Morrow 1850 census index - All A Surnames
Morrow County 1850 Census Surname Index
All A Surnames

Surname/Given Name/Age/Township Abbreviation/Sheet Number
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A* Joshua (5)                                             PR 431a
A* Nancy (9)                                              PR 431a
Abbott Joel (40)                                          SB 519a
Abbott Lucinda (18)                                       SB 519a
Abbott Sarah (35)                                         SB 519a
Able Charles (11)                                         SB 518b
Able George (13)                                          SB 518b
Able Mary (49)                                            SB 518b
Able Mary (16)                                            SB 518b
Able Pearson (25)                                         SB 518b
Able Susan (15)                                           SB 518b
Able William (62)                                         SB 518b
Acart Burkhart (26)                                       NB 405b
Acart Rebecca (31)                                        NB 405b
Acker Ann (20)                                            WA 355b
Acreman Abraham (41)                                      CG 463a
Acreman Benjamin (12)                                     CG 463a
Acreman Daniel (9)                                        CG 463a
Acreman Haren H (16)                                      CG 463a
Acreman Isabella (39)                                     CG 463a
Acreman Jacob (4)                                         CG 463a
Acreman John (14)                                         CG 463a
Acreman Mary (1)                                          CG 463a
Acton Asa (15)                                            PR 428b
Acton Barbara (6/12)                                      PR 430a
Acton Benedict A. (45)                                    PR 428b
Acton Catharine (35)                                      PR 429b
Acton Catharine (8)                                       PR 430a
Acton David (3)                                           PR 423b
Acton Ellen E. (13)                                       PR 428b
Acton George (45)                                         PR 429b
Acton George W. (31)                                      PR 429a
Acton Henry (14)                                          PR 425a
Acton Henry (73)                                          PR 429a
Acton Henry (9)                                           PR 429a
Acton Hezekiah B. (11)                                    PR 429a
Acton John H. (6)                                         PR 429a
Acton John (6)                                            PR 429a
Acton Luwis (2)                                           PR 429a
Acton Margaret A. (16)                                    CH 440a
Acton Martha A. (12)                                      PR 429b
Acton Nancy A. (4)                                        PR 429a
Acton Orilla (36)                                         PR 428b
Acton Osborne (48)                                        CH 440a
Acton Sarah (6)                                           PR 430a
Acton Sarah (26)                                          PR 429a
Acton Sidney (6)                                          PR 423b
Acton Sidney W. (3)                                       CH 440a
Acton Solomon (10)                                        PR 425a
Acton Tennison W. (41)                                    CH 440a
Acton Theophilus W. (5)                                   CH 440a
Acton Weimans (10)                                        PR 430a
Acton William (4)                                         PR 430a
Acton Zachariah (3)                                       PR 429a
Adair Benjamin (16)                                       WA 357a
Adair Gilbert (18)                                        WA 357a
Adair James (10)                                          WA 357a
Adair Julianna (47)                                       WA 357a
Adair Margaret (6)                                        WA 357a
Adair Miriam (12)                                         WA 357a
Adair Rachel (25)                                         WA 357a
Adair Rebecca (4)                                         WA 357a
Adair Selina (1)                                          WA 357a
Adair William C. (8)                                      WA 357a
Adair William (50)                                        WA 357a
Adames Ahige (67)                                         CR 387b
Adames Subinet (66)                                       CR 387b
Adams Ann (24)                                             WF 18a
Adams Cynthia (1)                                          WF 18a
Adams Darius (22)                                          WF 18a
Adams Elizabeth (23)                                      CN 366a
Adams James (75)                                          CN 366a
Adams John (16)                                           CN 366a
Adams Joseph (26)                                         CR 390a
Adams Lucy (27)                                           CR 390a
Adams Mahala (13)                                         GL 508b
Adams Margaret (62)                                       CN 366a
Adams Margaret (20)                                       CN 366a
