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Simmons School Nov. 10, 1914.

If you have One Room or older
(pre-1920) school lists, school class pictures,
or teacher/student information, etc.,
that pertain to Huron County, Ohio,
please email it to me and I will post it.
Thank you!

Thursday April 18, 1885
Teacher�s Certificates

At the Teachers Examination held in North Fairfield, March 28th, thirty-two applicants were granted certification, as follows:
F. E. Brant, Steuben���������..12
Lucy Mann, North Fairfield������.12
Lois R. Mead, Greenwich������....12
Jennie Reynolds, Fitchville������..12
Clara R. Donaldson, Greenwich����.24
Altha Brinson, Shiloh��������....12
Dessie M. Smith, Steuben������...12
Hattie Belden, Fairfield�������....12
Anna E. Fickle, Ridleyville������...12
Isidore Huffman, Attica�������...12
Effie Banks, Greenwich�������...12
Hattie Price, Fairfield��������...12
Anna Stucliff, Greenwich�������.12
Grace Darling, Steuben��������12
L. E. Thompson, Clarksfield������12
A. H. Smith, New Haven�������...12
Chas. L. Clark, Chicago Junction����12
George A. Black, Olena��������12
John D. Smith, Fitchville�������..12
Rolla H. White, Steuben��������12
Chas. L. Peck, Greenwich�������.12
J. E. Hillis, Chicago Junction������12
F. M. Weaver, New Haven�������12
J. O. Palm, Shiloh����������..12
S. Geary, Greenwich���������..12
Fannie Thompson, Fairfield������12
Huldah Culberson, Fairfield������12
Nellie M. Pope, Fitchville�������..12
Lulu Barker, Greenwich�������....12
Mary Moores, Greenwich�������..12
G. S. Fuller, Hartland���������.12
Minnie Weaver, New London�����...12

One Room Schools

1910 Podunk School
District 8,
Norwich Twp.

1912-13 Podunk School
District 8,
Norwich Twp.

1915 Podunk School

1933 Podunk School

1927 Phillips School,
Norwich twp.

1839 District 7,
New London Twp.

1915 Marsh School
District 1,
Richland Twp.

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