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Huron County Ohio Genealogy

Look Up Volunteers

Your ancestor must have a Huron County, Ohio connection.

If you would like to volunteer to do look-ups or find an outdated look-up volunteer email address, please send an Email.

Huron County, Ohio Cemetery Inscriptions Book 1880 Ohio census Index History of New London, Ohio 1815-1941

For a look-up in the following book contact Connie Sims
1. "Carved Out of the Wilderness"

For a look-up in the following book contact Dianne L. Springer
1. "Cemetery Inscriptions of Huron County, Ohio" Published by Huron County Chapter of OGS, 1998
2. "1880 Ohio census Index"
3. "History of New London, Ohio 1815-1941"

For a look-up in the following source contact Debbie
1. "Assessment of Real Property For the Year 1910, In the Township of Ripley, Huron County, Ohio"
First Levy to take Effect in 1911. Lists property owners name, Sec. and Lot Number, property description, acres, value of Land, House, Other Buildings separated and Total Value. This is for Ripley Township Only

For a look-up in the following source contact Jennie
1. 1870 Ohio Census CD

For a look-up in the following book contact Ceil Rogers
1. "The Genealogy of the Richard and Annetta Daugherty Family" 1850-1979. Richard and Annetta (Baker) started their life together in Lyme Township, Huron Co., Ohio.

For a look-up in the following book contact Jamie Gage
1. "The Ancestry of James Shank, Huron County, OH", by Harry S Blaine. Includes Huron County, OH surnames of: SHANKS, SHANNON, ADAMS, BLAINE, HELMREICH, SHERRETS, MASTERS, MYSER, SHULL, TANNER, BEAM, HELWIG AND FERGUSON

For a look-up in the following book contact Kevin Frye
1. I live 40 miles from Andersonville Civil War Prison in Macon County Georgia and have had a very sucessful several months doing Volunteer lookups on the onsite database as well as on a CD that I purchased so I can do this at home.
My lookups are at no charge for anyone who ask. To speed things up their records are also online at..... Just enter the name you are looking for and search. If you have records showing your ancester was there, and he's not listed, I can check further as some mispellings happened during record keeping and I can check by alphabet on my CD.

For a look-up in the following booka contact Chad Winterbottom
1. Genealogy of the Kennan Family (1907) - Many surnames date back to the late 1600's. This book has an index
2. An American Kennan Family (1744-1913). This book has no index, so please be patient when asking for information.
3. Death Index Huron County Ohio Court Records, 1867-1908.

For a lookup in the following books contact Susan Hopkins

1. History of Wakeman Township compiled by Dr. F. E. Weeks (ca. 1938) Mine is a retyped copy of the original manuscript with a revised index . Both were done by long time area historian, Myron A. Allgood in 1988. He knew Dr. Weeks and obtained the manuscript from him. At the end is the following note: "According to tradition, the History of Wakeman Township was written "after 1917", and that it is the date which appears on a few other typed copies of the work. The original History gave no date of publication, but dates within the book go to 1938. 1938, then, seems to be the most likely date of publication. This work has detailed, though not always completely accurate, mention of individuals and families who lived in the area, mainly in the 1800s. Myron's index of people's names is exhaustive and includes first as well as surnames. His retyping of this work did not necessarily produce pagination that is the same as other versions. This work also includes four section maps showing approximate locations of the early settlers in the township.

2. Pioneer History of Clarksfield, by Dr. F. E. Weeks 1908 Published by the Author, Clarksfield, Ohio 1987 typed copy with revised index by Myron A. Allgood. This work and its index is similar in scope to the History of Wakeman Township. There are no maps, but there are some low quality photocopies of pages with photos and a page with "facsimile signatures of early pioneers."

3. Picturesque Huron or Huron County Ohio as Seen Through a Camera, 1896 Laning Printing Co. Publishers, Norwalk, Ohio 295 pgs This volume contains photos of a number of businesses, residences, churches, streets of towns etc, along with a small number of portraits and short bios to go with the portraits. Can send scans of these photos.

For a look-up in the following book contact Cathy Lauer
1. census CD for 1850 Huron - give the township

For a look-up in the following book contact Charlene Bauer

1. copies I-IV of Just Like Old Times, Huron County, Ohio

2. Cemetery Inscription Book,
3. History of Huron County, V2.
4. Outline History of St. Peter's and St. Paul's Churches

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