Ripley Township, Huron County, Ohio

Cemeteries are listed below this map along with an early history of Ripley Township.

The numbers of the cemeteries below, correspond with the circled numbers on the map above.

1. Christian Church or Houfstater Cemetery (Section 4)
2. Barre Farm or Lamoree or Methodist Cemetery (Section 2)
3. Burlingham Burial (Lot 39, Section3)
4. Austin Cemetery (Section 3)
5. Delphi Cemetery (Section 4)
6. Edwards Grove (Section 1)
7. Stotts Private Cemetery (Section 3)


Township number 1 in range 22

Early Beginnings

The township was named after Rev. Hezekiah Ripley of Connecticut, who was one of the Firelands "Sufferers," and who owned land in the third section. The township was organized as soon as there was a sufficient number of voters. On 2 Apr 1827 the first township election was held. The first justice of the peace, Simeon Howard, was elected 4 Aug 1827. But since he did not serve in office, another election was held on 12 Nov 1827 and Benjamin B. Holiday was elected to take his place.

Early Settlers

The earliest settlement was in the southwest part of Ripley Township in 1820. It was there that a Seth Foster, a Mr. Decker, and a Mr Jaralman and son lived during that year. Foster and Decker, who were from New York State, returned there after a short residence in Ripley; Jaralman died; and his son moved away. The first permanent settlement was made by the families of Moses Inscho, D. Broomback, and James Dickson in 1825 and 1826.

Other early settlers, and their dates of arrival in Ripley, included:

Abraham Stotts 1825. John Stotts 1826.
William Stotts ca 1826. Simon Howard 1826.
Samuel Case pre 1827. Aaron Service pre 1827.
Rev. Joseph Edwards 1828. Daniel G. Barker 1828.
James Lutts ca 1828. Conrad Lutts ca 1828.
Lazarus Evans ca 1828. William Tanner ca 1828.
Michael Artman ca 1828. James Smith ca 1828.
Thomas Walling ca 1828. Benjamin Holliday ca 1828.
Ephraim Powers ca 1828. Dudly Scott ca 1828.
Isaac Stotts ca 1829. Jacob Stotts ca 1829?
Deacon Timothy Austin 1830. John Bare 1832.
Dennis Fowler 1833. Harvey Fowler 1833.
Caleb Fowler 1833. Walter Paine 1833.
Sanford Sisson 1833.

Some First Events

The first temperance society was formed in 1831 or 1832, and consisted of the family of Rev. Joseph Edwards. Soon after, a larger society was formed, consisting of nearly all the families of Ripley.

Henry Broomback was the first child born in the township.

The first framed house was built by Deacon Timothy Austin about 1834, and the first brick house was erected by John Stotts.

Aaron Service planted the first orchard.

The first tavern-- a log building-- was built by D. E. Merrill about 1835.

The first mill was built about 1828, southwest of Delphi.

The Rev. Joseph Edwards was the first ordained minister to preach in Ripley. He preached in 1827 to twenty persons gathered for religious instruction at the home of Abraham Stotts.

Mirs. Harriet Russ, formerly Miss Harriet Edwards, daughter of the Rev. Joseph Edwards, then living in Greenfield Township, taught the first school in Ripley in 1827. She was paid fifty cents a week in labor, clearing land, instead of in money.

A school house was erected in 1832, near the northeastern corner of the township.

The first physician was Dr. Moses Saunders of Peru. For a number of years he had the whole of what little practice there was in the settlement. The only resident physician of any note was Dr. Cyrus Paine who began his practice in 1833, and continued for about five years.

About 1830 a post office was established at the location now known as Edwards' Corners, with the Rev. Joseph Edwards as postmaster.

The first store in Ripley Township was opened by Uvat Close.

Early Population Indicators

1840 Census-- 804
1880 Census-- 1,038

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