Medina Road School

Norwalk Township, 1921

This picture was taken in 1921. The school was built in 1875 and was used until the 1930's. It stood at the corner of Laylin Road and OH Rt. 18. In 1975, the school was dismantled brick by brick and moved to the Bowling Green State University Campus, Bowling Green, OH. It is now a part of the Northwestern Ohio Center for Educational Memorabilia.

This photo is on display at The Little Red School House on the Huron County Fairgrounds, Norwalk, OH

Seated: Grace Fewson, Gifford Phillips, William Welton, Curtis Bowers, Elizabeth Hackett, Marjorie Austin, dorothy Gutzeit, Carl Boose, Frederick Linder, Rachel Hackett, John Wilson.

Standing: Milo Sandow, Earl Bowers, Howard James, Harriet Austin, William Wilson, Robert Welton, Thomas Austin, George Welton, Lloyd Ward, Jack Bell, Paul Linder, Louise Linder Elizabeth Austin and teacher Mrs. Mary Beecher.

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