Morrow 1850 census index (partial)
Morrow County 1850 Census Surname Index
Surname/Given Name/Age/Township Abbreviation/Sheet Number
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Brownlee James (14)                                       WA 349b
Brownlee John (9)                                         WA 349b
Brownlee Levinia (12)                                     WA 349b
Brownlee Margaret (7)                                     WA 349b
Brubaker Amos (16)                                        WA 354b
Brubaker Ann (38)                                         WA 349b
Brubaker Catharine (14)                                   WA 349b
Brubaker Catharine (40)                                   WA 354b
Brubaker Daniel (16)                                      WA 349b
Brubaker David (8)                                        WA 349b
Brubaker Elizabeth (9)                                    WA 354b
Brubaker Fanny (5)                                        WA 354b
Brubaker Henry (14)                                       WA 354b
Brubaker John (47)                                        WA 349b
Brubaker John (6)                                         WA 349b
Brubaker John (45)                                        WA 354b
Brubaker Luther (10/12)                                   WA 349b
Brubaker Martha (18)                                      WA 354b
Brubaker Mary (22)                                        WA 354b
Brubaker Rachel A. (7)                                    WA 354b
Brubaker Saml (4)                                         WA 349b
Brubaker Sarah (10)                                       WA 349b
Brubaker Wilson (10)                                      WA 354b
Bruce Abigail (34)                                        CH 441b
Bruce Adaline (26)                                         HA 32b
Bruce Elizabeth (23)                                      CH 441b
Bruce George (2)                                           HA 32b
Bruce James (5/12)                                        CH 441b
Bruce Joel D. (39)                                        CH 441b
Bruce John (28)                                            HA 32b
Bruce Louisa (1)                                           HA 32b
Bruce Malinda M. (23)                                     CH 441b
Bruce Mary J. (4)                                         CH 441b
Bruce Silas (4)                                            HA 32b
Bruce Suonia E (1)                                        CH 441b
Bruce William M. (35)                                     CH 441b
Bruce William (7)                                         CH 441b
Bruddock Jane (43)                                        WA 351b
Bruddock John (74)                                        WA 351b
Bruddock Margaret A. (15)                                 WA 351b
Brundige Bennett (13)                                       WF 2a
Brundige H.A.E. (8)                                         WF 2a
Brundige Thelma (39)                                        WF 2a
Brundige William (40)                                       WF 2a
Bruse Eliza (25)                                           PU 58b
Bruse Elwood (7/12)                                        PU 58b
Bruse Samuel (28)                                          PU 58b
Bryant Elizabeth (18)                                      BE 47a
Bryant William (20)                                       CH 453a
Buchanan George (39)                                      CH 436b
Buchanan Isabel A. (7)                                    CH 447b
Buchanan Isabel (33)                                      CH 447b
Buchanan William (41)                                     CH 447b
Buck Abden (25)                                            PU 60a
Buck Albert (2)                                            LN 21a
Buck Amanda (24)                                            WF 3a
Buck Andrew (25)                                            WF 3a
Buck Andrew (56)                                           PU 64a
Buck Elizabeth (26)                                        LN 21a
Buck Francis (3)                                           LN 21a
Buck Harriet (13)                                          PU 64a
Buck Levi (29)                                             PU 64a
Buck Olive (50)                                            PU 64a
Buck Phela (16)                                            PU 64a
Buckingham Barbara A. (13)                                PR 423a
Buckingham Clarissa (58)                                  NB 402b
Buckingham Demas (25)                                     NB 402b
Buckingham James H. (18)                                  NB 402b
Buckingham James (19)                                     NB 409b
Buckingham Joseph (17)                                    NB 402b
Buckingham Margaret (35)                                  PR 423a
Buckingham Mary J (10)                                    PR 423a
Buckingham Sarah A. (21)                                  NB 402b
Buckingham Wesley (34)                                    PR 423a
Buckner Caroline (17)                                     PR 426a
Buckner Juliann (20)                                      PR 426a
Buckner Lydia (49)                                        PR 426a
Buckner Martin (46)                                       PR 426a
Bump Dianna (16)                                          CH 449a
Bump Hiram (49)                                           CH 449a
Bump Jacob (18)                                           CH 449a
Bump James C. (23)                                        CH 449a
Bump Judith (12)                                          CH 449a
Bump Leah (24)                                            CH 449a
