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Newspaper Tidbits

Huron County Newspaper Tidbits

New London Record
28 OCT 1875, p.3

A little niece of Mrs. LeRoy Thompson, of this place, aged six years, died very suddenly Sunday morning last. The little child was at play the day previous and seemed to all appearances quite well, bu had been unwell from sore throat fro a few days. The body was taken to New York state for burial Monday.

Our lively auctioneer, Trum Mead, received a telegram to come and sell a large stock sale in Paris, Ill., last week, and is absent this week attending the same. Trum's name as an auctioneer is getting abroad.
Mr. Frank Green is in town.
Mr. H. A. Smurr of Columbus, spent the Sabbath in town.

Washburn & Skinner, who have removed to their new rooms--the finest in Northern Ohio--call the attention of the public in a new ad, to their bettered facilities for doing business.
Salter, the barber, can curl, frizz, shave, shampoon, etc., second to no man in the universe.
A Suit between Robert Hart, of Savannah, and Josephus Clark, to recover $116.90 on milk contract, began on Wednesday of last week occupying two days. The jury stood seven for Hart and four for Clark. A new jury has been called and another suit commenced yesterday, 27th inst.
A suit between Samuel Curtiss. of Fitchville, and Clark came up Friday 22d inst., but was adjourned to Wednesday 17th. A compromise was made between the parties, and case settled. Amount not known.

New London Record
30 DEC 1875, p.3

Dave Sheldon is happy!

His rubicund physiognomy is illuminated with smiles
too radient to be earthly, and his gait is becoming to that of a youth of seventeen
rather than the elderly gentleman that he is.
By inquiry why this is thus, the answer come invariably, "David is married!"
No wonder that he is so serenely happy, and goes about singing,
"Happy day that fixed my choice"
The above event happened sometime during the second week in
December, A. D. 1875 at the village of Lowell, Ohio.
Everybody is interested in David's "new departure,"
and all join in wishing him the usual "joy and happiness."

New London Record
19 July 1877, p.4

Caucus Notice

Republican Voters are hereby notified that a caucus will be held at the Town Hall,
Saturday, July 21st, at 2 o'clock P.M.
for the purpose of choosing twelve delegates to attend the County Convention.
The meeting will be called to order promptly.
B.B. Mead,
H. C. Kilburn,
H. D. Barrett,
Tp. Committee.

FULTON-On July 18th, 1877, Geo. J. Fulton
aged 20 years, 1 month and 10 days.

New London Record
16 AUG 1877

East Fitchville

We have three deaths to record which have
occurred in our place within a few days.
Mr. James Burns, who has been afflicted with a cancer
for some time died August 1st.
Mr. Reuben Sheldon died of dropsy July 31st
and Mr. Soloman Hartman died after a lingering illness, July 26th.
Mr. Hartman was in the 84th year of his age,
and had been a resident of Fitchville about sixteen years.
In that time he has buried a wife, two sons and three daughters.
Mr. Benjamin Anyan?, the young man who has been troubled with aberration of the mind,
and who made your place such a flying visit a few weeks ago,
we are informed is no better.


Since our last writing, death has saddened many homes.
First, Mrs. Frank Clark was suddenly snatched away from those she loved.
Her funeral servies were conducted at the M. E. church Thursday,
July 12th by Rev. J. F. Brant. The "vacant chair" in the house of Mr. R.H. Fowler,
the little grave in the cemetery near the Cong. Church, the saddened countenances of the bereaved parents,
these attest the departure of little Hosea.
The funeral services of Mrs. Hiram Mead, whose home as in Fitchville,
were conducted at the Cong. Church, Thursday, Aug. 7th by Elder Hall,
where husband, chidlren, parents and brothers,
and a large concourse of friends looked their last upon a loved face.

An accident occurred Saturday evening when one Albert Albertson was thrown from a buggy,
his left arm broken below the elbow, and his face cut up in a frightful manner.
He was carried to the house of a Mr. Baker.
Dr. Ewing was summoned who dressed his wounds, and at the present writing he is comfortable.

