Sherman Township, Huron County, Ohio

Cemeteries are listed below this map along with an early history of Sherman Township.

The numbers of the cemeteries below, correspond with the circled numbers on the map above.

1. St. Sebastian Catholic Cemetery (Section 4)
2. Jones Cemetery (Section 3)

SHERMAN TOWNSHIP (Township number 3 in range 24)

Early Beginnings

Sherman Township was named in honor of Taylor Sherman, Esq., one of the directors of the Fire Lands Company, and originally a large land holder in the township. The name was given at a meeting of the directors, held at New Haven, Connecticut on 9 Nov 1808.

At the first meeting of the commissioners of Huron County, held 1 Aug 1815, Sherman was attached to Greenfield Township. In Dec. 1815, it was detached, and together with the south half of Oxford Township, was united with Ridgefield Township. About 1820 it was united with Norwich Township, but no record is given of it. On 6 Mar 1827, Norwich was detached, and Sherman thereafter remained a distinct township. The first election, on record, after the separation from Norwich was held 6 Apr 1829 to elect Sherman Township officials.

Early Settlers

Daniel Sherman (son of Taylor Sherman and uncle of General W. T. Sherman), Burwell Fitch, and Samuel Seymore were the first white settlers of the township. They arrived in Sherman in 1812, and came from Norwalk, Connecticut.

Included among the other early settlers, and their dates of arrival in Sherman, were:
(Mr.) Blanchard 1814. Rufus S. Paine ca 1816.
Edwin Hanford ca 1817. Jonathon Fitch ca 1817.
John Chany ca 1817. Nathan Shippy ca 1817.
Valorous Richardson ca 1817. H. Dascomb ca 1817.
William Frink ca 1817. James Lewis 1817.
Samuel Rice 1817. Joseph Purdy 1818.
Henry M. Read ca 1820. Ransom Purdy 1822.
Reuben Bloomer 1823. Major Purdy ca 1824.

Some First Events

The first burial, and the second death in Sherman, was that of Abby Guthrie Sherman, wife of Daniel, in 1821.

The first frame house was built by Henry M. Read, soon ater 1820.

Coles Bloomer built the first brick house in Sherman Township.

Coles and Albert Bloomer opened the first tavern in 1834.

Rufus S. Paine became the first postmaster in the township.

The first apple trees were set out by Daniel Sherman in 1817.

The first road laid out in Sherman, later vacated, was from Mansfield to the center of Sherman, and from there to Venice.

The first school was taught by George Hanford ca 1824, with some eight to ten students. The first public school was taught by Sarah Mason ca 1828. She had 14-15 students, including the daughters of Burwell Fitch. She received the first public money that came into Sherman for school purposes and was paid off in silver half dollars.

Dr. Alva Coe preached the first sermon in Sherman at the house of Daniel Sherman, at an early, but unknown, date.

The first steam saw mill was built by Daniel Weaver.

Early Population Indicators

1840 Census-- 692
1880 Census-- 1,223

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