Morrow 1850 census index - Blair-Brown
Morrow County 1850 Census Surname Index
Surname/Given Name/Age/Township Abbreviation/Sheet Number
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Blair Abagail (17)                                        FR 488b
Blair Alexander (7)                                       WA 362b
Blair Anna M. (7)                                         CR 384b
Blair Anna W. (34)                                        CR 384b
Blair Artimissa (35)                                      FR 487b
Blair Asher (24)                                          FR 488b
Blair Byram (10)                                          FR 487b
Blair Calvin (37)                                         FR 488b
Blair Calvin (3)                                          FR 487b
Blair Charlotte (26)                                      FR 488b
Blair Cornelia A. (18)                                    CN 374a
Blair Frances E. (5)                                      CR 384b
Blair Isaac (11/12)                                       WA 362b
Blair James A. (9)                                        CR 384b
Blair James (21)                                          TR 418a
Blair James (34)                                          CR 384b
Blair Jane (69)                                           CN 374a
Blair John (37)                                           FR 487b
Blair Lawrence P. (14)                                    CN 374a
Blair Lucinda (29)                                        FR 488b
Blair Lucy (8)                                            CH 441a
Blair Lymon (5)                                           FR 487b
Blair Margaret (2)                                        CR 385a
Blair Mary A. (28)                                        TR 417b
Blair Mathew (34)                                         CN 374a
Blair Nancy A. (25)                                       WA 362b
Blair Nathaniel (17)                                      TR 418a
Blair Newton (19)                                         TR 418a
Blair Roscoe (4)                                          FR 487b
Blair Samuel (23)                                         TR 417b
Blair Sarah (29)                                          FR 487b
Blair Silva (1)                                           FR 487b
Blair Thomas (11)                                         CR 384b
Blair William P. (34)                                     WA 362b
Blair William (64)                                        TR 417b
Blair William (5)                                         WA 362b
Blair William (33)                                        FR 487b
Blair William (65)                                        FR 488b
Blakely Hannah (30)                                        LN 22b
Blakely Harriet (6)                                        LN 22b
Blakely Loira (9)                                          LN 22b
Blakely Martha (2)                                         LN 22b
Blakely Perry (4)                                          LN 22b
Blakely Robert (32)                                        LN 22b
Blakely Rosannah (60)                                      LN 22b
Blakely Theodore (8)                                       LN 22b
Blalkely John (52)                                        GL 494b
Blalkely Mary (14)                                        GL 494b
Blalkely Nancy (17)                                       GL 494b
Blalkely Sarah (21)                                       GL 494b
Blalkely Susan (10)                                       GL 494b
Blancy David B. (4)                                       WA 353b
Blancy John B (38)                                        WA 353b
Blancy Marshall (8)                                       WA 353b
Blaney George (16)                                        GL 494b
Blaney George (22)                                        CN 376b
Blaney George Sr. (68)                                    CN 377a
Blaney James (48)                                         CN 377a
Blaney John (19)                                          CN 377a
Blaney Mary E. (6)                                        CN 377a
Blaney Mary (47)                                          GL 494b
Blaney Mary (20)                                          GL 494b
Blaney Mary (18)                                          CN 376b
Blaney Rebecca (40)                                       CN 377a
Blaney Rebecca (15)                                       CN 377a
Blaney Sophia (13)                                        GL 494b
Blaney William (45)                                       GL 494b
Blaney William (20)                                       CN 377a
Blayney Daniel (2)                                        FR 489a
Blayney David (38)                                        FR 489a
Blayney Jane (28)                                         FR 488b
Blayney John (4)                                          FR 489a
Blayney Margaret (8)                                      FR 489a
Blayney Rachel (29)                                       FR 489a
Blayney Robert (27)                                       FR 488b
Blayney Rosannah (3)                                      FR 488b
Bleason Asa (17)                                          CH 453b
Bleason Elizabeth (8)                                     CH 453b
Bleason Joseph (14)                                       CH 453b
Bleason Olive (50)                                        CH 453b
Bleason Reuben (54)                                       CH 453b
Bleason Sylvester (10)                                    CH 453b
Blinn Elinor (5/12)                                       SB 532b
Blinn John (29)                                           SB 532b
