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Compiled charts of MCC-OGS members.  Great reference tool! 

              Volume 1 - Out of Print

#046 -  Volume 2  - 235 charts with hundreds of names! $15.00 


MCC-OGS members have copied tombstone inscriptions for all of the known cemeteries in each of the following townships. 


#001 Jackson Township Cemetery Inscriptions by Opal Smith & Karen Romick (1988), indexed, 67pp, $7.00


#002 – Ohio & Lee Townships Cemetery Inscriptions by Opal Smith & Karen Romick (1989) indexed, 137pp, $11.00 CURRENTLY OUT OF PRINT


#003 – Perry Township Gleanings and Cemetery Inscriptions  by Ruth Daugherty Hogue, (1991) 129pp, all name index, $15.00


#027 – Green Township Cemetery Inscriptions compiled by Karen Romick, (2001) 61pp, $8.00


#028 – Benton & Washington Township Cemetery Inscriptions – compiled by Karen Romick, (2001) 148pp, indexed, $16.00


#029 – Wayne Township Cemetery Inscriptions – (2002) Indexed, 72pp, $9.00


#043 – Summit Township Cemetery Inscriptions – (2006) Indexed, 88pp, $10.00


#045 – Adams, Franklin & Switzerland Townships Cemetery Inscriptions - (2008) compiled by Karen Romick, 155pp, indexed, $16.00



#014 - 1820-30-40 Federal Census of Monroe County, Ohio - Includes heads of household, age groupings and Revolutionary pensioners, 129pp, $12.00


#015 - 1880 Federal Census of Monroe County, Ohio 424pp, indexed, $22.00

1900 Federal Census of Monroe County, Ohio

#031 - Volume 1 Center, Seneca, Summit and Wayne Townships, indexed, 229pp, $18.00


#032 - Volume 2 Green, Lee, Jackson & Ohio Township,  187pp, indexed,  $15.00


#033 - Volume 3 Bethel, Benton, Washington, Franklin, Perry Townships, 202pp, indexed, $15.00


#034 - Volume 4 Malaga, Sunsbury, Switzerland, Salem, Adams Townships, 224pp, indexed, $18.00


Buy the set and save! Contact us for details.




#035 - Monroe County Church Records: Nineteenth Century Records of Lewisville, Middle (St. John’s) and Miltonsburg (St. Peter’s) German Evangelical Protestant Churches, by Dr. Shirley A. Harmon. Translated records of these early churches. Dates of records are approximately 1831-1948, $26.00


#036 - Monroe County, Ohio Church Records: Parish Records of St. Paul’s Evangelical Church of Woodsfield, Monroe County, Ohio (1862-1956) by Dr. Shirley A. Harmon, Translation of two volumes of parish records.  The records started in 1862, but some information contained in the records was before 1850.   Surname index.  Softbound, 129 pgs, indexed, $15.00



Family Research in Monroe County, Ohio  The late Mrs. Catharine F. Fedorchak published a column in the county newspaper for over 30 years. This is a compilation of her genealogical columns plus information she received in response to those columns. Each book is overflowing with genealogies, letters, records, and much more! Indexed.


Each volume is about 300 pages and sells for $20.00.


Buy the set and save! 10 volumes for $90.00.


Ž            #016 - Volume 1 -  OUT OF PRINT

Ž            #017 - Volume 2 Part 1

Ž            #018 - Volume 2 Part 2 

Ž            #019 - Volume 3

Ž            #020 - Volume 4 

Ž            #021 - Volume 5 

Ž            #022 - Volume 6 

Ž            #023 - Volume 7 

Ž            #024 - Volume 8 

Ž            #025 - Volume 9

#026 - Volume 10




#040 - Trustee Minutes 1826-1860 of Adams Township transcribed by G. Howard Phillips. Transcribed from the original record book of the Adams Township trustees, these records contain hundreds of residents of Adams and surrounding townships.  Trustees dealt with roads, finances, and school districts, as well as making provisions for paupers and indentured apprentices.  A fascinating look into the lives of the people of Monroe’s past. (2006)  $15.00


#039 - Reconstructed Marriage Records of Monroe County, Ohio 1803-1867 by Ruth Dougherty Hogue. This collection attempts to recreate the marriage records of the county lost in the courthouse fire of 1867.  Gleaned from various sources, records also include miscellaneous information. 134pp, (2005)  $15.00



Volumes originally published by Catharine F. Fedorchak.  Thousands of individuals are found in each volume. They contain cemetery records, naturalizations, court records, newspaper abstracts, land deeds, pension records, family histories, and more! Every book indexed.










