Monroe County Family History



The Monroe County Historical Society (MCHS) has undertaken a number of activities to capture and preserve Monroe County Family History.  These include a major effort to make important one-of-a-kind County records of birth, death, marriage, taxes, and more, available to people engaged in the research of their family genealogy.  In addition to making these one-of-a-kind County records available on CDs, MCHS has initiated an effort to generate computer searchable indices for the most important of these records.


"Family History" goes far beyond 'who begat whom' and includes the interrelationship of families.  It is more than just family trees.  It includes the linkage of family trees to form the 'family forest'.  It includes the geography of people, farms, villages, schools, churches, etc. and the interrelationship of these things with the people who built and used them.  It includes the stories of things and people of the County.  In short, it includes all those things that link the people to their history and geography.


Perhaps most important, however, MCHS has made available a number of opportunities for people to share the results of their research with other researchers and family members.  Opportunities include such things as the Obituary section of the website where obituaries can be posted and indexed for easy sharing with other members of extended families.  The Photos section of the website provides a broad selection of photos and documents.  The Stories section of the website is a place where important information about family history can be found and new stories can be posted and shared.


You are invited to use these facilities and to participate by adding to the growing collection of Monroe County Family History.


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