Morrow 1850 census index - Beardshear-Blackmor
Morrow County 1850 Census Surname Index

Surname/Given Name/Age/Township Abbreviation/Sheet Number
(Note: the "a" or "b" indication is not always accurate.)
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Beardshear Anna (42)                                      SB 519a
Beardshear Riley (38)                                     SB 519a
Beaty Elipah (20)                                         CR 378b
Beaty James (53)                                          CR 378b
Beaty John (21)                                           GL 513a
Beaty Penelope (50)                                       CR 378b
Beaty William (22)                                        CR 378b
Beaver Christina (6)                                      FR 483a
Beaver David (11)                                         FR 483a
Beaver Emma (2)                                           FR 483a
Beaver John (5)                                           FR 483a
Beaver Joseph (53)                                        FR 483a
Beaver Joseph (9)                                         FR 483a
Beaver Mary (42)                                          FR 483a
Beaver Rebecca (14)                                       FR 483a
Beaver Sarah (4)                                          FR 483a
Bechter Adam (6/12)                                       PR 428a
Bechter Fanny (49)                                        PR 428a
Bechter John (8)                                          PR 428a
Bechter Martha (6)                                        PR 428a
Bechter Mary (6)                                          PR 428a
Bechter Solomon (13)                                      PR 428a
Bechter William M. (3)                                    PR 428a
Beck Catharine (41)                                       CG 474b
Beck Christian (16)                                       CG 474b
Beck Elizabeth (11)                                       CG 474b
Beck Frederick (50)                                       CG 474b
Beck Frederick (18)                                       CG 474b
Beck Jacob (1)                                            CG 474b
Beck Mary (4)                                             CG 474b
Beck Peter (8)                                            CG 474b
Beck William (14)                                         CG 474b
Becker Margaret (58)                                      NB 406b
Beckly Eliza (29)                                          BE 50a
Beckly Manville (1)                                        BE 50a
Beckly Nancy (4)                                           BE 50a
Beckly Thomas (25)                                         BE 50a
Beckover Mary (71)                                        CH 443a
Beebe Byrum (15)                                          SB 525b
Beebe Charles (6)                                         GL 508b
Beebe Eliza (31)                                          GL 508b
Beebe Elizabeth (43)                                      SB 525b
Beebe Francis (7)                                         GL 508b
Beebe Hannah (22)                                         CH 442b
Beebe Henriett (1)                                        GL 508b
Beebe Henry (3)                                           GL 508b
Beebe James (58)                                          CH 442b
Beebe Jane (23)                                           CH 442b
Beebe John (55)                                           SB 525b
Beebe John (17)                                           SB 525b
Beebe Joseph (28)                                         GL 510b
Beebe Judson (36)                                         GL 508b
Beebe Lovinia (1)                                         GL 510b
Beebe Mary (44)                                           CH 442b
Beebe Philena (27)                                        GL 510b
Beech Anna (54)                                            LN 20a
Beech Anna (15)                                            LN 20b
Beech Edmund (59)                                          LN 20a
Beech John (18)                                            LN 20a
Beech Priscilla (22)                                       LN 20a
Beech Ruth (12)                                            LN 20b
Beeler Catharine (40)                                     NB 407a
Beeler Charles (37)                                       NB 407a
Beeler Chatarine (4/12)                                   NB 407a
Beeler Conrad (35)                                        NB 407a
Beeler George (1)                                         NB 407a
Beeler George (66)                                        NB 407a
Beeler Mary (29)                                          NB 407a
Beeler Rosanna (20)                                       NB 407a
Beemer Edward A. (2)                                      CH 441a
Beemer Elenora (5)                                        CH 441a
Beemer Evaline (39)                                       CH 441a
Beemer Hannah E. (8)                                      CH 441a
Beemer Julia A (10)                                       CH 441a
Beemer Martha J. (13)                                     CH 441a
Beemer Rozilla (6)                                        CH 441a
Beemer William (49)                                       CH 441a
Beers Abigail (53)                                        CH 436b
Beers Amelia (1)                                          CH 449b
Beers Ann (28)                                            CH 449b
Beers Byrum (61)                                          CH 447a
Beers Daniel (29)                                         CH 449b
Beers Elizabeth (60)                                      CH 447a
Beers Joseph (54)                                         CH 436b
Beers Margaret A. (16)                                    CH 447a