Adams Margaret (19)                                       CN 364a
Adams Maria (7)                                           CR 390a
Adams Martin (2)                                          CR 390a
Adams Mary A. (12)                                        CN 368b
Adams Samuel (18)                                         CN 366a
Addlesparger Caleb (19)                                   GL 513b
Adlespayer Caleb (16)                                     GL 511b
Adlespayer Lewis (21)                                     GL 511b
Adlespayer Lydia (50)                                     GL 511b
Adlespayer Mary Ann (6)                                   GL 511b
Adlespayer Rebecca (10)                                   GL 511b
Adlespayer Susanna (13)                                   GL 511b
Adlespayer Thomas (19)                                    GL 511b
Adlespayer William (65)                                   GL 511b
Agarch Anna (54)                                           PU 59b
Ake Mary (23)                                             CR 394b
Aker Amy (74)                                             PR 425b
Alban Charles W. (23)                                     NB 409a
Albaugh Almay (6)                                         CR 378b
Albaugh Amanda (12)                                       PR 430b
Albaugh Arvilla (1)                                       CR 378b
Albaugh Delilah (14)                                      PR 430b
Albaugh Elipah H. (10)                                    CR 378b
Albaugh Emanuel (36)                                      CR 378b
Albaugh Francis L. (8)                                    CR 378b
Albaugh Harrison (11)                                     PR 430b
Albaugh James M. (8)                                      PR 430b
Albaugh Jeremiah P. (15)                                  CR 378b
Albaugh John (41)                                         PR 430b
Albaugh Louisa (15)                                       PR 430b
Albaugh Nancy (39)                                        PR 430b
Albaugh Polly (4)                                         CR 378b
Albaugh Rosanna (18)                                      PR 430b
Albaugh Rufus (17)                                        PR 430b
Albaugh Susan (35)                                        CR 378b
Albough Ann (4/12)                                        GL 510b
Albough Charles (10)                                      GL 514a
Albough Cynthia (21)                                      GL 510b
Albough Ellen (19)                                        GL 510b
Albough Hester (13)                                       GL 514a
Albough Jacob (37)                                        GL 514a
Albough John (23)                                         GL 510b
Albough John (2)                                          GL 514a
Albough Julia Ann (27)                                    GL 514a
Albough phebe (18)                                        GL 514a
Albough William (17)                                      GL 514a
Alden Charlotte (36)                                       BE 54a
Alden Chester (56)                                         BE 54a
Alden Reuben (13)                                          BE 54a
Alden William (3)                                          BE 54a
Alderman Eliza (35)                                       GL 509b
Alderman Francis (6)                                      GL 509b
Alderman Simeon (36)                                      GL 509b
Alderman Talmi (8)                                        GL 509b
Aldrich Abigail (53)                                       WF 10b
Aldrich Almira (30)                                        PU 68a
Aldrich Alpheus (31)                                       PU 68a
Aldrich Amanda (23)                                        WF 10b
Aldrich Catharine (21)                                     WF 10b
Aldrich Celinda (25)                                       LN 24b
Aldrich Cicero (5)                                         LN 24b
Aldrich Cornelia (6)                                       PU 68a
Aldrich Daniel (18)                                         WF 8b
Aldrich Davison (8)                                        PU 68a
Aldrich Electa (4)                                         PU 68a
Aldrich Eliza (40)                                         WF 11a
Aldrich Elizabeth (27)                                      WF 8b
Aldrich Florella (19)                                      WF 11a
Aldrich Francis (2)                                        WF 11a
Aldrich H.A. (1/12)                                        WF 10b
Aldrich Harriet (2)                                        PU 68a
Aldrich Hiram (25)                                         LN 24b
Aldrich Irene (3)                                          LN 24b
Aldrich Isaiah (63)                                        WF 10b
Aldrich James (30)                                          WF 8b
Aldrich Jefferson (6)                                      WF 11a
Aldrich John (22)                                          WF 10b
Aldrich Joseph (47)                                        WF 11a
Aldrich Julia (2)                                          WF 10b
Aldrich LaFayette (5)                                      WF 10b
Aldrich MiI.2 (f)                                          WF 10b
Aldrich Nelson (9)                                         PU 68a
