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Jackson County Ohio - 1850 Mortality Schedule

All data was copied from the National Archives Microcopy T1159 Roll 14, Call number 929.3771Fe
Mortality Schedules - Ohio 1850, Hamilton Co. - Marion Co.
This is Schedule 3 of the 1850 Federal Census. It consists of four pages of information about people who died in the year preceeding the census. Therefore this is a list of people who died during the year ending 1 June 1850.

Columns shown with a number here are:
4- color (assume white if no entry; M=mulatto)
5- free or slave (all in Jackson County have no entry, therefore assume Free)
6- married or widowed (M or W, if no entry assume single)

Cause of death: (there is one common cause that looks to be fluse. I have no idea what it means, unless it might be flu. An interesting fact is that everyone who died of it, died in July, August, September and October.)

Some of the diseases mentioned are:
The names in this list are in the order in which they occured in schedule 3, which may possibly be used to determine in which family they occured in the population census if schedule 3 was filled out at the same time. However if it was created from doctor's records, the deaths would not be in the same order.
The following group of people are on two pages headed as "District 80 in the County of Jackson, state of Ohio enumerated by me. Thomas R. Matheny, asst. Marshal.

name                  	age  	sex	4	5	6	birth place	month	profession	disease or     	number  
                      	     	 	 	 	 	           	died 	          	cause of death 	days ill
----------------------	-----	-	-	-	-	-----------	-----	----------	----------------	--------
Phillips, Malinda     	18   	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Jan  	          	feaver          	16
McCray, Eliza J.      	20   	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Nov  	          	consumption     	C
Lewis, Thomas         	73   	M	 	 	M	Wales      	Apr  	Tailor    	gravel          	6       
Davis, Elizabeth      	6/12 	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Feb  	          	unknown         	6       
Evans, Thomas S.      	25   	M	 	 	 	Ohio       	Jul  	Farmer    	lung fever      	6       
Hutton, John          	50   	M	 	 	M	Pa.        	Nov  	farmer    	fall from wagon 	5       
Evans, Winnefred      	63   	F	 	 	M	Wales      	Apr  	          	unknown         	C      
Cherington, Martha J. 	02   	F	 	 	 	O.         	Sep  	          	erysipelas      	8      
Davis, Margaret       	48   	F	 	 	W	Wales      	Unk  	          	fluse?          	2 mo.
Mosbarger, Nancy      	20   	F	 	 	M	Ohio       	Nov  	          	feaver          	1 mo.  
Richardson, Marietta  	2/12 	F	 	 	 	O.         	Mar  	          	croup           	2      
Jones, Evan           	01   	M	 	 	 	Ohio       	Sep  	          	fluse?          	4      
Davis, Mary           	35   	F	 	 	M	Wales      	Apr  	          	child birth     	suden  
Stephenson, Mary      	42   	F	 	 	M	Va         	Jan  	          	Typhus F.       	10 Wks 
Evans, Jane           	02   	F	 	 	 	Wales      	Sep  	          	Hooping cough   	3 Wks  
Arthur, Nancy Ann     	40   	F	 	 	M	unknown   	May  	          	Consumption     	C      
Loyd, Daniel L.       	67   	M	 	 	M	Wales      	Dec  	farmer    	Bilious colic?  	3 ?    
Dill, Melcher         	27   	M	 	 	M	Ohio       	Apr  	farmer    	consumption     	C      
Evans, Evan           	07   	M	 	 	 	Ohio       	May  	          	Scarlet F.      	5      
Evans, Ebenezer       	05   	M	 	 	 	Ohio       	May  	          	Scarlet F.      	3      
Davis, Joseph         	01   	M	 	 	 	Ohio       	Mar  	          	Fits            	-      
Walters, Nathaniel    	1/12 	M	 	 	 	O.         	May  	          	unknown         	-      
Braley, Jehill?       	6/12 	M	 	 	 	Ohio       	Sep  	          	fluse?          	7      
Goudy, John           	08   	M	 	 	 	Virginia   	Feb  	          	erysipelas      	18     
Stewart, Layfaette A. 	01   	M	M	 	 	Ohio       	Sep  	          	unknown         	35     
Frazee, Mary Ellen    	6/12 	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Dec  	          	consumption     	C      
Thorn, Susannah       	04   	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Feb  	          	inf. brain      	21     
Palmer, Sally         	65   	F	 	 	M	Maryland   	Oct  	          	fluse?          	21     
Martin, John          	100  	M	 	 	W	France     	Sep  	none      	old age         	       
Brown, Mariah         	01   	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Jul  	          	fluse?          	4      
Dunham, Mordecai      	88   	M	 	 	W	unknown    	Apr  	farmer    	old age         	42    
Zinn, Leicester       	3/12 	M	 	 	 	Ohio       	Mar  	          	croup           	7      
Nelson, Eliza C.      	04   	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Aug  	          	fluse?          	6      
Nelson, Samuel A.     	02   	M	 	 	 	Ohio       	Aug  	          	fluse?          	18     
Parks, Sarah          	44   	F	 	 	M	Virginia   	Oct  	          	flux            	28     