Notes from same paper: The 9th annual reunion of the 55th Regiment O.V.I.
will be held at Bloomville, Seneca Co., Ohio on Thursday, Aug. 23rd.
There are quite a number of the 55th boys in and around New London who will probably attend.

Mr. E. H. Curtis has commenced the erection of a building
on the corner opposite the Methodist Church for a photograph room.
Mr. Curtis is not exactly suited with the light in his present location,
which is indispenable to the business to produce a superior work.

Thursday afternoon last, Nick Kelley while riding a horse from the watering trough to Skellenger's stables,
fell from the animal's back and striking upon his head was rendered unconscious for some time.
The next morning after the accident, he was "able to be about"
and engage in the usual game of marbles.

Mr. L.M.? Doud and family left yesterday for a visit to the West,
and will be absent three or four weeks.

S. B. Marsh found, near the draw-bridge at Huron,
a short time ago, and English penny with the date
in distinct characters 1286, showing it to be nearly six hundred years old.
--Norwalk Chronicles.

New London Record
December 19, 1879, p.5

Mr. N. G. Sherman, wife and daughter of Norwalk have gone to Florida to spend the winter

Judge Doyle, the new Prosecuting Attorney of the County Common Pleas Court, has made a favorable impression on the people of Norwalk.

Capt Bates and wife, the Seville giant and giantess passed through this place on Monday on their return home from a long show season in the South.

A little child of Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Perkins, who left this place about a year ago to take up their residence in Kansas, recently accompanied excursion agent Stoner on one of his return trips. The child seems glad to get back.

Letters from Rev. Charles King, missionary to India, and a former New London boy, convey the intelligence that he and his wife have been in great danger for some time on account of the war at present being waged between the inhabitants of that country and the British government. Their lives have often been in extreme peril. We may be able to publish extracts fromhis letters.

Real Estate Transfers

List of deeds filed in the Recorder's Office
for one week ending Saturday, December 13, 1879

Jonas Motter to Philo H. Mann, lot 187, New London $100

George W. Mills to Sarah A. Mills, part of lot 32, New Haven, quit claim $25

Smith Barrett to Theodore Shepard, 12 acres, Clarksfield $600

J. C. Evans to Miranda Evans, lots 312 and 332, New London $300

Miranda Evans to Augustus and Anna Hendryx, lot 332, New London $135

John G. Sherman to Eli J. Bucner, lot 109, Wakemanville $250

E. A. J. Miller to Benj. F. Joiner, lot 73, Plymouth $750

John A. King to Roger Enwright, lot 320, Bellevue $85

W. W. VanGorder to Lillie A. Andrews, undivided 1/2 of lot 163,New London $1

George Phillips to Emmitt Kelley, 50 acres, Clarksfield $2800

Adm'r of David Sheldon to Harriet E. Golding, part of out-lot 11, New London $1000

Adm'r of David Sheldon to Sarah E. Skellenger, part of out-lot 11, New London $750

D. K. Winans to Frank S. Winans, 64 29-100 acres, Clarksfield $1

Edward Hayes to John McDonald, 28 69-100 acres, Clarksfield $1080

New London Record Newspaper, 20 FEB 1880, p.5

The Criminal docket was taken by the court at Norwalk on Wednesday.
The docket will probably occupy the court this and next week,
when the Court will adjourn.
The following are the cases for trial:
Sylvester McKim, assault, (2 indictments)
Charles Blodgett, grand larceney
Hirman Wile, horse stealing
Augustus M. Sattig, shooting with intent to kill
Stephen Searl and Mortimer Rice, rape
Robert Jenney, manslaughter
Charles Holyer, grand larceney
Edwin Sexton, procuring signatures to a note by false pretences
Fred Case, assault and battery
James Morrett, horse stealing
Frank Fowler and Davis Rice, assault and battery
Richard H. Boyle, obtaining money by fase pretences
Richard H. Boyle, forgery
Chalres F. Heyer, assault and battery
John E. Hunter, six indictments for infractions of the liquor law

Mr. Geo Foote will commence his labor of assessing the taxable property of the township
on the first of next month. A meeting of assessors was held in Norwalk on Saturday last,
which Mr. Foote made efforts to attend;
but a series of mishaps in making railroad connections disappointed him in this respect.

