White Joe School

Clarksfield Township, district #8, circa 1920's
Located at the N.E. corner of Cook and Chenango Road

This photo is on display at The Little Red School House on the Huron County Fairgrounds, Norwalk, OH

Back Row: Howard Crandall, Don Reynolds, Jessie Rick, Howard Burt, Leonard Clawson, Marian Clawson, Ladonna Greetham
Second Row: Dorr Twaddle, Robert Clawson, Leonard Burt, Leroy (Jack) Twaddle, Ralph Reynolds, Lyle Williams
Seated: Lyle Knapp, Ira Sutherland, Alice Sutherland, Teacher, Blanche Carpenter, Frances Stocking, Wilbur Stocking
Front Row Seated: Gordon McIntire, Glenora Gardner

This was a class "seed collection" project

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