Bump Polly (10)                                           CH 449a
Bump Sally (49)                                           CH 449a
Bump Sylva (4)                                            CH 449a
Bump Wintus M. (7)                                        CH 449a
Bunker Albert (17)                                        CR 392a
Bunker Alice (5)                                           PU 59a
Bunker Alvira (11)                                        CR 389a
Bunker Ann (29)                                           CR 389a
Bunker Ann (20)                                           CR 392a
Bunker Byron (9)                                          CR 388a
Bunker Charles (7)                                         PU 59a
Bunker Diantha (7)                                        CR 394b
Bunker Edwin (9)                                          CR 392a
Bunker Elenora (5)                                        CR 388a
Bunker Elihize (43)                                       CR 391b
Bunker Elizabeth (43)                                     CR 391b
Bunker Ellen (4)                                          CR 392a
Bunker Elwood (3)                                         CR 388a
Bunker Emma (26)                                           PU 61a
Bunker Frances (1)                                        CR 388a
Bunker Hannah (10)                                        CR 385a
Bunker Hannah (66)                                        CR 388b
Bunker Harvey (14)                                        CR 392a
Bunker Henry (30)                                          PU 61a
Bunker Henry (7)                                          CR 389a
Bunker Lester (7/12)                                      CR 389a
Bunker Linley (5)                                         CR 392a
Bunker Lucretia (31)                                      CR 388a
Bunker Lydia J. (12)                                      CR 392a
Bunker Mary (33)                                          CR 388b
Bunker Mehitable (29)                                      PU 61a
Bunker Minerva (2)                                        CR 389a
Bunker Peleg (15)                                         CR 392a
Bunker Reuben (40)                                        CR 388a
Bunker Sanford (11)                                       CR 392a
Bunker Sarah (35)                                          PU 59a
Bunker Silas (30)                                         CR 389a
Bunker Thomas (39)                                         PU 59a
Bunker Walter (1)                                          PU 61a
Bur* Lydia (30)                                           SB 516a
Bur* Matilla (2)                                          SB 516a
Bur* Sarah (1)                                            SB 516a
Bur* Walter (35)                                          SB 516a
Burdoine Abraham (16)                                     CR 380a
Burdoine Dianna (5)                                       CN 365b
Burdoine Elizabeth (28)                                   CN 365b
Burdoine Hannah (3)                                       CN 365b
Burdoine Luther (28)                                      CN 365b
Burdoine Sarah A. (7)                                     CN 365b
Burgat Ebenezer (9)                                       FR 489b
Burgess Benjamin (1)                                      GL 511a
Burgess Caroline (31)                                     GL 511a
Burgess Jane (8)                                          GL 511a
Burgess Oliver (10)                                       GL 511a
Burgess Oliver (33)                                       GL 511a
Burgess Oliver (3)                                        GL 511a
Burgess Susanna (5)                                       GL 511a
Burghart John (24)                                        GL 506a
Burgner Christian (8)                                     NB 404b
Burgner Christina (6)                                     NB 404b
Burgner Elizabeth (12)                                    NB 404a
Burgner Elizabeth (23)                                    NB 404a
Burgner Gotleib (2)                                       NB 404b
Burgner Jacob (9/12)                                      NB 404b
Burgner Jacob (4)                                         NB 404b
Burgner John (11)                                         NB 404b
Burgner John (8)                                          NB 404a
Burgner John (33)                                         NB 404b
Burgner John (40)                                         NB 404a
Burgner Samuel (6)                                        NB 404b
Burgner Susan (31)                                        NB 404b
Burgner Susan (10)                                        NB 404a
Burk Ellen (25)                                            HA 29b
Burk Lewis (10/12)                                         HA 29b
Burk Samuel (21)                                           HA 29b
Burkholder Henry (42)                                     SB 519a
Burkholder John (67)                                      SB 519a
Burkholder Louise (42)                                    SB 519a
Burkholder Mary (60)                                      SB 519a
burns Adelia (19)                                          HA 37a
burns Elizabeth (12)                                       HA 37a
burns Emily (7)                                            HA 37a
burns George (41)                                          HA 37a
burns Isabel (14)                                          HA 37a
burns Margaret (17)                                        HA 37a
burns Mary (46)                                            HA 37a