Beitterman Charles (29)                                   NB 401b
Beitterman Julia Ann (26)                                 NB 402a
Bell Anna (65)                                            FR 481b
Bell Berrilla (4)                                         FR 479a
Bell Christina (2)                                        FR 479a
Bell James (65)                                           FR 481b
Bell Laben (30)                                           FR 479a
Bell Margaret (6)                                         FR 479a
Bell Mary (26)                                            FR 479a
Bell Nancy (30)                                           PR 435a
Bell Taylor (1/12)                                        FR 479a
Bender Ann (22)                                           TR 417a
Bender David (8)                                          TR 416b
Bender Elizabeth (11)                                     TR 416b
Bender Elizabeth (43)                                     TR 416b
Bender George (50)                                        TR 416b
Bender George W. (6)                                      TR 416b
Bender margaret (13)                                      TR 416b
Bender Sarah J. (2)                                       TR 416b
Benedict 38 (f)                                           CR 390a
Benedict Aaron (33)                                        PU 64a
Benedict Aaron (45)                                        PU 64a
Benedict Aden (6)                                          PU 60a
Benedict Adison (3)                                        PU 64a
Benedict Alice (6/12)                                      PU 64a
Benedict Almond (15)                                       PU 60a
Benedict Amasa (9)                                         PU 58b
Benedict Amelia (18)                                       PU 64a
Benedict Annis (5)                                         LN 18b
Benedict Anny (45)                                         PU 60a
Benedict Byron (10)                                        LN 19a
Benedict Caroline (18)                                     PU 64a
Benedict Catharine (55)                                    PU 62b
Benedict Charity (14)                                      PU 64a
Benedict Charles (7)                                      CR 390a
Benedict Cyrus (6)                                         PU 60a
Benedict Cyrus E. (19)                                    CR 390a
Benedict Daniel (43)                                       PU 64b
Benedict Deborah (12)                                      PU 64b
Benedict Dorcas (9)                                        PU 64b
Benedict Edmund (9)                                        PU 64a
Benedict Edwin (9)                                         LN 19a
Benedict Electa (31)                                        WF 2b
Benedict Elie (14)                                        CR 385b
Benedict Eliza A. (6)                                     CR 385b
Benedict Elizabeth A. (18)                                CR 391a
Benedict Ensign (11)                                       PU 58b
Benedict Esther (20)                                       LN 18b
Benedict Fillman (8/12)                                     WF 2b
Benedict Francis (13)                                      LN 19a
Benedict George (35)                                       LN 19a
Benedict Gideon (42)                                       PU 58b
Benedict Grace (36)                                        PU 64b
Benedict Grafton (4)                                       PU 64a
Benedict Hannah E. (17)                                   CR 390a
Benedict Hannah (35)                                       PU 60a
Benedict Harmon (3)                                         WF 2b
Benedict Harriet (29)                                      LN 19a
Benedict Helen (6)                                          WF 2b
Benedict Henry (1)                                         PU 58b
Benedict Henry (21)                                        LN 18b
Benedict Henry (11)                                       CR 390a
Benedict Huldah (19)                                       PU 60a
Benedict Hyalmer (2)                                       LN 19a
Benedict Isabel (3)                                        HA 40b
Benedict Israel (22)                                       PU 60b
Benedict Jemimah (14)                                      PU 60a
Benedict Jenitte (33)                                       WF 2b
Benedict John J. (9)                                      CR 390a
Benedict John (49)                                         PU 60a
Benedict John (12)                                        CR 385b
Benedict Jonathan (20)                                    CR 391a
Benedict Lavinia (6)                                       PU 64b
Benedict Levi (13)                                        CR 390a
Benedict Livius (16)                                       PU 64a
Benedict LoDania (10)                                       WF 2b
Benedict Lura (15)                                         PU 58b
Benedict Lurton (3/12)                                     PU 64a
Benedict Lydia (11)                                        PU 64a
Benedict Malissa (5)                                      CR 390a
Benedict Martin (42)                                       PU 60a
Benedict Mary (2)                                          PU 58b
Benedict Mellison (9)                                      PU 60a
Benedict Melvin (5)                                        LN 19a
Benedict Mordecai (4)                                      PU 64b
Benedict Nelson (8)                                         WF 2b
Benedict Norman (12)                                        WF 2b
Benedict Phebe (6)                                         PU 58b
Benedict Phebe (41)                                        PU 64a