Blinn Mary (20)                                           SB 532b
Blinn Roger (23)                                          SB 529a
Bliss Caroline (28)                                       SB 520b
Bliss David (7)                                           SB 520b
Bliss Edward (15)                                         SB 520b
Bliss Ellen (3)                                           SB 520b
Bliss Eugene (2)                                          SB 532a
Bliss Maria (29)                                          SB 532a
Bliss Mason (36)                                          SB 520b
Bliss Mortimer (7)                                        SB 532a
Bliss Olive (64)                                          SB 520b
Bliss Orlando (8/12)                                      SB 520b
Bliss Porter (35)                                         SB 532a
Blockson David (12)                                        HA 34b
Blockson James (48)                                        HA 34b
Blockson Mary (17)                                         HA 34b
Blockson Melinda (54)                                      HA 34b
Bloomfield Amanda (1)                                     WA 353a
Bloomfield Ann (45)                                       WA 352a
Bloomfield Cornelius (36)                                 WA 353a
Bloomfield Elizabeth (67)                                 WA 353a
Bloomfield Elizabeth (34)                                 WA 353a
Bloomfield Franklin (10)                                  WA 353a
Bloomfield Hiram (10)                                     WA 353a
Bloomfield Hulda (15)                                     WA 352a
Bloomfield James (6)                                      WA 353a
Bloomfield James (45)                                     WA 352a
Bloomfield Jeremiah (4)                                   WA 353a
Bloomfield John (14)                                      WA 353a
Bloomfield Sarah A. (11)                                  WA 352a
Bloomfield Sarah (3)                                      WA 353a
Bloomfield Skinner (65)                                   WA 353a
Bloomfield WA (8)                                         WA 353a
Bloomfield William (12)                                   WA 353a
Blue Abner (8)                                            GL 514b
Blue Daniel (36)                                          GL 514b
Blue David (4)                                            GL 514b
Blue Joel (9)                                             GL 514b
Blue John (5)                                             GL 514b
Blue Weltha (26)                                          GL 514b
Bockover Elizabeth (34)                                   CH 449b
Bockover Ira (11)                                         CH 449b
Bockover Isaac (9)                                        CH 449b
Bockover Jacob (12)                                       CH 449b
Bockover James (14)                                       CH 449b
Bockover John (55)                                        CH 449b
Bockover Jonathan (53)                                    CH 449b
Bockover Minerva (4)                                      CH 449b
Bockover Ranson (3)                                       CH 449b
Bockover Rebecca A. (3)                                   CH 449b
Bodine Hugh (17)                                          CN 364b
Bodine John F. (16)                                       CN 364b
Bogle Jane L. (39)                                        CR 394a
Bogle Reason (49)                                         CR 394a
Boilhart Sarah (20)                                       FR 481a
Bolinger Andrew (19)                                      CN 368b
Bolinger Benjamin (24)                                    CN 364b
Bolinger George (22)                                      CR 381a
Bolinger John (13)                                        CN 368b
Bolinger Joseph (1)                                       CN 364b
Bolinger Mary A. (20)                                     CR 381a
Bolinger Peter (48)                                       CN 368b
Bolinger Rebeca (10)                                      CN 368b
Bolinger S* (16)                                          CN 368b
Bolinger Sarah J. (27)                                    CN 364b
Bolinger Sarah (50)                                       CN 368b
Bolliard Ann C. (8)                                       NB 400b
Bolliard Daniel (64)                                      NB 399a
Bolliard Daniel (1)                                       NB 400b
Bolliard Eliza (14)                                       NB 399a
Bolliard Enoch (19)                                       NB 399a
Bolliard Hannah (58)                                      NB 399a
Bolliard James H. (6)                                     NB 400b
Bolliard John (33)                                        NB 400b
Bolliard Rebecca (9)                                      NB 400b
Bolliard Sarah (31)                                       NB 400b
Bolson Elizabeth (13)                                      HA 40a
Bolson John (19)                                           HA 40a
Bolson Margaret (46)                                       HA 40a
Bolson Robert (11)                                         HA 40a
Bolson Susan (6)                                           HA 40a
Bolson Thomas (9)                                          HA 40a
Bolson William (46)                                        HA 40a
Bond Aurrilla (5)                                          HA 38a
Bond Daniel (34)                                           HA 38a
Bond Jane (30)                                             HA 38a
Bond Marius (7)                                            HA 38a
Bond William (2/12)                                        HA 38a
