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  • Association Cemetery
    6805 Convent Blvd., Sylvania
    GPS: Latitude: 41.70819, Longitude: -83.70713

  • Beth Shalom Cemetery
    GPS: Latitude: 41.66033, Longitude: -83.47132

  • Bird Family Cemetery
    Swanton Twp. Lucas Co., OH
    Located on the corner of Girdham Rd and Reed Rd in Oak Openings Area.
    GPS: Latitude: 41.54992, Longitude: -83.85411

  • Calvary Cemetery
    2224 Dorr St., Toledo, OH
    GPS: Latitude: 41.65610, Longitude: -83.59780

  • Collingwood Cemetery
    On Phillips Ave. east of Haverhill Dr., Toledo, OH
    GPS: Latitude: 41.68970, Longitude: -83.56110

  • East Swanton Cemetery
    On Scott Rd., near Swanton Twp. Hall, East Swanton, Lucas Co.,OH
    GPS: Latitude: 41.58505, Longitude: -83.86216

  • Epworth United Methodist Church Memorial Garden
    4855 W. Central Ave., Toledo, OH.
    GPS: Latitude: 41.67686, Longitude: -83.65827

  • Ford Cemetery
    Also known as: Berkey Cemetery
    Located along the Sylvania-Metamora Road, in the Village of Berkey
    GPS: Latitude: 41.71505, Longitude: -83.83272

  • Forest Cemetery
    1704 Mulberry Street, Toledo, OH
    GPS: Latitude: 41.66931, Longitude: -83.52933

  • Franklin Cemetery
    Small cemetery in the Maumee State Forest located on Rt. 64 near the Southwest corner of Rt. 64 and Jeffers Road.
    GPS: Latitude: 41.52951, Longitude: -83.85504

  • Haughton Cemetery
    On W. Central Ave. near Secor Rd. in Toledo, OH
    GPS: Latitude: 41.67780, Longitude: -83.62170

  • Heffelbower Cemetery
    GPS: Latitude: 41.55342, Longitude: -83.73084

  • Highland Memory Gardens
    8308 S River Rd., Waterville, OH
    GPS: Latitude: 41.48811, Longitude: -83.74105

  • Joy Cemetery
    Also known as: Benjamin Joy Cemetery
    Ottawa Hills, OH
    Located behind St. Michael's Episcopal Church at 4718 Brittany Rd.
    GPS: Latitude: 41.66561, Longitude: -83.65355

  • Maplewood Cemetery
    Airport Hwy. & Byrne Rd., Toledo, OH
    GPS: Latitude: 41.62411, Longitude: -83.62455

  • Marygrove Cemetery
    Also known as Immaculate Conception Cemetery
    On N. Raab Rd. south of W. Bancroft Rd.
    GPS: Latitude: 41.65283, Longitude: -83.81744

  • Mennonite Cemetery
    On Finzel Rd., in Whitehouse, OH
    GPS: Latitude: 41.52352, Longitude: -83.78178

  • Mount Carmel Cemetery
    Also known as: Saint Francis de Sales Cemetery, Saint Marys Cemetery
    15 E Manhattan Blvd. Toledo, OH
    GPS: Latitude: 41.68610, Longitude: -83.54530

  • Mount Pleasant Cemetery
    On Bailey Rd. (CR145) west of Providence-Neapolis-Swanton Rd (CR109).
    GPS: Latitude: 41.45857, Longitude: -83.87780

  • North Oregon Cemetery
    Also known as: Oregon Cemetery
    On Otter Creek Rd., between Corduroy and York.
    GPS: Latitude: 41.66140, Longitude: -83.47060

  • Oak Hill Cemetery
    On Bailey Rd (CR145). 1 mi east of Henry-Lucas Rd (TR1) and
    west of Providence-Neapolis-Swanton Rd (CR109)
    adjacent to Mount Pleasant Cemetery.
    GPS: Latitude: 41.45894, Longitude: -83.87966

  • Oak Wood Cemetery
    On Brown Rd. (CR184) south of Jerusalem Rd.
    GPS: Latitude: 41.62420, Longitude: -83.34310

  • Ottawa Hills Memorial Park
    At Talmadge & West Central Rds. in Ottawa Hills
    GPS: Latitude: 41.68060, Longitude: -83.64080

  • Porta Coeli Cemetery
    On Silica Dr., north of Convent Blvd. in Sylvania
    GPS: Latitude: 41.71061, Longitude: -83.71077

  • Ravine Cemetery
    On Ravine Dr in Sylvania
    There are 2 parts to this cemetery separated by a ravine.
    There is a gate to each of the elevations.
    GPS: Latitude: 41.70940, Longitude: -83.69780

  • Regina Coeli Catholic Cemetery
    On Regina Pkwy. off Bennett Rd. south of Alexis Rd. in Toledo, OH
    GPS: Latitude: 41.71578, Longitude: -83.55832

  • Reith Pet Cemetery
    In Sylvania, OH
    GPS: Latitude: 41.64322, Longitude: -83.70407

  • Resurrection Cemetery
    Hill Ave. & Holland-Sylvania Rd. in Toledo, OH
    GPS: Hill Ave. & Holland-Sylvania Rd

