56a
Chambers Mary (5)                                          HA 31b
Chambers Mary (22)                                         BE 56a
Chambers Robert (20)                                       HA 31b
Chambers Sarah (9)                                         BE 56a
Chambers Tamour (10)                                       HA 31b
Chambers Thomas M. (11)                                   NB 405a
Chambers Thomas (41)                                      NB 405a
Chambers Thomas (25)                                       BE 43b
Chambers William (15)                                     NB 405a
Chambers William (50)                                      HA 31b
Chambers William (15)                                      BE 56a
Chamblin Susann (27)                                      CH 448b
Chamblin Wesley (30)                                      CH 448b
Chandler Allen M (9)                                      CG 470a
Chandler Benjamin (1)                                     CG 470a
Chandler Cecelia (6)                                      CG 470a
Chandler Ellinor (3)                                      CG 470a
Chandler Jacob (7)                                        CG 470a
Chandler Mary E (29)                                      CG 470a
Chandler Shedrack (45)                                    CG 470a
Chandler Thomas (10)                                      CG 470a
Chapman Aaron (66)                                         PU 58b
Chapman Albert (2)                                        CR 395a
Chapman Charles (18)                                      CR 395a
Chapman Hiram (40)                                        CR 394b
Chapman James (11)                                        CR 395a
Chapman Jane (6)                                          CR 395a
Chapman Joseph (80)                                       CR 395a
Chapman Levi (33)                                         CR 395a
Chapman Luther (13)                                       CR 395a
Chapman Martha (64)                                        PU 58b
Chapman Mary (16)                                          PU 58b
Chapman Miles (6)                                         CR 395a
Chapman Nancy A. (37)                                     CR 394b
Chapman NN (1/12)                                         CR 395a
Chapman Princes (4)                                       CR 395a
Chapman Sarah A. (30)                                     CR 395a
Chappell Douglas (6/12)                                    PU 62b
Chappell Henry (24)                                        PU 62b
Chappell Matilda (23)                                      PU 62b
Chappell Merritt (3)                                       PU 62b
Chappell Sarah (2)                                         PU 62b
Chase Alvira (43)                                         SB 516a
Chase Ann (45)                                            SB 516b
Chase Beverling (19)                                      SB 516a
Chase Carline (1)                                         SB 515b
Chase Daniel (15)                                         SB 516b
Chase Elizaeth (24)                                       SB 516b
Chase Eunice (19)                                         SB 516b
Chase Hamiton (6)                                         SB 516a
Chase Hannah (11)                                         SB 516a
Chase Huldah (16)                                         SB 516a
Chase John (22)                                           SB 516a
Chase Lester (12)                                         SB 515b
Chase Maria (42)                                          SB 515b
Chase Martha (5)                                          SB 515b
Chase Mary (8)                                            SB 515b
Chase Mary (1)                                            SB 516b
Chase Reuben (8)                                          SB 516a
Chase Robert (45)                                         SB 516b
Chase Webster (13)                                        SB 516a
Chase William (24)                                        SB 516b
Chase Zalman (54)                                         SB 515b
Cherman Alden (62)                                         BE 43b
Cherman Rebecca (68)                                       BE 43b
Cherry Charlotte (65)                                     CN 367b
Cherry Rachel (41)                                        CN 367b
Chilcoat Hethcoate (71)                                   FR 482b
Chilcoat Mary (63)                                        FR 482b
Chilcote Anna (42)                                         HA 32b
Chilcote Benjamin (19)                                     HA 32b
Chilcote Denton (6)                                        HA 32a
Chilcote Elizabeth (28)                                    HA 32a
Chilcote Greenberry (42)                                  CH 448a
Chilcote Hethcoat (29)                                     HA 31b
Chilcote Hethcote (12)                                     HA 33a
Chilcote Jemima (4)                                        HA 33a
Chilcote Joshua (6)                                        HA 33a
Chilcote Joshua (34)                                       HA 32a
Chilcote Mary (10/12)                                      HA 32a
Chilcote Mary (9)                                          HA 32b
Chilcote Melinda (9)                                       HA 33a
