Submitted by Robert O. Smith

Huron County First Family Member #53

JAMES KNIFFIN and his wife SARAH UNDERHILL moved from Salem, Westchester County, New York to settle in Scipio, Cayuga County, New York in the year 1814. In the spring of 1824, they left Cayuga County, New York, and headed for Greenwich, Huron County, Ohio, where James had purchased 800 acres of forest land on a previous trip to the area several years before. This trip was made on a schooner on the lake. A daughter CHARITY KNIFFIN and her husband CHARLES BRADY left Salem, Westchester County, New York, in 1823 to go to Scipio, Cayuga County, New York, to see her father who had been gone for nine years. They also left Cayuga County, New York, in the spring of 1824 for Huron County, but theirs was a 27 day trip in a wagon. In December 1824, CHARLES BRADY and his brother- in- law Benjamin Kniffin were taking a load of grain to a mill to be ground, and Charles had taken his gun along in the back of the wagon. When he reached to get his gun it discharged fatally wounding him. EMILINE BRADY, daughter of Charles and Charity, came to Ohio with her parents and married ARANSON SUTTON in 1828 in Huron County, Ohio. ARANSON SUTTON from Cayuga County, New York , was in 1822 and 1823 employed by the Erie Canal Company of Lockport, New York, as a bookkeeper. He saved enough money so he could set out for the "Firelands" in 1824. He traveled by canal boat and lake boat to Sandusky, Ohio, walking the rest of the way to Greenwich Township. He bought land in Greenwich Township and had one of the nicer farms in the township. ARANSON SUTTON was killed when a wagon load of wood ran over him.

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