Burns Alfred (28)                                         SB 532a
Burns Ann (38)                                             HA 33b
Burns Benjamin B. (11)                                    CR 380a
Burns David (34)                                           HA 37b
Burns Deborah (11)                                         HA 33b
Burns Eli (16)                                             HA 33b
Burns Elizabeeth (24)                                     CH 444a
Burns Elizabeth (19)                                      GL 508b
Burns Emaline (6)                                          HA 33b
Burns Euphemia (14)                                        HA 37b
Burns Hannah (15)                                         CH 444a
Burns James (9)                                            LN 21a
Burns Jane (14)                                            LN 21a
Burns John (30)                                           CH 452a
Burns Mary (19)                                            LN 21a
Burns Mary (20)                                           GL 509a
Burns Mary (4)                                            CH 452a
Burns Matilda (18)                                         HA 37b
Burns Morris (11)                                          HA 37b
Burns Phebe (16)                                           HA 37b
Burns Ross (25)                                           GL 509a
Burns Ruth Ellen (3)                                       LN 21a
Burns Samuel (17)                                          LN 21a
Burns Sarah (50)                                           LN 21a
Burns Sarah (21)                                           LN 21a
Burns Sarah (27)                                          CH 452a
Burns Sarah (1)                                           CH 452a
Burns Simson (1)                                           HA 33b
Burns Virgil (1012)                                       GL 508b
Burns William (3)                                          HA 33b
Burns William (25)                                        GL 508b
Burns Zilpha (64)                                          HA 37b
Burnsides H (1)                                            WF 10a
Burnsides Lucinda (20)                                     WF 10a
Burnsides Patrick (29)                                     WF 10a
Burr Barbara (6)                                            WF 7b
Burr Benjamin (15)                                          WF 7b
Burr M.A. (12)                                              WF 7b
Burr Sarah (39)                                             WF 7b
Burr Willis (11)                                            WF 7b
Burt J.A. (14)                                             WF 13b
Burt Merritt (22)                                         CR 393b
Burtnett Adam (32)                                        PR 433a
Burtnett Caroline (31)                                    PR 433a
Burtnett George (10/12)                                   PR 433a
Burtnett Sarah A. (2)                                     PR 433a
Burton Augustus W. (15)                                   NB 396b
Burton Charles H. (12)                                    NB 396b
Burton Harriet (46)                                       NB 396b
Burton Isaac (9)                                          NB 396b
Burton Maria A. (17)                                      NB 396b
Burton Walter H. (50)                                     NB 396b
Busby Banjamin (15)                                       CG 461b
Busby Benjamin (35)                                       CG 461a
Busby Delila (11)                                         CG 461b
Busby Edmund (18)                                         CG 461b
Busby Ira A (1)                                           CG 461a
Busby John C (38)                                         CG 461b
Busby Johnson (8/12)                                      CG 461b
Busby Luther (19)                                         CG 461b
Busby Margaret (38)                                       CG 461b
Busby Permelia (35)                                       CG 461a
Busby Ryla (7)                                            CG 461a
Busby Sarah (8)                                           CG 461b
Busby Telitha (3)                                         CG 461a
Busby Thomas (13)                                         CG 461b
Butler Barah (63)                                         GL 495b
Butler Barak (6)                                          GL 496a
Butler Benoni (3)                                         GL 496a
Butler Catharine (19)                                     SB 522a
Butler Daniel (1)                                         SB 522a
Butler David (29)                                         GL 495b
Butler Elizabeth (30)                                     SB 521b
Butler Hannah (59)                                        GL 495b
Butler John (4)                                           SB 521b
Butler Jonathan (33)                                      GL 495b
Butler Malissa (2/12)                                     SB 522a
Butler Mary (1/12)                                        SB 521b
Butler Rachel (24)                                        GL 495b
Butler Samuel (23)                                        SB 522a
Butler Sarah (1)                                          GL 495b
Butler Susannah (25)                                      GL 496a
Butler William (32)                                       SB 521b
Butters Charles (19)                                       BE 43b
Butters Margaret (65)                                      BE 43b
Butters Seneca (26)                                        BE 43b