Benedict Phebe (10)                                        PU 64b
Benedict Phebe (18)                                        LN 18b
Benedict Reuben (82)                                       PU 62b
Benedict Richard (9)                                       PU 60a
Benedict Robert (7)                                        LN 18b
Benedict Rodolphus (18)                                    PU 60a
Benedict Roxy (37)                                         PU 58b
Benedict Ruth (43)                                         LN 18b
Benedict Ruth (22)                                        CR 385b
Benedict Sarah (25)                                        PU 60b
Benedict Sarah (9)                                         LN 18b
Benedict Sylvester (15)                                   CR 390a
Benedict Theodore (14)                                     LN 18b
Benedict William (17)                                     CR 385b
Bennet Alexander (30)                                     GL 495b
Bennet Almira (2)                                         CR 390b
Bennet Anthony (16)                                       CR 390b
Bennet Benton (8)                                          HA 29b
Bennet Catharine (53)                                     CR 390b
Bennet Clarinda (17)                                      CR 391a
Bennet Columbus (19)                                      CR 390b
Bennet Content (36)                                       CR 391a
Bennet Daniel (36)                                        CR 391a
Bennet Daniel (30)                                         BE 56a
Bennet Delitha (4)                                        GL 495b
Bennet Deniel D. (2)                                      CR 391a
Bennet Dinna (22)                                          BE 56a
Bennet Doty (16)                                           BE 56b
Bennet Drusilla (14)                                      CR 390b
Bennet Elizabeth (27)                                     GL 495b
Bennet Elizabeth (26)                                     CR 390b
Bennet Elizabeth (55)                                      BE 53a
Bennet Emaline (12)                                        BE 56b
Bennet Henry (5)                                           HA 29b
Bennet Hiram (13)                                         CR 391a
Bennet Jenne (14)                                          BE 53a
Bennet John (2)                                           GL 495b
Bennet Jonah (5)                                           HA 29b
Bennet Jonathan (23)                                       BE 56b
Bennet Josiah (51)                                         BE 56b
Bennet Lydia (6)                                          GL 495b
Bennet Lydia (19)                                          BE 53a
Bennet Manasseh (17)                                       HA 29b
Bennet Mary (8)                                           CR 390b
Bennet Nancy (1)                                          GL 495b
Bennet Nathan (22)                                         BE 53a
Bennet Parmelia (10)                                      CR 391a
Bennet Phebe (41)                                          HA 29b
Bennet Richard (5)                                        GL 495b
Bennet Robert (52)                                         BE 53a
Bennet Roderick (24)                                       BE 53a
Bennet S. Columbia (6/12)                                  BE 56a
Bennet Samuel (2)                                          HA 29b
Bennet Simon (13)                                         CR 390b
Bennet Stephen (57)                                       CR 390b
Bennet Susanna (7)                                        CR 391a
Bennet Townsend (14)                                       BE 56b
Bennet William (43)                                        HA 29b
Bennet William (26)                                       CR 390b
Bennett Ann (29)                                          FR 477a
Bennett Ann (28)                                          FR 482a
Bennett Barbara (26)                                      CR 384a
Bennett Catharine (15)                                    CR 380b
Bennett Chauncey (4)                                      NB 410a
Bennett Daniel (67)                                        LN 24a
Bennett Edith A. (4)                                      CR 384b
Bennett Edith (36)                                        GL 495b
Bennett Edmund (6)                                        NB 410a
Bennett Elizabeth A. (1/12)                               NB 410a
Bennett Elizabeth (19)                                     PU 61b
Bennett Elizabeth (32)                                    FR 477a
Bennett Elizabeth (2)                                     CR 381a
Bennett Elizabeth (28)                                    CR 382b
Bennett Elizabeth (36)                                    CR 380b
Bennett Elnora M. (7)                                     CR 384b
Bennett Garner (59)                                        PU 61b
Bennett George (11)                                       CR 381a
Bennett Harrison (23)                                     CR 391b
Bennett Hiram C. (3/12)                                   CR 382b
Bennett Isaac (11)                                         LN 18b
Bennett Isaac (26)                                        FR 477a
Bennett Isaac M. (2)                                      CR 384b
Bennett Isabel (25)                                       FR 477a
Bennett James F. (6)                                      CR 384b
Bennett James (66)                                        GL 495b
Bennett Jane (21)                                         CR 391b
Bennett John C (1)                                        FR 477a
Bennett John C. (2)                                       CR 382b