Aldrich Pareles (20)                                       WF 10b
Aldrich Reuben (18)                                        WF 11a
Aldrich Sarah (6/12)                                       WF 10b
Aldrich Sarah (9)                                          WF 10b
Aldrich Sophia (53)                                         WF 8b
Aldrich Sydney (16)                                        WF 11a
Aldrich Sylvester (26)                                     WF 10b
Aldrich Theodore (14)                                      WF 11a
Aldrich Timothy (55)                                        WF 8b
Aldrich Timothy (14)                                       WF 10b
Alebrick H.M. (35)                                          WF 4b
Alebrick James (5/12)                                       WF 4b
Alebrick James (7)                                          WF 4b
Alebrick Julius (13)                                        WF 4b
Alebrick Larepter (3)                                       WF 4b
Alebrick Lucina (6)                                         WF 4b
Alebrick Smith (45)                                         WF 4b
Alexander Abigail (67)                                     PU 59b
Alexander Angeline (3)                                      WF 4b
Alexander Catharine (25)                                    WF 4b
Alexander Elizabeth (8)                                   WA 359a
Alexander Samuel (26)                                       WF 4b
Alexander W.D. (8/12)                                       WF 4b
Alison Henry (11)                                         FR 483a
Alison John (25)                                          FR 483a
Alison Joseph (2)                                         FR 483a
Alison Sarah (25)                                         FR 483a
Allbaugh Dorothea (6)                                      HA 41b
Allbaugh Fellix (3)                                        HA 41b
Allbaugh Jacob (35)                                        HA 41b
Allbaugh Jerome (5)                                        HA 41b
Allbaugh Mary (8)                                          HA 41b
Allbaugh Moriah (4/12)                                     HA 41b
Allbaugh Ssarah (30)                                       HA 41b
Allen David (1)                                             WF 8b
Allen Diantha (37)                                        CR 394b
Allen E.A. (8)                                              WF 8b
Allen Elizabeth (32)                                        WF 8b
Allen I. (3)                                                WF 8b
Allen J.B. (5)                                              WF 8b
Allen J.W. (11)                                             WF 8b
Allen M.F. (7)                                              WF 8b
Allen Samuel A. (5)                                       NB 395b
Allen Sarah (63)                                          CR 394b
Allen Se*ch (38)                                            WF 8b
Allington Amanda (36)                                     SB 530a
Allington Celista (20)                                    SB 530b
Allington George (5)                                      SB 530b
Allington Sarah (19)                                      SB 525b
Allington William (40)                                    SB 530b
Allison Albert (5)                                        SB 526a
Allison Charles (4)                                       SB 526a
Allison Izona (2)                                         SB 526a
Allison James (12)                                        SB 526a
Allison John (16)                                         SB 526a
Allison Lydia (30)                                        SB 526a
Allison Obadiah (39)                                      SB 526a
Allman James (4)                                           LN 28b
Allman Levi (6)                                            LN 28b
Allman Lucy (8)                                            LN 28b
Allman Mary (25)                                           HA 31a
Allman Phebe (29)                                          LN 28b
Allman Silas (29)                                          LN 28b
Allman Thomas (29)                                         HA 31a
Allspach Christina (18)                                   CN 367a
Allspach Columbia (16)                                    CN 367a
Allspach David (11)                                       CN 367a
Allspach Henry (45)                                       CN 367a
Allspach Irvin (19)                                       CN 367a
Allspach Madissa (14)                                     CN 367a
Allspach Mary A. (46)                                     CN 367a
Allspach William (8)                                      CN 367a
Alman Alexander (17)                                      GL 501a
Alman Dorathea (51)                                       GL 501a
Alman Elizabeth (22)                                      GL 501a
Alman Isaac (14)                                          GL 501a
Alman Isaac (50)                                          GL 501a
Alman Margaret (19)                                       GL 501a
Alpine Sarah (47)                                         WA 352a
Alshouse Catharine (25)                                   NB 400a
Alworth Amos (19)                                          HA 41a
Alworth Delilah (8)                                        HA 41a