Boner Arbelia (8/12)                                      WA 356a
Boner Daniel (8)                                          CH 440a
Boner Hannah (11)                                         CH 441b
Boner John B. (6/12)                                      CH 440b
Boner John (29)                                           WA 356a
Boner Lucy Ann (31)                                       CH 440a
Boner Phila A. (27)                                       WA 356a
Boner Richard (4)                                         CH 440b
Boner Salathiel (6)                                       CH 440b
Boner Sarah J. (2)                                        WA 356a
Boner William (30)                                        CH 440a
Boner Willis (2)                                          CH 440b
Bones Peter (19)                                          WA 361a
Booker Andrew (1/12)                                      FR 483b
Booker Cassiah (22)                                       NB 401a
Booker Daniel (11)                                         WF 13b
Booker Elizabeth (18)                                     NB 406b
Booker Hugh (23)                                          FR 483b
Booker John (4)                                           FR 483b
Booker Joseph (27)                                        NB 401a
Booker Josephas (2)                                       FR 483b
Booker Levi (25)                                          NB 406b
Booker Lucinda (25)                                       FR 483b
Booker Spencer (13)                                        WF 13b
Borgner Anna (3)                                          NB 399b
Borgner Christian (37)                                    NB 399b
Borgner Eliza (10)                                        NB 399b
Borgner Eliza (31)                                        NB 399b
Borgner Samuel (60)                                       NB 399a
Borgner Susan (64)                                        NB 399b
Borgner Susan (8)                                         NB 399b
Bortner Adam (25)                                         NB 402b
Bortner Anna (6)                                          CG 475a
Bortner Caroline (23)                                     NB 402b
Bortner Charles (33)                                      NB 402b
Bortner Eli (22)                                          NB 402b
Bortner Franklin (3)                                      NB 402b
Bortner George (31)                                       CG 475a
Bortner Henry (8)                                         NB 402b
Bortner Henry (64)                                        NB 402b
Bortner Henry (9)                                         CG 475a
Bortner Jacob (19)                                        NB 402b
Bortner James (25)                                        PR 433b
Bortner John (17)                                         NB 402b
Bortner Joseph (8)                                        NB 402b
Bortner Juliann (1)                                       NB 402b
Bortner Louisa (22)                                       PR 433b
Bortner Margaret (56)                                     NB 402b
Bortner Mary E (1)                                        CG 475a
Bortner Rebecca (13)                                      NB 402b
Bortner Rebecca (20)                                      CG 457b
Bortner Rebecca (4)                                       CG 475a
Bortner Sarah A. (10)                                     NB 402b
Bortner Sarah (27)                                        CG 475a
Bortner Susan (28)                                        NB 402b
Bostick Elizabeth (59)                                      WF 7a
Bostick John (61)                                           WF 7a
Boston Catharine (50)                                       WF 3a
Boston Henry (13)                                           WF 3a
Boston John (17)                                            WF 3a
Boston Mary (14)                                            WF 3a
Boston Sarah (10)                                          PU 68b
Boston William (52)                                         WF 3a
Bovey 14 (f)                                              CR 385a
Bovey Rebecca (10)                                        CR 382b
Bowen Amy (17)                                            CH 449b
Bowen Ann (23)                                            CH 449b
Bowen Clark (3)                                           CG 458a
Bowen Elizabeth (52)                                      CH 449b
Bowen Enoch (22)                                          CH 449b
Bowen George (13)                                         CG 458a
Bowen Isaac (19)                                          CH 449b
Bowen Jacob (30)                                          CH 449b
Bowen James (7)                                           CG 458a
Bowen John (68)                                           CH 449b
Bowen John (30)                                           CH 449b
Bowen Mary (15)                                           CG 457b
Bowen Mercy (41)                                          CG 457b
Bowen Rachel (20)                                         CH 449b
Bowen Samuel (9)                                          CG 458a
Bowen Samuel (21)                                         CH 449b
Bowen Stiles (11)                                         CG 458a
Bowen William H (5)                                       CG 458a
Bowen William (52)                                        CG 457b
Bower Benjamin (23)                                       CH 444a
Bower Julia (25)                                          CH 444a
Bowers Jalinda (8)                                         HA 35a
