Parry  House  Museum 







The Hollister-Parry Museum, which is located at 217 Eastern Avenue, was originally built as a home in 1858 for Nathan Hollister.  Hollister later sold the ten-room home to Dr. Armstrong who leased it to the Monroe County Children’s Home before selling to Dr. John R. Parry in 1889.  In 1974, the Monroe County Park District bought the house from the estate of Georgia Parry, daughter of Dr. John Parry. The Monroe County Historical Society leased the museum from the Park District and began restoration.  The museum was first opened on July 4, 1976, showing only the two rooms it had re-finished.  The last room was completed in 1982. The antiques inside the museum give an idea of what an upper-middle class home of the late 1800's or early 1900's was really like.

In 1973, the Yaussy-Winkler dairy farm was bought at public auction from the Winkler family following the death of Herman Winkler.  The dairy barn and all of the equipment was purchased for around $2,500 by two Monroe County citizens on behalf of the Monroe County Historical Society.  Later, the two gentlemen were reimbursed by the Monroe County Park District and the dairy barn and all of the equipment was moved to a site behind the Parry Museum. 

Also standing behind the Parry Museum, is the Byers/Oak Ridge schoolhouse. Originally, the one-room schoolhouse was located in Washington Township.  In 1986, the school was donated to the MCHS by Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Jacobs.  In 1987, the school was moved, stone-by-stone to the Parry Park grounds, where it stands today.


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