Bennett John J. (35)                                      CR 380b
Bennett John (38)                                          LN 18b
Bennett John (9)                                          CR 381a
Bennett Josiah (20)                                       SB 515b
Bennett Julia Ann (4)                                     CR 382b
Bennett Lemuel (4)                                         LN 18b
Bennett Lewis (34)                                        CR 384a
Bennett Lydia (18)                                        GL 495b
Bennett Lydia (61)                                        GL 495b
Bennett Lydia (20)                                        FR 477a
Bennett Magdaline (54)                                    FR 477a
Bennett Marcus W. (33)                                    NB 410a
Bennett Margaret (13)                                     CR 380b
Bennett Marinda (27)                                      NB 410a
Bennett Martha (9)                                         LN 18b
Bennett Mary R. (8/12)                                    CR 391b
Bennett Mary (1)                                           LN 18b
Bennett Mary (7)                                          CR 381a
Bennett Melinda (15)                                       LN 18b
Bennett Phebe (58)                                         PU 61b
Bennett Rebecca (36)                                       LN 18b
Bennett Rhoda (64)                                         LN 24a
Bennett Samuel (28)                                       CR 382b
Bennett Sarah E. (7/12)                                   CR 384b
Bennett Sarah (41)                                        SB 530a
Bennett Sarah (5)                                         CR 381a
Bennett Urban (9)                                         NB 410a
Benniger John (22)                                        CR 392b
Bensley Cattrina (59)                                       WF 4b
Bensley Elizabeth (27)                                      WF 4b
Bensley George (18)                                         WF 4b
Bensley George (8)                                          WF 4b
Bensley J. (4)                                              WF 4b
Bensley James (59)                                          WF 4b
Bensley Jerush (20)                                         WF 4b
Bensley John (28)                                           WF 4b
Bensley Margaret (12)                                       WF 4b
Bensley Silus (1)                                           WF 4b
Bensley Theodore (25)                                       WF 4b
Benson Adaline (11)                                        LN 28a
Benson Almira (4)                                          LN 27a
Benson Almon (37)                                          LN 27a
Benson Alvira (4)                                          LN 27a
Benson Amy (29)                                             WF 5a
Benson Amy (13)                                            LN 27a
Benson Belinda (3)                                          WF 5a
Benson Clarina (6)                                          WF 3a
Benson Clinton (7/12)                                       WF 5a
Benson Daniel (17)                                         LN 28a
Benson Darius (4)                                          LN 27a
Benson Darius (38)                                         LN 27a
Benson Didymus (31)                                         WF 5a
Benson Electa (11)                                         LN 27a
Benson Electa (6)                                          LN 27a
Benson Eli (7)                                              WF 5a
Benson Elias (17)                                          LN 27a
Benson Eliza (34)                                          LN 27a
Benson Emiy (8)                                            LN 27a
Benson Harriet (36)                                        LN 28a
Benson Henry (15)                                          LN 28a
Benson James (19)                                          LN 27a
Benson Jefferson (9)                                        WF 5a
Benson Joanna (13)                                         LN 27a
Benson Julius (38)                                          WF 3a
Benson Leander (40)                                        LN 28a
Benson Lucina (28)                                          WF 3a
Benson Lucinda (28)                                        LN 27a
Benson Melvin (10)                                         LN 27a
Benson Nelson (13)                                         LN 28a
Benson Phebe (9)                                           LN 27a
Benson Sophia (15)                                         LN 27a
Benson Theresa (6/12)                                      LN 28a
Benton Almira (19)                                          WF 6a
Benton L.B. (29)                                            WF 6a
Benz Frederick (10)                                        WF 10a
Benz George (23)                                           WF 10a
Benz Margaret (54)                                          WF 9b
Benz Sebastian (52)                                         WF 9b
Berkypile Fanny (68)                                      PR 429a
Berkypile Jacob (26)                                      PR 429a
Berkypile Peter (56)                                      PR 429a
Berkypile Susannah (31)                                   PR 429a
Berry Abner (3)                                           CH 439b
Berry Ann C. (2/12)                                       CH 446a
Berry Catharine (31)                                      GL 512b
Berry Charlotte (18)                                      SB 527a
Berry Ellen (8)                                           CH 439b
Berry James (25)                                          CH 446a
Berry John (33)                                           GL 512b