Mr. C. R. Belville informs us that he will soon employ a staff of fifteen work-hands
in his tailoring department. This clothing establishment
has a wide reputation for its excellence in turning
out custom made clothing, and recives orders
from surrounding towns as far away as Wellington, Shelby and Chicago Junction.
In this commection we may remark
that Mr. B. is a liberal advertiser.

A contest of a will case, David S. Sheldon vs Mary S. Sheldon,
compelled a number of citizens living on Fitchville street to toil over
the terrible muddy roads to the county seat last week.
The case was one wherein David Sheldon, of this place,
died and left his property to his wife, except $5 a peice to his sons. The wife afterward married again and
the heirs have endeavored to have the will set aside
and the property, variously estimated at from $2,000 to $4000, divided among them.
The case was decided in favor of defendents.

New London Record Newspaper 26 MAY 1892

The funeral service of Charles Sheldon, a former resident of this place,
was held in the M.E. Church, conducted by Rev. Leonard. Mr Sheldon died of pneumonia.

Mr. Gibson, father of Isaac Gibson and Mrs. Dr. Ewing of Greenwich,
died at the residence of his son, Isaac, on Sunday May 15th.

Mrs. Ella Ford now occupies the Fountain House lately repaired by Able Rathburn.
Mr. Philo Pierce and wife, father and mother of Mrs. Ford, are living with her.

Mrs. Uretha Barre, nee Hickok, from Upper Syndusky,
visited her parents last week, Mr. and Mrs. Wm Hickok.

Joanna Smith has moved her goods from Flat Rock to the old home.
She will remain with her mother, Mrs. Van Vecten, during the summer.

Mrs. Lydia Mitchell, who has been visiting her sister the past four months,
returned to her home in Norwalk last Friday, much improved in health.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Stevens, May 15, a son.
Mother and child doing well.

Mr. and Mr. D. Kniffin of Greenwich are visiting their sister, Mrs. F.? Pierce

Mrs. Martha E. Laughlin has rented her house to C. D. Miles
and expects to go about June 7th to Nebraska,
to remain about a year with her daughters.

Mrs. John Townsend is still in poor health
and is confined to her bed most of the time.

New London Record Newspaper Sept. 12, 1907, p.1

Dr. Arthur and husband of Omaha, Neb., stopped at Fitchville on their way home from Europe where Dr. Arthur had been taking a post graduate course.

Miss Dorothy Sly of New Orleans, who had been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Sly for a few weeks, is visiting friends and relatives at Sidney, Ohio.

Paul, the eighteen months old baby of Fred Smith and wife, died Sunday morning of Cholera infantum. the funeral services which were held at the house on Monday were conducted by Elmer Sackett.

Our schools commenced last week with Mr. Brown of Delaware as superintendent. Mr. Floyd Sheldon and Miss Bessie Benedict in the town schools; Mr. Leon Stone in the New London sub-district; Miss eunice Francisco in the Luxon district; Miss Mattie Davis in the Mead district; and Miss Nina Cook in the Rumsey district.

Miss N. M. Laughlin celebrated her eighty-first birthday Saturday September 7th. receivng the congratulations of her relatives and friends at the home of S. M. Sly where the birthday dinner was enjoyed by all. Miss Laughlin enjoys the happy faculty of being eighty-one years young and all her friends joined in wishing her many happy returns of the day. Her niece, Dr. Mattie Arthur of Omaha, Neb., added much pleasure of the occasion.

