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A History of Monroe County 1813: (Compiled by the Woodsfield Chamber of Commerce, 1964.) A history of early settlements, taken partially from Hardesty's Histories, with additional articles on river transportation, a narrow gauge railroad, and the oil boom. Soft Bound,

 39 pages.




A Tribute to Woodsfield 2003:  In honor of Ohio’s 200th birthday, compiled by Mrs. Dick’s 6th grade class 2002-2003

$ 6.35

Ackerman, Elizabeth & Henry Claus Sr. Family History


Baresville / Hannibal Community:  26 Pages


Beallsville Community:  24 Pages


Bent, Zig-Zag, & Crooked, A Narrow Gauge Railroad: By Arley Byers, Issue includes the index by Shirley Harmon.





Bent, Zig-Zag, & Crooked Index to the Narrow Gauge Railroad: One thousand and eighty names, compiled by Shirley Harmon.  253 Pages


Brownsville Community:  4 Pages

$ .90

Clarington Community:  22 Pages                  


Combined Edition, Monroe County, Ohio, Will Abstract: Featuring a composite of both Will Abstracts, by the late Luella Feldner WiIliams.


Deutsch Evangelical Protestant Congregation: Vol. 1, Ohio Township, July 1855 - 1886


Diehl Collection: Pen & Ink Sketches: Joanna’s Sketches of prominent buildings and landmarks in Monroe County. Note Cards' and Envelopes: 1 Card & Envelope $1.25 or 10 for $10.00- five historical sketches, two of each when purchased in a ten pack.

First Twenty Years, Commissioner' Journal Monroe County Ohio: (1815-1835), Transcribed by Carolyn Zogg Wolf, Spiral Bound, Indexed, and 135 pages.


Federal Census of 1860 for Monroe County: Compiled and indexed by Wilma S. Davis. Recently reprinted by Piction Press, 594 pages.


Gliding To a Better Place: Profiles from Ohio's Territorial Era


Gravestone Inscriptions-Calais Cemetary: 1810-1987


Hardesty's History of Monroe County (1882) & Caldwell's Atlas of Monroe County (1898): A one-volume reprint of both books, 11x14, Hardbound, illustrated.


How You Can Trace Your Roots: By Ron Playle Shows the average person, how to trace their related history for very little cost. 32 pages


Index To The Monroe County, Ohio, Tax Duplicate: (1833&1835) Compiled by Doris Schaber, 8.5 x11 spiral bound, 33 pages


Jerusalem Community:  13 Pages


Lewisville, Laings, and Malaga: Three more communities of Monroe County, Ohio  (1890)


Monroe County Community 2006 Calendar: Sponsored by area businesses and organizations. Pictures featuring Monroe County quilt patterns painted on local barns. Photos courtesy of Larry Bush, Ohio University Eastern


Monroe County Coloring & Activity Book: Created by Diane Burkhart, Illustrated by Pam Weiskircher Lucas; For 6-12 year old children.


Monroe County, Ohio: From Howe's Historical Collection of Ohio: Featuring his note about county history and personalities from his 1846 and 1886 visit, Spiral bound, every name index, 27 pages.


Monroe County, Ohio Will Abstracts, Book One: Abstracted and compiled by the late Luella Feldner Williams


Monroe County Will Abstracts, Book Two: Abstracted and compiled by the late Luella Feldner Williams. The first 350 pages are not complete.


Nine Communities of Monroe County, Ohio:  A History:  Compiled by Carolyn Zogg Wolf. Featuring Histories of Brownsville, Beallsville, Jerusalem, Swazey, Stafford, Clarington, Barnesville/Hannibal, Sardis and Woodsfield. Taken verbatim from the Monroe Gazette issues of 1886, 1887, and 1895. Spiral bound, indexed. 174 pages


Ohio’s Last Narrow Gage R.R. Neat articles from different sources


Ohio River & Western Railroad-Old Rusty & Wobbly:  Cute tales of life on Ohio's last narrow gauge railroad. By Norris F. Schneider


O. R. & W. Railroad Photo Reprints: 3 1/2 x1/2 black and white photographs feature southeastern Ohio's favorite narrow a gauge railroad. The Society presently includes 200-reprinted individual photographs from their collections, which are available for purchase. Featured are photographs from the collections by Roy Baker, Ray Baker, Jerry Sawbuck, Ed Cass, and the Society.

$ 2.25

Parry Museum Ceramic Tiles: 4 1/2 x4 1/2 inch. Makes great coasters

$ 3.50

Post Cards of Monroe County: Waterfalls, railroads, covered bridge, etc.

$  .10

Receipts, Remedies and Remembrances 1776-1976: Pam Sloan, former Editor, Published by the Monroe County, Ohio committee for the United States. Revolutionary Bicentennial. 80 pages

$ 5.00

Romancing the O. R. & W. Railroad 1879-1931 by Rick Taylor, 70 years after the final run and featuring “Railroad Jack”

$ 5.00

St. John's (Middle Church) By Lena (Kahrig) Pettit, records German Evangelical Protestant Church, Summit Township, Lewisville, County, Ohio Church Oh Monroe Cemetery


Sardis Community 1800-1887 history, 19 pages

$ 4.85

Stafford Community 1813-1887 history, 22 pages                                                                           

$ 5.30

Souvenir of Woodsfield and Monroe County, Ohio 1906: Filled with a wealth of information depicting the businesses and well be known residents of Monroe County in 1908, Illustrated, 80 pages.


Swazey Community 1817-1886 history, 8 pages

$  2.25

Woodsfield, Ohio Early 1900's: Pen & Ink Sketches of Woodsfield: By Margaret Hansen. Sketches featuring Woodsfield, and vicinity, a brief history of each building and map of location.


Zion German Evangelical Church Vol. 2: Ohio township, from 1887 and beyond by Edna Litman


Over 350 different Monroe County Record Books on compact discs (CDs):  (Includes birth, death, marriage, tax, newspapers and more.) Click Here for a complete and up-to-date list of available books on CDs.


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