Bowers Josephus (37)                                       HA 35a
Bowers Lodana (13)                                         HA 35a
Bowers Nancy (6)                                           HA 35a
Bowers Rebecca (32)                                        HA 35a
Bowers Sarah (5)                                           HA 35b
Bowker Chester (43)                                       FR 489b
Bowker Freeman (17)                                       FR 490a
Bowker Louisa (36)                                        FR 489b
Bowker Louisa (15)                                        FR 490a
Bowker Napolion (2)                                       FR 490a
Bowker Oscar (9)                                          FR 490a
Bowker Sarah (13)                                         FR 490a
Bowland Amanda (13)                                       WA 361a
Bowland Elizabeth B. (55)                                 WA 361a
Bowland Elizabeth (18)                                    WA 361a
Bowland Maria (17)                                        WA 361a
Bowland Robert (12)                                       WA 361a
Bowll Elizabeth (9)                                       CH 449b
Bowll Jacob F. (6/12)                                     CH 449b
Bowll James (2)                                           CH 449b
Bowll John (16)                                           CH 449b
Bowll Mary (32)                                           CH 449b
Bowll Thomas (31)                                         CH 449b
Bownman Amanda M. (32)                                    PR 424a
Bownman Jacob (36)                                        PR 424a
Bownman Ruth S. (9)                                       PR 424a
Bowser Catharine (17)                                     CN 367b
Bowser John (22)                                          CN 367b
Boyce Charles (2)                                         NB 404a
Boyce Elizabeth A. (10)                                   NB 404a
Boyce George (17)                                         NB 404a
Boyce James (19)                                          NB 404a
Boyce John (15)                                           NB 404a
Boyce Lafayett (12)                                       NB 404a
Boyce Marion (8)                                          NB 404a
Boyce Phebe A. (36)                                       NB 404a
Boyce Simon (6)                                           NB 404a
Boyce William (36)                                        NB 404a
Boyer Isaac (63)                                          CR 389b
Boyer Isaac (15)                                          CR 389b
Boyer Joseph (23)                                         CR 389b
Boyer Joseph (26)                                         CN 368b
Boyer Margaret (22)                                       CN 368b
Boyer Rebecca (56)                                        CR 389b
Boyer William (3)                                         CN 368b
Boyers Bethiah (14)                                        WF 11b
Boyers Emaline (16)                                        WF 11b
Boyers Horace (55)                                         WF 11b
Boyers Leroy (6)                                           WF 11b
Boyers Lorenzo (11)                                        WF 11b
Boyers Margaret (48)                                       WF 11b
Boyers Melissa (18)                                        WF 11b
Boyers Rufus (13)                                          WF 11b
Braddock Bathsheba (2)                                    WA 350a
Braddock Margaret J. (6)                                  WA 350a
Braddock Martin C. (35)                                   WA 350a
Braddock Mary A. (28)                                     WA 350a
Braddock William (4)                                      WA 350a
Braden Esther (36)                                        CN 370a
Braden Herman C. (3)                                      NB 401a
Braden James (40)                                         NB 400b
Braden James (47)                                         CN 370a
Braden John L. (12)                                       NB 401a
Braden Lydia E. (1)                                       NB 401a
Braden Lydia (35)                                         NB 400b
Braden Margaret (82)                                      WA 361a
Braden Nancy (14)                                         NB 400b
Braden William A. (6)                                     NB 401a
Bradfield Angeline (5)                                    SB 526b
Bradfield Daniel (1)                                      SB 515b
Bradfield Daniel (26)                                     SB 526b
Bradfield David (33)                                      SB 526b
Bradfield Elizabeth (15)                                  SB 526b
Bradfield Elizabeth (14)                                   BE 45a
Bradfield Hannah (61)                                     SB 526b
Bradfield Hannah (7)                                       BE 45a
Bradfield Isaac (42)                                       BE 44b
Bradfield James (1)                                        BE 45a
Bradfield Joseph (6)                                       BE 45a
Bradfield Mary (26)                                       SB 526b
Bradfield Mary (35)                                        BE 45a
Bradfield Rebecca (29)                                    SB 526b
Bradfield Samuel (4)                                       BE 45a
Bradfield Serena (19)                                     SB 515b
Bradfield Thomas (12)                                      BE 45a
Bradfield Warren (3)                                      SB 526b
Bradfield William (31)                                    SB 526b