Chilcote Nancy (25)                                       CH 448a
Chilcote Naomi (1)                                         HA 33a
Chilcote Nickodemus (43)                                   HA 32b
Chilcote Rhoda (36)                                        HA 32b
Chilcote Rhoda (15)                                        HA 33a
Chilcote Ruthy (17)                                        HA 33a
Chilcote Susannah (5)                                      HA 32a
Childon Asa (40)                                          NB 395b
Childon Eveline (28)                                      NB 395b
Chilson Hannah (74)                                       CG 458a
Chilson Ira (30)                                          WA 361b
Chilson Levi (73)                                         CG 458a
Chilson Nathan (5)                                        WA 361b
Chilson Rachel (22)                                       WA 361b
Chip Cinderella (32)                                       HA 33a
Chip James (8)                                             HA 33a
Chip John (6)                                              HA 33a
Chip Melville (1)                                          HA 33a
Chip Samuel W. (36)                                        HA 33a
Chip Sarah (4)                                             HA 33a
Chip Wesley (2)                                            HA 33a
Chipps Catharine (18)                                     FR 476b
Chipps Elcy (48)                                          FR 476b
Chipps Emily (16)                                         FR 476b
Chipps Joshua (20)                                        FR 476b
Chipps Maria (23)                                         FR 476b
Chipps Smith (14)                                         FR 476b
Chipps William (61)                                       FR 476b
Chipps William (10)                                       FR 476b
Christ Amanda (26)                                         PU 63b
Christ Aurelia (24)                                        PU 64a
Christ George (4)                                          PU 64a
Christ Henry (26)                                          PU 63b
Christ John (34)                                           PU 64a
Christ Julius (2)                                          PU 63b
Christ Lewis (2)                                           PU 64a
Christ Martha (62)                                         PU 63b
Christie Alcinda (11)                                     CN 364b
Christie David (60)                                       CN 364b
Christie David (28)                                       CN 373a
Christie Hannah J. (25)                                   CN 373a
Christie James (21)                                       CN 364b
Christie John (23)                                        CN 364b
Christie Lodenia (3)                                      CN 373a
Christie Martha E. (4)                                    CN 373a
Christie Martha (55)                                      CN 364b
Christie Marvin (14)                                      CN 364b
Christie Mary (24)                                        CN 364b
Christie Nancy E. (1)                                     CN 373a
Christie Nancy (8)                                        CN 364b
Christie Sarah (16)                                       CN 364b
Churchill F. ? (78)                                        BE 55a
Churchill Ira (10)                                         BE 51a
Churchill Laura (36)                                       BE 55a
Churchill Lorenzo (40)                                     BE 50b
Churchill Nancy (33)                                       BE 50b
Churchill Norman (12)                                      BE 50b
Churchill Philander (7)                                    BE 51a
Churchill Sarah (73)                                       BE 55a
Claflin Malder (18)                                       GL 513b
Claggett Elizabeth (23)                                   CR 383a
Claggett Elmira (9)                                       CR 383a
Claggett Harriet A. (15)                                  CR 383a
Claggett James (50)                                       CR 383a
Claggett James W. (21)                                    CR 383a
Claggett Louisa M. (3/12)                                 CR 383a
Claggett Louisa (46)                                      CR 383a
Claggett Sarah E. (1)                                     CR 383a
Claggett Septimus (11)                                    CR 383a
Clark 40 (f)                                              CG 458a
Clark Adaline (9)                                          PU 66b
Clark Adelbert (1)                                        CR 389a
Clark Allice (1)                                           PU 59a
Clark Alva (21)                                           CN 373b
Clark Andrew (16)                                          PU 66b
Clark Augustine (4)                                        PU 59a
Clark Benoni (34)                                         FR 483a
Clark Bentley N (6)                                       FR 483a
Clark Calvin (41)                                          PU 66b
Clark Charlotte (31)                                       PU 66b
Clark Charlotte (33)                                      GL 511a
Clark Chloe (9)                                           NB 397a
Clark Clarisa (4)                                         CG 458a
