Ridgefield Township, Huron County, Ohio

Cemeteries are listed below this map along with an early history of Ridgefield Township.

The numbers of the cemeteries below, correspond with the circled numbers on the map above.

1. Riverside Cemetery (Section 4)
2. Drake Cemetery (Section 2)
3. Littlefield Cemetrey (Section 3)
4. Page Cemetery (Section 2)
5. Ruggles Cemetery (Section 2)
6. Webb Cemetery (Section 2)
7. St Joseph Catholic Cemetery, New (Section 1)
8. St. Joseph Catholic Cemetrey, Old (Section 4)
9. North Monroeville Cemetery (Section 3)
10. Old St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery - Addendum (Section 4)


(Township number 4 in range 23)

Early Beginnings

Ridgefield Township was organized the first Monday in December 1815 and comprised the territory now included in the townships of Ridgefield, Sherman, Lyme and the south half of Oxford. On 4 March 1816, the second and third sections of Lyme were set off to Wheatland (Wheatsborough?). On 2 March 1818 Oxford was attached to Bloomingville. On 6 February 1820 a one-mile square on the southwest corner of Oxford was attached to Lyme, and the next square mile east was attached to Ridgefield. Lyme and Sherman were detached from Ridgefield in 1819.

Early Settlers

William Frink is thought to be the first white man that contracted for land in Ridgefield Township for the purpose of settlement. His contract is dated 1811 and was for the south part of lot number five in the fourth section. Other early settlers, and the year of their arrival in Ridgefield, up to about 1820, included:
Seth Brown 1812. Sanders Littlefield (ca) 1812.
Joseph F. Read 1814. John Sowers 1815.
Daniel Page 1815. Major David Underhill 1815.
Charles Hubbell 1817. George H. Clock 1817.
Daniel Clary 1817. James Breckenridge 1817.
Reuben Bloomer 1817. William Brooks 1818.
Deodatus Hubbell 1818. Hial Hunt 1818.
Perry Easton 1818. Thomas Dickey 1819.
James Hamilton 1819.

Some First Events

The first white child born in Ridgefield was a son to Seth and Sarah Brown, born 29 August 1815.

The first burial in Monroeville Cemetery was Preoxcintha, wife of Isaac Clary. She died 21 September 1818.

The first couple to be married was Thomas Dickey and Elizabeth Myers in April, 1819.

The first frame house in Monroeville was built by John Sowers about 1820.

The first brick building was built by George Hollister about 1830.

Schuyler Van Rensselaer was the first postmaster.

John Sowers is believed to have planted the first orchard in 1817.

The children who attended the first school house, in Monroeville (date unknown), were: John S. Davis; Augustus H. Hubbell; James Sowers; Benjamin, Isaac and Rachel Spicer; Nelson and Orrin Brown; William and Rachel Fletcher; Diantha and Minerva Littlefield; Cecelia Loisa Hubbell; and Hosey and Almon Hunt. The first teacher for this school was George Burt who was paid $10.00 a month.

Early Population Indicators

1840 Census--1,599.
1880 Census--2,359.

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