Lyme Township, Huron County, Ohio

Cemeteries are listed below this map along with an early history of Lyme Township.

The numbers of the cemeteries below, correspond with the circled numbers on the map above.

1. Bellevue Cemetery Map (Section 3)
2. Bellevue Cemetery, Old (Section 3)
3. Bellevue Cemetery, Veteran's Section (Section 3)
4. Bellevue Cemetery, New (Section 3)
5. Heyman or Hunt's Corners or Sutton Cemetery (Section 1)
6. Immaculate Conception Catholic Cemetery, Old (Section 3)
7. Immaculate Conception Catholic Cemetery, New (Section 3)
8. Raymond Cemetery or Heyman Cemetery (Section 1)
9. Sparrow Cemetery (Section 4)
10. Strong's Ridge Cemetery (Section 2)
11. Trinity Episcopal or Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery (Section 2)
12. St. Paul's German Lutheran Cemetery (Section 4)


Township number 4 in range 24

Early Beginnings.

Prior to 1816, the township was attached to Ridgefield township for election purposes. It was created and named Lyme Township by the County Commisssioners on 19 Sep 1819. The name of Lyme was proposed by Major Joseph Strong who owned a large tract of land in the township, and who was impressed with the beauty of Lyme, Connecticut.. Previously, the township was named Wheatsborough in honor of a Mr. Wheat who was a major landowner in the area.

Early Settlers

Among the early pioneers, up to about 1820, were the following named, who arrived in the township in the year stated.

The first settler was Conrad Hawks who came to the township in 1808.

Michael Widner and John Stull 1809. Asa Sherwood 1811.
George Ferguson 1811. Major Joseph Story 1811.
Charles Rash After 1811. Captain Zadoc Strong 1814.
Stephen Russell 1814 Levi Sutton 1814.
Francis Strong and John Baker 1815. Captain Mark Hopkins 1816.
Abner Strong 1816. George and Jeremiah Sheffield 1817.
William and Gordon Woodward 1817. Gordon Williams 1817.
Jacob Goodrich 1817. John F. Adams 1818.
Asaph Cooke 1818. James Hamilton 1818.
Daniel Miller 1819. Romeo Bassett About 1819.
Amos Woodward 1820. Samuel Sparrow 1820.

Some First Events.

The first child in Lyme Township was Mary Ann Strong, daughter of Francis and Mary Curtis Strong, born 3 Aug 1817.

An early marriage was between Burwell Fitch and Susan Hawks, in the winter of 1816 and 1817. The next marriage was between Ira Bassett and Polly Hand in the spring of 1817.

The first building erected was the log cabin of Conrad Hawks, built in 1808.

The first frame house was erected by Col. Nathan Strong in 1817. The first brick homes were built by John F. Adams and Horatio Long in 1827.

Early Populations Indicators

The number of qualified electors for the elections of 5 Apr 1824, 11 Oct 1825, and Oct 1826 were 33, 52 and 58 respectively.

1840 Census--1,318
1880 Census--2575.

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