Licking County, Ohio Pioneer Families

Licking County Genealogical Society
A Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society
101 West Main Street, Newark, OH 43055-5054
(located on the 2nd Floor of the Newark Library, main branch of the Licking County Library.)

Phone: (740) 349-5510

Norma Francis, Chairman

PURPOSE: To establish a Licking County Pioneer File, including every person
listed as the head of household on the 1820 census of Licking County, Ohio.
GOAL: To have Pioneer Forms for most, if not all, of our county pioneers
that resided in Licking County, Ohio in the 1820 census or before.

NOTE: Please remember that the Pioneer Project is not a lineage group, it is the
effort of the Licking County Genealogical Society to collect all the data possible on
these 1820 or before pioneers of Licking County.


Wanted information on the early pioneers of LICKING COUNTY, OHIO.

If you know that your ancestors were in the County of Licking in the 1820 census or before, we would
like for you to share your family information with this Society, and help complete our Licking County
Pioneer file. Everyone is encouraged to participate. No Proof of descent is necessary to submit
pioneer information. You do not need to be a member of LCGS, however, we encourage you to join.
See our Membership Information
and a link to the online membership form.

The Pioneer file will provide new and, potentially valuable, genealogical data and
historical information about the places of origin and migration patterns of early Licking County settlers.

To obtain Pioneer Forms: click here - Pioneer Form
NOTE: The above Pioneer Form will need to be printed out and then filled in.

NEW: An interactive Pioneer Form in PDF format is available by clicking below.
This interactive form can be filled in online and then printed out. You will need
to click on both pages, fill them out, print them and mail them to L.C.G.S.
The form can't be saved, so be sure to print out two copies, one for yourself and the other for submission.
Interactive Pioneer Form page 1.
Interactive Pioneer Form page 2.

Click below to get the FREE Adobe Reader to view the pioneer form

or send a self addressed stamped envelope to:
The Licking County Genealogical Society, 101 West Main Street, Newark, Ohio 43055.

Instructions for filling out your Pioneer Forms:

  1. Do not hesitate to submit a Pioneer Form because your information is limited. Very few forms will be completely filled out.
  2. Use a typewriter or print in ink.
  3. Surnames should be written first in capitals; such as - WALKER, Robert
  4. Dates should be written as: 18 Aug. 1800
  5. Residence data: The first line should be used for the place and date of the Pioneer's birth, if known. The next three lines can be used to list his various places of residence (one of which was Licking County, Ohio). The last line should be used for the date and place of his death. Specific dates are not necessary.
  6. Use the back of the form for information about the Pioneer's spouse, her birthdate, parents, etc., if known.

To see the Head of Households in the 1820 Federal Census of Licking County, Ohio - Click Here.

At this time, we have compiled a large group of Pioneers but we do not have information on all of them.
To see our Lost Pioneers of Licking County - Click Here.

To see a list of Pioneers that were submitted as part of the Licking County Bicentennial Celebration - Click here.

If you are interested in sharing information on your Pioneer ancestors,
please fill out a Pioneer Form linked above or request a Pioneer Form by mail by writing:
Licking County Genealogical Society,
Attention: Pioneer Chairman, Norma Francis,
101 West Main Street, Newark, OH 43055-5054.

Once your form is filled out (see instructions above),
You can drop off the form at:
Licking County Genealogical Society on the 2nd floor of the Licking County Public Library,
101 West Main Street, Newark, OH
or mail the form to:
Licking County Genealogical Society,
101 West Main Street, Newark, OH 43055-5054.

Thank you.


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