Alworth Eli (10)                                           HA 41a
Alworth Elizabeth (46)                                     HA 41a
Alworth John (4)                                           HA 41a
Alworth Margaret (25)                                      HA 41a
Alworth Mary (12)                                          HA 41a
Alworth Ssamuel (48)                                       HA 41a
Ames Charles (9)                                           PU 63a
Ames Dorcas (12)                                           PU 62b
Ames Elizabeth (14)                                        PU 62b
Ames Ira (19)                                              PU 62b
Ames James (4)                                             PU 63a
Ames John (16)                                             PU 62b
Ames Rebecca (47)                                          PU 62b
Ames Samuel (50)                                           PU 62b
Amick Christiana (21)                                      BE 48a
Amick Esther (1)                                           BE 48a
Amick James (15)                                           WF 15a
Amidon Phebe J. (8)                                       CH 454b
Ancy Joseph C. (27)                                       CR 393b
Anderson Albert (2)                                         WF 4a
Anderson Albert (13)                                      SB 521a
Anderson Amasa (37)                                       SB 521a
Anderson Andrew (32)                                        WF 4a
Anderson Benjamin (3)                                     SB 521a
Anderson Benjamin (29)                                    SB 521a
Anderson Catharine (28)                                   SB 521a
Anderson David (5)                                        SB 521a
Anderson Elizabeth (57)                                   SB 520b
Anderson Fanny (6)                                        SB 521a
Anderson Hannah (29)                                      SB 521a
Anderson Henry (1/12)                                       WF 4a
Anderson James (7)                                        SB 521a
Anderson Jane (12)                                        SB 521a
Anderson John (1)                                         SB 521a
Anderson John (9)                                         GL 498a
Anderson Julia (14)                                       SB 521a
Anderson Laura (5)                                          WF 4a
Anderson Lucinda (32)                                       WF 4a
Anderson Lucy (8)                                         SB 521a
Anderson Maria (10)                                       SB 521a
Anderson Mary D. (3/12)                                   CN 373a
Anderson Mary (6)                                           WF 4a
Anderson Philma (8)                                         WF 4a
Anderson Sabrina (10)                                       WF 4a
Anderson Sarah (3/12)                                     SB 521a
Anderson Sarah (11)                                       GL 498a
Andrews Adelia (5/12)                                     CG 466a
Andrews Bertrand (27)                                     CG 466a
Andrews Caroline (23)                                     CG 466a
Andrews Cecelia (2)                                       CG 466a
Andrews Deborah (4)                                        LN 21a
Andrews Eliza (40)                                         LN 21a
Andrews Francis (3/12)                                    GL 512b
Andrews John (18)                                          LN 21a
Andrews John (28)                                         CR 394a
Andrews Lindley (14)                                       LN 21a
Andrews Mary (3/12)                                       CG 466a
Andrews Mary (7)                                           LN 21a
Andrews Melissa (25)                                      CR 394b
Andrews Philina (4)                                       CG 466a
Andrews Rachel (26)                                       CG 466a
Andrews Russell (30)                                      CG 466a
Andrews Samuel (44)                                        LN 21a
Andrews Samuel (4)                                        CG 466a
Andrews Ssarah (1)                                         LN 21a
Andrews Thomas (10)                                        LN 21a
Annintrout Abraham (19)                                   CR 387b
Annintrout Amanda (15)                                    CR 387b
Annintrout David (61)                                     CR 387b
Annintrout David (14)                                     CR 387b
Annintrout Esther (13)                                    CR 387b
Annintrout Mary K. (45)                                   CR 387b
Annintrout Mary (4)                                       CR 387b
Annintrout Nancy A. (17)                                  CR 387b
Appleman Abagail (20)                                     NB 410a
Appleman Catharine (29)                                   TR 417b
Appleman Cibble (18)                                      NB 410a
Appleman Franklin (26)                                    TR 417b
Appleman Hannah (10)                                      NB 410a
Appleman James (53)                                       NB 410a
Appleman James (16)                                       NB 410a