Alanson E. Sheldon who had been a sufferer for a number of years died Aug. 31st and was buried from his late residence Sunday, Sept. 1st. Rev. Glover of Fairfield conducting the services. Mr. Sheldon was born May 20, 1946 and was married to Jane Butler in 1871. Three children were born to them, only one, Mrs. Frank Weaver of Shelby, surviving him. He enlisted in the volunteer army when eighteen years old. His entire life was spent in Fitchville.

M.T. Dyer is doing carpentry work in Lorain.

Marvin Rick, who has been very sick for a few days, is much better.

L.D. Robinson and grandson, Ambrose Harris spent Saturday in Clevveland.

Mrs. Dora Knapp is visiting her father in Toledo and other relatives in Fulton County.

Miss Dora Call and Dot Dyer began the first year of high school at New London on Monday.

Mrs. M. A. Robinson of Wellington is spending the week at the home of her son L. D. Robinson.

Georgia Phillips of Rochester, who spent part of her vacation with her grand-parents, Mr. and Mrs. Darius Phillips, returned to her home Sunday.

Rev.Jackson, editor of America Issue of Columbus.gave an interesting talk on the subject of Anti-Saloon League at Whitefox, Sunday.

W. L. Minns and wife entertained their cousins, policeman Ward, and his wife and daughter of Norwalk, and E. Mills and wife of Cleveland, a few days last week.


Huron Reflector, Norwalk, Ohio

23 OCT 1832

In Milan, on Saturday, the 20th inst. by the Rev. E. Judson, Mr.
Josiah L. Botsford to Miss Lucy Ann Brewster, both of that place.

In Townsend, on the 10th inst. Mr. David Tucker, aged 20 years. He
received a blow from a falling tree, by which his skull was
fractured, on the Sunday previous, and lingered in the
greatest agony until the following Wednesday, when he
departed this life--leaving a numerous circle of relatives and
friends to mourn his untimely exit.


Huron Reflector, Norwalk, Ohio
21 June 1842

Mysterious Disappearance
Abijah Rundell

Left his residence in the township of Bronson, in this county, on Sunday last, the 18th inst., to view some part of his premises a short distance from his house, and has not since been heard from. He is described as being 54 years of age, common height, blue eyes, black hair, and somewhat curly--had on, when he went away, a bottle-green coat with bright buttons, with one broke off; bottle-green vest, with black buttons, and red flannel back; blue satinet pantaloons, red flannel shirt, black silk neck handerchief, cambric bosom, black fur hat, coarse boots, with a hole in the instep of one of them. Any information concerning him, sent to the Postmaster in Bronson, will be very thankfully received by his afflicted family.

George T. Kingsley, ESQ

The body of this gentleman was found in the water near Mr. H. C. Williams's wharf, on the morning of the 15th inst.; and was identified by papers found upon it. A coroner's inquest was held, whose verdict was, that death was ocassioned by accidental drowning. Mr. Kingsley was the senior partner of the firm of G. T. & H. C. Kingsely, Attorney's at law, of Cleveland, and arrived here on the 9th, (as we should think from an entry on our book,) for the purpose of transacting some business at our court of common pleas, then in session. It was supposed that he had been lost from the steamboat Cleveland, as it was understood to be his intention to go home by her on Thurday night. We learn, however, that the people on board the Cleveland knew nothing of his having been on board; and it is supposed that he must have walked off the wharf in the dark --Sandusky Clarion.


In this town, on the 9th, by Rev. Janes, Mr. William Bixler to Miss Mary R. Tower, both of Wooster.

In Fitchville, on the 12th inst., Mr. Abujah Griffin of Greenwich, to Miss Anna Stowe, of the former place.

In this village, suddenly on Sunday last, Rev. David Higgins, aged 81. He attended Meeting in the forenoon--returned to his house, and while taking some refreshment at the table, fell from his chair on the floor, and expired immediately--supposed of apoplexy. He was a worthy, pious man, and highly respected by all who were acquainted with him. His funeral will be attended this afternoon, at two o'clock.

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