name                  	age  	sex	4	5	6	birth place	month	profession	disease or     	number  
                      	     	 	 	 	 	           	died 	          	cause of death 	days ill
----------------------	-----	-	-	-	-	-----------	-----	----------	----------------	--------
Cremeens, Maletha C.  	01   	F	 	 	 	O.         	Jul  	          	fluse?          	8      
Gray, John            	25   	M	 	 	M	Ohio       	Apr  	farmer    	feaver          	26     
Bibe, Martha          	16   	F	 	 	 	Virginia   	Aug  	          	fluse?          	13     
Cherington, Jane      	08   	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Sep  	          	fluse?          	7      
Swift, John           	10   	M	 	 	 	Ohio       	Oct  	          	fluse?          	21     
Horton, John W.       	02   	M	 	 	 	Ohio       	Sep  	          	flux            	4      
Evans, Sarah Ann      	04   	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Jul  	          	erysipelas      	12     
Claar, John           	09   	M	 	 	 	Ohio       	Sep  	          	fluse?          	11     
Claar, Isabell        	05   	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Oct  	          	flux            	10     
Meecham, Sarah        	21   	F	 	 	 	Virginia   	unk  	          	child birth     	3      
Masters, Sarah        	61   	F	 	 	M	Maryland   	Jul  	          	suden           	-      
Fuller, Austin        	8/12 	M	 	 	 	Ohio       	Aug  	          	sealed          	2      
Jones, David T.       	30   	M	 	 	M	Wales      	Jun  	          	feaver          	9      
Sell, Ellen M.        	01   	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Jul  	          	unknown         	8 wks  
Barbee, Hazel         	10   	M	 	 	 	Ohio       	Apr  	          	sore throat     	12     
Humphries, William    	61   	M	 	 	M	Canada     	Dec  	farmer    	consumption     	C      
Rush, Efraim          	90   	M	 	 	W	Virginia   	Mar  	farmer    	lung feaver     	3      
McClung, Sarah        	02   	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Dec  	          	croup           	1      
Meecham, Sarah        	19   	F	 	 	 	Virginia   	Aug  	          	unknown         	30     
Menefee, Mary C.      	02   	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Nov  	          	lung feaver     	10     
Philips, David        	1/12 	M	 	 	 	Ohio       	Feb  	          	croup           	1      
Tilley, Nancy         	68   	F	 	 	M	N. Carolina	May  	          	consumption     	C      
Rice, George M.       	23   	M	 	 	M	Virginia   	Jan  	farmer    	typh. feaver    	8      
Eubanks, Elizabeth    	94   	F	 	 	W	Virginia   	Mar  	          	old age         	       
Poor, Hiram W.        	01   	M	 	 	 	Ohio       	Feb  	          	feaver          	21     
Poor, Nathaniel       	55   	M	 	 	M	N. Carolina	Feb  	farmer    	consumption     	C      
Hildenbrand, Samuel W.	02   	M	 	 	 	Ohio       	Sep  	          	flux            	7      
Wartenbee, Lodiska    	10/12	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Aug  	          	scarlet feaver  	14     
Smith, Christopher    	44   	M	 	 	M	Virginia   	Sep  	farmer    	flux            	14     
Long, Charles Jasper  	01   	M	 	 	 	Ohio       	Feb  	          	feaver          	9      
Thompson, Alexander S.	56   	M	 	 	M	Virginia   	May  	farmer    	consumption     	C      
Gilliland, Catharine  	25   	F	 	 	M	Ohio       	Jan  	          	child birth     	1      
Hughes, Mary J.       	10/12	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Jul  	          	croup           	1      
Miller, Ann Eliza     	9/12	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Oct  	          	croup           	2      
Lansing, Orlando      	6/12	M	 	 	 	Ohio       	Mar  	          	erysipelas      	28     

The following group of people are on two pages headed as "Scioto, Jackson and Liberty Townships in the County of Jackson, state of Ohio enumerated by me. J. W. Laird, asst. Marshal.

