Lorain County Chapter Maps

This is not a complete listing of maps for Lorain County. We hope to add maps for Elyria and LaGrange soon, if we can locate them. If you have access to them, please contact me at: [email protected] and I'll add them here.

Check back to see what we find!

Amherst Township, 1874 Century Homes of Avon, Ohio (off site link)
Avon Township, 1874 Brownhelm Township, 1874
Camden Township, 1874 Carlisle Township, 1874
Henrietta Township, 1859 Henrietta Township, 1874
Huntington Land Map Surnames included: Leonard, Litchfield, Perkins, Wadsworth, Hawk, Pratt, Gillett, Ledyard, Fisher, West, Bradner, Rounds, Holland, Boone, Wuner, Smith, Wells, Rogers, Monte, Clark, Young, Chapman, Foot, Roise, Cook, Patrick, Biddle, Walker, Snow, Dirlam, Phelan, Hockingsmith, Loveland, Kirk, Nooney, Long, Minor, Calkins, Edwards, June, Tillotson, Hanocks, Taylor, Sprague, Griggs, Nimocks, Rugg, Sage, Bartlett, Franks, Mervin, Kelsey, Laborie, Mussen, Haskins, Norton, Lang, Barrett, Adams, Lashells, Myers, Miller, Hawley, Bush, North, Baughman, Row, Beckley, Johnson, Cook, Davidson, Monosmith, Eglin, Long. Huntington Centre Land Map Surnames included: Allen, Bailey, Bartlett, Chapman, Elder, Gregg, Handley, Kendall, Long, Nooney, Perkins, Phelon, Rogers, Sage, Snead, Taylor, Whiting, Wilcox and others.
State of Ohio, 1803 Ridgeville Center Land Map Surnames included: Tomlinson, Worden, Johnson, Blain, Mooers, Terrell, Kelly, Brown, Stetson, Herrick, Tuttle, Ramsdell, Peck, McNeal, Morse, Juchem, Smith, Williams, Boon, Richardson, Boyer.
Ridgeville Township, 1874 Russia Township, 1859
Russia Township, 1874 Sheffield Township, 1874

Lorain Chapter OGS

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