Appleman Lucinda (8)                                      NB 410a
Appleman Margaret A. (14)                                 NB 410a
Appleman nancy (48)                                       NB 410a
Appleman Nancy J (6)                                      NB 410a
Appleman Stephen (12)                                     NB 410a
Apt Abraham F. (5)                                        CN 371b
Apt Credelia (4)                                          CN 371b
Apt Fanny (12)                                            CN 371b
Apt Hannah (22)                                           CN 371b
Apt Henry (2)                                             CN 371b
Apt Henry (43)                                            CN 371b
Apt Jacob (12)                                            CN 371b
Apt Jacob V. (2)                                          CN 371b
Apt James H. (1/12)                                       CN 371b
Apt James (4)                                             CN 371b
Apt John (37)                                             CN 371b
Apt John (10)                                             CN 371b
Apt John K. (9)                                           CN 371b
Apt Leah (25)                                             CN 371b
Apt Peter (28)                                            CN 371b
Apt Samson (8)                                            CN 371b
Apt Sarah (1)                                             CN 371b
Apt Sarah (35)                                            CN 371b
Arbuckle John G. (26)                                     CR 393a
Arbuckle Martha A. (7)                                    CR 393a
Arbuckle Mary (1/12)                                      CR 393a
Arbuckle Parmelia (23)                                    CR 393a
Arbuckle William (3)                                      CR 393a
Armin Adam (2)                                            NB 396a
Armin Elizabeth (4)                                       NB 396a
Armin John (45)                                           NB 396a
Armin Laner (9/12)                                        NB 396a
Armin Levi (8)                                            NB 396a
Armin Lydia (33)                                          NB 396a
Armstrong 25 (f)                                          GL 512b
Armstrong Clarissa (29)                                   CR 394a
Armstrong Jane (20)                                       GL 512b
Armstrong Joshua V. (7)                                   CR 394a
Armstrong Philander (1)                                   CR 394a
Armstrong Philemon (6/12)                                 CR 394a
Armstrong William F. (30)                                 CR 394a
Arnold Ann (12)                                            LN 21b
Arnold Jane (40)                                           PU 66b
Arnold Mary (9)                                            PU 66b
Arnold Mathew (55)                                         PU 66b
Ashbrook Ann (42)                                          LN 18b
Ashbrook Laura (17)                                        LN 18b
Ashbrook Lemuel (3)                                        LN 18b
Ashbrook Milton (16)                                       LN 18b
Ashbrook Naomi (12)                                        LN 18b
Ashbrook Savilla (6)                                       LN 18b
Ashbrook Temis (44)                                        LN 18b
Ashbrook Welcome (10)                                      LN 18b
Ashbrook William (13)                                      LN 18b
Ashburn Elias (7)                                          HA 41a
Ashburn Elizabeth (4)                                      HA 41a
Ashburn Lydia (52)                                         HA 41a
Ashburn Madison (5)                                        HA 30b
Ashburn William (9)                                        HA 29b
Ashley Elizabeth (34)                                     SB 531b
Ashley Frank (18)                                         CR 393b
Ashley Harloss (15)                                       SB 516b
Ashley Harrison (14)                                       BE 50a
Ashley Henry (31)                                         SB 517a
Ashley John (36)                                           BE 50a
Ashley Lyman (3)                                           BE 50a
Ashley Nancy (37)                                         SB 516b
Ashley Nelson (11)                                         BE 50a
Ashley Polly (31)                                          BE 50a
Ashley Rachel (12)                                        SB 531b
Ashley Rosalinda (8)                                      SB 517a
Ashley Sarah (28)                                         SB 517a
Ashley Simon (11)                                         SB 516b
Ashley Sophronia (6)                                      SB 531b
Ashley Wheeler (36)                                       SB 531b
Ashley William (63)                                       SB 517a
Ashwell Eli (14)                                          CN 363b
Ashwell Francis (13)                                      CN 364a
Ashwell Henry (10)                                        CN 364a
Ashwell Maranda (7)                                       CN 364a
Ashwell Nancy (47)                                        CN 363b
Ashwell Nelson (7)                                        CN 364a
