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I have in my possession three old photograph albums which contain about 150 photographs, about half taken in Mt. Vernon. The vast majority are identified, often with only a first name, in pencil or black ink. I have "dated" them as ranging from about 1855 to about 1890, by the following evidence:

One of the photographs taken in Knox County was of Cynthia Smith Tulloss. Cynthia and her husband William homesteaded in Kansas, leaving Ohio in 1857. Cynthia died in Kansas in 1859, and there is no evidence that she ever returned for a visit prior to her death. Therefore, I believe that the earliest photographs were from about 1857 or so.

The next to last photograph in what appears to be the newest album is of my grandmother and her sister, who were born in 1885 and 1887 respectively. They appear to be maybe four and two years old.

I have been experimenting taking these photographs to Kinko's and digitizing them as JPEGs. It works pretty well. I am attaching a couple of them for your review. One is of my grandmother and her sister, and one is of Elizabeth Tulloss Stevens, (1817-1908), who lived all her life in Knox County, and is buried in Owl Creek Cemetery.

Would you be interested in an annotated "Photo Gallery" in the Knox CO. site, featuring old photographs of Knox County residents, pre-1900? If you think this is something of sufficient interest, I would gladly digitize the photographs without charge, and make them available to you. There would be quite a few of various Tulloss family members, and some of various friends and neighbors as well. We can discuss details later, if you think this would be worthwhile.

A second item which may be of interest, and may not, are some diaries that I am transcribing. These were kept by Morna Stevens - the same as in the photograph attached. She kept these diaries from 1908 into 1939, when she became too ill with tuberculosis to keep them any more. While a good deal of the entries are tedious, there are some real gems for the genealogist. It is my intention to index them, so that if one wanted to look up a specific person on could do so without wading through the weather, so to speak. Would this be of any interest? She tells of the annual meetings of the Owl Creek Cemetery committee, visits to Knox County friends and relatives, and so forth. She also notes birthdates of friends and famly, and of family visits. I have read through 1929, and have already transcribed the first three years. I anticipate that this project will take me at least six more months. When these diaries were written, Morna lived with her parents in Newark. However, the family had lived in Utica briefly, and before that, on the old family farm north of Utica.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Margaret Frazier Bowman
25 Rocky Knob Road
Fairview, NC 28730