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Marriages From Starlene Oary

Starlene Oary received this information when searching for her husband's ancestors in Knox County. Following is a list of those marriages:

Orchard, Eve Ann to John Snider April 5, 1855
Orhart, Jacob to Lucinda Evans May 6, 1848
Orich, Nancy to Philip Hogle Dec. 31, 1839
Orme, Lydia to Nathan Dunie (Donhee?) Jan 4. 1844
Orme, Rhoda to William Manson Jan 4 1838
O'Rourke, Margaret A. to James H. Perre Nov 29, 1860
Orr, I.G. to Maggie E. Simpson Mar 19, 1846
Orr, Julia A. to Thomas Barnes May 24, 1854
Orr, John to Rachel Lake Mar. 15, 1839
Orr, Oscar T. to Adelade O. Brown Feb 28, 1849
Orville, James to Mariah Casteel Sept. 26, 1839
Orry, Adam to Mary Shook April 9, 1839
Osborn, Amanda M. to David Coyle Aug 9, 1832
Osborn, Amelia to Jesse Severe Mar. 5, 1840
Osborn, Catherine to James Layhew -----
Osborn, Charles to Ann Anderson May 24, 1841
Osborn, Dorcas to Jacob Shafer July 1, 1841
Osborn, Francis to Maria Bishop Oct. 21, 1852
Oury, Christopher to Sarah Beckwith July 19, 1840
Kelly, Calet to Leyour Chamberlin June 14, 1840
Pollard. David to Susanna Meathias July 20, 1840
Ramsey, Edward to Sarah Foster April 25, 1839
Wright, Benjamin to Sarah K. Jackson May 5, 1839
Chechesler, John to Sarah Ann Brown May 7, 1839
Brakler, Francis to Catherine Heckler April 16, 1839
Ulery, John to Rebecca Greenwell May 5, 1839
Love, Thomas to Sophiah Aker April 18, 1839

This is all the information that she has on Knox County marriages. If anyone wants to leave her comments or questions, please send email to Starlene Oary at star@intst.com.

Marriages From Cam Farkas

Cam Farkas: "I just looked at your very nice list of marriages. I am seeking information on my gr-gr-grandmother Rebecca Garbison and her family in Knox and her marriage to a Davis Boham 4-27-1837. I have the actual certificate, but am unable to figure out what happened to him. Maybe he died.

Here are a few marriages from the Church of the Later Day Saints records.

David Garbison Christianna McGride 11-17-1821
David Garbison Rosannah Resley 2-24-1820
Hannah Garbeson Van R. Smith 3-29-1827
David Garbison Ann Catherine Bancy 4-15-34

There were many Garbison's and Garberson's in the county, but I'm not sure if they were related. Also I am looking for the first marriage of David Garbison (Rosannah Resley 2nd).

Keep up the good work." Cam cfarkas@ncweb.com

Marriages From Mitzi A. Bame

Mitzi A. Bame:

The State of Ohio, Knox County
Columbus C. Larue having made application for a LICENSE for himself and Maggie Z. Laymon, and being duly sworn, says taht he is of the age of 20 years and has no wife living, and that Maggie Z. Layman is of the age of 18 years, a resident of said County, and has no husband living, and that said parties are not nearer kin than second cousins.

Columbus LaRue
Sworn to and subscribed before me, this 26th day of Dec A.D. 1889. John M. Critchfield Probate Judge

consent of parent of Columbus C Larue filed herein J M Critchfield p-2

No 471
The State of Ohio, Knox Co
I do hereby Certify that on the 4 day of Jan 1890 I solemnized the MARRIAGE of Mr. Columbus C. Larue with Miss Maggie Z. Layman Johnson A. Barker Justice of the Peace