Julius House Submitted by Dorene S. Paul Huron County First Family Member 257

Julius House
Submitted by Dorene S. Paul
Huron county First Family Member #257

Julius HOUSE and his twin sister Julia were born in Glastonbury, Connecticut on September 3, 1786 to William HOUSE and Elizabeth (RISLEY) HOUSE. Julius HOUSE married Percy Taylor in 1806. She died February 3, 1827. the second wife of Julius HOUSE was Mehitable HOLLISTER, who he married in 1828. Julius HOUSE died March 12, 1871. He and both his wives are buried in the Perkins Cemetery.

In the Fall of 1815, several families from Connecticut traveled westward to Ohio in "Yankee wagons" drawn by oxen and horses. After forty-nine days of travel, the pioneer's settled in Perkins Township of what was then Huron County, Ohio. The prairies were covered with thick tall grass and the deer were numerous.

Julius HOUSE became a member of the Mehtodist Episcopal Church in 1806. He helped to lay the foundation of the Methodist Society in Perkins Township. His house was often home to itinerant ministers, and two of his daughters married Methodist preachers. Julius HOUSE was an old-time Whig and a modern Republican. He took a deep interest in the national struggle and rejoiced at the preservation of the Union and the over throw of slavery. He served in several church, county and township offices.

Lindsey HOUSE was one of the eight children born to Julius HOUSE and Percy TAYLOR. He was born on March 23, 1810 in Glastonbury, Connecticut, and came to Perkins Township with his parents in 1815. He married Mary Ann YOUNG on Dec. 20 1941 in Perkins Township, Erie County, Ohio. He died on June 21, 1894 on his farm in Perkins Township. According to his obituary, "The deceased was believed by his friends and neighbors, and was one of the few irreproachable characters of Perkins Township." Lindsey and Mary Ann (YOUNG) HOUSE had eight children.

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