name                  	age  	sex	4	5	6	birth place	month	profession	disease or     	number  
                      	     	 	 	 	 	           	died 	          	cause of death 	days ill
----------------------	-----	-	-	-	-	-----------	-----	----------	----------------	--------
Carr, Margaret A.     	04   	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Aug  	          	flux            	4      
Carr, James F.        	01   	M	 	 	 	Ohio       	Aug  	          	flux            	5      
Simpson, Alexander H.?	01   	M	 	 	 	Ohio       	Sep  	          	flux            	5      
Kenneday, Jane        	18   	F	 	 	M	Pa.        	Jul  	          	gastritis       	14     
Kenneday, Margaret    	03   	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Dec  	          	inflm. lungs    	14     
Beatty, Sarah J.      	11/12	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Jan  	          	flux            	7      
Thompson, Margaret    	24   	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Dec  	          	fever           	30     
Blair, Robert         	46   	M	 	 	M	Ireland    	Jul  	farmer    	B. colic        	3      
Blair, Alexander      	3/12 	M	 	 	 	Ohio       	Jul  	          	Chr. Infantum   	60     
Graham, Nancy         	31   	F	 	 	M	Ohio       	Oct  	          	fever           	42     
Lacer, Frederick      	5/12 	M	 	 	 	Ohio       	Mar  	          	erysipelas      	7      
Vanfausen, Wm.        	10   	M	 	 	 	Ohio       	Nov  	          	diarrhea        	10     
________, Mariah      	01   	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Aug  	          	gastritis       	4      
Hubbard, James C.     	22   	M	 	 	 	Vt.        	May  	farming   	scrofula        	5 yrs  
Trockmorton, John    	9    	M	 	 	 	Ohio       	Oct  	          	fits            	7      
Detty, Margaret       	1/52 	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Mar  	          	croup           	1      
Crabtree, Thomas      	62   	M	 	 	M	Md.        	Jan  	farming   	consumption     	56     
Martin, John          	53   	M	 	 	M	Va         	Aug  	farmer    	fever           	28     
________, Johnathan   	25   	M	 	 	M	Ohio       	Nov  	farming   	fever           	35     
Fout, Nathan          	3    	M	 	 	 	Ohio       	Jul  	          	fever           	21     
Detty, Joseph         	1    	M	 	 	 	Ohio       	Sep  	          	Chla. infm.     	4      
Johnson, Robert       	37   	M	 	 	M	England    	Dec  	farming   	bronchitis      	C      
Heald, Andrew J.      	13   	M	 	 	 	NY? or Pa.?	???  	          	Fever           	21     
Armstrong, Nancy      	13   	F	 	 	 	Pa         	Sep  	          	unknown         	C      
Clark, Abigail        	65   	F	 	 	M	Va         	Dec  	          	cancer          	C      
Heard, Laura          	50   	F	 	 	M	Vt.        	Sep  	          	consumption     	6      
White, Letetia        	9/12	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Sep  	          	fever           	21     
Luckadoo, Jane E.     	26   	F	M	 	M	Va         	Sep  	          	consumption     	C      
Radcliff, David       	15   	M	 	 	 	Ohio       	Feb  	          	Bleeding at work	8     
Eubanks, Elizabeth    	100  	F	 	 	W	Md         	Mar  	          	old age         	       
________, John V.     	2/12	M	 	 	 	Ohio       	Apr  	          	erysipelas      	30     
________, Gellaria?   	1    	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Oct  	          	flux            	7      
Whaley, Nancy         	17   	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Oct  	          	unknown         	28     
Hill, Lorenzo D.      	1/12 	M	 	 	 	Ohio       	Apr  	          	unknown         	14     
Stiller, Jacob        	1/12	M	 	 	 	Ohio       	Apr  	          	fits            	3      


name                  	age  	sex	4	5	6	birth place	month	profession	disease or     	number  
                      	     	 	 	 	 	           	died 	          	cause of death 	days ill
----------------------	-----	-	-	-	-	-----------	-----	----------	----------------	--------
Newel, Alfred         	1/12 	M	 	 	 	Ohio       	Aug  	          	measels         	14     
Roberts, Robert       	1/12 	M	 	 	 	Ohio       	Jul  	          	unknown         	7      
Creighton, Verlinda   	51   	F	 	 	M	Ohio       	Jun  	          	dropsy          	C      
McAlroy, Rachel J.    	9/12 	F	 	 	 	Ohio       	Aug  	          	unknown         	C      

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