Buxton Norman S. (16)                                     CH 440a
Byerly Henery (20)                                        GL 495a
Byerly James (17)                                         GL 495a
Byerly Lucy (53)                                          GL 495a
Byers Hannah (73)                                         CR 393a
Byrum W.A. (10)                                             WF 5b
Cady Loomis (11)                                          CR 387b
Cady Louisa (3)                                           CR 387b
Cady Minerva (2/12)                                       CR 387b
Cady Myson (7)                                            CR 387b
Cady Norman W. (13)                                       CR 387b
Cady Pasley R. (35)                                       CR 387b
Cady Sophrona (52)                                        CR 387b
Cahoon Chester B. (2)                                     WA 358a
Cahoon Harriet (25)                                       WA 358a
Cahoon Harry G. (30)                                      WA 358a
Cahoon Minerva A. (6)                                     WA 358a
Cairy Angeline (21)                                       SB 518b
Cairy Herata (10)                                         SB 518b
Cairy Jane (60)                                           SB 518b
Cairy Nathaniel (50)                                      SB 518b
Calahan Cornelius (71)                                    GL 496b
Calahan Jeremiah (50)                                     NB 398b
Calahan Lucy (8)                                          CN 363b
Calahan Margaret (64)                                     GL 496b
Caldwell Arley (12)                                       GL 512a
Caldwell Esther J. (3)                                    TR 420a
Caldwell Hannah (46)                                      GL 512a
Caldwell James (5)                                        TR 420a
Caldwell James (27)                                       GL 512a
Caldwell Mary A. (1)                                      TR 420a
Caldwell Mary (26)                                        TR 420a
Caldwell Samuel B. (40)                                   TR 420a
Caldwell William (56)                                     GL 512a
Cale Maria (18)                                            LN 24b
Cale Martha (10)                                           LN 24b
Cale Mary (42)                                             LN 24b
Cale Mary (7)                                              LN 24b
Cale Melissa (12)                                          LN 24b
Cale Samuel (16)                                           LN 24b
Cale Stephen (49)                                          LN 24b
Cale Sylvia (5)                                            LN 24b
Cale Thomas (14)                                           LN 24b
Cale William (2)                                           LN 24b
Calkins Anna (35)                                          PU 68b
Calkins Benjamin (14)                                      PU 68b
Calkins Celinda (9)                                        PU 68b
Calkins Cella (9)                                          PU 68b
Calkins Cornelius (2)                                      PU 68b
Calkins Harvey (6)                                         PU 68b
Calkins Stephen (37)                                       PU 68b
Callahan Theodore (16)                                     PU 59a
Camp Celestia (2)                                         CR 391a
Camp Eliza D. (8/12)                                      CR 391a
Camp Emily (4)                                            CR 391a
Camp Isabel (60)                                          CN 368a
Camp Joseph M. (9)                                        CR 391a
Camp Ruth (31)                                            CR 391a
Camp Sarah A. (7)                                         CR 391a
Camp Thurman (42)                                         CR 391a
Campbell Adam (13)                                        WA 350b
Campbell Alexander (28)                                   WA 356a
Campbell Alexander (23)                                    BE 45b
Campbell Andrew (45)                                      GL 505b
Campbell Andrew (15)                                      GL 505b
Campbell Andrew (24)                                      FR 490b
Campbell Catharine (21)                                   WA 356a
Campbell Eliza (20)                                       CN 364a
Campbell Eliza (12)                                       CN 367a
Campbell Elizabeth (26)                                    BE 46a
Campbell Ellen (38)                                       FR 478a
Campbell Elvira (3)                                       WA 361a
Campbell Ermina (13)                                      FR 480b
Campbell George A. (8)                                    WA 361a
Campbell Harriet (2/12)                                    BE 46a
Campbell James (32)                                       WA 361a
Campbell James (7)                                         BE 46a
Campbell James W. (2)                                     CN 367a
Campbell Jesse (47)                                       FR 478a
Campbell John (16)                                        GL 505b
Campbell John (4)                                         GL 505b
Campbell John (38)                                        GL 505b
Campbell John (39)                                        CN 367a
Campbell John M. (10)                                     CN 367a
Campbell Jonathan (13)                                    FR 478a
Campbell Joseph (31)                                      CN 364a
Campbell Leah (31)                                        WA 361a