Ashwell Norvul (22)                                       CN 363b
Ashwell Richard (16)                                      CN 364a
Askins Amos (25)                                          SB 523a
Askins Sarah (21)                                         SB 523a
Aspen Elias (30)                                          CG 475b
Aspen Jane (33)                                           CG 475b
Aspen Mary (2/12)                                         CG 475b
Atkinson Joseph (24)                                      GL 498b
Atkinson Priscilla (23)                                   GL 498b
Aula David (38)                                           WA 351a
Aula James (47)                                           WA 357a
Aula Jane (46)                                            WA 357a
Aula Janus C. (13)                                        WA 351b
Aula Lavina (36)                                          WA 351a
Aula Margaret (23)                                        WA 351b
Aula Mary (7)                                             WA 357a
Aula Nancy (18)                                           WA 357a
Aula Saml D. (5)                                          WA 357a
Aula Sarah (12)                                           WA 357a
Aula William (24)                                         WA 351b
Ault Andrew (15)                                          CR 380a
Ault Catharine A. (6)                                     CR 380b
Ault Frederick (3)                                        CR 380b
Ault George (11)                                          CR 380a
Ault Hampton (22)                                         CR 380a
Ault Josious (15)                                         CR 380a
Ault Margaret J. (9)                                      CR 380a
Axtell Catharine (25)                                     GL 504b
Axtell Daniel (25)                                        GL 504b
Axtell Eunice (10)                                        FR 478a
Axtell Hannah (18)                                        FR 478a
Axtell James (12)                                         FR 478a
Axtell Jane (53)                                          FR 478a
Axtell Jesse (12)                                         GL 506b
Axtell Joel (48)                                          FR 478a
Axtell Mary (39)                                          GL 506b
Axtell Obediah (17)                                       FR 478a
Axtell Phebe (14)                                         FR 478a
Axtell Rhoda (10)                                         GL 506b
Axtell Robert (22)                                        FR 478a
Axtell Samuel (17)                                        GL 504b
Axtell Thomas (20)                                        FR 478a
Ayers Corrington (3/12)                                   CH 445a
Ayers David (29)                                          CH 445a
Ayers Elenor (29)                                         CH 445a
Ayers Ezeriah (24)                                        FR 488a
Ayers Joseph H (1)                                        FR 488a
Ayers Mary (63)                                           SB 530a
Ayers Rachel (22)                                         FR 488a
Ayr Emily (3)                                             CN 376a
Ayr Jacob (57)                                            CN 376a
Ayr Maria (4)                                             CN 376a
Ayr Norris (1)                                            CN 376a
Ayr Rebecca (57)                                          CN 376a
Ayr Sarah J. (21)                                         CN 376a
Ayr William S. (28)                                       CN 376a
Ayres Abigail (70)                                         BE 43b
Ayres Adelaid (15)                                        CH 453a
Ayres Aeletta (23)                                        CH 438b
Ayres Antoinett (17)                                      CH 453a
Ayres Burton (21)                                         CN 372a
Ayres Byram (12)                                          CH 453a
Ayres Caleb (26)                                          CH 438b
Ayres Enos (39)                                            BE 43a
Ayres John (5)                                             BE 43a
Ayres Lydia N. (35)                                       CH 453a
Ayres Lyman (10)                                          CH 453a
Ayres Mary (34)                                            BE 43a
Ayres Mary (77)                                            BE 56a
Ayres Mehitable (66)                                       HA 38b
Ayres Obadiah (2)                                          BE 43a
Ayres Pareal (38)                                         CH 453a
Ayres Prisckilla (9)                                       BE 43a
Ayres Thomas (75)                                          BE 43b
Ayres Thomas (7)                                           BE 43a
Ayres Van Buren (3)                                       CH 453a
Ayres William (26)                                        CN 369a
Ayrhart Hannah (26)                                       CG 475b
Ayrhart Harriet (1/12)                                    CG 475b
Ayrhart Mary (1)                                          CG 475b
Ayrhart Moses (26)                                        CG 475b

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