Bradfield Winfield (1)                                    SB 526b
Brady Patrick (22)                                        CR 383a
Brafield Thomas (67)                                      SB 526a
Brannon Catharine (26)                                    CR 380b
Brannon Edward (32)                                       CR 380b
Brannon Margaret A. (4)                                   CR 380b
Brannon Rollins (2)                                       CR 380b
Break Harriet (2)                                         NB 405b
Break Isaac (43)                                          NB 405b
Break James (6)                                           NB 405b
Break Jane (12)                                           NB 405b
Break Jane (38)                                           NB 405b
Break John (14)                                           NB 405b
Break Marion (16)                                         NB 405b
Break Martha A. (10)                                      NB 405b
Break Thomas (8)                                          NB 405b
Breece A. S. (21)                                         CH 444b
Breece Abigail (6)                                        CH 444b
Breece Daniel (4)                                         CH 444b
Breece David (10)                                         CH 444b
Breece Julia (17)                                         CH 444b
Breece Lydia A. (1)                                       CH 444b
Breece Paul (45)                                          CH 444b
Breece Sarah (42)                                         CH 444b
Breece Stanley (19)                                       CH 444b
Brees Alfred (44)                                         GL 496a
Brees Asa (9)                                             GL 496a
Brees Caroline (17)                                       GL 496a
Brees Charles (39)                                        GL 513b
Brees Emeline (13)                                        GL 513b
Brees Hannah (36)                                         GL 496a
Brees John (7)                                            GL 496a
Brees Joseph (2)                                          GL 496a
Brees Lemuel (5)                                          GL 513b
Brees Margaret (10)                                       GL 513b
Brees Phebe (32)                                          GL 513b
Brees Rachel (4)                                          GL 496a
Brees Sidney (13)                                         GL 496a
Brenizer Adam (52)                                         WF 12b
Brenizer Cicero (8)                                         WF 9b
Brenizer Henry (12)                                         WF 9a
Brenizer Hugh (14)                                         WF 12b
Brenizer J.W. (16)                                         WF 12b
Brenizer Jacob (58)                                         WF 9a
Brenizer Jane (40)                                         WF 12b
Brenizer M.I. (17)                                         WF 12b
Brenizer Margaret (48)                                      WF 9a
Brenizer Margaret (15)                                      WF 9a
Brenizer Martha (5)                                         WF 9b
Brenizer Mercy (10)                                         WF 9b
Brenizer Naomi (10)                                        WF 12b
Brenizer Phebe (13)                                        WF 12b
Brenizer William (5)                                       WF 12b
Brentlinger Aurelia (63)                                  CH 448a
Brewer Daniel (18)                                        CG 471a
Brewer Delavar (11)                                       CG 462a
Brewer Denton (16)                                        CG 471a
Brewer Electa (14)                                        CG 462a
Brewer Eliza (16)                                         CG 462a
Brewer Jane (45)                                          CG 462a
Brewer Job (12)                                           CG 471a
Brewer Jonathan (20)                                      CG 471a
Brewer Levi (9)                                           CG 471a
Brewer Mary (38)                                          CG 471a
Brewer Nathan (14)                                        CG 464a
Brewer Nathaniel (14)                                     CG 471a
Brewer Peter (6)                                          CG 471a
Brewer Samuel (8)                                         CG 462a
Brewer Susan (18)                                         CG 462a
Brickel Andrew (3)                                        PR 422b
Brickel George (27)                                       PR 422b
Brickel John (a)                                          PR 422b
Brickel Susan (23)                                        PR 422b
Brickley Daniel (41)                                      TR 414a
Brickley Mary (40)                                        TR 414a
Brickley Rebecca (13)                                     TR 414a
Brickley Samuel (10)                                      TR 414a
Briggs Emanual (8)                                         HA 39b
Briggs Levi (2)                                            HA 39b
Briggs Louisa (12)                                         HA 39b
Briggs Martha (6)                                          HA 39b
Briggs Melinda (31)                                        HA 39b
Briggs Silas (33)                                          HA 39b
Briggs William (4)                                         HA 39b
Brilhart Abraham (22)                                     NB 402b
Brilhart Abraham (55)                                     NB 402b
Brilhart Elizabeth (16)                                   NB 402b