Campbell Levi (36)                                        WA 350b
Campbell Levi (16)                                        FR 480b
Campbell Lodemia (10)                                     FR 480b
Campbell Louisa (16)                                      FR 490b
Campbell Lovena (5)                                       FR 480b
Campbell Lucinda (35)                                     CN 367a
Campbell Mark (6)                                         FR 478a
Campbell Martha (14)                                      CN 367a
Campbell Mary (31)                                        WA 350b
Campbell Mary (1)                                         GL 505b
Campbell Mary (36)                                        GL 505b
Campbell Obadiah (10)                                     WA 350b
Campbell Obediah (26)                                     CN 375b
Campbell Phineas (10/12)                                  CN 375b
Campbell Robert W. (5)                                    WA 350b
Campbell Saml (7)                                         WA 361a
Campbell Sarah J. (2/12)                                  WA 356a
Campbell Sarah J. (6)                                     CN 367a
Campbell Sarah J. (3)                                     CN 364a
Campbell Sarah (18)                                       GL 505b
Campbell Sarah (7)                                        GL 505b
Campbell Sarah (52)                                       FR 480b
Campbell Sarah (2)                                        FR 478a
Campbell Sarah (19)                                       CN 375b
Campbell Susanna (46)                                     GL 505b
Campbell Thomas (9)                                       GL 505b
Campbell Violette (6/12)                                  WA 351a
Campbell William W. (4)                                   CN 367a
Campbell William (34)                                     GL 505b
Campbell William (6)                                      GL 505b
Campbell William (18)                                     FR 480b
Campbell William (54)                                     FR 480b
Canan Charles (2)                                          BE 43b
Canan Harriet (25)                                         BE 43b
Cannon Jane (93)                                          WA 356a
Canon Elizabeth A. (10)                                   PR 433a
Canon John (8)                                            PR 433a
Canon Mary M. (3)                                         PR 433a
Canon Rachel (46)                                         PR 433a
Canon Samuel R. (53)                                      PR 433a
Canon Thomas (12)                                         PR 433a
Canon William S. (16)                                     PR 433a
Canover John (12)                                         SB 518a
Cans Jemima (8)                                           SB 528b
Cantwell Ann (4)                                           PU 63b
Cantwell Anty Ann (8)                                      PU 63b
Cantwell Briget (40)                                        f 63b
Cantwell Catharine (14)                                    PU 63b
Cantwell James (40)                                        PU 63b
Cantwell John (6)                                          PU 63b
Cantwell Margaret (10)                                     PU 63b
Cantwell Mary (15)                                         PU 63b
Cantwell Sicily (1)                                        PU 63b
Cap Angeline (15)                                         CN 367b
Cap Eliza (16)                                            CN 367b
Cap Elizabeth (55)                                        CN 367b
Cap Joseph V. (8)                                         CN 367b
Cap Lamont (10)                                           CN 367b
Cap Mary A. (18)                                          CN 367b
Cap Peter (45)                                            CN 367b
Cap William (13)                                          CN 367b
Caris Albert (7)                                           LN 26b
Caris Hannah (26)                                          LN 26b
Caris Joel (5)                                             LN 26b
Caris John (1)                                             LN 26b
Caris M.W. (36)                                            LN 26b
Caris Mary (3)                                             LN 26b
Carl Ann (32)                                             CN 364a
Carl Edward W. (1)                                        CN 364a
Carl Henry (6)                                            CN 364a
Carl Lewis (8)                                            CN 364a
Carl Mary T. (4)                                          CN 364a
Carl Thomas (34)                                          CN 364a
Carmichael Belinda (36)                                   WA 359b
Carnes Amos (2)                                            LN 21b
Carnes Ludwell (35)                                        LN 21b
Carnes Martha (29)                                         LN 21b
Carney Drusilla (17)                                      NB 400b
Carney jerusha (14)                                       NB 400b
Carney Jerusha (53)                                       NB 400b
Carney Priscilla (10)                                     NB 400b
Carney Sarah (48)                                         PR 430a
Carney Thomas D. (12)                                     NB 400b
Carney Thomas (54)                                        NB 400b
Carney William V. (23)                                    NB 400b
Carothers Ann (63)                                        CG 464a