Berry John (63)                                           CH 439b
Berry Laura (11)                                          GL 512b
Berry Mary (3)                                            GL 512b
Berry Polly (40)                                          CH 439b
Berry Rebecca J. (20)                                     CH 446a
Berry Samuel (2)                                          CH 439b
Berry Sarah (9)                                           GL 512b
Berry Susan (14)                                          CH 439b
Berry William (7)                                         GL 512b
Berryman Mary (14)                                        CH 436b
Best Mary (5)                                             GL 508a
Betts Hannah (64)                                         CR 379b
Betts Hellen (1)                                          CR 379b
Betts Hubbard M. (3)                                      CR 379b
Betts Jane M. (23)                                        CR 379b
Betts Nathan (28)                                         CR 379b
Betts Orvin (41)                                          CR 379b
BGivin Catharine (65)                                     CH 442a
BGivin Hacaliah (11)                                      CH 442a
BGivin John (68)                                          CH 442a
Bickford Abigal (50)                                      FR 493a
Bickford Joshua (53)                                      FR 493a
Biddle Catharine (21)                                     CH 452b
Biddle Daniel (37)                                        PR 423a
Biddle Eve (56)                                           PR 423a
Biddle George (17)                                        PR 423a
Biddle Jacob (79)                                         PR 423a
Biddle John J. (4)                                        PR 423a
Biddle Michael (27)                                       CH 452b
Biddle Sarah A. (8)                                       PR 423a
Biddle Susanna (38)                                       PR 423a
Bidle Margaret (64)                                       CG 471a
Biggs Aaron (46)                                          CH 440b
Biggs Alexander (13)                                       HA 36b
Biggs Clamanta (7)                                         HA 36a
Biggs Clarinda (44)                                        HA 36b
Biggs Elizabeth (38)                                       HA 36a
Biggs Elizabeth (64)                                       HA 41a
Biggs Emaline (8/12)                                       HA 36a
Biggs Ephraim (71)                                         HA 41a
Biggs Esther (5)                                           HA 36a
Biggs Esther (37)                                         CH 440b
Biggs Harrod (24)                                          HA 36b
Biggs James (8)                                            HA 36b
Biggs John (18)                                            HA 36b
Biggs Jonathan (36)                                        HA 36a
Biggs Joseph (21)                                          HA 30a
Biggs Lewis (20)                                           HA 36b
Biggs Lovina (21)                                          HA 30a
Biggs Rhoda (3)                                            HA 36b
Biggs Sarah (15)                                           HA 36b
Biggs William (2/12)                                       HA 30a
Biggs William (54)                                         HA 36b
Bigs Charity (32)                                          HA 34b
Bigs Elizabeth (4)                                         HA 34b
Bigs John (32)                                             HA 34b
Bigs Muher (8/12)                                          HA 34b
Bigs Samuel (2)                                            HA 34b
Bingham Clorinda (6)                                      CH 441b
Bingham Dewitt (22)                                       GL 501b
Bingham Elizabeth (22)                                    CH 441b
Bingham Joseph (76)                                       GL 501b
Bingham Joseph (43)                                       GL 501b
Bingham Lucinda (2)                                       CH 441b
Bingham Lydia (16)                                        GL 501b
Bingham Mary E. (7/12)                                    CH 441b
Bingham Nelson (4)                                        CH 441b
Bingham Sarah (52)                                        GL 501b
Bingham Stephen (36)                                      CH 441b
Binton Samuel (24)                                        GL 509b
Binton Sarah (16)                                         GL 509b
Binton Susan (45)                                         GL 509b
Birch Amanda (2)                                          CG 468b
Birch George (4)                                          CG 468b
Birch Isabella (31)                                       CG 468b
Birch James (25)                                          CG 468b
Birch John (11)                                           CG 468b
Birch Luke (42)                                           CG 468b
Birchwood Alsan (25)                                      CR 394a
Birchwood J* S. (1)                                       CR 394a
Birchwood John (26)                                       CR 394a
Bird Cecelia (1)                                          FR 490a
Bird Charles (39)                                         GL 510a
Bird Charles (10)                                         FR 490a
Bird Clementine (3)                                       GL 510a
Bird Elizabeth (72)                                       FR 477a
Bird Elizabeth (27)                                       FR 490a
Bird Esther (4)                                           FR 490a
Bird James (6)                                            FR 490a