Brilhart Elizabeth (49)                                   NB 402b
Brilhart Jacob (24)                                       NB 402b
Brison Anna (61)                                          CG 464b
Brithart Catharine (9)                                    TR 414a
Brithart Elizabeth (5)                                    TR 414a
Brithart John (1)                                         TR 414a
Brithart Peter (7)                                        TR 414a
Brithart Sarah H. (3)                                     TR 414a
Brithart Susan (1/12)                                     TR 414a
Brithart Susan (29)                                       TR 414a
Brithart Susan (27)                                       TR 414a
Brithart Valentine (29)                                   TR 414a
Broadbeck Amelia R. (6)                                   PR 433b
Broadbeck Amy (16)                                        PR 425a
Broadbeck Ann R. (6/12)                                   PR 433b
Broadbeck Catharine (26)                                  PR 425a
Broadbeck Catharine (21)                                  PR 433b
Broadbeck Eliza (9)                                       PR 425a
Broadbeck Elizabeth (4)                                   PR 425a
Broadbeck Elizabeth (50)                                  PR 425a
Broadbeck Elizabeth (18)                                  PR 425a
Broadbeck Jeremiah (17)                                   PR 425a
Broadbeck John (15)                                       PR 425a
Broadbeck John (34)                                       PR 433b
Broadbeck John R. (58)                                    PR 425a
Broadbeck Jonah (27)                                      PR 425a
Broadbeck Susanna (30)                                    PR 433b
Broadbeck William (23)                                    PR 425a
Brockway Hannah (38)                                      CR 394b
Brockway Martin (44)                                      CR 394b
Brodbeck Ann M. (24)                                      NB 402a
Brokau Abram (3/12)                                       SB 524b
Brokau Andrew (5)                                         SB 524b
Brokau Caroline (9)                                       SB 524b
Brokau Caroline (40)                                      SB 524b
Brokau Effa (17)                                          SB 524b
Brokau Elizabeth (15)                                     SB 524b
Brokau John (45)                                          SB 524b
Brokau Maria (19)                                         SB 524b
Brokau Mary (7)                                           SB 524b
Brokau Phebe (13)                                         SB 524b
Brokau William (3)                                        SB 524b
Brokaw Emeline (4)                                        SB 525a
Brokaw Henry (36)                                         SB 525a
Brokaw Jackson (1)                                        SB 525a
Brokaw Joshua (13)                                        SB 525a
Brokaw Louisa (35)                                        SB 525a
Brokaw Lovina (10)                                        SB 525a
Brokaw Maria (m)                                          SB 525a
Brokaw Mary (7)                                           SB 525a
Brokaw William (5)                                        SB 525a
Brookens Sarah (67)                                       FR 486a
Brookman Ann (15)                                         CH 439a
Brookman Catharine (25)                                   CH 439a
Brookman Catharine (55)                                   CH 439a
Brookman Ephraim (16)                                     CH 439a
Brookman Samuel (69)                                      CH 439a
Brookman Valentine (12)                                   CH 439a
Brooks Catherine (60)                                      BE 42b
Brooks Daniel (30)                                        CG 460a
Brooks Emily (2)                                          CG 459b
Brooks Hannah (50)                                        CG 461a
Brooks Judith (63)                                        CG 461a
Brooks Lorana (27)                                        CG 461a
Brooks Lott (4/12)                                        CG 459b
Brooks Margaret (2/12)                                    CG 460a
Brooks Maria (29)                                         CG 459b
Brooks Maria (22)                                         CG 460a
Brooks MJames (30)                                        CG 459b
Brooks Seth (4)                                           CG 459b
Brooks William (64)                                        BE 42b
Brouks Arnold (20)                                         LN 21b
Brouks Deborah (48)                                        LN 21b
Brouks Hannah (19)                                         LN 21b
Brouks Isaiah (49)                                         LN 21b
Brouks Loisa (10)                                          LN 21b
Brouks Mary (17)                                           LN 21b
Brounell Albert (10)                                       BE 46a
Brounell Elizabeth (16)                                    BE 46a
Brounell George (3)                                        BE 46b
Brounell James (8)                                         BE 46b
Brounell John (14)                                         BE 46a
Brounell Martha (12)                                       BE 46a
Brounell Sarah (6)                                         BE 46b
Brounell Solomon (44)                                      BE 46a
Brounell Susan (43)                                        BE 46a
Brown Aaron (49)                                          CN 364a