Clark Cordelia (20)                                       CR 389a
Clark Cyrus (8)                                            PU 59a
Clark Daniel (23)                                         SB 529b
Clark David (5)                                           FR 483b
Clark Eleanor (42)                                         PU 66b
Clark Elizabeth A. (17)                                   NB 397a
Clark Elizabeth (34)                                       WF 12a
Clark Elizabeth (11)                                      GL 511a
Clark Elizabeth (8)                                       FR 483a
Clark Ellen (12)                                           WF 17b
Clark Fanny (15)                                          NB 397a
Clark Franklin (3)                                         WF 12a
Clark Franklin (15)                                       CG 458a
Clark George (7/12)                                       FR 483a
Clark George (36)                                          PU 59a
Clark Hannah (36)                                          WF 17b
Clark Harriet (7)                                          PU 66b
Clark Harrison (8)                                         WF 17b
Clark Henry (14)                                           WF 17b
Clark Homer (7)                                           GL 511a
Clark James (50)                                           WF 17b
Clark James (3)                                           FR 483a
Clark Jasper (32)                                          WF 12a
Clark Jemima (11)                                         NB 397a
Clark John C. (13)                                        PR 432a
Clark Lauron (14)                                         SB 529b
Clark Letha (1)                                            PU 67a
Clark Lettice (4)                                          PU 67a
Clark Loretta (1)                                          WF 12a
Clark Lucinda (14)                                         PU 66b
Clark Lucinda (64)                                        FR 486a
Clark Lydia (10)                                           PU 67a
Clark Marsenra (6)                                         WF 12a
Clark Martha (23)                                          WF 17b
Clark Mary (39)                                           SB 529b
Clark Mary (34)                                            PU 59a
Clark Mary (8)                                             PU 67a
Clark Mary (32)                                           FR 483a
Clark Mathew (53)                                          PU 66b
Clark Matilda (17)                                         WF 12a
Clark Moses (29)                                           WF 17b
Clark Nathan (21)                                         CR 389a
Clark Nathaniel (47)                                      NB 397a
Clark Peter (12)                                           PU 66b
Clark Philena (60)                                        SB 529b
Clark Philena (9)                                         GL 511a
Clark Polly (6)                                           NB 397a
Clark Reuben (18)                                         NB 397a
Clark Reuben (63)                                         FR 486a
Clark Rosewell (58)                                       SB 529b
Clark Sally (55)                                           WF 12a
Clark Samantha (2)                                         WF 17b
Clark Sarah A. (32)                                       NB 397a
Clark Sarah J. (15)                                       CN 373b
Clark Sheldon (51)                                        SB 529b
Clark Silas P. (25)                                       NB 397a
Clark Washington (17)                                      PU 66b
Clark Wesley (19)                                          PU 66b
Clark Wesley (37)                                         GL 511a
Clark William (9)                                          WF 12a
Clark William (16)                                         WF 17b
Clark William (6)                                          PU 59a
Clark William (13)                                        FR 483b
Clark Zachias (18)                                        CH 436b
Clarke Christian (18)                                     GL 494b
Clarke George (22)                                        GL 494b
Clarke Jeremiah (17)                                      GL 494b
Clary Lucy (43)                                            PU 59a
Clary Morris (20)                                          PU 59a
Clary Nicy (16)                                            PU 59a
Claudy Martin (11)                                        PR 424a
Clay Barbara (64)                                         PR 424b
Clay Henry (5)                                             BE 46b
Clay Isaac (3/12)                                          BE 46b
Clay Philip (54)                                          PR 424b
Clayman Adaline (13)                                       WF 13b
Clayman Angeline (54)                                      WF 13a
Clayman Angeline (6)                                       WF 13b
Clayman Avina (10)                                         WF 13b
Clayman Benjamin (42)                                      WF 13a
Clayman J.H. (8)                                           WF 13b
Clayman M.I. (2)                                           WF 13b