Cemetery inscriptions, naturalizations, minister and tradesmen licenses, WPA cemetery survey, court records, newspaper abstracts, land records, Kirkbride family, applications for Edington, Hawkins, Brown family histories, Revolutionary veterans in Monroe, cemetery Kennonsburg in Noble County.




Cemetery inscriptions: Egger Ridge, Gillespie, Mt. Carrick, Swazey, Neuhart, Morris, Malaga, Sunsbury, Sardis, Hannibal, Witten, Miltonsburg, Mt. Hope, Trail Run, Locust Grove, Zion, St. John’s Methodist, Belt, Rinards Mill, Antioch, Fletcher’s, Laings, Mt. Olive, Clarington, Cameron, Rutter, Center Township 1835 Record book, newspaper abstract beginning 1844, court of common pleas 1822-1852, families of Cline, Atkinson, Yockey-Lang, Stewart, Bachman, Huffman, Archbold, Brown, Wilson, Gadd, Hendershot, Craig, Atkinson, Headley, Mozena, Talbott, Stephens, Civil War soldiers, selected items from Hardesty’s History.




1820 census, military records for Bates, Foreaker, Fulkerson, Hupp, McVay, Henthorne, Bane, Dailey, Yoho, Starkes, Morris, Tingley, Tomlinson, Enochs, Forshey, Derrough, Durkee, Hissom, court of common pleas, newspapers, cemetery inscriptions: East Sunsbury, St. John’s Methodist, Christian Apostolic, Mt. Vernon, Miltonsburg, Possum Creek, Chapel Hill Catholic, Brister, Southerland Methodist, Stafford, Road Fork Baptist, Crum Ridge, Mt. Tabor, Hartshorn Ridge, Barber Ridge, Daugherty, burial between Beallsville and Clarington, Pugh Ridge, Grandview, Rutter, Zesiger, Winland, Bush, Sykes Ridge, Unity, Sitka, Moss Run, Haythorne, Lentz, Pleasant Ridge, Hope Ridge, Sprague, Mt. Zion or Bracy, Chapel Hill, McIntyre, Salem, Mt. Sinai, Harter, Rinard Mills.




Center Township 1818 Tax list, 1820 lot owners in Malaga, Woodsfield property owners 1820, General Muster delinquents 1835-1837, 1816 tax records, histories from Hardesty, Washington County census 1800, 1803, 1810, 1810, Washington County marriages of Monroe County people, newspaper abstracts 1851-1855, Stine family, Cemetery inscriptions: Malaga, Neptune, Wise, Walton, German Lutheran at Lewisville, Ford, Beallsville, Sloan, Mt. Union, Potts, Fly, Asberry, Fuchs, Kraft, Christy, Danford, Rucker, Hoskinson, Court of Common Pleas, Deed Books.




Revolutionary veterans: Casteel, Sands, Lisk, Hazzard, Atkins, Hixon, Porter, Stackhouse, Koon, McCollister, Smith, Boughner, Turner, Sproat, Biggs, Hammond, Wiggins, Okey, Cummings, Miller; War of 1812, Capt. Howell’s Company, 1812 pensioners, Edington, Starkey, McCoy, Conger, Ludolph, Ross, Lindemood, Yost, Hukill, Dement, Cavanaugh, Spence, Durkee, Mozena, Bloor, Shankland, Chapman, Drum, Rutter, Cline, Knowlton, Truax, Huffman, Reed, Stephens, Hissom, Shaw, Civil War diary of William Mobberly, newspaper abstracts1863-1868, Marietta Register items of Monroe interest, map, 1806-1810 land owners, deeds, court of common pleas; Cemetery inscriptions: Hines, Miller, Route 260, Creighton Ridge, Summerfield, Iron, Elmer Burkhart, Mt.Zion, Swazey or Gibson Station; families of Rucker, Blake, Ollom, and obituaries.




Cemeteries of Bethel, Washington, Rock Hill, Pioneer, Moose Ridge, Masterton, German Methodist, Barber Ridge, Hopewell, Sutherland, Rinard Mills, Jericho, Brownsville (four), Buchanan Presbyterian, Middle Church, Beallsville Methodist, Carlisle; Noble County cemeteries: Old Catholic or Archer, East Union, Stephens, Vance, Harriettsville, Middleburg, German Lutheran, Carlisle; Washington County: Moss Run, Lawrence Baptist, Lebanon, Liberty EUB; newspaper abstracts, families of Crow, Baker, Archer, Enochs.