Brown Aaron P. (10)                                       CN 364a
Brown Abner (20)                                          CN 376b
Brown Abraham (4)                                         FR 491a
Brown Abraham (34)                                        FR 491a
Brown Alexander (6)                                       FR 480a
Brown Alexander B. (10)                                   CN 375a
Brown Alice (8/12)                                        GL 510a
Brown Amanda (14)                                         FR 486b
Brown Amanda (8)                                          FR 489a
Brown Amanda (11)                                         CN 368b
Brown Amelia (19)                                         CN 369a
Brown Aminda (2)                                            WF 6a
Brown Bela (46)                                            LN 19a
Brown Benj (12)                                            HA 33b
Brown Benjamin (72)                                       SB 526a
Brown Benjamin (13)                                       CG 475b
Brown Benjamin (25)                                       CN 364a
Brown Bulah (53)                                          FR 486b
Brown Calvin J. (3)                                       CN 373a
Brown Catharine (15)                                       LN 19a
Brown Catharine (6)                                       FR 491a
Brown Charles (6)                                         FR 489a
Brown David (13)                                           BE 52b
Brown Delilah J. (4)                                      CN 365a
Brown Ebenezer (22)                                       CN 368b
Brown Edmund (23)                                         FR 486b
Brown Elery (21)                                          FR 486b
Brown Eli (6)                                             CN 376b
Brown Elisha (48)                                         CN 368b
Brown Eliza (3)                                           FR 480a
Brown Elizabeth (46)                                       HA 38a
Brown Elizabeth (6)                                        HA 35b
Brown Elizabeth (15)                                      FR 479b
Brown Elizabeth (13)                                      FR 491a
Brown Elizabeth (35)                                      FR 491a
Brown Elizabeth (42)                                      CG 475b
Brown Elizabeth (17)                                      CN 364a
Brown Elizabeth (26)                                      CR 393a
Brown Elizabeth (47)                                      CN 368b
Brown Elizabeth (15)                                      CN 368b
Brown Emeline (12)                                        CG 475b
Brown Emily (1)                                            HA 35b
Brown Experience (58)                                     CN 375b
Brown Experience (16)                                     CN 375b
Brown Francis M (7)                                       CN 365a
Brown Franklin (1)                                        CN 364b
Brown George (8)                                           LN 19b
Brown George (8)                                           HA 33b
Brown George (60)                                         FR 486a
Brown George (15)                                         FR 486b
Brown George (16)                                         CH 456a
Brown Gilbert (6)                                          HA 33b
Brown Gilbert M. (3)                                      CN 375a
Brown Hamilton (17)                                        HA 33b
Brown Hampton (5)                                         CN 364b
Brown Hannah (10)                                         FR 489a
Brown Hannah (13)                                         CN 376b
Brown Harriet (13)                                         LN 19a
Brown Harriet (11)                                        CN 375a
Brown Henry (3)                                            HA 35b
Brown Hernandez (24)                                       BE 48a
Brown Hester (27)                                         CN 373a
Brown Hiram (8)                                            BE 52b
Brown Ira (39)                                            CN 369a
Brown Isaac (47)                                           HA 38a
Brown Isaac (26)                                          CN 364b
Brown Jacob (48)                                          CN 368b
Brown James (32)                                          GL 509b
Brown James (13)                                          FR 489a
Brown James (13)                                          CN 365a
Brown Jane (22)                                           SB 526a
Brown Jane (17)                                           FR 479b
Brown Jane (4)                                            CN 368b
Brown Joel (40)                                           FR 489a
Brown Joel (1)                                            FR 489a
Brown Joel (12)                                           CN 364a
Brown John (53)                                           TR 417b
Brown John (1)                                             LN 19b
Brown John (18)                                            HA 33b
Brown John (17)                                           FR 489a
Brown John (8)                                            FR 491a
Brown John (5)                                            CR 393a
Brown John (24)                                           CN 368b
Brown John (47)                                            BE 52b
Brown John M. (15)                                        CN 364a
Brown Josiah (38)                                         CN 365a
Brown Laben (21)                                          CN 364b
Brown Laura (22)                                          CH 456a