Carothers Ellen (25)                                      CG 464a
Carothers James (68)                                      CG 464a
Carothers James (15)                                      CG 464a
Carothers Jane (22)                                       CG 464a
Carothers Sarah (20)                                      CG 464a
Carpenter Aaron (36)                                       BE 47b
Carpenter Albert (7)                                       BE 47b
Carpenter Alonzo (10)                                     TR 418b
Carpenter Catharine (19)                                    WF 7a
Carpenter Catharine (19)                                  CN 376a
Carpenter Charles (59)                                    GL 514b
Carpenter Charles (25)                                    GL 514b
Carpenter Chester (24)                                      WF 7b
Carpenter Craven (8)                                      GL 515a
Carpenter Daniel (22)                                     TR 418b
Carpenter David (17)                                      CN 376a
Carpenter Elia (16)                                       GL 514b
Carpenter Elizabeth (40)                                  TR 418a
Carpenter Elizabeth (8)                                   TR 418b
Carpenter Elizabeth (51)                                  GL 514b
Carpenter Elizabeth (52)                                  CN 376a
Carpenter Emily (11)                                      GL 515a
Carpenter Gilbert (16)                                      WF 7a
Carpenter Henry (11)                                        WF 7a
Carpenter Huldah (52)                                      BE 49b
Carpenter Isaac (24)                                      TR 418a
Carpenter Iva (6)                                          BE 48a
Carpenter James (8)                                        BE 48a
Carpenter Jeremiah (23)                                   TR 418b
Carpenter Jerome (8)                                        WF 7a
Carpenter Jerusha (4)                                      BE 48a
Carpenter John (6)                                        TR 418b
Carpenter John (48)                                        BE 47b
Carpenter John (55)                                        BE 49b
Carpenter Jonathan (21)                                   GL 514b
Carpenter Justin (54)                                     TR 418a
Carpenter Justin (20)                                     TR 418b
Carpenter Lafayett (3)                                    TR 418b
Carpenter LaFayette (6)                                     WF 7a
Carpenter Lewis (22)                                        WF 7a
Carpenter Lewis R. (54)                                   CN 376a
Carpenter Louisa (19)                                       WF 7b
Carpenter Lydia (29)                                       BE 47b
Carpenter Lyymon (47)                                       WF 7a
Carpenter Mary (3/12)                                      BE 47b
Carpenter Mary (2)                                         BE 48a
Carpenter Mary (29)                                        BE 47b
Carpenter Nancy (45)                                        WF 7a
Carpenter Rachel (12)                                     CN 376a
Carpenter Sarah (4/12)                                     BE 48a
Carpenter Susan (14)                                      GL 515a
Carpenter Timothy (12)                                    TR 418b
Carpenter William (10)                                    CN 376a
Carr Angeline (22)                                        PR 424a
Carr Charles (24)                                         PR 424a
Carr Charlotte (15)                                        LN 28a
Carr Daniel (46)                                           LN 28a
Carr David (84)                                           PR 424a
Carr David (56)                                           PR 424a
Carr David (5)                                            NB 401a
Carr Elinor (12)                                          PR 424a
Carr Eliza (3)                                            CG 468b
Carr Elizabeth (31)                                       CG 468b
Carr Elizabeth (67)                                       CG 468b
Carr Esther (6)                                            LN 28a
Carr Eunice (20)                                          PR 424a
Carr George (19)                                          NB 401a
Carr Jacob (37)                                           CG 468b
Carr James (17)                                           NB 401a
Carr James (46)                                           NB 401a
Carr John (73)                                            CG 468b
Carr Juliett (16)                                         PR 424a
Carr Marion (42)                                           LN 28a
Carr Martin (7)                                           CG 468b
Carr Mary (14)                                            PR 424a
Carr Mary (39)                                            NB 401a
Carr Rachel (13)                                          NB 401a
Carr Rachel (9)                                           CG 468b
Carr Rebecca (4/12)                                       CG 468b
Carr Russell (19)                                         PR 424a
Carr Ruth (4)                                              LN 28a
Carr Sarah (55)                                           PR 424a
Carr Solomon (21)                                         PR 424a
Carr Thomas (5)                                           CG 468b
Carr William (7)                                          NB 401a
Carr William (11)                                         CG 468b

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