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Huron County History

Detailed Township Maps

  1. A beautiful Huron County map depicting all townships.
  2. Detailed map of the individual townships with cemeteries located for you
  3. History of each township
  4. Interesting information of each township
  5. Many pioneers listed. Click HERE to view the index for these 558 pioneers!

"The information for the early histories of the townships was drawn almost exclusively from the History of the Fire Lands, Comprising Huron and Erie Counties, Ohio, by W. W. Williams, 1879. Some information was also used from the History of Huron County, Ohio, by A. J. Baughman, 1909, particularly the 1840 and 1880 Census information for all townships, and information for Clarksfield Township, which in Baughman's book apparently included an extract of a book by Dr. T. E. Weeks on Clarksfield Township, which did not appear in Williams' book.

Infomation compiled by Ken Shute.
Map by Bob Kerner

Norwalk, Ohio Envelope with Promo for Norwalk

County History
  1. Come take a peek at how Huron County evolved.

Written by HCC Historian Henry Timman

Township Evolution
  1. Some of the towns where your ancestor lived were known by different names originally.

Researched by HCC Historian Henry Timman

Take a look at History of Norwalk for another piece of yesteryear in Huron County

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