Brown Lemuel E. (8)                                       CN 364b
Brown Lott (4)                                            CN 364a
Brown Louisa (43)                                         FR 479b
Brown Lucy (22)                                            BE 48a
Brown Luther (51)                                         CN 376b
Brown Luther S. (1)                                       CN 373a
Brown Mahala (41)                                         FR 489a
Brown Malinda (11)                                         BE 52b
Brown Margaret (19)                                       CN 369a
Brown Martha (11)                                         CN 375a
Brown Martin (6)                                          CG 475b
Brown Martin (14)                                         CN 369a
Brown Mary J. (12)                                        CN 369a
Brown Mary (52)                                             WF 6a
Brown Mary (25)                                           GL 510a
Brown Mary (15)                                           FR 489a
Brown Mary (9)                                            FR 491a
Brown Mary (19)                                           CG 475b
Brown Mary (15)                                           CN 376b
Brown Matilda (46)                                         HA 33b
Brown Merilla (50)                                        CN 368b
Brown Milly (15)                                          CN 365a
Brown Minerva (9)                                         FR 491a
Brown Minerva (12)                                        CN 364b
Brown Nancy (6)                                            LN 19b
Brown Nancy (11)                                          FR 491a
Brown Nancy (50)                                          CN 376b
Brown Nancy (31)                                          CN 375a
Brown Nelson (2)                                          CN 368b
Brown Orlando (12)                                        CN 375a
Brown P*ansom (7)                                         CN 364b
Brown Pain (45)                                           CG 475b
Brown Pain (4)                                            CG 475b
Brown Parmelia (18)                                       CN 368b
Brown Paul (19)                                           CN 368b
Brown Peter J. (26)                                       CR 393a
Brown Pharaby (13)                                        FR 480a
Brown Phebe Ann (4)                                        BE 52b
Brown Phebe (25)                                          CN 364b
Brown Pricilla (18)                                       CN 364a
Brown Priscilla (1)                                        BE 52b
Brown Rachael (30)                                         HA 35b
Brown Rebecca (10)                                        CG 475b
Brown Rhona J. (1)                                        CN 364a
Brown Rhona (25)                                          CN 364b
Brown Rhona (49)                                          CN 368b
Brown Robert (28)                                         CN 373a
Brown Robert (13)                                         CN 368b
Brown Rosanna (26)                                        TR 417b
Brown Rosanna (13)                                        CN 364b
Brown Ruth (4)                                             WF 10b
Brown Samuel S. (6)                                       CN 375a
Brown Samuel (59)                                         CN 375b
Brown Samuel (19)                                         CN 375b
Brown Sarah (17)                                           LN 19a
Brown Sarah (3)                                           FR 489a
Brown Sarah (18)                                          CG 475b
Brown Sarah (18)                                          CH 455a
Brown Sarah (38)                                          CN 365a
Brown Sarah (40)                                          CN 369a
Brown Sarah (7)                                           CN 375a
Brown Sarah (36)                                           BE 52b
Brown Selinder (9)                                        CN 364b
Brown Shelby (14)                                          HA 33b
Brown Stephen (37)                                        GL 513b
Brown Stephen (33)                                        CN 375a
Brown Susan (1)                                           CG 475b
Brown Susanna (41)                                         LN 19a
Brown Susannah (2)                                        FR 491a
Brown Thomas (38)                                          HA 35b
Brown Thomas (39)                                         FR 480a
Brown Thomas (12)                                         FR 489a
Brown Thomas (9)                                          CN 369a
Brown Thompson (9)                                        CN 365a
Brown Virginia (1)                                        CR 393a
Brown Washington (8)                                      CG 475b
Brown Washington (9)                                      CN 368b
Brown Wilbris (1)                                          BE 48a
Brown William (10)                                         HA 33b
Brown William (5)                                          HA 35b
Brown William (50)                                         HA 33b
Brown William (46)                                        FR 479b
Brown William (9)                                         FR 480a
Brown William (26)                                        CH 456a
Brown William (8)                                         CR 393a
Brown Wilson (7)                                          CN 368b

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