Index to Hardesty’s History of Monroe County, deeds, Court of Common Pleas, newspaper abstracts, family records of Gilmore, Wink, McKain, military applications for Truax, Sellers, Harris, Archer, Woods, Riggs, Dye, Ridgeway, Edwards, Morrill, Bodkin, Flint, Greenletch, Clark, Haught, Moose, Edington.




Abstracts 1853-1859; Aspden estate, land records, patentees for Township 3 Range 5; township map, original purchasers of Section 35, Township 4, Range 6. Patents for Forshey, Mann, Lindemood, Orange, Crow, Forshey, Okey, Dearth; court records; cemeteries: Steed (Old Baker), Drum, Beardmore, Hartshorn, Creighton Ridge, McPeek, Mann, Murphy, Old Cameron, New Cameron, McCarrick, Brown, Graysville, Crum Ridge (Noble Co.) Crum Ridge Church of Christ. Noble County: Batesville, Route 564, Manifold, Dimmerling Farm; Washington County: Upper Paw Paw, Dalzell Church of Christ, Chambers; Belmont Co. St. Mary’s Temperanceville; Morgan Co. Manchester Twp.; Frontier Rangers, families Dickerson, Winland, Baker, Leak, States, Waller, Smith.




Deaths, marriages, baptisms, newspaper abstracts predating the courthouse fire, church deeds, St. John’s Church of Miltonsburg records, 1850 mortality schedule, cemetery inscriptions.




Land deeds from Book A, Records of William Streachberry, cemetery, military, and church records, families of Ice, Henthorn, and Crow.




Spirit of Democracy abstracts 1853-1855; 1866-1871; 1881 and miscellaneous; Court of Common Pleas, Deed Book C, cemetery inscriptions: Quaker, Presbyterian, Pugh Ridge, St. John’s of Switzerland, Ozark, 1845 Home Missions, deed books, court records.




Cemetery records from St. John’s Catholic at Miltonsburg, Hope Ridge, Winland-Pryor, and some small sites in Washington and Morgan Counties. Newspaper abstracts from the 1800s, Court of Common Pleas from 1842-1846, deed book abstracts, Revolutionary War soldiers in Monroe County and families of Yoho and Truax.








#004 - Monroe County, Ohio Families - Originally published in 1992, this 9x12 bound volume contains over 900 stories of the people and places of Monroe County.  The story of Monroe County told in the words and rare photographs of family historians.  $55.00 plus $4.00 postage.  Ohio residents add tax.


#037 - Philip and Ruth Dickerson Witten and Their Descendants by Sally Sue Witten. A family history of the first family to settle in Monroe County.  Several allied families included.  225pp, cloth.  $20.00 (please include $2.50 S&H and Ohio residents add sales tax.)


#005 - 1869 Map of Monroe County, Ohio Complied by Rita Kopp.   Reprint of original landowners atlas completed by Jno. B. Noll in 1869.  Identifies land owners in that year; also includes list of post offices in the county, 50pp, $8.00


Looking for an obituary?  Tired of scrolling through microfilm to find a death notice?  Looking for records that predate the 1867 courthouse fire? Then check out these volumes of abstracted newspapers.  All genealogical information in the “Spirit of Democracy” and the “Monroe County Democrat” newspapers has been abstracted by Rita Kopp and included in these indexed issues.  Dates note the years of the issues abstracted. 

#006 - Volume 1 -  7 Oct 1897 – 28 Dec 1899, 1910, 13 Feb 1893 – Jan 1894. 73pp, $8.00


#007 - Volume 2 - Sept 1860, Dec 1862-Dec 1867. 105pp, $10.00


#008 - Volume 3  - 7 Jan 1868 – 31 May 1870, 7 Jun 187031 Dec 1872, $11.00


#009 -  Volume 4  - 7 Jan 1873 – 16 Feb 1875, 7 Apr 189227 Jun 1895, $9.00


#010 – Volume 5  - Mar 1844 – 25 Aug 1852, $13.00


#011 – Monroe County, Ohio Obituaries Volume 1 by Kathy S. Romick. 203 obits 1900-1960. Great companion to Lee/Ohio Cemeteries book, $11.00


#012 – Monroe County, Ohio Obituaries Volume 2 by Ruth D. Hogue. Miscellaneous collection from all parts of county with majority from center and western part of the county, $12.00


#013 – Monroe County, Ohio Obituaries Volume 3 Obituary Collection of Ella Dennis Stephens. The majority of the obituaries are from the 1890-1910 era and include Green Township and surrounding areas, $9.00


Revised: 6 April 2011