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Clay Township Cemeteries

Edminster - Edmiston Cemetery S1, T5, R11. About 2 mile north of Bladensburg between McLarnan Rd. (TR32) on east and Hopewell Rd. (CR17), after it turns north, on the west.
Green Cemetery S13 or 14, T5, R11. 1 mile northeast of Martinsburg, 1/2 mile south of SR62 (Millersburg Rd.) just east of Elliott Run on hill. 1833-1863. (OGS)
Hays Cemetery S7, T5, R11. On north side of Deal Rd. (CR73) halfway between SR62 (Millersburg Rd.) and Grove Church Rd. (CR31). (OGS)
Martinsburg Methodist Episcopal Cemetery S14, T5, R11. On east side of SR62 (Millersburg Rd.) at north edge of Martinsburg.
Martinsburg Presbyterian Cemetery S14, T5, R11. East edge of Martinsburg on SR541 (New Guilford Rd.). From 1813.

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