  • Riverside Cemetery
    On N. River Rd. in Maumee, OH
    GPS: Latitude: 41.54920, Longitude: -83.68110

  • Roth Cemetery
    On CR122 south of Monclova Rd.(CR95)in Monclova, OH
    GPS: Latitude: 41.55493, Longitude: -83.75264

  • Rupp Cemetery
    At Weckerly Rd. (CR120) and Cemetery Rd. (CR129) in Whitehouse, OH
    GPS: Latitude: 41.53231, Longitude: -83.78558

  • Saint Elizabeth Cemetery
    On W. Sylania Ave. west of Washburn Rd. in Berkey Twp.
    GPS: Latitude: 41.68700, Longitude: -83.82438

  • Saint Ignatius Cemetery
    Behind St. Ignatius Church on N. Stadium Rd. in Oregon, OH
    GPS: Latitude: 41.65644, Longitude: -83.40799

  • Saint Johns Lutheran Church Cemetery
    2471 Seaman St. in Toledo, OH
    GPS: Latitude: 41.65199, Longitude: -83.48975

  • Saint Joseph Cemetery
    On W. Wayne St. in Maumee, OH
    GPS: Latitude: 41.55780, Longitude: -83.67060

  • Saint Joseph Cemetery
    On Ravine Dr. next to Ravine Cemetery in Sylvania
    GPS: Latitude: 41.71036, Longitude: -83.69953

  • Saint Matthew's Episcopal Church Columbarium
    5240 Talmage Rd. in Toledo, OH
    GPS: Latitude: 41.71005, Longitude: -83.64511

  • Saint Michaels In The Hills Memorial Garden
    4718 Brittany Rd. in Toledo, OH
    GPS: Latitude: 41.66445, Longitude: -83.65413

  • Saint Patricks Cemetery
    14010 US RT 24 in Providence Twp.
    GPS: Latitude: 41.42690, Longitude: -83.84690

  • Saint Peters Cemetery (Defunct)
    near the intersection of Airport Hwy, Ralph, Wayne & Western Aves. in Toledo. The graves from St. Peter's Cemetery were moved in 1930 to Calvary.
    GPS: Latitude: 41.63597, Longitude: -83.58434

  • Sharples Cemetery
    East of OH Rte 295 on Angola Rd. (CR32)
    GPS: Latitude: 41.62866, Longitude: -83.83411

  • Springfield Township Cemetery
    Also known as: Springfield Cemetery
    7620 Airport Hwy. in Holland, OH
    GPS: Latitude: 41.61110, Longitude: -83.72310

  • Stateline Cemetery
    6252 Benore Road, Toledo Ohio
    GPS: Latitude: 41.73072, Longitude: -83.52970

  • Sunshine Cemetery (defunct)
    Off US Rte 24 near the Northwest Ohio Psychiatric Hospital
    In 1985 close to 4000 remains were moved to Forest Cemetery,
    No burial records exist. Archeology records of the excavation are available through the Canaday Center at the University of Toledo.
    GPS: Latitude: 41.61890, Longitude: -83.59720

  • Swan Creek Cemetery
    On Coder Rd. in Monclova
    GPS: Latitude: 41.57390, Longitude: -83.70890

  • Toledo Memorial Park
    6382 Monroe St. in Sylvania, OH
    GPS: Latitude: 41.71890, Longitude: -83.69560

  • Toledo State Hospital
    On Arlington Ave. in Toledo, OH
    TOLEDO MENTAL HEALTH CENTER (SUNSHINE): Was Toledo State Hospital, removed to Forest Cemetery, no record of interred Phone: N/A There are two Toledo State Hospital Cemeteries still in existence. One is on Arlington Avenue next to Bowsher High School, GPS Latitude: 41.372639 N Longitude -83.36722 W. The other is on the campus of University of Toledo Medical Cemetery, on the East Medical loop. GPS Latitude: 41.37014 N Longitude: -83.364786 W. Here is an on-line interment log for the Toledo State Hospital Cemetery.
    The Sunshine Cemetery was the cemetery for the Lucas County Infirmary and also an early potters' field. It is true it no longer exists and remains were moved to Forest Cemetery. There is no interment log, but there is a Lucas County Infirmary Log on microfilm at the Toledo Lucas County library, and a printed index.
    (updated info shared by Julie Majo, February 2017)

  • Wakeman Cemetery
    621 Farnsworth in Waterville, OH
    GPS: Latitude: 41.49783, Longitude: -83.72633

  • Whitehouse Cemetery
    Located on the east side of Cemetery Rd., just north of Waterville-Swanton Rd., in Whitehouse, OH
    GPS: Latitude: 41.51980, Longitude: -83.78450

  • Willow Cemetery
    On Pickle Rd. off Woodville Rd. (OH Rte 51) in Oregon, OH
    GPS: Latitude: 41.62920, Longitude: -83.49970

  • Winslow Cemetery
    On CR121 off CR117 in Whitehouse, OH
    GPS: Latitude: 41.53450, Longitude: -83.80077

  • Wolfinger Cemetery
    On the grounds of Secor Metropark in Sylvania, OH
    GPS: Latitude: 41.66670, Longitude: -83.78530

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