Clayman O.W. (15)                                          WF 13b
Claypool Albert (4)                                         WF 4a
Claypool Anna (11)                                          WF 3b
Claypool Chesley (2)                                        WF 4a
Claypool Elizabeth (19)                                    WF 16a
Claypool Ellen (17)                                        WF 16a
Claypool Fanny (40)                                         WF 3b
Claypool George (16)                                        WF 3b
Claypool Isaac (8)                                          WF 3b
Claypool J.H. (1)                                           WF 3b
Claypool J.W. (4)                                           WF 3b
Claypool Jacob (30)                                         WF 4a
Claypool John (40)                                          WF 3b
Claypool John (42)                                         WF 15b
Claypool L.E. (6)                                           WF 3b
Claypool Levi (13)                                          WF 3b
Claypool Martha (21)                                        WF 4a
Claypool Mary (14)                                          WF 3b
Claypool Sarah (68)                                         WF 4a
Claypool Susannah (42)                                     WF 15b
Claypool William (18)                                       WF 3b
Clements Adalaid (1)                                      GL 509b
Clements James (4)                                        GL 509b
Clements John (9)                                         GL 509b
Clements Sophronia (28)                                   GL 509b
Clements William (34)                                     GL 509b
Clevenger Aaron (3/12)                                    CG 469b
Clevenger Daniel (17)                                     CG 469a
Clevenger David (13)                                      CG 469a
Clevenger Elicta (3)                                      CG 469b
Clevenger Jonas (20)                                      CG 469a
Clevenger Mary (18)                                       CG 469a
Clevenger Meriam (7)                                      CG 469a
Clevenger Moses (1)                                       CG 469b
Clevenger Orpha (5)                                       CG 469a
Clevenger Rachel (6)                                      CG 469a
Clevenger Rhoda (15)                                      CG 469a
Clevenger Simeon (11)                                     CG 469a
Clevenger Thomas (42)                                     CG 469a
Click Andrew (35)                                          LN 26b
Click John (7)                                             LN 26b
Click Judith (12)                                          LN 26b
Click Lucy (1)                                             LN 26b
Click Lydia (9)                                            LN 26b
Click Sarah (32)                                           LN 26b
Click Ssarah (3)                                           LN 26b
Clifton Mahala (18)                                       CR 394a
Clifton Nelson W. (29)                                    CR 394a
Cline Adam H. (4)                                         NB 409a
Cline John W. (3)                                         NB 409a
Cline Margaret (36)                                       NB 409a
Cline William (30)                                        NB 409a
Clinefelter Alexander (21)                                PR 425b
Clinefelter Ann H. (1)                                    NB 406a
Clinefelter Catharine (24)                                NB 411b
Clinefelter Elizabeth (56)                                PR 425b
Clinefelter Elizabeth (15)                                NB 406a
Clinefelter Elizabeth (43)                                CG 465b
Clinefelter George (16)                                   PR 425b
Clinefelter Henry (46)                                    NB 406a
Clinefelter Jacob (12)                                    CG 465b
Clinefelter Jacob L. (25)                                 NB 411b
Clinefelter James H. (17)                                 NB 406a
Clinefelter John (6)                                      NB 406a
Clinefelter John (1)                                      CG 465b
Clinefelter John (25)                                     CN 369b
Clinefelter Joseph (40)                                   CG 465b
Clinefelter Leah (39)                                     NB 406a
Clinefelter Lucinda (22)                                  CN 369b
Clinefelter Margaret A. (19)                              NB 406a
Clinefelter maria (4)                                     CG 465b
Clinefelter Mary A. (18)                                  PR 425b
Clinefelter Mary E. (1)                                   NB 411b
Clinefelter Michael (9)                                   PR 425b
Clinefelter Michael (55)                                  PR 425b
Clinefelter Peter (9)                                     CG 465b
Clinefelter Rebecca N. (3)                                NB 406a
Clinefelter Samuel (7)                                    CG 465b
Clinefelter Sarah A. (8)                                  NB 406a
Clinefelter Sarah E. (1)                                  CN 369b
Clinefelter Susan (13)                                    NB 406a
Clinefelter William (1/12)                                CN 369b

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