Bird John (8)                                             GL 510a
Bird John (63)                                            FR 487a
Bird John (30)                                            FR 490a
Bird Lamertin (8/12)                                      GL 510a
Bird Marshall (6)                                         GL 510a
Bird Mary (3)                                             GL 509a
Bird Mary (34)                                            GL 510a
Bird Nathaniel (2)                                        FR 490a
Bird Samuel (25)                                          GL 509a
Bird Sarah (25)                                           GL 509a
Bird Solomon (13)                                         GL 510a
Bird William (16)                                         GL 510a
Bird William (8)                                          FR 490a
Bisele Peter (16)                                         PR 427a
Bishop Almira (3)                                           WF 2b
Bishop Alvin (3)                                            WF 2b
Bishop Anson (15)                                          WF 17a
Bishop Archibald (60)                                     WA 349b
Bishop Barsillia (11)                                      WF 17a
Bishop Elisha (22)                                          WF 4a
Bishop Eliza (2)                                          NB 408a
Bishop Elizabeth (79)                                     NB 408a
Bishop Elizabeth (28)                                     NB 408a
Bishop Henry (13)                                          WF 17a
Bishop J. F. (18)                                         WA 349b
Bishop James (1)                                          NB 408a
Bishop James (40)                                         NB 408a
Bishop Jonathan (39)                                        WF 2b
Bishop Joseph (41)                                         WF 17a
Bishop Loretta (1)                                         WF 17a
Bishop Lovinda (6)                                         WF 17a
Bishop Lucretia (3/12)                                      WF 2b
Bishop Malvina (19)                                         WF 4a
Bishop Mary E. (4)                                        NB 408a
Bishop Mary (20)                                          WA 349b
Bishop Mary (40)                                          NB 408a
Bishop S.M. (42)                                           WF 17a
Bishop Samuel (5)                                         NB 408a
Bishop Sarah E. (15)                                      WA 349b
Bishop Sarah (54)                                         WA 349b
Bishop W. P. (23)                                         WA 349b
Bishop Wlishu (62)                                          WF 4a
Bixler Benjamin (68)                                      TR 414a
Bixler Francis (3)                                        TR 414a
Bixler Henry (1)                                          TR 414a
Bixler Jacob (7)                                          TR 414a
Bixler Juliann (39)                                       TR 414a
Bixler Mary (66)                                          TR 414a
Bixler William (43)                                       TR 414a
Bla* Daniel (20)                                          FR 491b
Bla* John (15)                                            FR 491b
Bla* Lucy (9)                                             FR 491b
Bla* Lydia (11)                                           FR 491b
Bla* Sarah (19)                                           FR 491b
Bla* Thomas (13)                                          FR 491b
Bla* Thomas (51)                                          FR 491b
Bla* William (6)                                          FR 491b
Black Alexander (20)                                      FR 489b
Black Ann (10)                                             LN 26a
Black Cicly (59)                                          FR 489b
Black Esther (80)                                          LN 26a
Black Hannah (11/12)                                      CN 366b
Black Henry (12)                                           LN 26a
Black Israel M. (29)                                      CR 382a
Black John (35)                                            LN 26a
Black Lydia (3)                                            LN 26a
Black Lydia (20)                                          CN 366b
Black Margaret (15)                                       FR 489b
Black Maria (7)                                            LN 26a
Black Nancy (50)                                           LN 26a
Black Robert (25)                                         FR 489b
Black William A. (24)                                     CN 366b
Black William (17)                                        FR 489b
Black William (59)                                        FR 489b
Black Zeruah (30)                                          LN 26a
Blackford Abby (12)                                       FR 487a
Blackford Charlotte (26)                                  FR 487a
Blackford Hily (48)                                       FR 487a
Blackford Isaac (17)                                      FR 487a
Blackford Lovina (7)                                      FR 487a
Blackford Martha (20)                                     FR 487a
Blackford William (14)                                    FR 487a
Blackman Ann (26)                                          PU 68b
Blackman Betsy (65)                                        PU 68b
Blackman Lorenzo (28)                                      PU 68b
Blackman Lydia (20)                                        PU 61a
Blackman Rosina (2)                                        PU 68b
Blackmor Anderella (30)                                    WF 16a

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